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Congrats Greg – Another Ticket Kicked Out in California

Posted on May 29th, 2014 by Marc Stevens

Congrats to Greg for getting the bogus ticket against him kicked out. Greg filed the demur I have available; the main issues are there is no evidence of jurisdiction and insufficient facts to set forth a violation.  An allegation is not facts, though cops get a free pass on this everyday.

When cops, prosecutors and judges insist the ticket is evidence, then you have to call them on this lie, you must object.  You don’t have to affirmatively state the obvious, still put it to them as a question: What on this ticket constitutes evidence of jurisdiction?

You may have to ask them: Is it your position an allegation I violated the law is actually evidence proving the code applies to me?  For anyone who thinks an allegation you violated the law is evidence the laws applies, could you explain how that works?  Call into my live show and explain.

Thanks again to Greg for providing the evidence showing the ticket was kicked.



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  1. Jack Worthington Says:

    So what was the alleged violation? And what is the name of the cop who in error signed the defective ticket/alleged violation?

  2. Jack Worthington Says:

    Interesting, and once again Marc Stevens is correct and produces a win. The politicians have no authority as that would imply slavery and they are never going to admit that their whole scheme of control depends on one of the greatest confidence schemes in the history of Earth. We are not taught this simple truth, i.e. there is no factual evidence of jurisdiction; we signed no contracts. Lysander Spooner’s No Treason No. 6, The Constitution of No Authority provides logic/reasoning that supports Marc’s assertions.

  3. Greg Says:

    Hey everybody. Thanks to Marc for helping me out. The alleged violation was for running a stop sign, and the pig’s, excuse me the cop’s name was R.Igno #14657

  4. Jack Worthington Says:

    Thanks Greg. I have friends who are cops, so, I reserve “pig” moniker for those who are genuinely crooked as opposed to those who have never been apprised of the facts to which, you, Marc, me and several others are knowledgeable. You done good, mate!

    I had the experience of being ticketed for a red light photo rader alleged violation in Beaverton, Oregon and the criminal judge John Mercer roll right past my question on factual evidence that the vehicle code appled to me. He merely opined that the code itself was the evidence. I failed to explain that his opinion was not factual evidence and in fact he introduce a “fact” not in evidence, i.e. he had no affidavit of truth on file or as a motion prior to trial. I of course lost but Mercer is the real criminal.

  5. Michael Says:

    Jack you should know the good book here in OREGON stipulates no demure allowed. It has happened to me plenty of times.

  6. Greg Says:

    Thanks Jack! In my case, I call this guy a pig. When I got pulled over, he broke into my car and had a steroid rage, threatening me if I don’t give him my license, something bad will happen to me. When I started filming him, his rage died down lol.

    These criminals have been getting over on people so long, that that is all they know. They cant prove these statutes apply to anyone and they know they can’t. Did you appeal?

  7. Jack Worthington Says:

    No, Michael, I did not know the “law” in orygun. For those who didn’t know, a demurer is defined as such:

    An assertion by the defendant that although the facts alleged by the plaintiff in the complaint may be true, they do not entitle the plaintiff to prevail in the lawsuit.

    So, truth is not of any value in defense against the politicians and judges and public prosecutors and other enforcers.

  8. Jack Worthington Says:

    @Greg, No I did not appeal as the expense was more than I could afford. Had I been working, I could have afforded the cost and I would have appealed. The fact remains that “judge” John Mercer is a criminal.

  9. Michael Says:

    It is sad I know jack, but I think when done right the whole “thing” is a demur. “Bad corporate state I say, bad corporate state”

  10. Joe S Says:

    I have a question…why is the county clerk’s name simply stated as ‘JIM’? If there’s a last name it doesn’t appear to have been whited out or redacted. Surely a document of this importance would have the full name of the clerk of the court. Or at least a stamp of some sort. Just my observation but I’m open to be enlightened on it. Thanks.

  11. Jack Worthington Says:

    Well, of course you know that these government “employees”/”servants”(?) only conceal their identities when they know they are bandits, robbers, thiefs and outlaws. Honest people don’t have to hide. Law enforcers and judges are criminals. How ironic is that? The “Great Satan” IRS S.O.P. is to use aliases. Reminds me of something I heard:

    “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.” (Barak Obama)

  12. Marc Says:

    My demur was overruled unfortunately. The presiding commissioner wouldn’t allow me to ask questions that revisited facts in the demur. Feel like I didn’t do something right.

  13. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Marc – You didn’t raise facts in the demur, only that the prosecutor hasn’t. Also, since it’s jurisdiction and an element of the charges, he didn’t allow a defense.

  14. Steve Gilfedder Says:

    Marc how do I get a hold your motion to dismiss,my son got a speeding ticket for going 66 in a 65 zone,with a temporary construction speed limit of 55 which my son did not see.He cannot afford to pay such a fine as work has been sporadic.

  15. marc stevens Says:

    @ Steve you go to the store link.

  16. ozzie Says:

    need help with a ticket in cali

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