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Bar Associations Are Cults

Posted on November 21st, 2006 by Marc Stevens

I read something this week so ironic I had to write an article about it. There is a web site ran by an attorney named Dan Evans. This is the post he wrote:

“Good point. And didn’t we once have a thread on tax protesting as a cult?”

Given the overall condescending attitude Mr. Evans displays towards anyone who questions the legitimacy of government, especially taxes, it’s clear he used the word “cult” to ridicule. Let’s look at the irony of a member of a “Bar Association” referring to people who don’t believe the taking of property by force (“taxation”) is legitimate as a cult.

Like any cult, a “Bar Association” is individual men and women. Cults always have leaders; the leaders of the “Bar” cult are “Supreme” and make the “rules” which cult members must follow or suffer punishment that includes getting excommunicated (excommunicato or “disbarred”) from the cult. These “Supreme” leaders wear black robes, the symbolic meanings of which are kept secret to people outside the cult. When outsiders ask what the symbolism is of the black robe the response is usually laughter with suggestions the question is silly. Unlike the “Bar” cult, there is no symbolic clothing required to question the legitimacy of government.

There is no compulsory “Association” one must join to question the legitimacy of government and taxes as there is with the “Bar” cult. Members of the cult must pay the “Supreme” leaders offerings euphemistically called “dues”. If the cult member does not pay his “dues”, then he is severely punished. Other cult members, lower in the hierarchy than the “Supreme” leaders, usually only “superior”, will not permit the cult member to continue working to earn a living.

Wanna-be cultists must spend tens of thousands of dollars to be “taught how to think like a” member of the cult. These so-called “schools” must be approved by the “Supreme” leaders or the “education” (regardless of the quality) is not “recognized” by the cult.

The indoctrination of wanna-be cult members must be strictly controlled and not influenced by outsiders. The “Supreme” leaders ensure no one outside the cult is permitted to teach the wanna-be cult members. Outsiders are dealt with harshly. Cult members believe outsiders should be caged for “practicing” the “craft” of the cult. While most people outside the cult believe caging people for writing is extreme and unwarranted, cult members are taught it’s necessary and are encouraged to report outsiders to the “Supreme” leaders so punishment may be dealt.

Once the “education” is completed, the wanna-be cult members are taken into a special room where only cult members are permitted to “practice” their “craft.” The wanna-be cultists must participate in an initiation ritual or “ceremony” wherein they raise their arms in unison and chant an “oath” together. The chant not being sufficient, each new cult member must also sign a “loyalty oath.”

As cult members progress and become “honorable” they are permitted to wear black robes to distinguish them from ordinary cult members. Cult members wearing the symbolic black robes require all, cult members and outsiders alike, to stand and remain standing when they enter the special room where they “practice” their “craft.” Only after the cult member has taken his seat may everyone sit down. All are also required to stand, and remain standing when the black-robed cult member stands and leaves the special room. The reasons why remain hidden.

The black-robed cult member also, for secret symbolic reasons, always sits several feet off the floor. I have not been able to determine the symbolic meaning of black-robed cult members sitting higher than everyone else.

One of the extraordinary powers the black-robed cult members have in the special room where all rise at their arrival and exit, is a god-like power to influence men with guns and badges. Cult members without the black robe cannot order men with guns to cage people who ask them questions. But, “honorable” cult members do have men with guns who impulsively carry out their orders without exercising any discretion. Ask a cult member with a black robe a question he doesn’t like and he’ll order men with guns to toss you in a cage. Cult members do not seem to have a problem with such violence.

Facts and arguments, regardless of the merits, do not exist if presented by an outsider, an example is People ex rel. Dept. of Public Works v. Malone, 232 Cal.App.2d 531, 537. Cult members pretend anything presented by an outsider does not really exist; only cult members in “good standing” with the “Supreme” leaders may present facts.

Truth for the cult is dictated by the “Supreme” leaders. Cult members spend years researching and memorizing the sayings or “rulings” of their dead “Supreme” leaders. Whenever there’s an issue, their first thought is to see what their dead “Supreme” leaders have said. To the cult, there is no principal or tenet unless a “Supreme” leader declares it so. The cult uses the word “precedent” to explain why the principal or “rule” does not exist.

This cult uses it’s own language, which of course is dictated by the “Supreme” leaders. To this cult the word “person” may mean two people or even a “city”. And just like witches and warlocks (demonstrated in the Harry Potter series), the “Bar” cult is very fond of using Latin words and phrases such as “reductio ad absurdum” and “pro se” in their “craft.” I think “reductio ad absurdum” is the chant used to drive Dementors away.

In their paperwork, they do not request the “honorable” black-robed cult member for specific relief; no, cult members pray to each other, or offer a “prayer” for relief to black-robed cult member. Some cults still offer a “prayer” to their “Lord” as the cult member is referred to as “Lord” or “Lord High Chancellor.” “prayer…That part of a pleading which designates and asks for the relief sought by the party.” Ballentine’s Law Dictionary, page 974.

