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Clueless Tax Agent? No, There Just Isn’t Any Evidence Laws Apply

Posted on December 15th, 2014 by Marc Stevens

When it comes to the calls of shame I’ve posted, critics have claimed I just post the calls with clueless agents, that I cherry pick and leave out the calls where the agents do provide the evidence.  This is just to marginalize the truth, to try to cover up the obvious: there are no states, citizens and governments, just people forcing us to pay them.  The only way to prove it’s true that I cherry pick is if the critics could provide the evidence the agents can’t.  That’s never happened.

Critics ignore the fact that my calls include a federal magistrate and other very educated bureaucrats such as John Buttrick and Nick Cort.  Even prosecutors have been unable to provide a single fact to support their argument that if you’re physically in Arizona, then the constitution and laws apply to you.

It’s not because the agents, like the latest Call of Shame with a tax agent, are clueless and uneducated; it’s because there are no facts to support the argument.  That is exactly why no critic just lays the facts out when they don’t like the call or my position.

In this call, the agent agrees with the basic presumption the “government” operates under: if one is physically in the United States, then the constitution and laws of the US apply.  But, when asked if she has any proof to support this argument, she cannot answer the question and claims her supervisor can.

When I press the agent for a straight answer, she channels the CIA and says she can “neither confirm or deny” whether she is qualified to determine she has jurisdiction over me.  It seems obvious to me that if she were qualified to determine jurisdiction over me, then she would say yes.

After all, isn’t it so “obvious” the laws apply to everyone, that if you’re physically in the United States, then the constitution and laws apply to you?  It’s so obvious that experienced government employees cannot even say they are qualified to say the constitution applies to anyone.

If it wasn’t for their willingness to kill anyone who doesn’t comply with them, then we’d laugh at them and stop paying attention.  It’s lunacy when you take a moment to examine it: She’s qualified to make the argument, but not to actually support the argument.  People like that need guns to stay relevant.



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  1. NonExclusive Says:

    The laws apply to me because they have a gun and they can use that gun with no hesitation and no remorse.

  2. staljans Says:

    “im just an agent, i follow procedures and policy”…doh, juris who?..i cannot deny or confirm, but i send out threading letters for you to voluntarily comply to my demands of sending me 90% of all of your income, capic?.. evidence? i dont need no stinking evidence, i got other “agents” with guns to force you to “voluntarily” comply. pfff evidence, whats that?, what planet are you on?”

    its hard to make them see that their jobs (stealing from their own neighbours) are actually making regular crooks look honest, and less with the average crook i can defend myself, but with these “legal” crooks, if you try its you whom will be shot dead, and they get paid vacations,and an increase in rank.

  3. LogicMaster Says:

    The government religion is based on reifying the state using “the secret” (magical thinking) rather than evidence-based deductive reasoning.

  4. steve Says:

    awesome work MARC! IRS has NO LAW to support it! It’s all a lie, all gov’t is paid for too, income taxes go to the FedRes bank OWNERS as interest on the interest ONLY NTL Debt, to NEVER be paid off! Income taxes do NOT pay for gov’t.!!

    Not one “law” applies to living natural people, they only apply to the strawman, it is a business “color of law”, statutes. codes, regs, ordinances etc are ALL corporate policy and do not apply to living people, they lie and trick us with the strawman corporation created with birth certificate. USA=INC!
    Keep it up Marc, magnificent work!

  5. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ steve, there is no evidence the “laws” apply to anyone.

  6. steve Says:

    Hey Marc, just occurred to me reading your post (actually in the shower!) that the birth certificates are contracts, everything with the corporate gov’t is contract “law”, and a BirthCert contains HIDDEN AND UNDISCLOSED INTENT with malicious intent to defraud and enslave, profiteer etc..

    The start of it all is with the Birth Cert, and with the hidden intent in all BC’s, they are ALL therefore VOID! We CAN stop this piracy by everyone declaring their BC VOID as that IS the law of contracts! They are not voidable or unenforceable, a contract with hidden elements of intent are factually VOID!!!

