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Hung Jury in Mike’s Tax Evasion Prosecution

Posted on September 19th, 2012 by Marc Stevens

Mike in Idaho was indicted for four alleged violations of statutes, 26 USC 7201 and 7203; the “trial” started Monday Sept. 10 and ended today, Sept. 19, 2012.  Trial is in quotes because what took place was not a trial, it was a farce from beginning to end.  However, even though the jury convicted Mike of two misdemeanor charges, they were hung on the two felonies.  Mike defended himself against a team of prosecutors, though there was standby counsel with him.  Mike did everything himself, argued points of law, evidence, questioned witnesses and did his own closing statement.

I will post more details when I get them; for today it’s great knowing that after ten years and twenty-seven witnesses, they could not get a conviction against Mike for tax evasion.  We spoke about the trial on last week’s show, I’ll share a few details here and speculate as to why the jury did not convict.

Despite having forty people on their witness list, the prosecutors only called twenty-eight.  Keeping in mind these are allegations Mike violated statutes, the applicability of the code is an essential element of each, including jurisdiction.  When a witness was called, Mike would object on grounds the witness had no facts proving the code was applicable and Mike actually believed there was a legitimate obligation to pay taxes and file returns (the witness’s testimony wasn’t relevant to proving the allegations).  Such belief is also an element of each statutory violation: ”who willfully attempts” 26 USC 7201.  As predicted, the judge, a lawyer named Edward Lodge, denied the objection without explanation.

On cross-examination, Mike asked each witness if they had facts proving the US code was applicable, the prosecutor would object and Lodge would rubber-stamp the objection.  And that’s how it went for a week; not one prosecution witness testified the code was applicable to Mike.  The prosecutors must prove the code is applicable to then prove a violation of the code beyond a reasonable doubt.  This was no surprise because Edward Lodge made it clear at the start of the “trial” there would be no discussion regarding the applicability of the code to Mike.  Not one fact was presented proving Mike believed there was a legitimate obligation to pay taxes and file returns.  The bulk of the testimony, if not all, had to do with Mike making and spending money.  Making money is not evidence the code is applicable.

So in this entire pretended “trial” in the Coeur d’Alene, Idaho US district court for an alleged violation of the will of “congress”, no one making the allegations attempted to prove the will of “congress”, the sacred US code, actually applied.  Not only did they not try to prove it, they worked together by blocking any investigation into it.  Sound familiar?  It’s typical for crooks to block investigation into the truth.

Mike was able to point out to the jury, a jury he was not permitted to voir dire by the way (that’s a pretty bad error for a judge to make), not one witness had facts the code was applicable.  This evidently had an impact on the jury.  I speculate the prosecution looked worse with every “witness” who took the stand but had no evidence the code was applicable and decided not to go forty for forty.  It looks like they decided to cut their losses and close.  Mike was not permitted to recall witnesses either, nor was he permitted to call his own expert, the commissioner of the IRS.  Yes, the prosecutors were upset and threatened to retry Mike.  They still won’t have any witnesses with facts the code is applicable and Mike believed there was a legitimate obligations to pay taxes.

As I’ve said for years now: if it’s so self-evident and easy to prove the constitution and code apply, then they would not only present the facts, but not block investigation into it every time.

If you think you’re better prepared than Edward Lodge and US attorneys who prosecuted Mike, then you’re cordially invited to call into my radio show, the No State Project, and present your facts the constitution and code not only apply to Mike, but to anyone (we’re live Sat. 4-7pm est 218-632-9399).  I’m happy to set you up as a scheduled guest or prerecord the show if you’d like; though calling the live show without any prior notification is my preferred method.  We can even go on another show if you’re able to work that out so you can have a “neutral venue”.  I’m happy to speak publicly with anyone who thinks they have facts proving the constitution and code apply.  Because those acting as the “US government”, such as Edward Lodge, failed miserably to present any facts this past week.

A big congrats to Mike for standing up for himself; for doing something to help stop the machine; for not looking to just do anything to avoid going to jail because if he defends himself, he may anger a lawyer.  In the video below Mike and I talk about his adventure in legal land.

I also spoke about it on Free Talk Live.


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  1. Incubus Says:

    Bravo Mike! You’re a brazen man. I wish you the best.

    And I hate to be that guy (okay, sometimes I enjoy it),but in the sixth paragraph-third sentence, you wrote “I speculate the prosecution looked worse with every juror who took the stand…”. Wouldnt it be witness, not juror?

    Just something I noticed. Unless I’m mistaken, in which case ill take my lashings now.

  2. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ incubys: Fixed, thanks for pointing that out. We’re all about the truth here.

  3. spudbox Says:

    Great news on the felonies. What were the two misdemeanor charges?

