Canadian Attorney General Spokesman Unable to Provide Evidence Laws Apply

Posted on March 29th, 2014 by Marc Stevens

The Same ol’ Lie World Tour takes us to Ontario, Canada this week.  I spoke with Brendan Crawley, the spokesman for the Ontario attorney general.  As expected, he had no evidence.

The lie is the insistence that if we are physically in Canada, then the laws apply to us.  It’s a simple formula: if X, then Y.  Most seem to believe this is absolutely irrefutable.  They can’t provide any evidence to prove it, but any challenge is enough for them to threaten you with a psych evaluation.

Brendan agrees and says it is “universal” that if you are in Canada or any “country”, then the laws of the country apply to you.  So he has his opinion, but as we already know, he is unable to provide any proof.  Listen to the call below, it’s only about five minutes long.

The best he can do is say it’s the law.  This is circular logic though, not evidence.  The conversation can be summarized as follows:

 Marc, the law applies to you.

Really, and your evidence to prove that?

It’s the law you moron.

Brilliant analysis isn’t it?  Of course, if you think you have the evidence the Ontario AG spokesman could not provide, call in the No State Project or contact me and we can set up a guest appearance wherein you can provide the evidence.


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  1. Jack Says:

    Brendan Crawley is a filthy criminal and should be taken to the post, tied and given 100 lashes with the Cat O’ Nine Tails and if he survives, then he should be confined to prison for the balance of his worthless life. Madame Defarge and her sisters have long memories and they await the days when accounts will be settled. Oh, and as Charles Dickens reminds us, the Frenchies didn’t stop with the perpetrators but reached well into the family trees.

  2. Martin Padilla Says:

    Wow!! And another one goes, another one goes,.. Another one bites the dust. He forget to say that if you were in the moon the laws of the moon apply to you because you were physically there.

  3. Jonathan Rabbitt Says:

    I gotta say Marc, this is the best performance yet on the world tour. He couldn’t run away fast enough. A good effort for a _spokesperson_.

  4. doyle Says:

    marc, my post disappeared without trace. see if this gets on.

  5. doyle Says:

    Marc, second attempt to post has disappeared also. is it too long. will break it into 3.

  6. doyle Says:

    Marc, the law applies to you.

    Really, and your evidence to prove that?


    the law you moron.
    marc he was looking in the

    mirror when he said that but it is true, why? because all these slease balls

    are operating in the 2nd dimension as ‘persons’ and as long as they are

    contracted to be ‘persons’ the law applies to them. What he, or any of them

    tell you is that as long as you think you are a ‘person’ also it applies to

    you too.

  7. doyle Says:

    marc, the rest is not being allowed through. big brother must be watching. will try your email

  8. doyle Says:

    They are just withholding the rest of the info. To explain, the

    system operates in a duality, as above so below, the other side to it is that

  9. doyle Says:

    audios. Next time you ask someone in his/her capacity as ‘big shot

    spokes’person’ for that ‘office’ ask if the law applies to all ‘persons’.

  10. doyle Says:

    They shortly after ask if it also applies to i, a man/woman. You will have to

    work on the tone in which you ask, but you are ‘the man’ to work that out.

    This tour is brilliant. Keep it up please.

  11. doyle Says:

    What he, or any of them

    tell you………………………..(should read DON’T tell you)

  12. Jack Says:

    @doyl, good comments. Thanks. The Crawleys of this world better hope I am never to sit on a citizens jury in trial of their offenses as he and they would be immediately found guilty of criminality and sentenced to permanent jail!

  13. doyle Says:

    marc, you have proven miles beyond any reasonable doubt, worldwide i may add, that we are being scammed. i for one, because you are showing you are capable, would like you to take it to the next stage. these morons claim they are doing what they do because they have a mandate, i would like you to call their bluff and revoke any authority they claim they have via people voting for them basically by telling them they are fired. have a listen to clifford on utube he explains it beautifully. i think also that the spokesman for the attorney general of canada owes an explanation as to why clifford is still being held against his will 5 1/2 months later.

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