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Cross-examination – Contraband Turkey Hearing

Posted on September 16th, 2011 by Marc Stevens

This is the cross-examination from the Contraband turkey hearing in Austin in Sept. 2010.  The witness to this poultry tragedy is a valiant Texas health department agent appropriately named “Lord”.   Overlooking the fact he and his accomplices have no voluntary support from the community, he selflessly dedicates his days to their protection anyway.  After all, our altruistic hero is a “Lord”.  Being a “Lord” means you don’t bother with trivial matters such as consent.

Anyway, this has to do with the fact Yeoman and his family provide poultry products to the community.  Unlike agent Lord’s services, no one has ever been forced to trade with Yeoman; they always voluntarily trade.  Agent Lord didn’t like this, he thought Yeoman should have paid for permission to trade with the community.  But Yeoman didn’t bother asking and just went about providing the community with his products.

No one in the community complained and agent Lord admitted there was no evidence of wrongdoing; even the hearing officer admitted the attack against Yeoman was about obedience, not wrongdoing.  The hearing officer even wrote there was no evidence Yeoman was even a “potential threat” to the community.

During the cross, I had the agent agree the regulations only applied within the state of Texas.  So of course I focused my questions on presence within the state of Texas.  The whole charge against Yeoman hinged on this and I know states are figments of the imagination.  When asked, “Factually what is the state?”  Lord’s attorneys claimed they didn’t understand the question and refused to allow the witness to answer.  Really?

When you listen to this recording, ask yourself why they would claim to not understand this simple question.  Do you believe them; do you think these two lawyers, each with a doctorate degree, really didn’t understand?  I think we can all agree they did understand and knew the agent could not prove Yeoman and the farm are with the state because again, the state is a fiction.

And for those who think it’s so easy to establish there is a state: Why, if it’s so easy, would this hearing officer refuse to permit me to question agent Lord on what the state is factually?  Why would every single time I and others have asked police officers this question on cross-examination do the lawyers start yelling about the cop being incompetent to legal opinions?

There is no state: states are as much a fiction as governments being established to protect our life, liberty and property.



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  1. Randy Says:

    Is there a private state? Would this make you the Head of your State and give you greater standing then the defacto administrator(judge.)

  2. Incubus Says:

    Audio could use a little boost in volume. Gotta say though Marc, despite the fact that hearing didn’t go so well, I love listening to you turn these folks upside down. Truly a delight. And I hope everything works out for that poor family.

  3. Jake Witmer Says:

    Classic!!! From the above recording:
    Compliance Officer: “I’m still confused” … “I’m not an attorney.”…

    Marc: “But you’re also not an expert.”

    The bureaucratic woman on this call is pure evil. She actually admits that the accused didn’t violate anyone’s right, but that he’s “in violation.” Officer Lord: “I assume that you’re talking about human rights like freedom of speech and those sorts of things.”

    Marc: “Excepting your opinion on the law, you have no evidence he did anything wrong!” Compliance Officer Lord: “That’s correct.”

    AMAZING!!!!! This poor slob basically admits that he unwittingly violates people’s rights simply because he’s ordered to. “Ve vere just vollowing orderss.” Glad to see that the Nuremburg defense is alive and well in America. I guess it’s the America of Leonard Peikoff’s book “The Ominous Parallels.”

    In other news, I’m working to place a criminal investigation of those responsible for 9-11 on the ballot in 20 Initiative States. This might not actually be effective at holding the PNAC accountable for covering up their complicity in 9-11, but it might be entertaining to see what wriggling parasites are dislodged from any rocks that might be flipped over, and at least the 9-11 investigators’ mission is clear and specific prior to being voted on. One problem with candidates is that their missions are suitably vague as to allow all possible actions upon election. (Of course, the real problem is the grossly limited human intellect, in matters of both thought thresholds and elections.)

    I know elections run somewhat contrary to the spirit of this website, but if anyone appreciates good theater, and wishes to agitate against the people who blew up the twin towers (using modern forensic equipment), you can contribute online at the website

    Long live Marc Stevens! I also have an interesting proposition to make to Marc, if he calls me. 312.730.4037. Thanks.

  4. Tharrin Says:

    I have to say Marc, that listening to you question these people shows how much they believe in their fiction. So much so that they cannot understand that it is a fiction. That it does not exist in reality but only in their minds. Truly they believe their authority emanates from the fiction they so clearly cannot define yet balk at your questions to clearly state what that fiction is factually. That duality of mind is absolutely stunning. Cognizant dissonance. They cannot see that they hold an opinion that does not support the weight of their convictions. You were very skillful at trying to attempt to bring the accusers to clarify their positions but they just could not get the belief that the state exists as a concrete thing out of the equation and when confronted with questions that clearly undermined that belief they could not allow you to move forward.

    You have infinite patience my friend. Can you imagine the loss of their reason to be doing what they are doing once the thing they base their whole believe system in is nothing more that imagination. A figment of their mind with no validity in reality. How can they go on accepting a paycheck for what ultimately can be seen as legalized theft.

    Excellent audio Marc.

  5. SovereignDirt Says:

    Soooo what happened, what happened?!

  6. Dan Says:


  7. RAW Says:

    This was fantastic, Marc, you’re pulling from the infinite intelligence. thank you.

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