Another Criminal Traffic Kicked Out – Congrats Scott in Portland

Posted on February 13th, 2013 by Marc Stevens

Congrats to Scott in Portland, Scott called the show Feb. 9 2013 and gave up an update of the psychopathic circus he was ordered to attend on Monday.  A cop accused Scott of the heinous crime of not having some registration and not complying with the whims of psychopaths.  These whims are commonly known as “law” among certain people.

Just as has happened so many other times, when we file the motion to dismiss and provide a copy to the cop who wrote the ticket, seventy-five percent of the time the cop doesn’t bother showing up.  Because as we all know, why comply with a subpoena to defend against a motion without any merit?  Even when the motion has been summarily denied the cops still don’t show up?  Why?

Why not collect the easy overtime knowing the judge has already dismissed the motion as “garbage”, “legalistic gibberish” and “nonsense”?   After all, let’s not forget the other hearings/trials the cop is probably there for that day.  We’ve had reports the cop is there for other trials.  Why not show up for our trials when they get a copy of the motion to dismiss?


Regardless of any criticism and ad hominen attacks against me, there is no evidence the constitution and codes apply.

Congrats Scott for standing up for yourself and not just paying or worse, paying a lawyer to do “whatever is necessary to avoid going to jail”.



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  1. indio007 Says:

    Especially this ..
    “Congrats Scott for standing up for yourself and not just paying or worse, paying a lawyer to do “whatever is necessary to avoid going to jail”.”

  2. Al Thompson Says:

    Good job and congrats to Scott. That’s how you shift the burden of proof!

  3. Bret Says:

    I took Marks Idea and instead of entering it as a motion to dismiss, I changed it up a bit and Made an Affidavit of Facts. And boy did I give them a lot of Facts Motions gives them options. Affidavits Must be responded to under the Penalty of perjury. I gave them ten pages to read, and 30 days to respond. Then I sent them a Notice of Default Judgment and Fee Schedule. I had fees for stand up for the Judge, being held in detention/Mental institution/Prion/Jail, finger prints, pictures. you get the idea. The prosecutor came in and ripped me out of the court, and I looked him in the eyes and told him I was going to sue him.. I asked him who’s the Usufruct that has brought a charge against my person. I asked him if I plead guilty to the facts would he discharge the debt through Treasury and he acted stupid until I said. Ok, I will go in and when I win I will Pick up Preformance bond. He said he would have to ask the Judge, but he would do that. The Preformance bond is supposed to be three times bigger from the bid bond. Just in case they screw up and bring a real live man into their crock of shit. The Judge wouldn’t go for that?? What’s the judge have to do with it, there was agreement between the parties. Well they found me guilty of not using my turn signal.. I have a Fee schedule for Orders, and I’m taking it times three Made me stand trial, Gave a Fine, Court Fee. They are implied, he never said it. And I’ve have a whopper of an Affidavit he can not sign. Default judgement his ass and take him into civil court where I have my Guns!

  4. Bret Says:

    A ticket is also a Bill of exchange. When you sign it, You’ve paid. But when you have it, your the holder in due course. UCC 3-303 You should just figure out how to endorse it and take it to the clerk of the court window and cash it. Two signatures on it, yours and Cops. When I was about 12 my grandfather was a detective in check fraud, and he told me way back then, that when you signed the ticket, your just supposed to send it back in and only the gullible sent any money with it. But that’s been a long time ago. I haven’t tried this yet, but I I just found this code a couple of days ago.

  5. Marsha Says:

    Hi Mark,

    I am in some of the skype rooms you’re in. Am having computer trouble and so can you please add me to your email list? Can’t seem to get my computer to function to add me.

    Also, are you in the UK or in the States?

    If you’re in the States do you know anything about protecting holistic manufacturers who are under horrific attack from the FDA and IRS being bullied and railroaded?

    They’re my best friend and his brilliant scientist partner. Their products have reversed thousands of kids with autism, brought my mother back from dementia, saved my life and the lives of many more people.

    The FDA and IRS is trying to frame them and put them in jail because their things work and interfere with their toxic agenda.

    Thanks for what you’re sharing,


  6. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ marsha, I can’t add you to the email list, it won’t let me. I’m in Phoenix, Arizona. You can email me about help with the FDA and IRS.