  4. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ spud, failure to file

  5. bruce sloane Says:

    what is a Federal Misdemeanor worth ..??
    A Year ..??

    Typical Tax ” Court ” proceeding … only the .Gov gets a fair shake

    no Voir Dire … ?? would be a Mistrial, if it wasn’t Tax ” Court “

  6. Lyndon Says:

    Some good news. Although, I would of liked to hear all of the claims denied by the jury. He should appeal the two misdemeanors as the same reasoning applies. Transcripts of the “trial” will show the questions of applicability were raised over and over without substantial responses and always objected to and sustained (why the f**k did she object if it was PROVEN???).

    When I heard last week’s show I kept thinking Mike should have gone on the record as NOT having consented to ANY proceeding until the issue of jurisdiction and applicability were responded to IN WRITING by the PROSECUTOR. Until those two issues are dealt with, and proven with facts and evidence, that commercial court (the third party) has no business in the matter. Be gone -I haven’t requested your services!

    I know Mike is green, and I’m glad at least the felonies did not stick, but others need to avoid the pitfall of getting sucked into consenting to a court’s proceedings when its the PROSECUTOR’S onus probandi to prove applicability of law PRIOR to discussing anything with “the court”.

    Remember, it is them that keep trying to tell us that there is no conflict of interest and the two (the prosecutor and “the court”) are separate and independent parties…

  7. Adele Weiss Says:

    With all this discussion about tax evasion, nobody has written anything about the law. This was also noted in reading the narrative about the court case. So here is the ‘short’ version of the facts so far ignored.

    The FIT [according to the US Treasury Dept in 31 USC 321(d)(1) & (d)(2) is a “gift or bequest to and for the use of the (statutory) United States.”

    Former POTUS William H. Taft wrote in the Congressional Record of the US Senate, pages 3344-3345, on June 16, 1909 that the FIT was ONLY LEVIED UPON THE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT. Also, he stated that the US Gov was ‘denied’ and thus deprived from levying that tax on Americans.

    26 CFR 1.871-1(a) addresses Americans born in the 50 states of the Union and referred to by the National Government as ‘nonresident aliens’ as they are nonresident to the District of Columbia geographically and alien to the legislative [limited] jurisdiction of the US Government in Washington, DC.

    This legislative regulation states that Americans who do not work for the US Gov as a public official [defined as a trade or business] have no Federal Income Tax liability.

    The only legal jurisdiction for the application of the FIT by the National Government is the municipality known to all as the District of Columbia. This is the statutory “United States” as defined in the Internal Revenue Code [Title 26] at 26 USC Section 7408(d).

    Even the United States Tax Court [USTC], when presented with this kind of information and a whole lot more…has determined that such Americans are not liable for reason of Lack of Jurisdiction. In over 10 years, Americans using the correct approach with the USTC have received Court Orders for Dismissal for Lack of Jurisdiction. End of Story.

    There is much …much …more to document the limited scope of the FIT but time and space are not available.

  8. Marc Stevens Says:

    There are no facts the constitution and code apply to anyone.

  9. surfer349 Says:

    so what is the punishment for the two misdemeanors? Over what time from was the alleged tax evasion and for how much?

  10. Packabowlla Says:

    Is there a way to get a transcrpt fo the case. If so, perhaps we could find some clues to better clog the system. Pro. Packabowlla……

  11. Packabowlla Says:

    Investigation into Banking Practices

    Lodge was investigated by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals over his relationship to the US Bank (Then WestOne Bank) during the 1980s, which drew criticism when he presided over his inlaws’ bankruptcy proceedings, while the bank overlooked the non-disclosure of over $1 million in assets which then became the property of the judge’s wife, Patti Lodge. On June 28, 1995, he was subsequently forbidden from presiding over any cases that involved the bank, though he continued to preside over such cases when the bank was officially renamed.

    The Argus Observer would later lay out what it claimed were 16 examples of bankruptcy fraud that Lodge had knowingly been involved in, and Republican Representative Helen Chenoweth-Hage drew flak for receiving earlier reports of Lodge’s dealings and failing to act on them.

  12. Packabowlla Says:

    Idaho District Federal Court: The process abuses continue

    By Don Harkins

    The top frontpage headline, Vol. 1, No. 1, The Idaho Observer, January, 1997 was “US Bank Boise dominates Capitol.” The story details how Idaho State Bank, which became WestOne Bank, which is now US Bank, “bought” then Federal Bankruptcy Judge Edward Lodge in 1986. Judge Lodge was allowed by creditor Idaho State Bank to rule on his mother and father-in-law’s bankruptcy — and allowed over $1 million in undisclosed assets to be transferred to his wife Patti Lodge (who is now an Idaho State Senator.)