    Let’s do it! Let’s get this out, it’s “legal”, lawful and accurate, all corporate (masquerading as) gov’t is dead in their fraudulent corporation tracks with this fact that all BC are VOID! Not only is their no evidence of jurisdiction as you so eloquently present, their is NO CONSENT without the BC as it is the first link in the contracts of adhesion chain.!

    Contact me and let’s do this thing and all be FREE (for real!)

  7. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ steven, not the BC contract stuff again.

  8. Boxer Says:


    She reiterates multiple times that she has an accounting degree. This is her way of giving you her credentials, and, likely her way of telling you she is qualified, not from a legal perspective (jurisdiction), but from a subject matter perspective (expertise).

    To your point, (can’t remember where you said this,) but for the average person who has sought out a formal education through some sort of institution, it is likely that government is involved in a myriad of ways (accreditation, funding, etc) which tends to cloud his/her judgement (to discern between right and wrong).

    It would have been great if you could somehow have touched on this but I don’t hold it against you because she could have perceived it as a personal attack (despite it not being the case) and become a distraction from the primary issue; a total lack of evidence the laws apply.

  9. steve Says:

    its all business, there is NO GOV’T Marc. So Business Law is remedy. I am looking and desiring REAL REMEDY, not just more arguments that the CORP will ignore. Sure get a couple small violation traffic tickets thrown out, but what about ALL of it thrown out and live under common (TRUE) law? “Cause now we ARE SLAVES UNDER this criminal CORPORATION.

  10. steve Says:

    Great read for everyone here it’s called;
    The Great American Adventure by Judge Dale, a former federal judge who breaks it all down.

    I hope you will consider this info Marc and others here–

    The “LAWS” APPLY ONLY TO “BUSINESS'” You are correct Marc, no evidence that laws apply to living people, they DON’T, they apply to the construct trust created with the BC known as Strawman, and the “Consent” gained and applied is a trick on the living to accept to being the strawman ie; driver’s licence, all licenses tax returns, social security, implied benefit such as Federal Reserve that allows discharge of debts with signature rather than to Pay a debt (no money all debt instruments, credit) you name it, all hidden intent for adhesion.

    The BC actually declares us DEAD at birth (birth like a ship in a dock) and by age 7 if we fail to declare we are indeed alive (which no-one does ’cause it is hidden intent) then the “State” Corporation, UNITED STATES, INC. creates the straw construct or strawman that is the “good faith and credit of the UNITED STATES–HJR 192. the BC is TITLE to our living energy, body, soul, although declared DEAD!! The ALL CAPS name goes back to Roman law too, meaning all loss of rights, and fast forward today also mean CORPORATION, Gov printing regs, (they hide this!)

    The strawman is then the one “charged” with failing to comply to “laws” (actually color of law corporate policy called statutes etc..) and when we hire a lawyer (cause we think it is really us in the flesh) it makes their case for consent as all BAR lawyers are foreign agents working for the company, employees of the “owners” The CROWN CORP, their job is to gain consent, bounty hunters in suits as Judge Dale puts it.

    So ALL Laws are “charged” to the strawman, created from the BC, it ALL starts with the BC, No BC, No Strawman (your name in all CAPITAL LETTERS), then No case, no jurisdiction nipped in the bud! (Look at the signature line on a check, use a mag glass, you the living are the authorized representative, our sig is the “money” creation)

    The constitution does not apply to any of us outside the “Corporation”, only applies to employees of “Gov’t”, BAR lawyers, judges, cops, those living in Wash, DC etc.

    We do NOT have a constitution, we are not a party to it, it is a private contract, all is business. The original “organic” Constitution was replaced in 1871 with the formation of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation. The original constitution that applied to living people of the Land read;
    The constitution for the united States of America. (note the upper/lower case arrangement)

    the one today reads;

    The original also included the real 13th amendment which was excluded from publication sometime in the 1850’s called the Title of Nobility Act, which barred lawyers from serving in gov’t.

    Great read for everyone here it’s called;
    The Great American Adventure by Judge Dale, a former federal judge who breaks it all down.