  7. Bret Says:

    .) I stated that I live in the Republic, and you stated you had pretty much authority over about every one in the Sedgwick county Jurisdiction.. Taking in the Facts that the Organic Act of 1871 created a new form of Government which was to reside inside the District of Columbia , and can be found in the United States Code 9-307 (h) (The United States is located in the District of Columbia.) And Under U.S. codes and Definitions The U.S. is by Definition, “Corporation”. Then 5 June 1933 the U.S.A. goes into Bankruptcy. The State of KANSAS is a creation under the Buck Act… Of, is a possessive word to State. So a Better read to all this legal Fiction would be The United States of KANSAS, (A Defacto government, Democracy) In the, Buck Act: they created KANSAS inside the District of Columbia through using such things as using KS and Zip Codes and became federal zones. Because the United States is Land Locked inside the District of Columba in the Organic act of 1871. For Every law inside the Buck Act, there “is” also Remedy, for Kansas the Republic. (Dejure government, Republic) If the State of KANSAS is a Corporation, how can I possibly be under your Jurisdiction! Are you not employed by The State of KANSAS, which resides in D.C.? The United States has power over itself and it’s Territories, and United States of north America, is not listed as one of it’s Territories. I live in the real world, and, on a physical place, and have to waste my time putting up with your fictions. Since my Unalienable rights protect me when I have Unknowingly, signed something in the past, that I didn’t understand in my ignorance, through lack of knowledge of legalese. So are you Claiming your Power extends over the Land. The last time I checked, Common law, is still the law of the land, which is it’s own legal fiction, as well. Before man started naming everything, is Natural Law. So where does your Judicial power begin and end. This would be covered under your Averment of Jurisdiction. So you Must prove up!

  8. Bret Says:

    .) I heard Deputy Guthrie accuse me of being Dead, by stating that I, was BRET FLOWERS! I also heard from his Testimony, how I stated my name: “ My given name is Bret and my family name is flowers” If you go back and listen at all to the recorded testimony, I never called myself anything, It was from Prosecutor Riley Baber, Deputy Guthrie and Judge Brown. I never stated a name or an Address or date of birth. Which I believe it would be impossible for me to state my last name or date of birth, because at my birth, I was the event and not the witness, and I was very young, so I don’t have first hand knowledge or when or where I became informed, or by who, when all this dawned on me. All your information came from Corporate Government I.D., that Deputy Guthrie ripped from my body, that just goes to prove it wasn’t mine. Because if it was mine, he would be stealing. So I believe that you accused an innocent man of a crime. And my words do not come out of legalese. So it is all through Presumptions, if you are to believe me to be BRET FLOWERS. When you say a name out loud, Bret flowers or BRET FLOWERS they sound exactly the same. If you say that you Charged BRET FLOWERS, which was on all the court paper work I ever received, then you handed the fine to the wrong guy. (Man made Legal Fiction) I won’t even go into the birth bonds. It’s really not about the name, but in what Capacity the name is being used, Administrator, Beneficiary, Trustee. And when a man has Hired Guns, to do anything he wants, I’ve learned to take the fine and Clear up the confusion later, with what I can document. I know I can’t be the Trust, because I don’t have the Qualifications and most people need a Licensed Attorney, to write one up. When I was growing up, I was taught to believe people that worked in Government were Public Servants which hold the Public Trust. So in what Capacity was BRET FLOWERS Charged?

  9. Bret Says:

    All contracts with the Government or Banks are Unilateral contracts, full of legalese. I will state that when I have signed contracts in the past, it was without complete understanding. But also the Government did a very lousy job in the public school system to ever try to explain the real world. All my paper work that proceeded me into the court room, tried to tell you differently. Contracts are a very specific things, one must have full disclosure, equal consideration, be of age and two wet ink signatures. I don’t find the Governments signature on any of them. So where did you believe that you had Derived this Subject matter jurisdiction over me?

  10. Al Thompson Says:

    Rather than attempting to keep track of all that junk,why not just ask for the facts how the code applies. This way you are shifting the burden of proof. Who really cares about constitutions and such things as that is another set of problems. The constitution is to me a bankruptcy, tax, and slave document. The “founding fathers” created a big mess with that stupid thing. The only consistent law, is the natural law and it cannot be disputed.

  11. Bret Says:

    Is there Evidence of a Complaining party. The State is Incorporated, which means it is a legal fiction. How can I harm a Legal Fiction. I’m still trying to wrap my head around that one. So it Can’t be a Complaining Party. Deputy Guthrie doesn’t know the difference from GUTHRIE, so he’s dead under the law, so he can’t make the complaint. Has Anyone Signed an Affidavit under the Penalty of Perjury, but me in this case. Is anyone willing to Sign such an Affidavit? [I guess you could con Deputy GUTHRIE into it.] He was the complainer, complainant, wrote statutes on the ticket, even issued me a day to appear in court . He’s an officer of the court and Deputy with the Sheriffs office! So Judge Brown were you in contact with Deputy Guthrie?

  12. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Brett, please don’t put such large comments here, put them on the forum. I prefer if these comments are directly related to the article.

