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Evidence: It’s What We Have at The No State Project

Posted on December 15th, 2012 by Marc Stevens

This week there are two tax attacks we’ve gotten good results with; one is over the other a little more involved and not over yet.

The first is from California; I reported at Libertopia about having the attack against Patti for 2008 was stopped.  Below is documentary evidence proving the attack for 2010 was dropped:


I did the same thing I always do: I ask for the facts the code is applicable.  I call the FTB on the phone and whether I get responsive answers or not, I follow up in writing there are no facts proving the code is applicable and there is jurisdiction.  If they disagree, they can just put the facts on the table and we can take it from there.  They like to advertise their “protest hearings” as some kind of “due process” hearing where they will be fair.  Well, unlike what we’re doing with Bill in New Hampshire, there is no challenge to agency action with the FTB; same as with the IRS.  All they allow is a dispute of the reported income, if any.  They do not like their sacred cows i.e., taxpayer, taxable income, challenged and will not permit it.

But, as you can see from the notice above, the attack was dropped without the pretended hearing.

For the other tax issue, those who have been following the show, Bill is being attacked by people calling themselves the New Hampshire Employment Security.  A Chris Leones initiated the attack and threatened Bill that more agents would show up at his door if he did not comply with his demands.  On 6 July 2012, Bill and I challenged Chris on the facts he relies on proving the code is applicable and Chris said: “I don’t have any jurisdiction here.”

At a 28 August 2012 telephonic hearing, Alice Bisson refused to conduct a hearing because we raised a jurisdiction issue and asked why Chris Leones was not in attendance.  We filed a motion to reconsider the denial of a hearing and some lawyer pulled out his rubberstamp claiming there was a proper hearing.  The lawyer did admit to be practically deaf, so maybe he didn’t actually hear the recording.  I called a supervisor in the legal department because I didn’t think the matter should escalate.

As you’ll see in the video below, the matter, although previously rubberstamped by a lower level staff attorney, was reversed.  There is an order for a full hearing, complete with discovery and cross-examination of witnesses.  Now this doesn’t mean a hearing will be scheduled, as with the FTB, it could be dropped without a hearing.  Even if a hearing is scheduled and there is no evidence, it doesn’t mean the matter will be dropped.  We’re still dealing with psychopaths and racketeers.

What these examples show is  we deal with evidence at the No State Project.  When you stick to the evidence i.e., What facts do you rely on the code applies to me at all; you get better results.  No need to go into esoteric legal arguments trying to find some magic set of words or loopholes; there are no facts the ramblings of the insane (political laws) apply and just asking for the facts is very effective at proving that.  The opinion we violated a “code” or “regulation” is just that, an opinion.  There are no facts.

You not only get better results, but you’ll probably get evidence of your results.  Notwithstanding this additional evidence, I always encourage independent investigation and verification.  Anyone can call the IRS or other bureaucracy and ask them for the facts their code is applicable and there is jurisdiction over you.  I’m certain based on my experience and that of others, that you’ll be able to replicate the results we’ve gotten.



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  1. Dr. Mike Fitz Says:

    sweet! nice work Marc, congrats to Bill. Hope the nonsense stops there.

  2. Pete Says:

    Great work!

  3. applessence Says:

    Marc, I know you are very, very busy, and I apologize for bothering you with this: is there a template for your FTB questions concerning applicability of the codes? I have been dealing with them for about 4 years now, and their computers just keep sending more BS. I have already told them I have no liability for federal income taxes, thus no liability for state income taxes, citing 30 pages of law concerning definitions of income, Supreme Court decisions, I am not a US citizen, US resident, California Resident, not a corporation or franchise, have rescinded, revoked and returned SSN legal fiction to Treasury, etc, the whole ball of wax, and their computers still continue to send notices. Real people don’t seem to be involved in the equation at all, so I have stopped with the responses. I work for me, returned SSN in 2009. I am not territorial or statutory citizen, not within their jurisdiction. If there is a template, should it stop their crap? Now I jut return their crap unopened and write “no contract:no jurisdiction”, same as with moving traffic violations, since I tell the officer I have no contract with California DMV (returned plates, license, everything, as I am not a “driver” and my car is not a commercial (“motor vehicle”) vehicle, but DMV has so far refused to remove my name from their system. Gotta deal with that next. How to make a donation (just a donation-nothing needs be returned) to your efforts? What you are doing is a great help for many people, it would appear! Thank you!

  4. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ apple, yes there is a tax script available. You’re making legal arguments/legal interpretations and they just don’t care about that. They have their own opinions that contradict what you are presenting.

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