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Complaint for Racketeering in Arizona

Posted on November 15th, 2012 by Marc Stevens

I helped Adam in the Tempe municipal court yesterday, Nov. 14, 2012.  It was clear facts were not going to be a focus.  Are they ever with government attacks?

I asked the man who wrote the complaint, a Mr. Stoufer, what facts he relied on to prove the constitution and code were applicable to Adam to then prove the court had jurisdiction.  His response was pretty bold: “I’ll let the judge decide that.”  Yes, in response to a question about the facts, this man said: “I’ll let the judge decide that.”

So I reminded him of his written rules about disclosure [sorry, could not find a better online link] requiring the disclosure of evidence prior to the hearing.  Mr. Stoufer was not moved a bit and stood with “I’ll let the judge decide that.”

The judge, a lawyer named Elizabeth N. Olson, couldn’t have cared less about the facts.  Being another “former” prosecutor, I don’t expect her to be interested in facts beyond how one is going to pay the fines she imposes.  I’ll address this in more detail though in another article and on the radio show.  What I want to mention now though is we have to question why the man would be so bold about refusing to discuss the facts his sacred writ requires and to also so confidently lay his burden on the judge.  Makes sense he already knew Elizabeth was not going to hold him to any factual burden.  They’re on the same team after all.

What is of interest here is that in every traffic court I have been in here in Arizona, there is a familiar order on each wall; you must pay all fines on the day the lawyers declare their decisions of guilty/responsibility.  As I pointed out to Deborah Schaefer, a court administrator yesterday, the law does not impose such a requirement.  I know, the law is an opinion backed by a gun, but this is to demonstrate their own laws do not not govern their behavior.  The law in question 28-1601 says:

“A person shall pay all civil penalties within thirty days from entry of judgment, except that if payment within thirty days will place an undue economic burden on a person, the court may extend the time for payment or may provide for installment payments.”  [Emphasis mine]

So why are people being threatened to pay the same day or suffer more punishment?  Ms. Schaefer said she did not know anything about it, that I could submit a complaint in writing.  So I did; here it is, right click to download.  I’m under no pretense anything is going to be done about it.  I asked a cop who was in the lobby if there were three credible witnesses and documentary evidence to felonies being committed at the court would he investigate, even if it involved judges.  He laughed and said he would not entertain such a scenario.  So I’m pretty confident despite this obvious conflict with the law involving coercion and millions of dollars, nothing will be done.  I’ll post any response from Ms. Schaefer.

When you use lies and coercion to forcibly take millions of dollars from people, we usually call that racketeering.  I’m sure if I did business in the same way the people doing business as the Tempe municipal court do, those same people would not hesitate to label me a criminal.  I’ve seen the intense visceral response from bureaucrats when I ask them if I’d be considered a criminal if I provided my services to the market in the same manner as them; so they know the way they do business is immoral and criminal, even by their loose standards.

It’s also interesting to note Ms. Schaefer’s response when I mentioned governments operate by coercion and have no voluntary support; she said: “I’m sorry you feel that way.”  I had to tell her it’s not how I feel, those are the facts.  Governments being men and women coercing people to pay them is not an issue of argument, opinion, feelings or faith; those are empirical facts.

Anyone who disagrees with these facts are always welcome to call into the No State Project or even be scheduled as a guest so they can present their evidence.  We can record segments, but I prefer live so I’m not accused of creative editing.

But we don’t have to just file these complaints, we can do something about it ourselves.  What we can do is alert people going into these Arizona courts by giving them copies of 28-1601.  This way everyone can call the judges and clerks on their lies we have to pay the same day; they can show the judge and clerks the actual law and see for themselves who the criminals are.

I’ve posted them inside the East Mesa justice court next to the orders to pay the same day.  Yes, they can ignore our complaints, that’s why they flippantly tell us to put our complaints in writing, but they may not stop us from informing people of the additional crimes the judges and clerks are committing everyday.

I wonder how they’ll enjoy a day where their victims take a stand and call them on one of their many lies.