    To fight them with Constitutional issues is meaningless, it is all business, and the BC is at the root of it all.
    Please read this stuff Marc, it will be of benefit to you as they intentionally hide it from all, especially lawyers at law school!

    I seek and demand REMEDY absolute, not political bickering and extended slavery, they claim title to our bodies, and I am a Sovereign Free Willed Human Being!


  11. Andy Says:

    @Steve, :facepalm:

  12. Boxer Says:


    Double facepalm.

  13. steve Says:

    sorry to see that you are accepting the lies. Look into this info and let go of your what to think “knowledge” from the powers that want you their slave. Please?

  14. steve Says:

    A real question– are you guys BAR Lawyers? Did you read Judge Dale’s Great American Adventure? did you investigate any of this or did Bill O’Reilly or a law professor tell you what to think? Or did you look into it?

  15. Andy Says:

    @steve, BTDT. I read it years ago and did much study of UCC, all CAPS straw man, commercial redemption, admiralty-maritime law and so on. As have many of the regulars here done similar.

    Have you read, No Treason: The Constitution Of No Authority

    Government is men and women providing services at the barrel of a gun. A gang of killers,thieves and liars. Do you expect honesty and objective/real justice to come from them? Who’s the delusional one here?

  16. steve Says:

    Hi Andy,
    Thanks for the No Treason article Ill check it out. BTW IRS there is NO LAW, let alone that laws don’t apply. IRS is registered biz in San Juan PR, so is House of Reps, on and on.

    If you know about this truth in the strawman, CAPS, Corps masquerading as GOV’T scam etc.. why do you dismiss it?

    I did go get a copy of my BC at vital records, it is printed on security paper like a bond, and is traded on securities exchanges, also as mutual funds I think too. CUSIP # on it, have your stock broker look it up, we are traded on stock market.


  17. Andy Says:

    steve wrote: “If you know about this truth in the strawman, CAPS, Corps masquerading as GOV’T scam etc.. why do you dismiss it?”

    Government is men and women providing services at the barrel of a gun. A gang of killers,thieves and liars. Do you expect honesty and objective/real justice to come from them?

    What you have presented thus far has been gone over many times here and on the forum. I suggest, if you chose to continue that you post on the forum rather than here.

  18. crazy Says:

    You have made a lot of assumptions. Please show the facts to back them up.
    Do you believe that a piece of paper dictates and Co tools you and other people? Do you believe that a piece of paper gives other people the right to have authority over you, rule you?
    You should come over to my house, my laws and rules apply to everyone who is in my house and the rules are hidden. One of them demands all persons in my house to bow down and worship me and empty their bank accounts into mine. You know it’s the LAW!

  19. jim Says:

    To a degree I would agree with steve regarding business. When you do have a drivers license etc you have a contract with the Gov’and an old maxim states that “The stipulations of parties constitute the law of the contract, agreements give the law to the contract.” Regardless of if the “constitution and codes apply just because…..” has no bearing on the matter. The matter is contractual. Why would the Gov’ need to prove that the constitution applies when they have your agreement to their corporate rules that they call laws… they don’t need to. I don’t remember anybody ever claiming they were forced at gun point to sign for a license (gun, drivers etc). If I had an agreement/accord/contract with oh lets say Marc Stevens that I’d mow his lawn for $50, and he didn’t pay, it’s not my requirement to prove anything other than we had a prior agreement/accord/contract and i performed my obligation to that accord. It’s a simple benefit v obligation business transaction.

    That said, the point about asking for this information only comes into play when requiring evidence that the “constitution and codes apply just because…..” as a point of fact.. not law. Marc never argues law only fact (and i totally support that 100%). I can’t prove that the constitution applies etc but I could prove a contract exists and if one does exist then the terms of the contract are the “law”.

    I’m a long time support of Marcs and agree with his approach, but it’s not fair to dismiss ppl like Steve who have totally valid yet different points of view. I’m from Australia, but I’m sure you guys in the USSA (yes USSA) have something called the 1st amendment don’t you.. but I guess you’d argue that doesn’t apply to you.

