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Blair’s Ticket Kicked in Arizona – Congrats for Standing up to the Psychopaths

Posted on April 9th, 2014 by Marc Stevens

A big congrats to Blair for standing up to the psychopaths in Cottonwood, Arizona.  Although judge William Lundy arbitrarily denied the motion to dismiss, he did the right thing and ruled against the cop named Good.

Blair provided the audio of the “hearing” and is posted below:

One of the things I want to see is more people standing up to these psychopaths.  I was told by a judge here in the valley it would not take much to overwhelm the system and shut it down.  Cops can give out so many tickets because most people don’t fight them.

It’s time to stop being compliant and allowing them to rob us.  Stand up to these gutless cowards and at least make them work for your time and money.


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  1. Jack Says:

    I note that the officer did not know the elements of a valid cause of action and the judge stuck his nose in where he had now right.
    The judge did not provide a valid cause of action.
    Officer has no standing and thus no jurisdiction as there is no claim and thus no right to ask the court for hearing his non-claim.
    So the judge tries to proceed but where is the standing and the judge still refuses to provide proof of standing! This judge Lundy is a filthy criminal and admits that he has been proceeding criminally for over 11 Years!.
    Is there a conflict of interest? Yes, the judge and officer are both slopping at the public trough, they are both suckers at the golden teat of government looting of A to satisfy B via taxes and their codes.
    Oh, but the judge is always on trial. If he is crooked or dishonest, then he will be dealt punishment (think A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens, and the French Revolution, the tumbrils and the scaffold with a knife terrible in history)
    Judge refused to answer the question if he represents the state. Why? Because he cannot get a fair trial if both receive benefits from the trough.
    Judge Lundy is a prick!
    10 mph over the limit? but was there failure to avoid collision. The fact is that the cop and judge have no claim as there was no damage to person or property. The judge Lundy is a filthy stinkin’ criminal and should be terminated.
    The cop tries to trap Blair by getting him to admit to a speed. Lundy did to his credit stop that line.
    The cop then says the speed could have cause an accident, this of course conjecture and should have been immediately challenged.
    Prudent? Where does this get defined in the “statutes?” I bet it isn’t stated.
    Lundy tries repeatedly to disrutpt Blair’s presentation, branding Lundy himself a filthy criminal!
    Speed is a hazard? Explain and prove it. Lundy admit he has committed criminal acts by dealing with the statute 100’s of times.
    Where is the factual evidence that the vehicle code applies to Blair? They, Lundy and the cop, did not provide such factual evidence in the form of affidavits by first hand witnesses.
    The judge believes the state has standing? Really? Where is the proof?
    Judge denies standing issue.
    Has the statute been proven as reasonable, even the gd judge Lundy had to admit the state failed.

  2. Ben Says:

    Case dismissed “with prejudice”! LMAO!! Apparently he got under the Judge’s skin! lol! Great job! Bravo! I think it was the conflict of interest that made him decide to dismiss, not mentioning all the other stuff like no valid cause of action, no jurisdiction, ect. From the sound of his voice I think the judge realized how much of a FUBAR position he and the cop actually had. I’m guessing the judge figured if it were brought to an appellate hearing the case would of won and then the judge’s and cop’s careers would’ve been put under a micro scope! I love hearing when these psychos run and hide with their tails between their legs! LOL! Again, AWSOME job!

  3. RadicalDude Says:

    I think he should have nailed the judge down on what the specific grounds were that he overruled the motion to dimiss or if he even had any besides his arbitrary and capricious whims. What is the injury or cause of action, etc…

  4. NonE Says:

    RadicalDude Sed: I think he should have nailed the judge down

    INDEED! Best idea I’ve heard in a while! A rag stuffed in his mouth would help too, but the nail idea really is good.

    – NonE

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