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  1. Incubus Says:

    “I asked a cop who was in the lobby if there were three credible witnesses and documentary evidence to felonies being committed at the court would he investigate, even if it involved judges. He laughed and said he would not entertain such a scenario.”

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but it still intrigues me. I wonder what the typical mentality of a cop is towards a judge. I can’t help but picture a sort of stern father figure when I consider their point of view.

  2. Packabowlla Says:

    Perhaps an AD in some of the local small news papers, as concerns what is going on in the local courts, mite have an effect. At least you have some docs to show the peeps. Asuming you can get it printed. Peace …… Packabowlla

  3. Panxer Says:

    Give em hell Marc. Did you catch Ron Pauls farewell address? Discounting the statist rhetoric and the fact that the man was giving his speech in the capital behind closed doors and not to the public, a lot of the same themes were expressed that you cover on a daily basis. It was nice to hear, but IMO too little too late.

    Keep up the fight Marc!

    “The world’s a fine place, and worth fighting for. I agree with the second part” -Seven

  4. Bruce Sloane Says:

    Well, interesting Post ….

    What I have done, is ask the Baliff to arrest the Judge, gone to the hallway, and called 911, to report a Crime
    Not made any friends with such procedures

    coincedintially, I had a argument with a semi-famous Defense Attorney in NYC a day ago, Rothstien

    This was about RICO, .. he just could not understand that RICO is about the ACT’s that took place, not about the Parties

    He insisted, and no doubt still firmly believes that RICO can not be used against a Gov Entity, only against ” Vincenzo’s Friendly Neigborhood Helpers, LLC “

  5. Lyndon Says:


    Was Adam’s “case” a last-minute job or did you have a few weeks notice of the hearing?

  6. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Lyndon, I knew about it, but going there was not something I planned. I only knew I could go the day before.

  7. NonE Says:


    I think what Marc means is… Yes!

  8. janet abbey Says:

    Mark, I took a 10 day workshop with Gene Zimmerman before he died, in 2005 or 6 it was I think. He had it all laid out what you do. Very precisely. Letters and complaints get you nowhere. I held up the whole municipal court for 5 years where I was living in Seymour MO, about having to cut “weeds” (anything over 12 inches) in my back garden.

    I did win and delayed all this time but I must tell you it can be exhausting. When the mayor in a fury came and cut my garden down while i got my camera and photographed his doing it, I knew I had him. The problem is you must devote a huge part of your mind and life to doing this and mine is tied up with my writing. Gene Zimmerman said that if he just had 12 followers (he was religious) in every state I could force this system to do what it is supposed to do. That we have the finest laws in the world and the best rights written, but since we don’t know them, it doesn’t matter.
    My friends and sometimes myself have fought for years. It is slow but you can win. Dedication is all you need but they keep us so busy surviving we don’t think we have the time to do this.

  9. janet abbey Says:

    On the same day payment if I were intent on fighting it. and I am thinking out loud here, is:
    1. I would not pay it and I would send a Cease and Desist letter to the court saying why I needed 30 days as the law says.
    2. Then I would wait for the warrant.
    3. Warrant procedure: When they come DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR. If you have a locked screen door it doesn’t matter. You are cooked. Do not open the door, tell them to put the warrant down and go all the way to the other side of the street. Make sure they step up the curb. Your propeerty easement goes halfway across the street so if you open the door and they are within that boundary, too bad.
    4. When they are there, open the door, pick up the warrant, and close and lock the door.
    5. Read the warrant. It must be signed by the judge and it must be specific. If it is a search warrant then it must be specified where they will search and what for. If it is in order then you may open the door. If it is not, then you place it on your doorstep, tell them to get the judge to sign it or specify carefully what they want and where they are going to look. If they come in DO NOT MOVE FROM THE DOOR. Anywhere you go leaves that area open to be searched. (Don’t have to go to the bathroom.)If they go somewhere else tell them very loudly that that isn’t specified and they are in violation of the law. Keep telling them that. If you have a tape use it. If you have a camera video use it. If you can anyway. If they violate your rights then they have nothing.

    Just the beginning.

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