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Greg Ives-Dishonest New Hampshire Hearing Officer

Posted on July 7th, 2017 by Marc Stevens

Greg Ives seems like a nice guy, he’s much more patient than most bureaucrats and he remained professional during our pretended “hearing.”  He’s the type of bureaucrat who helps cause irreparable harm and injury while trying to come across as a nice guy doing what he thinks is right.   He certainly does not come across as cruel like most bureaucrats.

Greg is a hearing officer with the New Hampshire Employment Security dept.  I’m not using his pictures directly on my website and videos as I don’t want to be hit with false copyright claims, they are here.

Greg Ives New Hampshire hearing officer

Despite NHES general counsel Maria Deltario, and the main witness, Chris Leones, admitting there was no evidence against their target, they allowed the matter to escalate and we requested a hearing, Greg Ives was the hearing officer.  His dishonesty is easy to present, it consists primarily of a contradiction, a contradiction that set the stage for the destruction of a peaceful business.

The NHES, through Chris Leones, made numerous claims against Bill who owned the Twin Mountain Country Store.  More info reported by Bill:

Chris claimed the “laws” of the New Hampshire government applied to Bill because he is physically in New Hampshire.  Chris and NHES general counsel, Maria Dalterio, admitted there was no evidence to support this claim.

Greg Ives held firm for the entire “hearing” that the applicability of the constitution and code was not within the scope of the appeal process, jurisdiction was off limits.  I mentioned that if that were true, then Greg could not affirm the NHES’s claim.

Despite his statement that applicability was off the table, Greg still made a determination the code did apply, affirming the NHES claim as true.  Not only does this contradict his statement, even if it didn’t, it contradicted witness testimony.  Below is his boss, George Copadis, who also couldn’t provide any proof of his claim.

There is much more, but this is sufficient evidence to prove Greg is dishonest and helped cause irreparable harm to Bill.  It’s felony obstruction of justice at the very least, he certainly denied Bill a fair hearing and it may also count as simulation of a legal process.  Greg offered no justification for his contradiction, because there isn’t one.

And there’s no merit to any claim Greg was honestly mistaken.  The hearing was well over ten hours taking place over several days; the issue and contradiction was raised at almost every step.  This is a very simple issue and Greg is a smart guy, he knew what was he was doing and had to know he was contradicting himself.

Greg isn’t malicious as prosecutors, judges, cops and tax agents tend to be.  Despite the obvious contradiction, Greg went ahead and affirmed the position of his team, the New Hampshire Economic Security dept.  The more honest position would have been if Greg said that the NHES’s claim of jurisdiction (the applicability of the constitution and code to Bill) were off limits to Bill, not the NHES.  Still unfair, but at least more honest.

What Greg Ives did was criminal.  He may be a nice guy, but his contractions led to the destruction of a peaceful business.


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  1. Ed Says:

    Dishonest criminals are NOT nice guys. He looks like a run of the mill lazy fat ass to me.

  2. Ed Says:

    It’s time for the locals to hand this info to the Chamber of Commerce along with a promise to boycott the businesses in the area until they run this asshole out of their town.

  3. AL LECOU Says:

    So far the outcome is abhorrent and the criminal statist prevailed by setting aside the truth of the matter. If one has the funding and time it can be reversed in appeal. That is an awfully big IF.

  4. Randall Says:

  5. NonEntity Says:

    Excellent and interesting talk and discussion, Randall. My favorite quote from it is at 55:30, “The first step is simply that we think clearly on the subject.”

  6. Randall Says:


    Glad you liked the video. I’m going to order his book this payday.

  7. NonEntity Says:

    Randall, while I enjoyed the history and perspective I was also keenly aware that pretty much all of the participants in the discussion were failing the “think clearly on the subject” part of the equation. The part that Lysander Spooner and Marc have helped to make so clear… they’re accepting the idea that it is okay to control the lives of other people who have done nothing to harm you. “Evidence of jurisdiction” fails absent a crime having been committed. At least that’s the way it looks to me. “The first step is that we think clearly…”

  8. Randall Says:


    Yes, I totally agree with you, and I must admit I have only watched bits and pieces of the video so I may have missed that point. I will sit down tomorrow morning and watch the whole thing through.

  9. NonEntity Says:

    For what it’s worth, I just listened to the audio MP3 file.

  10. Randall Says:


    So I was making an attempt late last night to watch the video and my internet was slow as a snail. Can you post the link to the mp3? Way faster.

  11. NonEntity Says:

    The audio link is right below the video link on page you linked above. But here it is directly:

  12. Randall Says:

    Oh LOL, sorry, still a noob at this “internet thingy”.


  13. Randall Says:

    …. and thanks.

  14. DrKenTennant Says:

    Corrupt “judges” are NOT being held accountable. The courts select the juries and control the conversation. Innocent people are found “guilty” with no recourse or remedy. You Tube: Iowa Corrupt Judges Courts Police 2. Greg filed his 2nd PCCE but the Iowa State / County “court” blocked it, proving there is NO REMEDY. KTennantDC at gmail dot com

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