    Lets even take Marcs logic further (this is not meant to be rude to Marc so please). Show me evidence that you are IN Arizona etc! Is not Arizona just a name? How can you claim you live IN a name? How can you claim to physically live IN a fictitious entity yet demand real proof? Don’t you guys over there live ON the land commonly called Arizona etc? If you claim to live in a corporate state how can you claim their corporate “laws” don’t apply? As Marc has said on the show “show me government… point to government”… well show me Arizona… point to Arizona. Pointing to the ground is just pointing to the continental land mass known as the North American continent… show me Arizona.

  20. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Jim, g’day mate this is too much to respond to here, so I am posting it on the forum

  21. Frustrated Says:

    I think the question isn’t really that Steve made a bunch of assumptions, I think the real question (at least the one I want to know, because I’m selfish at times) is “do these psychopaths in robes believe any of that stuff about the BC and the Strawman?” I think it’s far more important to know what the other side thinks when you’re under threat from them, so you know the best way to defend yourself. I’d be very interested to see what happened if someone like Marc asked the IRS where their corporation is actually from as part of their lack of jurisdiction. If nothing else, if you could throw down some evidence that they are from PR and not the states, this may shake the IRS agents even more, as that concept of being foreign would be easier to grasp by their tiny minds than the fact that they need evidence to support their actions. I know Marc just cuts past this to the root of the issue of no jurisdiction, but maybe it would not be a bad idea to show them some “why” they have no jurisdiction in more than one way… Just my 2 cents (not worth a hill of beans perhaps…)

  22. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ frustrated, the agents I’ve spoken with don’t believe they work for a corp, they work for a government dept. or agency. I’ve spoken to cops, prosecutors and judges, they don’t believe everyone is a corp and that they can only proceed against corps. But, people can still ask them as members of the media and record their answers. I just won’t bother anymore.

  23. Boxer Says:


    Don’t forget, ignorance of the rules and laws at your house is not an excuse.

  24. i.n.rem Says:

    @ steve
    uhh…dude ..
    have you bothered to investigate this ” Judge Dale” ..??
    it is a work of fiction, unsupported by any factual evidence, including the NonE-xistant ( 🙂 ) “Judge”

  25. steve Says:

    Awesome Jim, guys and gals!
    This info is kept quiet, many do not know how this “system” really operates, so happy to see others become aware of truth.

    PS Marc, I know firsthand many cops, judges etc KNOW about the strawman and that it’s all a trap, they are threatened to keep quiet, they are pawns to the Banking Families/CROWN that OWN the companies.

    Go on Dun and Bradstreet, look up United States, or IRS, your state or whatever, you have to search by state, youll see, House of Reps is a business in San Juan, so is senate in DC, div of wildlife, your county and courts, Bankruptcy, heck US Government is in DC as HDQTR 1600 Pennsylvania ave, Wash DC!.
    These are not assumptions, do some research and you can see first hand, if it’s not there on D&B anymore I printed a bunch off awhile back that I can show, as they like to scrub truth like with the original 13th amendment Title of Nobility Act, the original Constitution, the remedy UCC 1-308 without prejudice that keeps being “moved” around, printing office regs about all caps spelling etc…

    It is remedy and resolve NOT justice that humans require and seek, justice is judgement and therefore more of the system of domination and control.

    It dates back to Babylonian Slave System, Rome also created legal person constructs after Nero burned down Rome and declared everyone dead just like our Cert of live birth does (yes we are dead at birth according to the state)…nothing new under the sun.

    Anyway so happy to see people becoming aware of truth that it is all a trick, and as Marc so diligently states, NO JURISDICTION!

    I start with the birth cert ’cause it is the very first contract, therefore all after is also VOID as it has hidden and undisclosed intent to compel performance.

  26. steve Says:

    inrem, who are you working for? Choice is yours to be a slave or a sovereign free willed being, I would like to research you.

  27. steve Says:

    @crazy, you have no contract to enforce your in home demands, I would not be compelled to performance. All licencing is btw called contract of adhesion, only one party signs them and they have hidden intent, meant to adhere a live person to the system.