    Shortly after the criminal bankruptcy proceeding, Lodge became a full federal district judge. He became the judicating arm of the state’s banksters by ruling, in at least 19 cases as of 1996, in favor of US bank when it manufactured default situations that caused business owners to lose the collateral they put up for business loans (in some cases, the collateral was everything they had).

    Repeated attempts to initiate a real investigation into these extremely well-documented cases of theft through abuse of process have failed.

    The courageously outspoken and in some circles revered hard-line conservative former U.S. Rep. Helen Chenoweth (R-ID) was well-informed about the activities of Judge Lodge. She was given the most intimate details of how some of her constituents were unjustly being destroyed by Judge Lodge’s activities on the bench. She did nothing to stop the judge. At that time, his wife Patty was head of Idaho Women Republicans and would have made Chenoweth’s life very difficult had she chosen to take a stand with the people of Idaho against her husband.

    All of the U.S. attorneys since 1986 have been copied with sufficient evidence and documentation to warrant an investigation of Judge Lodge’s activities. Not one has intervened on behalf of the families whose properties and other assets totalling tens of millions of dollars have been stolen through the court of Judge Lodge.

    The Ninth Circuit did, however, acknowledge the Judge Lodge/US Bank connection. On June 28, 1995, a three-judge panel unanimously forbade Judge Lodge from presiding over any cases that involve what was then WestOne Bank. The decision, which detailed the judge’s abuse of authority in the bank cases, is “unpublished” and Judge Lodge has since ruled on cases involving what is now US Bank — in apparent defiance of the Ninth Circuit order.

    It can be safely stated that every elected official and every government agency at the state and federal levels with the authority to bring the Judge Lodge cabal before the bar of justice has been contacted and provided with evidence that a child could determine as sufficient to call for an investigation. Not one of them has been principled enough to do anything but ignore the issue.

    Emboldened by their unchecked authority to destroy peoples’ lives and steal their property, the Judge Lodge cabal continues to expand and abuse its authority in an increasing array of ways to the present day.

    One has little choice but to conclude that such activities are silently sanctioned at the highest levels of government. The evidence against these people is never questioned, and never results in them being called into a criminal court where they must face their accusers and explain for the record why they have committed such atrocities.

    Historically, officers of government have enjoyed ever-increasing freedom to abuse the citizenry because its representatives betray the good of society to benefit themselves through corrupt alliances with the ruthless and discompassionate.

  13. bruce sloane Says:

    thanks from taking me from impeaching a police officer,..
    to understand how to apply the same principles as applied to Tax ” Court ” ..
    in one Year .. 🙂

  14. Matthew Says:

    Congrats to Mike! May the state’s enforcers wake up to the aggression they perpetrate and leave the remaining authoritarian sociopaths to fade away into the dustbin of genocidal ideologues…

  15. ADAM Says:

    Article. VI.
    Clause 2: This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.
    This states that the constitution is the supreme Law of the Land.
    Clause 3: The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.
    This states who is subject to these laws, as these are under the constitutional jurisdiction by way of oath and affirmation and under the rules of construction. Whatever is not included is excluded. The people are not included.

  16. Jeff Says:

    I’m kind of new at this but I’ve used Marc’s way of doing things a few times in court and it’s worked. As far as this Judge getting away with ruining peoples lives, I’m fairly sure the people who have suffered his rulings can file a Quo Warranto against him, as well as the city for continuing to allow him to preside over the court. That will revoke the city’s charter as a city. The State attorney general will come and take over the city, fire everyone and wipe the city off the map. This comes from the magna carta and has been in the back pages of law since the magna carta.

  17. Jeff Says:

    Can’t the people who have been bent over by this judge file a Quo Warranto against the judge and the city? A Quo Warranto will revoke the city’s charter for violating the peoples rights by a person (judge) under oath to protect their rights. This is an old law from the magna carta but still in affect. Not very many people know about it. All it takes is one witness to the violation of another’s rights. Very powerful.

  18. Dr. Mike Fitz Says:

    Thanks for all the great input everyone. The misdemeanors could carry up to 1 year of prison each for not sending in a piece of paper, because it is about taxes. This was not a tax court either, it was criminal court. Lyndon, we did file a motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction, and the court ran right over it, just like everything else, including the appellate court as well. Your input about what “to do next” is likely what will follow for me, you are the second person to suggest this. Still tired today, glad i am home with my wife and kids (YEAH) Thanks to Marc and several other group members for both input and support. I do believe the whole process was a success from using an overall strategy that took some time to build, some sticking to ones guns, there was a theme involved (like “self-defense”) and want to thank Marc S publicly for all the support. Calls were taken everyday before trial, during lunch breaks, and after trial EVERY day, again, thanks for the love and support Marc!

