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More Circular Arguments From Tax Thieves at the IRS

Posted on June 5th, 2014 by Marc Stevens

To save time with editing and so I can post more of these calls, I’m only posting the most important part of this call with a professional thief.  I write thief as the IRS (just men and women such as Lois Lerner) take property by force and I prefer to use lay terms, as opposed to political euphemisms that tend to blind us to the facts.  It is not “taxation”, it’s armed robbery.

I have already asked him about evidence (facts) proving the constitution and code apply in the first place.  All he can respond with is the code.  So I ask him if is position is: The law applies because the law says so?  He agrees it is.  He is either incapable of understanding what circular reasoning is or deliberately not accepting this is circular logic.

He never backs off and is pretty confident his position is solid.  And when you have an army of men with guns and a terrorized population to help carry out your robbery, you don’t need rational arguments and supporting evidence.

The only thing that separates them from common thugs is their sacred “law” and they have no evidence it applies to anyone.  If you have the evidence, not circular reasoning and threats of violence, call into the No State Project and do what this professional thief could not.












10 Comments For This Post

  1. SARAHGATE Says:

    Jesus loves me, this I know,
    ‘Cos the bible tells me so,
    Little ones to Him belong
    We are weak, but he is strong…

    Yes Jesus loves me,

  2. Sarah Says:

    Jesus loves me this I know,
    ‘Cos the Bible tells me so,
    Little ones to Him belong,
    We are weak but He is strong,

    Yes, Jesus loves me,
    Yes, Jesus……………………

    And the band played ‘believe it if you like’….

  3. jack Says:

    As well he should be confident. He has quiet a military behind him.

    Marc do you spend much time reading the legal dictionaries to understand how the words have been manipulated?

  4. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ jack, no I may look things up occasionally, but I don’t spend much time reading the dictionary. I have a pretty good grasp on how words are manipulated.

  5. Incubus Says:

    *WARNING* Freeman garbage coming down the pike *WARNING* Freeman garbage coming down the pike.

  6. NonE Says:

    Man, I don’t know about this. Survivor takes a bit of time off for the summer and The No State Project file reservoir just goes to hell in a handbasket! I think it’s gonna be hard to decide which to vote off the island, Marc or Calvin!

    – NonJeffProbst

  7. Andy Says:

    NonE wrote: I think it’s gonna be hard to decide which to vote off the island, Marc or Calvin!___________

    And if NonE was a third choice to be voted off the island I think the decision would not be nearly so hard. Take one for the team, ey NonE? 😛

  8. NonE Says:

    HAH! I have the magic gizmo/thingie/amulet. I’m immune from your machinations, Andy. 😛

    – NonWorried

  9. JP Says:

    I’m a free man on the land and I have constitutional rights!!! LOL These pro liars are losing thier grip more and more each day. What amazes me is how many of the sheeple still fall for the BS. . .

  10. Andy Says:

    NonE,if you really do have the amulet, I suspect you also have Charlie’s kidney. Well, do ya?

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