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Government: Indicted – Believing in Governments is the Worship of Psychopaths

Posted on November 14th, 2013 by Marc Stevens

As noted on the No State Project 9 November 2013, the wait is over; Government: Indicted is finally available.  The cover was a major reason the release was delayed for so long:


Government: Indicted is an indictment of the concept of government itself, not any particular group of people calling themselves a government.  G:I is in two parts, the indictment showing the psychological damage and economic damage caused by the concept; there is also a model for dealing with bureaucratic attacks.  This is an explicit model for resolving attacks by bureaucrats from traffic to taxes to possessing the wrong type of plants.

Government: Indicted is 439 pages of proof the concept of government is irrational and cannot be reformed.  The but for principal is also used to prove this irrational concept is the direct cause of damage by those acting as government and their victims, the mass of humanity that complies with, and enables them.

The model for resolving attacks has proven effective across political lines.  Not only have I helped get attacked dropped, but others have replicated the results in Australia, Canada, England and New Zealand.  We can not only predict what will happen, we can replicate it.  It’s more proof that approaching these attacks from a rational standpoint, just looking at the evidence and asking questions, is so effective.  No law degree necessary.

Because of the size of the book, costs have increased from Adventures in Legal Land.  For “US” orders, the book is $20 plus $5.60 shipping.  Canadian orders are $14 for shipping.  Until there is overseas distribution, the shipping from me is 24.45 for Europe and most overseas orders.    Please no personal checks, only money orders and leave the pay to line blank.

Ebook is finally here: The ebook is available, it’s only as a PDF, more versions will be available soon.  The ebook is only $10.00.  I know the PDF can be freely distributed and there is no copyright, if you see the value in the material please provide some support so I can keep working to help those who are being attacked by these predators called government.

Click here to send payment and be sure to read over our return policy & contact information.



82 Comments For This Post

  1. indio007 Says:

    Will you take Bitcoin?

  2. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ indio, I can’t take bitcoin just yet for G:I. All the files scripts, templates, AiLL ebook I can take BitCoin though. This book is more expensive to produce, I have some bills to pay. I will soon though.

  3. Paul Says:

    It’s fantastic that you can condemn the CONCEPT of government without pointing fingers or calling for revolt. If this antidote to the virus of the concept takes hold in the minds of enough people the world could change overnight. Let’s hope it does…

  4. I'll answer to Steve Says:

    “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

    Maybe some of the many people criticizing the judicial system will decide to get together on an island and do it “the right way”. Meanwhile, the peaceful inhabitants will be enjoying the benefits of being protected by a powerful system designed to settle controversy, without worrying about being penalized.

  5. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ steve, maybe you can call the show and discuss this more? The judicial system you seem to revere has no voluntary support. The protection you mention is at the barrel of a gun, pay-or-go-to-jail. Doesn’t sound like protection, sounds more like extortion and racket to me.

  6. Chi Says:

    I believe what you posted made a bunch of sense. However, what
    about this? suppose you were to write a killer headline?
    I am not saying your information isn’t solid, but
    suppose you added a title that grabbed folk’s attention? I
    mean Government: Indicted – Believing in Governments is the Worship of Psychopaths | is
    kinda plain. You might peek at Yahoo’s front page and watch how they create post headlines to grab people to open
    the links. You might try adding a video or a pic or
    two to grab readers excited about everything’ve got to say.
    In my opinion, it could bring your website a little livelier.

  7. Tom Says:

    Brought the last copy of the beta edition back in Sept. This book is well worth the 20 bucks, can’t put it down, I have more bent pages, more highlighted and underlines then in any book I have ever read. I am going through it a second time now, almost makes one want to go through a red light, or speed in front of a cop, or stop filing a 1040, or sign a W4 exempt so one can try this with a bureaucrat. Uhhhhh maybe I’ll read the book a few more times first!