  19. Marc Stevens Says:

    You’re welcome Mike, glad to help. One thing to do before sentencing, is to file for judgment notwithstanding the verdict. It’s easy to show there was no evidence to prove 2 elements of the “crimes”.

  20. Jeff Says:

    Hey Marc,
    As far as your blues jams go, I have a rather large concert sound system and would be glad to provide sound free of charge for these events when you have them in California and providing the situation lends itself to a concert sound system. I can scale it back if needed. I have 48 stacks of speakers and can do 30,000 outdoors. I can also bring in 2 stacks per side to smaller venues. If you ever have them outdoors and need a sound system, this will work well. My phone number is 818 963-1506 Actually any event you need sound I will be glad to provide it. I support what you do and if I can help? Lets do it!

  21. Al Thompson Says:

    The big deal is that it shows that using the truth always works to a man’s benefit. Marc’s system of questioning is simply an outstanding method to apply the truth. One works with the other. Marc’s system wouldn’t work if the truth wasn’t present; however, it is important to know that the only way that I know of to defend oneself against the gubbermint is in knowing how to apply the truth. That’s all there is to it, but it is difficult to learn because most of us have been taught other things. The underlying question is all the same: “What facts do you have that the code applies to me?” They don’t have any facts, they never will have any facts, and will never produce any facts. That’s because they don’t want to expose their own scam called “government.” Some will say that government is a necessary evil, but I say that evil is never necessary.

  22. BlueLotus Says:

    The “idea” of “failure” to file denotes a requirement/obligation to fail. However, being that the IRS CODE is in applicable is one point where it is not necessary. But too, Filing is only require if a Tax is actually due. Duh!
    So further, The IRS code also says, if one doesn’t file The IRS is required to file for the “taxpayer”, based on their knowledge. Well, if one is not a Tax payer then even the IRS should not be filing.
    AS well, 5th Amendment say no one can be made to be witness against himself.

    Then on top of that , just because “$” goes into and out of a bank account does not mean that money is “income”.
    These suckers can always be hung by “THEIR” requirement to follow “Their” laws.

    More so, Every “BAR” (British Accredited Registry) is a Foreign agent. Judge and all. They are not suppose to be in the united States Courts!
    IRS is a Foreign Corporation based in Porto Rico (off shore) engaging in laundering operations for the Crown.

    All defenses must be counter sued to qualify the legitimacy and True party of interests validity to be bringing suit.

  23. BlueLotus Says:

    One more thing: Being the Judge and Attorneys are are required to have an OAth of office to hold a public office, and they don’t have a valid Oath on file (most generally) they are guilty of impersonating a public official. That would be like you putting on a Cops uniform and badge and pulling over travelers and charging them with “crimes”. (Or taking bribes!)

  24. Bryan Says:

    I agree with what Lyndon said, he (Mike) should have fought long and hard with the jurisdiction issues before it ever got to trail.

  25. NonE Says:

    Marc Stevens Says:
    September 20th, 2012 at 1:12 pm

    There are no facts the constitution and code apply to anyone.

    the code is applicable because the code is applicable because the code is applicable because the code is applicable because the code is applicable becau…

  26. JP Says:

    You are so right on Marc!

  27. NonE Says:

    By the way, Marc, I’ve noticed a dramatic change in direction from you. It seems that “jurisdiction” was the “killer app” for the past several years and all of a sudden it’s now “app-licability of the code.” Would you care to comment on this change?

    – the Very Good NonE Very Good NonE Very Good NonE Very Good NonE Very…

    (I’m not complaining, nor challenging. I just noted this and thought it would be interesting to hear your thinking on the change.)

  28. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ NonE, it’s still about jurisdiction, and I’ve asked it before, it’d just been from necessity why I’m doing it so much more now. I’m given less and less time with agents and need to move fast. It’s proven to be real effective though.

  29. NonE Says:

    By the way, I must say that this appears to little-ole-me as a HUGE win. I think you, Marc, deserve MAJOR KUDOS for your part in this. It will be interesting to see how this filters through “the system” and what it portends for the future of freedom or the police state or whatever the future works out to be.

    – the Very Proud to Know You NonE

  30. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ NonE, thanks I appreciate it. As Mike related to me, Lori Hendrickson, the lead prosecutor was pretty upset about it. 28 witnesses and not one testified to the applicability of the code and that Mike believed he was obligated to pay taxes and file returns. And, I will put out there, I think the US district court in Idaho is a “real court” and they were “real” felony charges 😉

  31. Lyndon Says:

    The Constitution? Come now gentlemen, we have gone over this a thousand times: the Constitution is merely a very old statement and is applicable to no one. Even the crooked courts have ruled time and again the Constitution is not applicable. If it is anything at all, it is a public relations memo.