  13. Bret Says:

    We are all given birth certificates at birth which give us the Right to later grow up and work for the U.S. government. And since the U.S. only resides inside the District of Columbia, were all considered Foreigners to the Foreign U.S., In your Fictional world, So we are told by everyone that we Must have Government I.D. and you Can’t work without a Social Security card and we magically become some form of foreigner Officer in the government or Franchise, residing in D.C., threw ss-5 forms,Government issue I.D. and the list goes on and on. So now we are Duped, out of our Rights! Believing our public servants have our best interest at heart. You went and took me for one of your subjects, and since I do not get paid by the government, and there is no labor contract to pay me by, I set my own Fee Schedule, because were dealing in contract law, and to force me to preform a function of government, without getting paid would be considered involuntary servitude and that goes against the 13 Amendment of the Constitution. Which would be a crime and illegal.

  14. Bret Says:

    Sorry BTW Congrats!

  15. Al Thompson Says:


    Marc is in the US and hopefully he can help you. This issue you spoke of is unreal. I had a small cm “lung” cancer and I refused conventional treatment and lived to tell about it. So I sympathize with your problem. The main thing to be asking the govtards is how do their codes apply to you. This is critical in defending your interests. They will never have a responsive answer to that question.

  16. David Says:

    My heartfelt congrats with “kudos” for a “win” against the ol’ State of Maine that does business and operates, dba THE STATE OF MAINE, Inc., a legal entity, a legal FICTION, operating under “color of law”, and also “fiction of (in) law. Way to go, Scott! Congratulations! “They” all act/operate in a de-facto, “color of law” manner, extra-constitutionally.
    As a Mainer and New Englander, it pleases me to hear and learn of this. It looks like the incident happened in Rumford (in Oxford County, dba THE COUNTY OF OXFORD), another legal fiction/ entity, is that correct?

    I’ll bet that “they”, whoever “they” really are, couldn’t show/prove that there was a bonafide damaged party nor a lawful complaint either. Where is “their” authority to do what “they” do anyway, being big-time extortionists and operating under “color of law” + fiction of law. How about de-commisioning “their” States, which are Incorporated, a legal fiction and entity?? We all should know that “The country is gone!” So, who are “they” providing “their” revenues to anyway? The BAR, maybe??

    Again, congrats to Scott. Way to go, Scott. Keep it up to speak.

    Best regards,

  17. David Says:

    I wish to add that all of the CORPORATE (Incorporated) States must be all done away with and that we need to revert (go back) to lawful, and proper, de-jure government, NOT the current illegitimate “government” that exists and operates currently. We need de-jure states with their original, organic state constitutions, in this man’s viewpoint. The current Constitutions are de-facto in nature and scope. Why? They are all amended INTERNALLY, not externally; therefore, they’re illegitimate.
    We’ve all been fooled, tricked, snookered and taken for a bad joy ride! I contend and maintain that “The country is gone!” It’s long gone. Let’s NOT support “their” ‘government’, if it can remotely be considered one! Think about that, all. Be well, be vigilant and remain in peace too.”

  18. Incubus Says:

    All government is illegitimate, David. All constitutions are worthless pieces of paper with chicken scratch defacing their surface. I think you’re still being “fooled, tricked, snookered and taken” with that mindset.

  19. bruce sloane Says:

    is this the Al Thompson from RightWay ..??

  20. David Says:

    Hi Incubus,

    I am aware (and I realize) that all government, if it can be considered it at all, is all illegitimate. It’s all bogus and it is ALL being done under
    “their” dang “color of law”, the appearance of law, a total facade, like the ol’ Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland and/or “The Matrix” trilogy rolled together, IMHO. I do think that the original, organic state constitutions were more lawful and constitutional; however, I’ve yet to actually see any of the old, organic state constitutions, with the exception of the Republic of Texas, which was its own nation before being forced to be part of the union of the United States. At any rate, much has to be done to de-certify and de-commission “this government”. As I contend and believe, as do others, “The country is gone!” It must be re-built from the bottom up, IMHO. May Marc’s work and others work and endeavors help to make that happen. STOP supporting “them” all that you can; easier said than done, I know. All for now. Be well and vigilant as we all must do.

    Best regards,

  21. Al Thompson Says:

    No, I do not have or had any affiliation with “Right Way Law.” I did meet a man in prison who used their material and he got 15 years for filing a lien on a judge.

  22. NonE Says:

    Brett and Marsha – Spelling ALERT! Mark does’t know how to spell, or maybe it’s his parents, but at any rate… it’s MARC. Just like narc, but with one less hump.