    Guess I won’t be invited over to your house for holidays?

  28. i.n.rem Says:

    what an incredible amount of FAIL, steve
    Strawman ..?? yea, that’s it brother
    the man is holding you down

  29. steve Says:

    you did not reveal your true identity, which gov’t branch paycheck do you cash? Around $85/hr for disinfo work isn’t it?

    Thanks Marc, I do dig your approach to the fact that the gov is all a lie. I am implementing the “what evidence the laws apply” into action.

  30. i.n.rem Says:

    try not to be rude, steve
    rather than verbally attack one for challenging your ” information”
    perhaps you might verify your Judge Dale, his Venue that supposedly provided employment, etc
    you then can come back and state factually, all of the evidence that you might produce

    personally, let me offer my opinion on D&B
    are those legal records ..??
    you of course realize that D&B simply has bots coallate information..???
    phone numbers, and addresses do form a political body, a corp, or any other entity

  31. steve Says:

    exactly, D&B is a list of business’ traded. US Bankruptcy Court is C

  32. steve Says:

    exactly, D&B is a list of business’ traded. circuit court district of columbia is “also traded as” us bankruptcy court.

    Now I know you inrem are gov disinfo with your personal “Rude” mis-direction attempt of distraction, and confirms dale’s info.
    Peace and freedom from domination and control for all.

  33. i.n.rem Says:

    ya just can’t fix simple

    please post the Court that ” Judge” Dale retired from
    please post some Opinions published from said Judge Dale

    that said, it is clear you have no understanding of what Dun & Bradstreet does

    nor any understanding of the legal hydra that you believe you have the tools to defeat

  34. steve Says:

    Hi inrem, I notice no refuting govt pschyop disinfo agent. Why are you defending the legal “Hydra”? Remember everyone, legal and lawful are two different things. The hydra is basis-less, only thru physical brute force are “legalities” enforced.

    FWIW-To say I want to defeat is an incorrect allegation. Defeat is based in competition like justice or judgement and I am creating remedy by exposing therefore dissolving the fraud. I find no benefit to argue in circular logic.

    Anyway, all judge dales stuff is available online for everyone. So much effort to marginalize this info here and throughout internet is very revealing, the last ditch efforts to cling to “power”

    Living Humans want remedy and resolve, not more of your system of domination and control and justice/judgement. As is shown by the great efforts of people like Marc Stevens here to shine light on the dark fraudulent “system”.

  35. i.n.rem Says:

    non responsive blather
    please substantiate you postings with facts

  36. i.n.rem Says:

    non responsive blather
    please substantiate your postings with facts

  37. JCFROMNJ Says:

    She left out one VERY important step in the procedure, the part where they send someone out to your home and bust a cap in your head….and small but relevant point. LOL

  38. Eric Parsons Says:

    Marc can you contact me I have a window tinting ticket that I have to attempt to on 4/02/15. My email is

  39. snoop4truth Says:

    “Judge DALE” is actually “Rodney DALE Class”, a self-styled, pro se litigant with a high school education who was NEVER a judge. For more on this elaborate hoax, go to

  40. Snoop4truth Says:

    Reach whatever conclusion you wish about the law and the legal system, but be advised that “Judge Dale” and all of the online articles fraudulently attributed to him are hoaxes. The main people behind the hoax have admitted to this fact.

    The online character that ewe think of a “Judge DALE” is actually “Rodney DALE Class” and amateur litigant and an amateur pseudo-legal theorist with barely a high school education who was NEVER a judge. Despite never going to college or to law school and despite never becoming a lawyer or a judge, Rodney DALE Class has developed/compiled an entire amateur belief system about the law and the legal system that he teaches to hundreds of devoted amateur followers who do not know any better. Not a single one of Rodney DALE Class’ pseudo-legal theories or self-glorifying “war stories” can withstand even the slightest amount of factual or legal verification. But, that is not our concern here. Rodney DALE Class is not the driving force behind the Judge DALE Hoax.