    None, et al, jurisdiction and applicability are really one and the same thing. If a law is not applicable then the enforcers have no jurisdiction; the enforcers have no jurisdiction if the law is not applicable. I’ve read through many statues from different countries, and most, if not all them, do not explicitly express to whom a statute is applicable to.

  32. Lyndon Says:

    Marc: look at the time. It’s a tie!

  33. Lyndon Says:

    Mike Fitz: When the prosecutor came to you before the start and said “the issue of jurisdiction has been ruled on”, what we say to them is “Not with this party it hasn’t”. I don’t enter motions regarding applicability or jurisdiction because most of the time motions to dismiss are too conveniently dismissed safely and easily by the courts. I send “notices of demand for”. Without jurisdiction there simply is no court -period. I don’t come from a position where I request that they would please look at this element. I demand of the PROSECUTOR to disclose all facts and evidence of applicability otherwise we are not doing business. I’m in Ontario so things may be different where you are from.

  34. Joe Says:

    Did he ever do a motion to dismiss for “Fraud on the Court” nameing all parties ?
    prosecutor, judge and all witnesses and backed up with all evidence.?

  35. NonE Says:

    Lyndon Says:
    September 20th, 2012 at 7:10 pm

    I send “notices of demand for”.

    Lyndon, would you be willing to expand/explain this? Notice of demand for what?

    – NonE (legal idiot) (yes Bruce, you may parse that in more than one way! 😉

  36. NonE Says:

    Lyndon Says:
    September 20th, 2012 at 6:54 pm

    None, et al, jurisdiction and applicability are really one and the same thing. If a law is not applicable then the enforcers have no jurisdiction; the enforcers have no jurisdiction if the law is not applicable.

    Yes, I see your point. Thank you.

    – NonE

  37. Dr. Mike Fitz Says:

    thanks Lyndon, it is this type of input i have relied on for the last 3 weeks. Bryan didn’t understand, while i am NOT even close to the dullest knife in the drawer, i don’t know anything about “legalize’ and court terms or procedures or options. had a public defender to which my insides told me to do this myself. i went in on guts alone, knowing they are all swearing fealty to the English courts. that said, i simply did not know how to “fight” as you stated easily as it rolls off your keypad. many of the other guys who have used lexus-nexus or some form of research aid who invested countess hours to be able to do what you just did, was not me. in fact, i had a very successful business using these things (my monthly lexus bill was $3,000+) and never used it once. our team made almost $2 billion in credit card debt go away. that number is NOT the impressive number. 6 is the number. during our 7 year venture i got 6 letters from people who were going to commit suicide if our system didn’t work, THAT is what drove me as much as the system is false and corrupt.

    that said, i am not afraid to bring up items even with the jury there, like jurisdiction. i will be honorable, (unlike the judge) but firm and will not sit down if we go at this again, Marc didn’t tell you too, i never even gave an opening statement, which i already have one prepared for round 2 if there is one. it will be brutally honest.

    of course i would also love to thank the spirit and honesty of the people of North Idaho who must love freedom and reject corporate oppression when they see disguised as “justice”.

    revenue Canada and the RCMP (known to be a private organization too) and i even understand the “bill of exchange acts” (we made debt go away successfully in Canada too, eh) (sorry) so no, it really is the same. by the way, i had much business there and have dear friends in Burlington and all around that area. Can’t wait to go back.

  38. Jake Witmer Says:

    First of all: Congratulations to Mike for being a brave human being, and standing up for both himself and what is right!!! Woo-hoo! Now appeal, fight like hell, never give up, and never back down! I’m confident he can go on winning, but if he loses, his “true name” is recorded here, on this website, as a hero. The Artilect Ragnar Danneskjolds of the future will find him, and payment will be made in full from the retaken wealth of the looters. Thank you for the inspiration, Mike!

    My mention of SL4 concepts may seem a nonsequitur, but if so, please read Ray Kurzweil’s books “The Age of Spiritual Machines” and “The Singularity is Near.” Also, visit, and These sites –slowly and carefully consumed– will help cross-pollinate a proper market sector with defensive intelligence, in the service of eliminating unacceptable injustices.

    I am very interested in exploiting the conformist decision-making process with political technology, toward the goal of individual liberty. For too long, libertarians have ignored the facts of reality: that there is a market order to politics, that order is emergent, it is based on coercion, and sociopaths sit at the top of the food chain, installed there by a conformist power base. Once you acknowledge this, you realize that there’s a lot of power in that understanding.