  8. Jeff Evans Says:

    @ Steve. Everybody is entitled to there opinion. Even you! The point Marc is making is that you or I don’t have to live by someone else’s irrational opinion or be forced by violence to do so. No one has to move on an island to start anything. America “USA” was created through coercion, intimidation and the murder of millions of human beings. The government was comprised by some savage men who where mentally unstable and irrational drunks and warmongers. But you have every right to honor them as your “Founding Fathers”. I see them as a bunch of sorry bigots who had money “stolen off course” and weapons of war and use their corrupted hearts to control the economy and peoples lives. No one should have to move “on an island” to be left alone and that is a familiar and similar chant bigots would use towards black, “niggar go back to Africa” I’m sure Italian, Irish, orientals and Latinos were given the same bigoted chant also! So Steve, God bless you and we are not interested in your opinion which I think is lame. What I would rather see if you can provide evidence the constitution codes are applicable to any individual because of their location. Fairly intelligent people would not make such a comment like you did. It would be like a republican a democrat is a rebublican (pun intended).

  9. I'll answer to Steve Says:

    “The judicial system you seem to revere has no voluntary support. The protection you mention is at the barrel of a gun, pay-or-go-to-jail. Doesn’t sound like protection, sounds more like extortion and racket to me.”

    What about people claiming to own land or natural resources and excluding other people from using what they claim to own? Do you expect everyone to voluntarily stop claiming ownership and excluding others from using what they claim to own? Or should there be a system in place to prevent people from doing this, whether it’s voluntary or not?

    “you or I don’t have to live by someone else’s irrational opinion or be forced by violence to do so”

    If there was no system to penalize people against their will, anyone bigger/stronger/more armed than you could kill you and your family or exclude you and your family from being able to use anything they claim ownership of, and they would never have to worry about being stopped.

  10. Dan Says:

    Steve sed, “If there was no system to penalize people against their will, anyone bigger/stronger/more armed than you could kill you and your family or exclude you and your family from being able to use anything they claim ownership of, and they would never have to worry about being stopped.”

    Steve, you just described the status quo.

  11. Dan Says:

    p.s. Steve, please call into Marc’s show. Maybe you could point out to the three or four of us who actually listen to Marc’s show (just kidding Marc) how wrong we are and how we should worship psychopaths.

    Oh and I do not worship Marc, I have seen what he drives.

  12. I'll answer to Steve Says:

    Dan, yeah, I did describe “the status quo”; the status quo that protects you from being murdered and robbed of everything you believe you own, even though you criticize it so harshly.

    If you’ve had bad experiences with “the status quo” in the past, maybe it’s because you assumed or claimed that you were the defendant, instead of asking who was being fined and/or charged with a crime. Could it be that by assuming or claiming ownership of the name they use and/or identifying as the name they use, citizens consent to being penalized?

  13. Dan Says:

    @Steve, No, in my experience I did not do any of that which you described. I decided to take Marc’s advice, like a grownup, and the psychopaths left me alone.

  14. I'll answer to Steve Says:

    How does it feel to blame what you don’t like on ‘psychopaths’? Empowering? Like you’re innocent? Like you’re better than them?

  15. Dan Says:

    I’m facepalming here Jerry

  16. J Graham Says:

    Hi Marc,
    I’d like to order your book (Government Indicted), but I live in Ireland. How much should I donate (including shipping) to purchase? And could you give an estimated delivery time?


  17. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ J Graham, postage unfortunately is $20. Hopefully we can get distribution in England soon though.

  18. Nomos Says:

    Anyone that defends the judicial system, or people doing business as government, OBVIOUSLY hasn’t come within the cross-hairs of either, and have ZERO idea of what they’re defending.

  19. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ nomos, true, let’s not leave out those who have a vested interest in the system. They will defend it knowing how brutal and immoral it is.

  20. Monica Jones Says:

    Hi Mark!!!! I’m so excited to be able to possibly reach you!! I was hoping I could send you a personal email, but can’t find a link; I am seriously considering studying the law, and defending people against their “government”. Any advice for me?? You and your media have been paramount to my latest aspirations, and I want to say thank you, and using your tactics I have won 3 cases. If you have a chance to speak with me, I would soooo appreciate it!! @

    Thank you soooooo much for sharing your gift

  21. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ monica, 3 cases kicked, congrats. We’re live and taking calls tomorrow (Nov 23) call in and tell us about it.

  22. Monica Jones Says:

    I’m sorry, but I’m in Upstate NY, and don’t get your radio program. I’ve got a link to your program but when does it air (ET) ? and what is the number to call in??

