Alan Rodbell – Chief Scottsdale Police – No Evidence Laws Apply

Posted on March 15th, 2014 by Marc Stevens

13 March 2014 I got to speak with Alan Rodbell, the chief of the Scottsdale police.  It took months to get this call set up and only happened because Fritz Behring, the city manager, helped set it up.

I started the usual way, I asked if Alan operated under the common presumption: Do the constitution and laws of the state and city apply to me just because I am physically in Scottsdale?  Alan agreed they do apply to me because I am physically in Scottsdale.  I ask it this way because it clears out the political words such as “resident” and makes it very clear and understandable.  The problems started when I asked Alan if he had any evidence to prove the laws applied to me just because of my physical location.

Instead of answering the question though, Alan went into an ad hominem attack against me, asking if I was asleep in eight grade civics.  The rest of the call consists of me just trying to get a responsive answer, Alan keeps insulting me and using logical fallacies to avoid answering.  He even raises a strawman.

If you think you have the evidence Alan could not provide, please feel free to call into the show and present it.

So we have the police, the city manager, the council and city attorney unable to provide any evidence their laws apply just because we are in Scottsdale.  So where are the judges getting this evidence proving they have any jurisdiction over us?  It’s called collusion.   There is no evidence, the judges are giving the cops and prosecutors a free pass.  So much for proving every element beyond a reasonable doubt.

I would suggest that if there are friends any family who don’t believe you that governments are gangs of killers, thieves and liars, who still think they are benevolent protectors of life, liberty and property, then have them listen to this and the other calls I’ve done with politicians and bureaucrats.  At some point they will come to realize we’re not making this stuff up.  There really is no evidence their laws apply, it all comes down to a willingness to kill us to get compliance.


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  1. AL Says:

    The first resort of a bully is to hurl insults at a legitimate challenge.
    This Police Chief will be lucky if he isn’t brought up on some sort of administrative review for the way he insulted you.

    I think he realized he made a huge mistake in his demeaning, condescending and insulting manner. But then he slipped up again accusing you of questioning his integrity of which he demonstrates a total lack thereof.

  2. Gary Says:

    this is a mind of a babe this police chief , also the mind of a babe should not have a gun ??????>, serve and protect ?????? breach of contract>, parent patrea !! Ill move out !!

  3. indio007 Says:

    Where asleep in 8th grsde civics = Didn’t the programming work?

  4. Sean Says:

    He mentions it is his civic duty to pay taxes. It is impossible for anyone being paid by public money to pay taxes. At best It can be considered that they are returning some of the money they received.
    For example if you take 2 buckets of water from a swimming pool, then put one bucket of water back, the pool is still short a bucket of water. Someone else has to fill the pool.
    Part of the scam is to say you helped fill the pool when you only really take from it.

  5. Incubus Says:

    @ Sean

    Interesting take. I like the analogy you used.

  6. Sandy Schenkat Says:

    I spent one hour with Chief Rodbell. I asked that he investigate the treasurer of Venetian Condominiums. Richard Schabin had called 911 emergency line 6 times in one year for non emergency issues which were actually lies and fabricated situations Schabin needed to create injunctions against people who were opposing his bullying tactics and theft from the HOA. Robdell refused to investigate. I later went to Fritz Behring and asked that he get Rodbell to investigate. Fritz got back to me and told me that the statute of limitations had expired. The police accept any calls and waste the tax payer dollars by sending responding officers to false calls. I would think the police chief would want to prosecutor people like this and stop them from further waste. 911 calls with non emergency issues are a class 6 felony but the police don’t seem to care if they are abused. Internal affairs was also contacted but did nothing prior to me speaking to Chief Rodbell.

  7. Martin Padilla Says:

    How low in ignorance they have to be to be promoted as “chiefs” of the fraternal order of police? It seems to me that he needs a translator because he can’t understand a very simple question. That’s the way they operate by provoking us to answer the same way they do, so they can have an excuse to arrest us or use force. And in their complaint he will be the victim and Us the offenders. One day not to far from today They will no longer will be doing their “road shows” because they will be accountables. Some day.

  8. Sound Booster Motor Says:

    Nice gan 🙂

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