    1) SEK3 was right about everything except electoral non-participation.
    2) Parallel institutions are likely to yield individual freedom faster than, or in synergy with electoral participation.
    3) The singularity is not going to operate on the same paradigm, because the current paradigm fits the technical definition of stupid: “unwittingly self-destructive.” (Superhuman intelligence is not likely to accept a bad deal simply because “that’s the status quo, and the status quo is willing to use violence.” …So what? With even a tiny amount of bacteriological waste, or bacteria themselves introduced into the bloodstream, humans get horribly sick, far too sick to engage in aggression. Strong nanotech isn’t even necessary to isolate the aggressors –even the current insect-sized robots are enough, given enough intelligence.)
    4) Social networks don’t need to work in favor of the sociopaths. If we even have one social network where libertarian “agorist” engineers far outnumber sociopaths, that network will likely quickly dream up utilities that defeat and circumvent the state to a high degree. The law is meaningless if there’s no way to enforce it.

    …With even the people that I know meeting for 3 months out of the year, an AGI manhattan project is totally possible, and the people I know aren’t even on the radar. Moreover, if they get together for a summer vacation every year, they aren’t even breaking any laws –other than the three felonies per day we all commit.

    To these ends, let’s utilize conformists in our plan: they are the “white noise” that we need to engage the political process, and slowly move the mainstream to the market creation that will make us all wealthy and immortal.

    In short, I don’t have the space to write a book here, but I think that far less than 1% of society being libertarians could make the entire society libertarian. We may not have the frontier and distance advantage that the founders of the USA had, but we’ve got surplus intelligence.

    And the side with the most intelligence, best used, always wins.

    Of the two electoral strategies toward minimizing government, (small-L libertarian candidates) and (small-L libertarian ballot measures –initiatives, referenda, constitutional amendments), I favor the latter, better directed than normal, with synergy benefitting local candidates. That’s a winning strategy, especially when the candidates are 100% bold and truthful about their desire for change, their knowledge of the current system, and their goals of a totally free society. If the local candidates also engage in jury rights activism, that’s optimal, and multiplies the usefulness of the effort.

    I favor a truce agreement between agorists/voluntaryists and electoral minarchists: Any candidate who engages in ample successful, measured jury rights activism and runs on a wholly voluntaryist platform should be at least passively supported by agorists. Give such people a “free pass” and even pay them to campaign/engage in jury rights activism.

    Don’t begrudge them the votes they seek: they are only temporarily swimming in the ocean of coercion until they can reach the shoreline of liberty.

    And let’s say that Kurzweil’s (conservative) date for the Singularity is correct: we will have needed the partyarchs to prevent a violent transition and violent chaos (surplus false “order,” chaos masquerading as order).

    There’s a transition coming. Coercive interaction to voluntary interaction. Expanding market spaces, shrinking government spaces.

    Until such time as men embrace the optimal sitution of no (external) government at all (except as applied to violent animals, perhaps), I advocate a strong local educational push. Libertarians should only run for state legislatures, and should run on a platform plank of mercy, compassion, jury nullification, and state nullification. They should run only on social issues, except for opposition to the Federal Reserve (that’s the only economic issue that truly exists, because with the fed, there is no “economy” and no “free market.”)

    In this way, we can circumvent traditional attacks on libertarianism: after all, we’re “liberals.” No need to use the term “classical.” Hayek was right: when the mainstream is stupid, it’s OK to be inscrutible.

  39. Jake Witmer Says:

    There are a lot of people who cannot apply themselves to the ideas we’re discussing. Most people are conformists, who depend on their childhood programming. There is pro-freedom programming that falls short of a consistent philosophy. There is anti-freedom programming that falls even shorter of a consistent philosophy (unless it’s simply a philosophy that the self is always right, that theft is good, that parasitism is a viable way for a human to live).

    Lysander Spooner realized that employing propaganda as a tool for justice was very important. He also favored incremental change. He put the truth out there for the people who could comprehend it, but he also wrote “the Unconstitutionality of Slavery.” This idea was adopted and promulgated by Frederick Douglass –an underrated thinker and libertarian in his own right.

    If those now engaging in violence can be dissuaded by being convinced that the constitution is a libertarian document and that it applies to them, I see no wrong in using that programming approach. (The 4th amendment, literally interpreted and consistently and rigidly applied, would make the entire USA 100% libertarian.) Keep in mind that your arduino is not going to ever be a 64-core supercomputer. But an arduino-controlled gun can certainly break a 64-core supercomputer.

    To that end, I see nothing wrong in presenting a giant consistent program to the arduinos among us, and –when they have indicated they don’t possess enough RAM to process it– supplementing the less memory intensive “Bill of Rights” and “Constitutional and conscientious onus of jury nullification.” The more complex program will still be available and widely used for those with the processing power to comprehend it.

