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Another Three Traffic Tickets Kicked Out

Posted on November 19th, 2014 by Marc Stevens

Two new dismissals and one from last year reported below.  Everyone filed the motion to dismiss based on a lack of evidence proving the constitution and code applied and there was jurisdiction.  While most of the time there are howls of “frivolous” and one word denials, there is never any evidence presented to overcome the motion.

We even have a picture of the judge who dismissed the complaint against Ted, David Ruzumna.ruzumna

Congrats to Garrett, Ted and Rob for standing up to the psychopaths and getting three more bogus complaints kicked out.  And thanks for sending me the documentary proof.






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  1. Susan Says:

    Q. Jurisdiction? Applicability is one major one, but can one also deny/defeat the three “other” jurisdictional aspects of personal, territorial and subject matter by answering to the “judge”:

    “With all doo respect My name is FrankRizz03, my address is, and by the way, no I do not understand or stand under these charges.”

    I.e. in the new age of the intertubes, this IS an accurate answer.

    Usually the Judge has you “game over” in 20 seconds by asking: “Please state your name and address for the record. Thank you, do you understand the charge of ?” Game over. Three jurisdictions established.

  2. Gary Says:

    Yes, Susan, people who are in the habit of making careless (and even absurd) confessions tend to fare badly in court. If you can find someone who understands even the most mundane charge, send them my way – I’d like them to help me write a book on the topic. I doubt there’s one person in the whole world who has such an understanding, though.

  3. Mike Says:


    Please help me understand. How are “3 jurisdictions established” by the defendant providing alternate, yet true, answers to the questions mentioned? I thought we are trying to disprove jurisdictional superiority?



  4. Andy Says:

    Susan, without the need to address your false presumptions of jurisdiction, I’ll strike at the root and just say that the individual/”defendant” standing before the “judge” and persecutor is there under threat, duress and coercion. Game over when the threats and intimidation were issued. The damage had begun and the people calling themselves government are the criminals. Stop playing by their rules. I realise you probably think you know so much more with understand vs stand under, ALL CAPS NAME and etc.

    “I thought we are trying to disprove jurisdictional superiority?” You’re right Mike, that is what most of us here are doing. Some, not so much. Occasionally there are those that pass thru these parts with nefarious intent. Typically, to undermine.

  5. i.n.rem Says:

    please show me where ANY .Gov action has been dismissed by the color of TDC, Andy ..
    Just … one
    you are chasing smoke

  6. eye2i Says:

    @i.n.rem: please show me where ANY one here has said that simply and/or solely using TDC (“the color of” or otherwise) would get a .GOV action dismissed?

    –i.n.strawman ?

  7. Andy Says:

    @ i.n.rem, “Occasionally there are those that pass thru these parts with nefarious intent. Typically, to undermine.”

  8. AL Says:

    I used Marcs materials challenging jurisdiction of the court on wife’s cell phone ticket issued by California Highway Patrol, citation # 1617SUA, violation 23123A.
    Trial by declaration.

    After several months and a lot of certified mailings received a “NOT GUILTY” decision. They now must refund $ 162.00 bail amount.
    Thank you Marc!!!

  9. 11:11 Says:

    @AL, Thanks for letting us know!

  10. eye2i Says:

    @Al, thanks for both the damage control & for sharing that here.
    (i hope you’ll also consider making copies of the documentation and sending those to Marc?)

  11. marc stevens Says:

    @ eye2i, AL’s already sent me the proof, I will post it before I run out of town tomorrow.

  12. Kenneth T Long Says:

    This is my first time viewing Mr Stevens web site and y’all postings came into view and i enjoyed them all . :)) I do thank y’all very much . :))

  13. Chris MacLennan Says:

    I have to file 3 motions because I sent my proof of insurance, proof of registration in a couple days past the 20 day mark along with contesting a speeding ticket. the state of maine would not accept the proof I sent in and now I have to file 3 motions at 25.00 each. I dont know how to word a motion correctly the letter reads ”
    You can file a motion to strike the judgement to attempt to reopen the violation. If you decide to file a motion, please follow the dteps listed below, as incomplete filings will be returned to you unprocessed and deadlines will not be changed.

    – The motion must be in writing and signed by the defendant or his/her attorney
    – A reopening fee of 25.00 for each violation you wish to reopen must accompany the motion.
    – the motion must state why you believe a judgement should not be issued against you.
    – the motion must state why you believe you would win the case if the judgement were vacated
    – you must submit a valid insurance card for the vehicle you were operating at the time of your violation.”
    Can you suggest to me how I should correctly write these documents. as for the speeding ticket the police officer blamed me for speeding when the actual person that was speeding was weaving in and out of traffic both are black cars both have same headlights and same yellow fog lights.
    please help

  14. Stephen hardin Says:

    I’m wondering if you can help me with something. I was pulled over in South Carolina 4 the pull over law. The officer told me I almost hit him and another officer butt no one was outside their cars we moved a little off the side of the road and there was another officer on the opposite side of the road had someone else pulled over we were not going above the speed limit we actually we’re going below. I’m wondering if I should fight this as he told me I owed him $850 for this ticket knowing that the Move Over Law maximum fine limit is 500 not sure what I should do trying to get all my facts straight. I heard I can file for a motion to dismiss and a motion of discovery but I have found no paperwork and no lawyers or firms are willing to help to print this up for me. If you have this paperwork I would be more than willing to pay for it as I do not want to pay $850 out to a man who says I almost hit him when I took all abled precautions to make sure we were being safe. I also have pictures of the incident and video of the stop if you would like to see. Thanks for any help given your friend Stephen Hardin.

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