  23. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Monica, we’re live every Sat. from 4-7pm est, you can hear it here, or

  24. Wise One Says:

    Marc, I ordered the book on Nov. 14 using Paypal. I haven’t received it yet; I’m wondering if you shipped the books yet? If not, when can we expect that you will ship the order?

    Thank you

  25. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ wise one, I didn’t get the 1st shipment til late yesterday and I shipped last night and more today.

  26. Wise One Says:

    Thanks Marc for your prompt reply. Looking forward to diving into the book!

  27. NonE Says:

    Wise One Thanks Marc for your prompt reply. Looking forward to diving into the book!—– Wise One (?!?) I’m not sure about your wisdom. Marc fed me the same line about mailing the books and stuff and personally I’m not going to believe a WORD OF IT, at least not until the book actually gets here, and even THEN I probably won’t believe it. I’ll know it’s just some kind of trick that he’s pulling that I haven’t figured out yet. I’ve heard this story tooooooo many times in the last 27 years to be fooled YET AGAIN! I just don’t buy it, you hear? I just don’t buy it! Your Mileage May Vary.

    – NonE 😉

  28. JP Says:

    When will the ebook be released? Im waiting patiently . . .

  29. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ JP, not for a few months. Too much other work has to come first, such as promotion, guesting on other radio shows and having hosts ask me a thousand times, “But what about the roads?”

  30. Neil Says:

    Hi Marc,

    Could you please tell me how much the shipping to Japan is?


  31. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Neil, I’ll find out tomorrow.

  32. Tom Says:


    I bought a beta book back in Sept. truly a great read and brings a new light to the patriot communities mostly unprovable or get your ass in a bunch of trouble methodologies or assumptions that everything is an adhesion contract or its because your a citizen or they presume you to be a government employee. This book and your approach gets to the root of the problem bypassing all that assumptions and presumptions by attacking the very foundation of their alleged authority or fictitious system.
    Asking for the truth is something that everyone should not be afraid to do. We have had the wool pulled over our eyes for too long! Thank you for waking me up and I hope to roll a few more out of bed with this information!
    On another note I received a new copy of the book as well,is that a perk for buying the beta copy or did someone make a mistake? I do like the cover better then the beta copy and I will keep it just let me know if I owe you anything?

    All the best,

  33. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Tom, thank for the review, glad you like the new book. The 2nd must have been an oversight.

  34. NonE Says:

    OMG! OMG! OMG! … It’s REAL! I got an actual copy of Government Indicted in yesterday’s mail. I’m going to have to find something else to use to pick on Marc now. – NonE

  35. J.Graham Says:

    Thanks for your reply, Marc. So it’s $20 for the book and $20 for the shipping to Europe, is that correct?


  36. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Joe, yeah, for now the shipping is $20 to most of Europe.

  37. NonE Says:

    Marc Stevens Sed:
    @ Joe, yeah, for now the shipping is $20 to most of Europe. —– Marc, I know you’re really making a killing writing books and doing free radio shows, but have you considered becoming a postman? You not only get a guaranteed job that you can NEVER get fired from, but you don’t have to give a shit either. What a deal! And all of those people that whine about you but don’t have the integrity to actually call the show, well that would be over, too. You could just put all of their S.S. checks in the dumpster instead of delivering them. I think you should consider this very seriously. Oh, but I forgot about all of the money you’re currently raking in. Never mind. – NonReadTheNewBookYet

  38. Tirtha Das Says:

    Marc, read your first book AiLL several times. Great book. Is it possible to send a money order for Government: Indicted? If so, where? Thanks, I’m following your show too.

  39. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ tirtha, yes, please leave the pay to line blank. The address is PO Box 31258 Mesa, Arizona 85275.

  40. Connie Sponheim Says:

    So glad to see the release of your book. This is so long in coming out…but why now? I feel it is because we are losing our rights, our liberties, our privacy…police brutality off the map, on and on.
    All of this can only happen when leaders are ‘in breach of trust’…
    and they are socio/psychopaths…we now see this.
    Finally, this important book. Thanks so much Marc…I tell people
    about you and your work…

  41. darnell Says:

    Marc I purchased your book November 23rd, is it on back order? I’m looking forward to your second publishing, the 1st was very insightful…

  42. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ darnell, I was back ordered and there was a delay, I’m all caught up now. Shipments are taking longer because of the holiday traffic.