    Barring my aggression, does any man have the right to involve himself in my life? Of course not. No document ever could give him such a right. Simple, yet complex to apply in the presence of sophistry, obfuscation, lies, and coercion.

    My main point here, today, is that minarchists need not fight with agorists -they are headed for too similar a destination, and both have utility to offer the other philosophical camp. More communication (cross pollination, breeding, and evolution of libertarian ideas) is necessary, and less vitriol.

  40. Jake Witmer Says:

    It sounds like what really needs to happen in Judge Lodge’s court is for someone to walk in and say “The Aristocrats!” and then just calmly walk out.

  41. clive Says:

    Jake Witmer,

    I don’t really comprehend what you’re saying to be honest, your education level seems eight grades higher than mine! I’m just a working class man with a basic level of education, in other words I come from a working class family who’s father was a miner, we had no money to speak of and just a plain old secondary level education.

    However having said that, I do believe I understand the thrust of your essay and if I have it correctly I love it, now do we have the time?

    I have looked up Kurzweil and his singularity so I’ll be taking a look at that, thanks for the information much appreciated.

  42. Lyndon Says:

    Mike Fitz: you did VERY well for a first timer. And Marc’s work is obviously brilliant in that a fellow like yourself can use it with rattling effect! Who other can make such a claim??? So again, fair play to both you and Marc. Like NonE wrote above, your “case” may slowly find its way, via citation, and be used to slowly chip away at the stone veil. And, from what I gather, you have an abundance of issues on which you may proceed with in your appeal. But the wording of the appeal must be incisive and cornering leaving the outcome inescapably in your favour. Get those transcripts from them and get them in paper authenticated by full names, signatures, watermarks, and seal. If you have facts that contravert the transcripts lay them before the appelate court. I hope you continue to use Marc in your matter, his vision and thought are better than a thousand BAR card holders. Be well.

  43. bruce sloane Says:


    Congrats, Mike
    You did great on getting a Hung Jury on Felonies against a experienced D.O.J. Attorner

    With no experience in Court ..!!

    Marc now has “Facts ” of his own for the QuatLosers .. :))

  44. Otto Parts Says:

    I do not believe he was in a legitimate article 3 court. I believe the USDC is an article 1 territorial court. If it was an article 3 court it would be a district court of the United States. I do not believe the judge is an article 3 judge, if so, he would be serving receiving pay “without diminishment” I believe he is an article 1 territorial court judge. See Ed Rivera at and Paul Hansen at Most all of the judges and attorneys have invalid oaths of office, but they don’t care. They also don’t care what the Supreme Court and Apellate courts have said. There is no justice in the justice system.

    That being said, I believe it is much easier and much more effective to fight using Marc’s methods. They have no facts to prove the code applies to you and you are a taxpayer with taxable income.

  45. bruce sloane Says:



    How might there be a valid Proceeding, and Decision without Voir Dire for the Defendant ..???

  46. Lyndon Says:

    Regaring your question:

    This is briefly how I see it. An officer/agent of the gov. acts as a witness and produces a charge or instruction to bill with cause. The prosecutor receives the officer/agent/witness’ statement and allegation, and serves notice to the accused that a third party (the court) is sought to resolve the matter (in traffic matters, regulatory, and some misdemeanors, the accused is tricked into seeking the third party resolutioner). Where the prosecutor draws the bill, the complaint, and seeks a third party resolutioner, it is the prosecutor that MUST and SHALL make every attempt to resolve the matter BEFORE seeking the court’s “relief and cure”. But what I have been experiencing, and what Marc experiences and talks about on the show, is that prosecutor’s often do everything they can to avoid resolving the matter without the help of their brother/sister court.

    The problem I have with motions (which is an application/request) is that it seems, by reason, that jurisdiction is already granted to a court or that you or your client have taken a subordinate position by motioning. Lawyers have to file motions. Lawyers are agents of those corporations. I am not. Why would I behave as an agent? When I seek their services I motion; but until I seek their services I do not enter motions. I relay. I instruct. I inform. I notice.

    The reasoning behind this is to ISOLATE the prosecutor. The court has no jurisdiction unless you grant them jurisdiction, or that it is PROVEN, by an acceptable standard, that jurisdiction exists. This business of setting court dates BEFORE any and every attempt to resolve the matter between the parties is preposterous. Let he who intends to resolve the matter resolve the matter. To me, notices make it clear that I made every possible attempt to resolve the matter with the complainant before the third party is sought. The prosecutor cannot sentence you and the court is not bringing a complaint against you. So why communicate with the court???

