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Dinner With an Agorist – Yeoman’s Business Without Asking Permission

Posted on November 13th, 2013 by Marc Stevens

Those familiar with the No State Project will remember one of my favorite callers, Yeoman from Austin, Texas.  Yeoman’s family provided poultry products to a willing market.  Yeoman did not ask permission, he gave the market what they wanted and, as testified to by an agent of the “state”, did so without any complaints.  People calling themselves the “state” claimed Yeoman was not accused of any wrongdoing, but with non-compliance.  This is amazing when you take into consideration how long Yeoman was doing business.  Watch the video, I was surprised, I didn’t realize how long they were practicing agorists.

During the attack from agent Lord and his co-conspirators doing business as the “state”, Yeoman never stopped doing business with his customers.  Even after the paper “win” the “state” gave themselves, Yeoman and his family continued doing what the market dictated they could do.  Yeoman gives details about his business in this short video below.

What you’ll also notice in the video is despite all the propaganda about anarchists, Yeoman is an example that we’re normal, non-violent people, we just reject the concept of authority, that we need rulers.  We believe all human interaction should be voluntary, or not at all.  There are no exceptions because the label “government” is used.

It was a pleasure to meet Yeoman and have dinner.  He has inspired others to be autonomous, reject the perverse concept of authority, provide products without permission, and do what those called the “government” cannot do: provide services/products to a willing market on a voluntary basis.  The world is a better place with Yeoman and I appreciate the opportunity to have been able to work with him.


We made the video Monday, November 11, 2013 in Mesa, Arizona.


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  1. Dale Says:

    I too have been self-employed for over 35 years and done so without requesting the permission to do so. I really appreciate Yeoman’s work and your interview of him.

  2. Bradley Says:

    Great story mark my congratulations 2 yeoman and all those who can see the truth.

  3. Larry Says:

    Since 1979 I have started 4 different businesses and never filled out forms or asked anyone for permission to do the things I did. Things like servicing, selling, promoting products, opening retail stores, making and putting up signs and so much more. Until today, I did not know there was a word for the way I lived in the liberty that I was born with, liberty that was given me by God. So, I guess that I’m an agorist. I always just thought of myself as a free man.

    A few times over those years, I was told that I was supposed to fill out forms About “income” and submit my money them so I had to go into their courts and argue about my liberty. Although they forced me to give them some money, I never agreed to their right to it.

    Thanks, Mark, for sharing this video. Nice to hear that others too live free from the group of sociopaths that have formed rules, mad “laws” and try to apply them to us.

  4. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Larry, thanks for the comment. There are many more of us out there, much more than the psychos are willing to admit.

  5. Larry Says:

    Thanks Mark. A funny typo in my post…I meant to say “formed rules, made laws and…” but leaving off the “e” makes more since…their laws are indeed MAD. From Merriam Webster, “incapable of being explained or accounted for”.


    I goofed, put my reply on the YouTube response. Sorry about that Marc. The video simply pissed me off. To even think that a grown man has to ask permission for anything from any bureau-rat burns my tail. These misfits get their so-called jobs through patronage nepotism, most aren’t qualified to even flip hamburgers let alone hold a position of so-called authority. As a retired licensed private investigator (licensed before I realized the scam I had fallen into)I have been investigating this crap for more than 15 years. The more I uncover the worse it gets. However, I have found many fail safe ways to free ourselves from the plantation. You may have noted that the capitalized name on my account is copyrighted, I own it. It is an artificial entity, but it is my intellectual property. This is just one of the solutions to the problems we face. My autograph signature is also copyrighted. In addition I filed on the public record a rescission of ALL signatures, past, present, and future. Anything I sign now has pp by before my signature and agent following it. This takes me personally out of the transaction. I am merely an agent for the commercial entity which allows me to do business in the commercial realm should I desire to do so. I am the only dictator in my life. Thanks for your time Marc, and thanks for introducing us to Mr. Yeoman.


    Don’t know if you got my message or not Marc. I hit the submit button and the page went blank. I did reply on the other page (YouTube). See ya…

  8. bill Says:

    what did mean by :
    Anything I sign now has pp by before my signature and agent following it.?

    What does pp mean


    pp means per procurationem a Latin term for signing on someone else’s behalf, which is what we do if signing for the entity with the sound alike name that we assume to be our true name. Long about the fourth grade in grammar school, no matter which country we were brought up in, if they use the same symbolic alphabet as ours, the rules are the same. All sentences and proper nouns begin with capital letters followed by lower case letters. Why then have you NOT questioned the bastardization of what you believe to be your name? When spoken it sounds exactly the same as your real and true name. However,it is a contrivance designed to enable “them” to do business with you. Corporations are confined to doing business with like kind artificial entities. You likewise are confined to doing business through an artificial entity when dealing with corporations. On the private side, you can contract or do whatever you like with another living being. Sorry about that Marc, you got me started and I have a hard time holding back the information I have uncovered over the past 15+ years. Later my friend. Simply Chuck…

  10. bill Says:

    @ Renault No you got yourself started and I got interested so Could you contact me at thebestrealestateguy [at] yahoo [dot] com and elucidate further on your research.

  11. dayzero Says:

    @ Bill and others,

    May I recommend this research – i hope you find it as interesting and revealing as I do.


    It would be my pleasure real estate guy, but it will have to be tomorrow sometime. I will try to contact you asap. Where would you like to start?
    There is simply too much information for this kind of forum. I do also write on His Advocates when I feel the need to help folks understand. I hate that word “Understand”, it means to stand below or under someone who is arrogant pompous, and full of themselves. Can you tell, I don’t like these people, and I don’t play well with others. As an ex PI and security company owner, plus a legislative advisor in my home state, I have an edge over the average bean counter. And an attitude to boot. Later…


    Well, that is quite a nice name. It even ends in a little. c with a circle. I think I might use it too, if you don’t mind.

  14. bill Says:

    Will wait for your contact today as indicated. My email as shown above is

    thebestrealestateguy [at] yahoo [dot] com

  15. bill Says:

    @ Charles Renault Still waiting for your email


    Sorry real estate guy, everything went south here for me the last few days. We have had a major problem with the WiFi system here, and some times I have it, sometimes not. Today it seems to be functioning, so I will attempt to contact you…

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