  43. James E. Kyles Says:

    I was going to purchase you book “Government: Indicted” but I can’t find a price, so how much is the book? I’m located in the geographic area commonly referred to as the United Stated. What is the price of the book. Thanks.

  44. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ James, there’s a paypal button for it, it’s 20 plus 5.60 for shipping.

  45. Victor Steffens Says:

    Hey Marc-

    I enjoy your show and the material. I’m attempting to purchase your new book but the paypal button is sending me to the paypal website and not to a purchase page for your book. Is there a glitch? I have an account but the purchase button sends me to the paypal home page and not a purchase page for your book.

    Hope this makes sense. Any help is appreciated.



  46. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ victor, try the donation button instead.

  47. Hector Says:

    Hi Mark, just wanted to know the E.T.A. of the book.



    Please see P.P. details below

    Transaction Details
    Web Accept Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID #5MK34738HR174693U)

  48. Victor Steffens Says:

    Hey Marc-

    Used the donation button to pay for the book.

    Really looking forward to it and I enjoy your radio show.



  49. James E. Kyles Says:

    Marc, please watch the video attached to the following link. This guy does a great job of show that you can represent someone without being a lawyer. Anyone is allowed to represent anyone else in court and not be charged with practicing law without a license. He get into this about 1/3 of the way through his motion. Please watch it. Thanks.

  50. Hector Says:

    Mark, just received your book.
    Thank you.

  51. BryanD Says:

    Cannot order book. Clicking on “Paypal” takes me to but there is now way to purchase the book after I log into paypal. Something is not configured right?

  52. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ bryanD, try the donation button, let me know if that’s a problem also.

  53. Devin Says:

    Hi Marc,

    I would like to buy both books and have them shipped to Canada. What would be the total cost with shipping? What is the best way to make the payment? Thanks.

  54. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ devin, costs for books is 35, shipping is 20. The paypal donation button is the best way.

  55. Devin Says:

    Great. Just made the donation. Do you get my mailing address from Paypal?

    Can’t wait to get the books.

  56. Devin Says:

    Hi Marc,

    Government Indicted just showed up in my mailbox (I gave it a quick skim and it looks great) but AiLL was not included with it. I paid for both books on Jan 24th. (See previous comments). Just wondering if AiLL was shipped separately or you made a mistake.


  57. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Devin that was shipped separately, I’ll check on that for you. I checked and it did ship, it may be held up by customs.

  58. Jerry Says:

    Typically after ordering when can I expect you to ship the book? Just wondering, as I used PayPal three days ago, and want to know when I might see the book in my mailbox.

  59. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Jerry, it will ship priority within 2-3 days, you should have it already, Monday the latest.

  60. Freeman Says:

    I cannot seem to find the Paypal donate button anywhere on the site. Any idea where it has gone?

  61. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ freeman, paypal is down for a while, you can use dwolla, bitcoin or mail payment to me.

  62. Freeman Says:

    Thank you for the info Marc.

  63. Joe Figurelli Says:


    When I send the money order for Government Indicted to the PO Box, (I understand that you want the pay to part of the M.O. left blank) should I put any name on the envelope above the PO address? Thanks.

    Joe from PA

  64. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Joe you can put the Honorable Marc Stevens. Seriously, just Marc Stevens is fine.

  65. dagenham Says:

    hi marc… seeking to make a purchase of both books Government: Indicted and adventures in legal land… what is the total cost… including shipping… to England… how do I pay? and once order is place when will it be sent out… thanks over and out from Dagenham in the England..

  66. Paul Says:

    Hey Marc,

    I want to purchase “Govt Indicted”, but would prefer an ebook version. I notice your page above says: “An ebook version with more links will be available soon.” Is this available yet and if not, how much longer?

    Also, do you have a Paypal option yet?

    Thanks for your work!!

  67. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Paul, paypal is not available for a while. The Government: Indicted ebook is not available yet. Hopefully within 2 months I’ll have it up here.

  68. Paul Says:

    Ok, thanks for the info on G.I., Marc.

    Just saw your Jackalope video, great stuff! EXCELLENT question about doing biz like the govt! Hahaha!