This cult enjoys a monopoly over their “craft”, that is, assisting people in various situations i.e., real estate transactions and planning, contract negotiations, business structuring and court cases. The “craft” consists of mostly writing and speaking. This monopoly is not due to the market freely choosing to contract and pay for their services; it’s a coercive monopoly. This cult does not believe their “customers” should have any choice in whom they have assist them – only cult members. This cult uses aggression, not bringing superior services to the market, to defeat competitors (non-cult members). The “Bar” cult is constantly employing violence and threats of violence to outsiders and excommunicated cult members who dare “infringe” on the cult’s monopoly. Their extreme views extend to caging a man who does nothing more than quietly voicing an opinion. An example from California is § 6126(a) of the Business and Professions Code:

“Any person advertising or holding himself or herself out as practicing or entitled to practice law or otherwise practicing law who is not an active member of the State Bar, or otherwise authorized pursuant to statute or court rule to practice law in this state at the time of doing so, is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in a county jail or by a fine of up to one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by both that fine and imprisonment.” (Emphasis added)

The “Bar” cult believes providing an excellent service to a customer on a purely voluntary basis is a heinous crime. Also take notice that guilt has already been pronounced.

This cult routinely threatens people stating they need a “license to practice law issued by the state government” when in reality there is no “license to practice law issued by the state government.” And don’t ask a cult member to display his “license to practice law” when in their special room, a “court.” The “honorable” cult member will have men with guns throw you out of the building, if not into a cage. What logic – only outsiders are “required to have a “license to practice law issued by the state government.”

While I may not agree with the legal interpretations of people called “tax protestors” or “tax resistors,” for a member of a “Bar Association” to characterize them as a “cult” does little more than demonstrate close-mindedness and an impenetrable bias. Yes, bias. All members of this cult are government and have an economic interest in making sure most people continue believing government is legitimate. Without government they would lose their monopoly and the thought of people freely choosing who will assist them must fill them with horror. That is the primary reason why they “summarily” dismiss anything questioning the legitimacy of government regardless of the merits. It conflicts with their model of the world and they cannot accept anything to the contrary. Some refuse to accept they are government. Let the evidence speak for itself (note: as an outsider of the cult, I must be taking everything out of context, also, there is no need to look at the evidence if you have already made up your mind the conclusion is “absurd”, always look at the conclusion first, never examine the supporting facts).

From the Arizona Supreme Court: “…acting within the powers vested in it by the constitution of this state and its inherent power over members of the legal profession as officers of the court…” Rule 31(a), “Upon admission to the state bar, an applicant shall also, in open court, take and subscribe an oath to support the constitution and laws of the State of Arizona in the form provided by the Supreme Court.” Rule 31(c)3 and “A lawyer is a representative of clients, an officer of the legal system and a public citizen…A lawyer’s responsibilities as a representative of clients, an officer of the legal system and a public citizen…” Rule 42, Preamble (emphasis added). This is true all over:

From North Carolina: “0.1 Preamble: A Lawyer’s Responsibilities [1] A lawyer, as a member of the legal profession, is a representative of clients, an officer of the legal system, and a public citizen having special responsibility for the quality of justice.”


A lawyer is a representative of clients, an officer of the legal system and a public citizen having special responsibility for the quality of justice.”

Kansas: “A lawyer is a representative of clients, an officer of the legal system and a public citizen having special responsibility for the quality of justice.”

New York: “NYSBA Committee on Legal Education & Admission to the Bar to continue its Law Student Legal Ethics Award program to encourage scholarship and service relating to the lawyers’ role as a representative of clients and officer of the legal system and public citizen having special responsibility for the quality of justice.”

Alabama: “A lawyer is a representative of clients, an officer of the legal system and a public citizen having special responsibility for the quality of justice.”

From California:

“Counsel failed to carry out his professional responsibilities as an officer of the court. An attorney in a civil case is not a hired gun required to carry out every direction given by the client. (Bus. & Prof. Code, § 6068, subd. (c).)… Under such circumstances, the high ethical and professional standards of a member of the bar and an officer of the court require the attorney…” Cosenza v. Kramer, 152 Cal.App.3d 1100 , 200 Cal.Rptr. 18 (1984).

From Washington:

“I hardly think that the remote possibility of attorneys entering into a collusion, in violation of their oaths as officers of the court, to impose a false record upon this court is a sufficient consideration to warrant this court in holding the legislative act unconstitutional.” Lorna Livermore, Respondent, v. Northwest Airlines, Inc., Appellant The State of Washington, on the Relation of Northwest Airlines, Inc., Plaintiff, v. Charles W. Greenough, as Judge of the Superior Court for Spokane County, Respondent, 6 Wn.2d 1.

All members of this cult must take an “oath” which is required for all men and women acting as government. More examples are New Jersey, Missouri, and Colorado.

Cult members will say this is all “frivolous” and deny they have any pro-government bias, and why should they admit any? After all, I am an outsider. I have not been “educated” at cult approved “schools”, have not participated in the cult’s rituals, have not sworn their cult’s “loyalty oath”, nor do I give offerings called “dues” to their cult leaders. Nothing I have presented above could have any merit, just ask a cult member and he/she will tell you. Facts mean nothing and prove even less when not offered by a member of the “Bar” cult.

Call “tax protestors” a cult if you like, but, keep in mind that unlike the “Bar” cults, there is no compulsory “Association,” no compulsory offerings, no compulsory approved “schools,” no bizarre initiation rituals, no compulsory chants (“oaths”) no symbolic robes or “Supreme” leaders, no god-like power over men with guns and badges and no special language.

Most important, don’t forget the “Bar” cult offers prayers to each other.



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  1. Bob Goodwin Says:

    I’ve heard that the majority of judges and procecutors are members of the masonic order (32 degree at leaset, some 33rd). I would not be surprised.

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