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How to Gut Governments’ False Perception of Legitimacy – CoS 11 June 2014

Posted on June 12th, 2014 by Marc Stevens

The concept of government and states is almost too easy to disprove.  There are no governments, only men and women, ordinary people who force strangers to pay them.  They still enjoy a perception of legitimacy though, and I’m doing my part to use their own statements/actions to destroy it.

The video below has two examples of how easy it is to gut this false perception of legitimacy, the only thing (in the minds of the victims) separating them from common thieves.

First, I have an email exchange with Naomi Henry, a media rep with the IRS in Washington DC.  She refuses to answer my questions, insisting they have to be in writing.  When they do this you know two things: 1. they have no evidence and 2. they are lying when they say they will answer the question.  Her response proves both as you’ll see.

Second is a call to the IRS.  Once again, while they insist there is evidence of jurisdiction, once you ask a question about the specific facts (evidence is a general word), that’s when they get upset.  Why?  Because they are lying when they say they have evidence of jurisdiction and they don’t like being called on it.  Psychopaths do not like being questioned, they like controlling others.

If no one can provide the specific facts proving the constitution and code apply, then that guts their perception of legitimacy.  They even admit when they forcibly take our property it is not stealing because they “have the laws.”  But, they cannot actually provide a single facts to prove they apply.  Even when you call yourself “government”, taking property by force is stealing.

Again, if you think you can do what these professional thieves cannot do, then by all means call into the No State Project and present your facts.  And for those being attacked by these predators, I hope you are inspired to stand up to them, and challenge every single one of their arguments.  Tell them you’re happy to cut them a check, all you want to see are the facts supporting their arguments.


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  1. Steve Says:

    @ Marc, TWO Thumbs Up Tough Guy!

  2. BO Says:

    I’ve got some interesting facts given to me by a professor of law that I’d like to share with you on this weeks show Marc. I will call to get in the que as early as possible.

  3. Boxer Says:

    Something you can share with us now, Bo?

  4. honestann Says:

    Do you understand, Bo, that a “professor of law” is nothing but an expert on a certain niche of FICTION ????? I hope you do, because that’s a fact.

    If you, I or any other individual or group of human beings in the history of mankind write a document, then sign at the bottom:

    #1: Nothing real pops into existence.
    #2: Only those who signed can possibly be obligated.

    So, Bo, if you and I write a document that claims to create “the intergalactic empire of dweebs”, and we sign at the bottom, NOTHING REAL is created. Period. One might say we (the signators) agreed to the terms of the document, but that agreement is nothing but a configuration inside our heads (those of us who signed), not something real. For you to claim that our “intergalactic empire of dweebs” is a real “government” is nothing but blatant insanity, and iron-clad evidence that you suffer from delusions of grandeur on an astronomical scale.

    Furthermore, Bo, that document, like any document, cannot impose any obligations upon anyone but the signators. The notion that you and I could write a document and enslave everyone in the universe is exactly as insane and psychotic as anyone who claims the “constitution” of the USSA or any state, county or city applies to those who do not sign.

    Finally, Bo, note this. If we write a few billion words of text, which we decide to call LAW, that is nothing but fiction. We made it up, we wrote it down, and it is nothing more than ink smeared on paper… PERIOD. If you pretend that somehow everyone in the universe (or any subregion thereof) is somehow obligated by that so-called LAW, you are nothing but a flaming insane predator with astronomical delusions of grandeur and absolutely ZERO basis for anything you say.

    Which means, any “professor of law” is nothing more than someone who has read and remembered some of a huge body of PURE FICTION. To claim the universe is our jurisdiction is nothing but FICTION, a claim that has no basis, no justification, nothing but the kind of foam-at-the-mouth drool that dribbles from the mouth of utterly, completely psychotic predatory animals at the point of having a fit-seizure.

    Oh, and by the way, since I am the supreme leader of the intergalactic empire of dweebs, and you are inherently within my jurisdiction and must comply with my dictates, you are hereby instructed to find the nearest large body of water, swim as deep as you can, and breath deeply several times.

  5. PatriotOne Says:

    I agree with ‘honestann’ ^^^^^^

    Marc, how is it possible to ” be physically in Ohio or Maine or Florida or USA” ?

    Could you ask; Mr. AGENT, do you believe that JDoe is physically in or earned INCOME in Maine?

    AGENT; Yes I believe…

    Marc; Factually, what is Maine?

  6. NonEntity Says:

    I can’t believe how rude you were, Marc! 😉

    – NonE

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