  69. NonE Says:

    G.I. … that DOES stand for Gastro Intestinal, doesn’t it?

  70. Paul Says:

    Guess it depends on which side of the bench you are on? lol

  71. Spooner Says:

    Marc, my birthday is coming up and my girlfriend wants to get me government indicted. do you have any in stock, and can I buy it with a debit card?

  72. Jake Witmer Says:

    Dear Marc,

    Something I found quite amusing, was that at the Sunlight Foundation’s download of the 20 parasites who charged the public more for travel expenses than Aaron Schock did, they included a field in the Excel Spreadsheet for “Hon.” (Which I take to be an abbreviation of “Honorable”). So, the professional sociopaths view themselves to be “honorable.” (Wait a minute, doesn’t the Constitution prohibit “titles of nobility,” especially laughable ones?)

    I fully agree with you that almost everyone who seeks office is a sociopath, but when they deny this, I think that an excellent tool is to take them at their word, and admit that it’s possible that they are not sociopaths. “You might have a point. I’ve certainly made mistakes before, and I view this matter as being open to debate. How about if we have that debate right now?” Then, the logical questioning can begin. (There’s nothing that sociopaths hate more than that. In fact, it’s an excellent heuristic indicator of their sociopathy. The prior link on the term “sociopath” is to Stefan Verstappen’s excellent video “Defense Against the Psychopath.”)

    A great statement or question to begin with is this: “Do you think it’s OK to put people in prison, into total enslavement, ruining their lives, for choosing a different, and actually safer, recreational drug than alcohol?” Then proceed to the point where they’ve gotten elected, and have done nothing to prevent the mass enslavement of Americans. That reveals their priorities. We can only know a man’s philosophy by his stated positions, and his attempt to achieve his stated positions. If a man has the total power to achieve his stated position, and does not do so, one can assume he’s lying about his stated position.

    Legislators are in a total position to vote against the drug war, and use their offices as “bully pulpits” for opposing mass incarceration. They could also advocate widespread jury nullification, and inform their electors about it.

    But they don’t do this. …Why not?

    All the available evidence I’ve ever seen (too much to list here, including 15 years spent talking to politicians and their defenders as a Libertarian Party ballot access activist) indicates omnipresent sociopathy. The Helfeld videos linked prior are some of the best data points obtained from parasites who otherwise stay well hidden behind the doors of their congressional offices.

  73. Jake Witmer Says:

    And again, thank you Marc, for the consistently high quality of your ongoing conversation about the (current, corrupted, incumbent) state’s illegitimacy.

    I can imagine some theoretical states that are more legitimate, and I can point to more and less legitimate states throughout history. So, there is a lot of theory for appropriate motion-towards-a-goal within states. For my part, I believe it’s a powerful tool to “take someone at their word” but then fully question them. The number of innocent people in prison in the USA is staggering. In terms of mindless destruction of innocent life, that is evidence of pure anti-civilization, pure barbarism.

    That said, you’re doing everything right, because you interact with the state. The great body of cybernetic work (W. Ross Ashby, Claude Shannon, Norbert Weiner, Ray Kurzweil, Kevin Kelly, Max More, Ray Kurzweil) indicates that feedback and correction is the only way to correct “systems run amok.”

  74. Jason Says:

    I am seeking to get the ebook of Government: Indicted. Can I buy it now?

  75. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Jason, I’m still working on a few issues with that, it’ll be available this month though.

  76. Jason Says:

    Still looking forward to that ebook.

  77. james Says:

    Marc, I would like to purchase a copy of “Government Indicted” using a postal money order if possible. Please send me addresses and info. Thanks.

  78. Vernon Says:

    Marc, will thee be an audio option anytime in the near future? Because that would allow me to listen to your book while I’m working.

  79. ozzie Says:

    hey marc, I’d like to buy government indicted using paypal. is that possible?

  80. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ ozzy, you should be able to, if not, I can’t fix that today. You can send the 25.60 to my email address to use paypal, use marcstevens(at)mail(dot)com

  81. robert Says:

    MARC is there a way to purchase government indicted, by visa or master card i am not to familiar with pen pal

    thanks from Robert

  82. Marc Stevens Says:

    You can use

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