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Dave Gets Ticket Kicked in New Jersey

Posted on January 6th, 2015 by Marc Stevens

Congrats to Dave for defending himself against the bogus claims of the psychopaths called “government”.  And thanks for providing the documentary proof below.  We spoke about this on the No State Project.

I encourage everyone to fight back against these attacks, to defend in the cesspools called courts, and make it as difficult as possible for these crooks to take our time and money.  Even if you are ultimately found guilty by one of the black robed sociopaths, it is worth it for others to see you standing up them.



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  1. Packbowlla Says:

    Well Done Keep it Up…….

  2. Rainy Says:

    Great job! Lived in New Jersey most of my life! Very Very corrupt! Beat tickets in Rahway NJ!

  3. Mercedes Says:

    Hello All Friends & Future Friends,

    Congratulations & Salutations Friends!
    I am so happy to find so many who work so hard freedom, yours & mine!

    I am reaching out to find the courage, strength, and knowledge needed to defend my self against the false authority. My story is not new or exciting but my life and my family have been threatened. I have suffered attacks, violent abuse, and continual threats from a corrupt city police department & their courts.
    I applaud everyone who can outwit that ancient evil one. I for one am aware now of the reality of just how false the corrupt authority has become. The threat seems greater and more intense now that I can see them.
    I have begun the process of learning how to establish a common law court of the people, of WE THE PEOPLE. I know many can beat them at their own game and like I said I whole-heartedly applaud and admire your Honor & Dignity.
    I know if I study hard and become well versed in their law I could win, but I would much rather get a real law of We The People established. There is a quote “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
    To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
    ― Buckminster Fuller

    I will continue to admire your work and efforts in battle with that ancient liar. I will put what I have learned from you into creating a truly just system where we need not fear our own “justice system”.

    Thank you to Marc Stevens, I am in the process of transcribing your lecture posted on Youtube . I love how you are the heart of the issue and on point with the main focus: what is their “legal” standing to act above We The People? Yes, I agree, the whole thing is a talking game, as one man put it “an art”. Well by God as my creator I will become an Artist!

    Much Love <3


  4. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ mercedes, thanks I appreciate that, but the solution as I see it does not include “common law”.

  5. Mercedes Says:

    I would greatly appreciate if you could elaborate in a sentence or two just why “common law” is not the solution. I am highly invested in seeking solutions to corruption in the courts, law, and police.
    Thank you very much!

  6. Mercedes Says:

    Thank you so much for your response! Could you elaborate in one or two sentences on why “common law” is not the answer? Thanks again Mr Stevens <3

  7. Mercedes Says:

    Could you elaborate on why “Common Law” is not a solution? Thank you!

  8. Incubus Says:

    Why do sovereign citizen types always speak like they’re in a cult?

  9. Boxer Says:


    “Could you elaborate on why “Common Law” is not a solution? Thank you!”

    What is Common Law?

  10. Mercedes Says:

    Hello Boxer.
    I am a novice but I think Common Law is a basic law of the “Land”, where ordinary people convene courts for justice when they are faced with corrupt courts/court systems.

  11. Boxer Says:

    You don’t know what “Common Law” is but you expect Marc to pontificate on why that should be part of one’s tools to defend themselves?

    What Marc is attempting to say to you is that arguments about “laws” are ridiculous. “Laws” are nothing more than opinions (of psychopathic individuals who call themselves “government”) backed by the threat of violence. Why would you want to argue their opinions? If you do, they will always be right because they can change their opinion at their whim.

    Marc seeks to attempt to cut to the heart of the matter – the evidence.

    What evidence do you rely upon to prove the “laws” apply to you?

    If this is a fairly new concept to you, I highly recommend you buy Marc’s eBook. It’s about $5 and the best investment you can buy.

    Be sure to check out Larken Rose, too.,d.cGU

  12. Mercedes Says:

    Boxer & others my answer is Yes!

  13. NonEntity Says:

    Mercedes sed, “My answer is Yes.” —
    I take it that is in answer to the question, “What is Common Law?” — WTF!?! 😉

  14. Andy Says:

    Boxer asked Mercedes: “You don’t know what “Common Law” is but you expect Marc to pontificate on why that should be part of one’s tools to defend themselves?”

    Mercedes replied: “my answer is Yes!”


  15. NonEntity Says:

    The closest question to “my answer is yes” was this, “What evidence do you rely upon to prove the “laws” apply to you?”

    How do you know what question was the implied one?

    Besides, anyone who’s read Douglas Adams knows the answer is 42.

  16. ryan Says:

    what is the basic question Marc Stevens,and how should it be written down?
    how should it be asked? In a motion?

  17. Andy Says:

    @ryan, Basic question… Is it voluntary? [That’s probably not what you’re asking for, even though that’s what your question asks. Perhaps you can be specific.]

    How should it be written down… Is it voluntary?

    How should it be asked… Is it voluntary?

    In a motion???…

    I apologize in advance for being as cryptic as you.

  18. NonEntity Says:

    AndHominem sed: I apologize in advance for being as cryptic as you.

    And compound it by being dishonest? Good move! 😉

  19. Andy Says:

    NonEntity, what is it that I wrote that you believe is dishonest?

  20. hector Says:

    It was just a matter of time.

  21. Boxer Says:


    I’m SHOCKED there is no comments section!!!

  22. james Says:

    Common law is case law. It is the basis for our American constitution and state constitutions. It is meant to be easily understood by the typical everyday individual person useing plain language. It is one of the 4 jurisdictions a court has authority to hear and try cases in as outlined in the Constitution of The United States of America. Lets say you file a brief or motion in court. And you back up your position or arguement by citeing previous court decisions such as Johnson v. State, 473 So.2d 607,609. in a Corpus delecti arguement. You are useing case law or “common law”. Common law jurisdiction requires a victim to suffer property damage, personal injury, or violation of a right.

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