Civil Disobedience for Jan. 2012

Posted on January 19th, 2012 by Marc Stevens

To start the year off right, I started my poppy garden this week.  They are scarlet and should be beautiful.  I learned the hard way poppy does not do well when started in July in Phoenix.

Non-violent, non-cooperation is probably the best tool available for bringing about meaningful social change.   The politicians need our cooperation to continue waging their war on plants and their general war on the entire population.  One place they need our cooperation is with juries.  If you’re being attacked by politicians for having certain plants, then you can make it very difficult, if not impossible for the lawyers with robes to seat a jury.

If you get picked to be on a jury, you can and should refuse to convict.  If anyone should be convicted, it’s the the lawyers and cops carrying out the attacks.


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  1. BillyBob Says:

    Thought you find this interesting:

  2. BillyBob Says:

    Once a criminal investigator for the Illinois Department of Revenue, Benson undertook a year-long research project that took him to all 48 contiguous states. His efforts resulted ultimately in the publication of “The Law that Never Was,” which contends that the 16th Amendment was never legally ratified.

  3. hazek Says:

    BillyBob law is an illusion, stick to factual objective morality instead.

  4. hazek Says:

    I meant rights, rights are an illusion.

  5. Zonsb Says:

    Geez Marc, you really do have a fortified compound. Wise move planting poppies. That way, when anybody scales the fortified wall they end up in the poppy field and fall asleep.

  6. BillyBob Says:

    Hazek, rights, laws, and morality are all abstractions, I’ll agree. However, this is a fact. Jesus the Christ/ Yeshua HaMeshiack said, “And He said to him, ” ‘YOU SHALL LOVE THE LORD YOUR GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, AND WITH ALL YOUR SOUL, AND WITH ALL YOUR MIND.’ “This is the great and foremost commandment. “The second is like it, ‘YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.’ “On these two commandments depend the whole Law and the Prophets.” Mat 22:37-40 This is on record.
    If everyone understood this and did this correctly life would be so much more peaceful. Curiously, HE was responding to a “lawyer’s” question and later goes on to criticize the bureaucrats of HIS day for their excessive burdens and unfairness.

  7. Keith Baber Says:

    Yo’s Marc don’t you have any grass in your backyard — errr —
    I mean lawn.

  8. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Keith, wow, it is January in North Amerika :^D

  9. hazek Says:

    God? Nice joke, you made me chuckle 🙂

    Anyway using the language of abstract and imaginary concepts such as rights sets us up for someone else to come along and claim these rights and enforce them with violence.
    If we just used the concrete language of objective morality instead we couldn’t possibly ever face a scenario like that and would ensure to always ask the right questions before acting. The right question being is my action objectively moral instead of is my action my right (a claim to a moral obligation by others enforced with violence).

  10. BillyBob Says:

    hazek, if I understand where you’re coming from correctly, sounds like you are closer to God than you realize:-) It seems that God’s “Golden Rule”, i.e.. “love your neighbor as yourself”, is as pure a statement about being “objectively moral” as one can get. E.g., if you would not want an action done to you, don’t do that action to others.

  11. Lyndon Says:

    I know of no law that prohibits poppies in Canada, and the war veterans use them as their symbol of rememberence. I know many people who plant them around their vegetable gardens and let them go to seed. In downtown Toronto people have front yard rock gardens and some mix poppies in with other flowers.

    Who could possibly substantiate a claim to prohibit others from allowing plants to grow on the land they call theirs? How could anyone claim to have a greater right to a plant than another? Who could “own” an entire specie of plants? What possible harm is caused by allowing a plant to grow on one’s property?

  12. joebanana Says:

    Billy bob @#1 What’s “direct election of senators” got to do with poppies?
    What we need are massive recall elections, and criminal prosecutions. Which amendment gives the power to outlaw a flower to the government? The NDAA is a prime example of a tyrannical government, the kind that needs to be removed and replaced. These elected fools don’t represent the American people, or the constitution, they’re domestic terrorists. They’re a bigger threat to liberty than their made up terrorists.

  13. BillyBob Says:

    @joebanana,the point of posting those examples is this: 1. That where we are today has been brought about by lies and deception. 2. There are many who are unaware of this but are part of this “matrix of control and deception”. 3. By pointing out these verifiable facts perhaps more can be persuaded to wake up and get out of the “matrix” as Marc has done with some officers.
    4. To show that this website has a “leg to stand on” because at first glance it smacks of “fringe group” and “lawlessness”.
    Here is a video which gives a big picture view of why we are where we are today based on verifiable facts.

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