Eleventh Ticket Kicked in England – Congrats Bradley

Posted on December 17th, 2013 by Marc Stevens

A big congrats to Bradley in England, he’s not only had eleven tickets kicked out, this time he got it in writing.  From his email to me, Bradley wrote: “Just thought I would let you know I have yet another ticket dismissed using your method, the latest one was dismissed due to “procedural issues”.   This was for the London congestion charge.”

The method is just challenging the predators on the garbage they spew, e.g., they have authority, jurisdiction, their laws apply to us etc.  We just want them to verify their opinions.

We know they can’t, there is no evidence.  All they rely on is fear and violence.


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  1. Rob Says:

    Congratulations … it’s just more proof that they have no jurisdiction and the rule of law applies and defeats their false claims. =D

  2. joe Says:

    So what’s the process ?

  3. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ joe, you just question them on their opinions, what evidence do you have to prove the laws of the realm apply to me just because I’m physically in London?

  4. ConQuesta Says:

    Q: How does one get a copy of the Bonds in use by the Judges, Prosecutor, Police? Via FOIA? Public Disclosure Request, Subpoena?

    Q2:If a Judge is hiding their bond, does that mean they are Un bondable under the uniform bonding or just acting fraudulently or are they pledging their assets to anyone harmed by them acting outside of their jurisdiction (i.e. proceeding without evidence of applicability)? Assuming that they lose their immunity when they act outside their scope of authority.

  5. Trivium Says:

    Congratulations! Marc has solved the court scam Girdion knot with a few genius questions. Very nice.

    As I understand, the prosecutor, if he knowingly acts outside of his scope of authority by prosecuting a case with no evidence of applicability of the law, i.e. no jurisdiction, he can lose his bonding capacity and/or immunity? I.e. becomes un-employable and a liability.

    Would it be effective to send a couple certified letters to the bonding company, mayor, and prosecutor from the very beginning informing them of your pending claim if they proceed? To avoid the time/stress and dangers of a Court appearance. I would imagine all three (bond company, city, prosecutor) will be quick to drop the whole matter without involving the ego of the psychopath in the blackrobe. Plus there are probably 100 replacement attorneys ready to take over the prosecutor’s job.

  6. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ trivium, we did an hour on the show with John in Minnesota about this. I’m hoping to finally contact the Starr Indemnity & Liability Company today, they insure the “city” of Tempe.

  7. NonE Says:

    Marc Stevens Sed: I’m hoping to finally contact the Starr Indemnity & Liability Company today, they insure the “city” of Tempe. —– I can see this as a mixed bag. On the one hand, they are likely to want to drop someone who may end up costing them money. On the other hand, they probably make a ton of money, perhaps all of their income, from insuring these kinds of scumbags, so pulling the entire foundation from under the concept of statism is not to their advantage and they will not want to go down that path. … Just my random thoughts at the moment. – NonE

  8. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ NonE, my intention is to be able to convince an investigator to do an investigation. It may be the only way to get these prosecutors and judges to answer questions. It’s a long shot, but I think it may pay off.

  9. stuart Says:

    Good to see results in UK, got a parking ticket to deal with now myself, therefore wouldn’t mind you getting in-contact for some tips. We here in Scotland are trying to awaken People up to these crooks (Scottish Sovereigns on the Land ). Was at 3rd hearing Friday past at Glasgow Sheriff Summary Court,they would not allow me to speak kept stopping me telling me that i must respect your honour, told Court your not my your Honour i do not bow to Legal Fictions, anyway became a bit heated i asked where the court got its jurisdiction over me YOUR HONOUR could not answer me, we have a Legal adviser sitting next to YOUR HONOUR, she took over (not supposed to), she could not answer they places the peoples so called Police Constable 6 inches from my face shouting into my face do not shout and argue with YOUR HONOUR. I new at this stage they wanted me to reply to the Police Constable to shut me up by arresting me i did not take the bait and they fixed trial for my so called speeding offence. We take many Sovereign People to these cases and appoint them to the Court as Legal Obsevers to the Facts on Public Record they take no notice, as they know they keep no record. These guys are the real Gangsters it is time the People awaken for our children’s sake

  10. stuart Says:

    Bradley if you could email me some tips you have picked up dealing with the UK crime system would be kindly appreciated..Well done mate..

  11. stafford browne Says:

    Hello Marc

    Regarding my email asking for Bradleys email regarding info on uk courts etc , did not wish to cut out all the help you could give me.It would be appreciated if you could point me in the right direction in the questions that should be raised in court regarding traffic offences .



  12. danny Says:

    hello im in the uk and would like to adopt this method that is been used questioning jurisdiction, is there a set method of questions u would ask in court?
    i have tried a few methods in court but not had any success if one could link up that would be great via email

    thanks dan

  13. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ danny check out the Success Stories link on the website, we’ve had success in England.

  14. Tampa Bay Says:

    Which letter was written? All i see in the store is the MtD template for USA

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