    As amateurs themselves, some of Rodney DALE Class’ followers were so impressed with his amateur belief system about the law and the legal system that they decided to market it to the American people through a series of forged (fake) documents that they fraudulently told the American people were written by a “retired federal judge” named “Judge DALE” (using Rodney DALE Class’ middle name, “DALE”, as an inside joke. Among the fraudulent, forged (fake) documents that these followers fraudulently attributed to this “retired federal judge include: “Lawfully Yours”; “The Matrix And The US Constitution” and “The Great American Adventure: Secrets Of America”.

    For more information about this fraud upon the American people, Google “Judge DALE Hoax”.

  41. Snoop4truth Says:

    Who Is “Judge DALE”?

    “Judge DALE” is a hoax. All of the online articles that are fraudulently attributed to “Judge DALE” are also hoaxes. The people behind the hoax have already admitted it to us. This is the reason that you have never seen a photograph, video or live appearance of “Judge DALE”. He does not actually exist.

    There are actually two different people who have fraudulently impersonated “Judge DALE” online and they write about two entirely different subjects in two entirely different styles.

    “Rodney DALE Class” is the original “Judge DALE” (which uses his middle name, “DALE”, as an inside joke). Class is actually an amateur legal theorist with barely a high school education who was never a judge. Class and his “editors” first began fraudulently impersonating the “Judge DALE”, a fake “retired federal judge”, in 2009 (a federal felony).

    All of the fake “Judge DALE” articles that appear online on the subject of the “LAW” were written by Class and his “editors”. All of the fake “Judge DALE” articles that appear online on the subject of “DINARS” were written by the late John MacHaffie, who died on January 8th, 2015.

    Here is how it came to be that there were two fake “Judge DALES”. Between 2010 and 2012, the original people who actually created the “Judge DALE Hoax” (“editors”) organized and edited Class’ amateur belief system about “the law” into the two original “Judge DALE” forgeries: “The Matrix And The US Constitution” (April 10th, 2010) and “The Great American Adventure: Secrets Of America” (sometime before May 25th, 2012). These “editors” posted these two original “Judge DALE” forgeries on their own websites.

    Afterwards, these “editors” solicited other likeminded webmasters who would agree to post (or to post links to) these two original “Judge DALE” forgeries on their own websites with full knowledge that these forgeries were fake. These likeminded webmasters played an important role in the “Judge DALE Hoax”. Indeed, two of these webmasters were so enthusiastic about their role in the hoax that they themselves actually wrote and posted additional fake articles online in which they claimed to “know Judge DALE personally” and wherein they purported to quote dialogue that they exchanged with this fictional character (who does not actually exist).

    Arguably, the most important of the likeminded webmasters (who distributed the “Judge DALE” forgeries) was the late John MacHaffie of MacHaffie posted articles on his own website on a broad range of subjects. But, he was passionate about the subject of investing in “DINARS” (a gold-backed currency used in some middle-eastern countries) and related subjects like global currency re-set/revaluation and non-disclosure agreements (which MacHaffie claimed were necessary when investing in “DINARS”) . Many people regarded MacHaffie as a genuine authority on the subject of “DINARS” and he had followers reading his “DINAR” articles all over the globe. MacHaffie did not write about the subject of the law. And, Class did not write about the subject of “DINARS”. So, Class and MacHaffie were not competitors for the same readers. Thus, Class’s material and MacHaffie’s material were compatible and Class’ material seemed to be a good fit on MacHaffie’s website,

    At first, all went well with the “Judge DALE Hoax”. Readers of the “Judge DALE” forgeries on the websites of these like-minded webmasters actually believed that “Judge DALE” was a real person and that he really was a “retired federal judge”. Readers of the “Judge DALE” forgeries believed the false and utterly delusional claims reflected therein about “the law” and the legal system. And, nobody outside of the “editors” who originally created the “Judge DALE” forgeries and the likeminded webmasters (who distributed the forgeries) knew that the whole thing was one giant hoax intended to dupe and defraud the American people.