    – NonE

  23. Incubus Says:

    “Mark does’t know how to spell…”. Does’t? Brilliant! Here he demonstrates what NOT to do. The subtleties of your lessons are genius. 😉

  24. Damien Says:

    Scott, please message me, I live in the Portland area.

  25. David Says:


    Can you also e-mail me at your earliest opportunity? I too, live near the Portland area part of the time, though am out-of-“state” for work in so. New England for the time being. I’d appreciate it. Congrats on your
    “win” vs. The State of Maine, dba THE STATE OF MAINE, a legal entity and a FICTION/ FICTIONAL CORPORATION, attempting to quash the People’s given and inherent, unalienable rights, vs. “their” presumed “priviledges”.

  26. Bruce Ross Says:

    Can we get a copy of the Motion To dismiss? We have a camera ticket we are fighting.

  27. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Bruce, use the paypal donation button and I can email the files over.

  28. Reece Says:

    iam going into court on monday to file an appeal against the decision by the court for turning alleged traffic violations into fines because i didnt file a defense or pay the transport agency’s claim/demands before their due date. so did the court make a summary judgement if so how do i overturn or dismiss their judgement for lack of ???

  29. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ reese, file to vacate the judgment for a lack of jurisdiction.

  30. Reece Says:

    thanks marc, file to vacate, not to sure how to go about that in a district court here in New Zealand but i will give it a go

  31. Reece Says:

    went to court house teller/clerk just gave me a “application” form to “dispute” even though i said i was not here to dispute the fines & that i was there to file to vacate the judgment for a lack of jurisdiction, she didnt aknoweledge what i said she just negotiated a time to put the fines on hold aprox 6 weeks to give me time to file her application forms, the forms in basic are for me to prove i dont owe or to prove the cops made a mistake. so i guess i have to the end of april to learn how to file correctly.

  32. indio007 Says:

    Forms are for fools. There are plenty of cases that say forms are not necessary. It’s the substance of the information on the forms which are important.


    Hi guys and gals, I just have to stick my two cents into the mix. Why do you think the courts and their minions use the term “appearance” in their paperwork? Because they can not see the juristic person named in the action. They MUST have some dummy stand in for the thing to enable them to identify something. When you answer with the word “here” you put yourself into the trick bag. Then to add insult to injury, the first words out of the actor playing the part of “judge” is; “state your name for the record please”, they’re so polite. From that moment on you are the subject of attention. After all it was voluntary, you answered when you heard a name that was similar sounding to your true name. Of course the only way to identify the false appellation is to visually see it. You did learn in the fourth grade in grammar school (no matter the language that uses the same symbolic alphabet that we use, the rules are the same)that all proper nouns and sentences begin with capital letters. Why then have you failed to question the credit cards, bank statements, any and all so-called “governmental” agencies, departments, assigns, bureaus, or other phony holier than thou claimed “authority”. These phonies only have the authority you give them. Why do you think they want your signature on everything? Your signature is your consent, authority, and agreement with whatever they are trying to pull. STOP CONTRACTING! Everything you put your signature on is in FACT a contract. Freedom is costly, help the economy by simply not contracting. Never answer ANY of their questions directly, respond with questions of your own. The one asking the questions is in charge. Thanks Marc for all of your work, sorry I get a little long winded about this stuff, I was a part of it and am embarrassed to even admit it. As an ex-legislative advisor back home in Illinois, a licensed private investigator, and cop you might comprehend why I am embarrassed. Today I am a free man, not emancipated as Lincoln led the country to believe freed the slaves, it merely placed them under a new master. Had he intended to really free the slaves of that time he would have used a different word, namely “manumission”. When one is manumitted he or she is set free, not placed under a new master. It worked so well for them, they now have us all under their master corporation. Isn’t that nice? See you later friends, hope this adds to your knowledge.

  34. Incubus Says:

    Charles, that freeman/all caps/”hidden” contracts nonsense is garbage. What rubbish. Utter rubbish.

  35. NonE Says:

    Incubus Says:

    Charles, that freeman/all caps/”hidden” contracts nonsense is garbage. What rubbish. Utter rubbish.————I find it interesting how so many of these theories and their believers depend upon letting OTHER PEOPLE define your reality.

    – NonE

  36. NonE Says:

    indio007 Says:
    Forms are for fools. There are plenty of cases that say forms are not necessary. It’s the substance of the information on the forms which are important.————- How silly! Of COURSE forms are important. Otherwise all that concrete, oops, I meant freedom and people and ideas and such… would just run all over the place. We couldn’t have that! It would be untidy.

    – NonE

  37. Nathan Higgins Says:

    Marc I need help and can’t subscribe to the forum.

  38. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Nathan, email me a username marcstevens(at)mail(dot)com

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