    By 2012, the “Judge DALE Hoax” had become an unqualified success. The fictional online character, “Judge DALE”, had become a genuine brand-name with real value among amateur legal theorists, largely as a result of the efforts of these likeminded webmasters, like MacHaffie (who distributed the “Judge DALE forgeries” to his own readers).

    But then, in late May or very early June, 2012, the “editors” who originally created the “Judge DALE Hoax” stole some proprietary information from MacHaffie about “DINARS”, posted it on the websites of all of MacHaffie’s competitors and fraudulently attributed that stolen information to “Judge DALE” (who MacHaffie knew did not actually exist and who MacHaffie had actually helped make into a bona fide internet sensation).

    Needless to say, MacHaffie was livid. In retaliation, on June 4th and 5th, 2012, MacHaffie did two things. First, he posted a formal notice on his website,, that read, “Judge DALE Is Removed From This Blog” and, without revealing that “Judge DALE” was a hoax, he explained his reasons for banning “Judge DALE” from his website (explained above). Second, and more importantly, MacHaffie actually stole the fake name, “Judge DALE”, for his own use in peddling his own online articles about “DINARS” and he posted his very first “DINAR” article online as the SECOND “Judge DALE”. MacHaffie’s theft and use of the fake name, “Judge DALE”, served several purposes for MacHaffie. First, it taught Class’ editors a lesson about stealing the proprietary intellectual property of others (he simply returned the favor by doing the same thing to them). MacHaffie knew that Class’ editors could not complain publically about what MacHaffie had done to them without revealing their own role in the “Judge DALE Hoax”. Second, MacHaffie’s theft and use of the fake name, “Judge DALE”, had the effect of confusing and confounding “Judge DALE’s” original followers and thereby weakened the value of the “Judge DALE” brand among amateur legal theorists. Third, MacHaffie’s theft and use of the fake name, “Judge DALE”, increased the number of readers of MacHaffie’s articles on the subject of “DINARS”. MacHaffie continued to use the stolen, fake name “Judge DALE” in connection with his own online articles on the subject of “DINARS” until his death on January 8th, 2015. MacHaffie never forgave Class’ editors for what they had done to him.

    This is why since June 4th, 2012, there have been two authors of the online forgeries that have been fraudulently attributed to “Judge DALE”, not one. This is also why there are no “Judge DALE” forgeries that were ever posted online that relate to the subject of “DINARS” until after June 4th, 2012. This is why all of the “Judge DALE” forgeries that appeared online before June 4th, 2012 related exclusively to the subject of the law. This is also why, since June 4th, 2012, the “Judge DALE” forgeries posted online address two entirely unrelated subjects (the subject of the LAW and the subject of “DINARS”). This also explains why “Judge DALE”, an alleged “retired federal judge” would, on June 4th, 2012, suddenly and inexplicably start writing articles about the subject of “DINARS”, a subject about which no “retired federal judge” would have any interest, knowledge or expertise anyway. This also explains why there is such a profound difference in the quality of the writing between the two types of “Judge DALE” forgeries that appear online. Those “Judge DALE forgeries” on the subject of the LAW that appear to have been written by a high school student (as edited by other high school students) were written by Class and his editors. Those “Judge DALE forgeries” on the subject of “DINARS” (global currency re-set/re-valuation and NDA’s) that appear to have been written by an intelligent, articulate, educated, literate person were written by the late “John MacHaffie. This is also why no new “Judge DALE” forgeries on the subject of “DINARS” have been posted online since MacHaffie’s death on January 8th, 2015. Finally, this is why new “Judge DALE” forgeries on the subject of the LAW continue to be posted online despite MacHaffie’s death (Class and his “editors” remain alive to post new “Judge DALE” forgeries online about the subject of the LAW).

    Either way, there is no real “retired federal judge” who wrote any of the “Judge DALE” forgeries that appear online. Either way, “Rodney DALE Class” was the original “Judge DALE” and was the namesake for the fictional online character, “Judge DALE” (which uses Class’ middle name, “DALE”, as an inside joke). Either way, “Judge DALE” is a hoax. Either way, all of the online articles that are fraudulently attributed to “Judge DALE” are also hoaxes.

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