  47. Andy Says:

    bruce, the denial of voir dire should be automatic win on appeal. For as I see it, it is as unconscionable as denying a defendant the right to put on a defense. It denies the seating of an impartial jury.

  48. bruce sloane Says:

    Lyndon said

    ” The problem I have with motions (which is an application/request) is that it seems, by reason, that jurisdiction is already granted to a court or that you or your client have taken a subordinate position by motioning. ”


    ” The court has no jurisdiction unless you grant them jurisdiction, or that it is PROVEN, by an acceptable standard, that jurisdiction exists.

    Now …

    Lyndon is correct, at least in the USA, and NY…
    ANY Motion, other than a Motion to Dismiss confers Jurisdiction on the Court


    the Court may acquire Jurisdiction, ….by acquiring Personam Jurisdiction in the case of an Appearance Ticket

  49. Panxer Says:

    The best part, (though the convictions of the misdemeanors should be overturned on appeal) is that an amateur stood up to a crack team of highly trained US attorneys and government tax experts and arose victorious. That is the real victory. Few stood against many and lived to tell the tale.

    When I giggle to myself is when the attorneys have to go back to their boss and during their performance review (to justify their fat salaries) have to explain and make excuses for how an amateur was able to destroy their attack and turn it against them…

    My old man used to tell me that the best weapon to use in a fight is the one the aggressor brings to attack you with. Hungry wolves will trip all over themselves to get at an ‘easy’ meal; this is the advantage of the prey. In their eagerness to attack (and their perception of their own superiority), their strikes will be ill timed and their coordination and cohesion will become cracked and jumbled, which provides the opportunity for the prey to make a break for it and live to fight another day.

    Well done. Well done.

  50. Dionysus Says:

    NonE, my friend:

    They’re of a piece and are related. Symbolically:

    code applicability –> (implies) jurisdiction


    no jurisdiction –> no code applicability

    And it works both ways:

    jurisdiction –> code applicability

    no code applicability –> no jurisdiction

    Attacking one is attacking both.

  51. NonE Says:


    Thanks for your explanation. I sort of get the gist of your thinking, but I must say I got lost from the get-go here: “…acts as a witness and produces a charge or instruction to bill with cause.”

    Is that like, you owe $2.75 because you ate this Big Mac and I saw you do it?

    10,000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean = a good start. 😉

    – NonE

  52. NonE Says:


    Yes, I finally figgered that out. Thanks. 😉

    – NonE (slow butt steady)

  53. NonE Says:

    Bruce, (or Lyndon, or anyone)

    I get your point about the motion conferring jurisdiction. At the very least it would appear that you are conceding jurisdiction. That said, Lyndon made a comment about making a demand instead of a motion. Can you give an example of what such a demand would look like as compared to a motion, so that people without a background of legal study can grasp it clearly?


    – NonE

  54. Dionysus Says:

    ^^ No, you’re not slow. You made a very astute observation there about Marc seemingly changing tactics.

  55. NonE Says:

    Bruce sed:

    Now …

    Lyndon is correct, at least in the USA, and NY…
    ANY Motion, other than a Motion to Dismiss confers Jurisdiction on the Court


    Why OTHER than? Isn’t the act of making a motion, ANY motion, conceding jurisdiction of some sort? If I have to ask then I am granting you the option of rejecting whatever it is I am asking. I’m just looking at this logically, not legally.

    To look at it from Marc’s perspective, if I ASK for evidence, it is not so much asking as it is politely demanding that they show cause, that they substantiate the implied sovereignty they seem to be claiming over you (over one).

    All of which brings me to another question entirely… What about the nature of government regulation. From what I’ve gathered from hanging around Marc’s thinking for a long time it appears that there is no case absent injury. But all government regulation applies ABSENT injury, so it should all be invalid on it’s face. I don’t seem to have heard anyone even mention this concept. This is basically what Marc and Mike have shown in the I.R.S. case, that the code does not apply, i.e. there are regulations, but since “I’ve” not caused injury they have no nexus with me. Hence, bug off!

    – NonApplicableHere

    – NonE

  56. thesaint40 Says:


    The judicial districts and divisions are comprised of the federal territory located within the counties, which comprise those districts and divisions. Sections 81-131 represent four classes of territory: 48 States, 2 territories, one possession, Puerto Rico, and a District, the District of Columbia. The three smallest territorial classes conclusively establish that the territorial composition of the districts and divisions located within the States will be territory subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the United States of America.

    Title 28 Section 1865 of the United States Code sets out the qualifications for federal jurors:

    “(a) The chief judge of the district court, or such other district court judge as the plan may provide, on his initiative or upon recommendation of the clerk or jury commission, or the clerk under supervision of the court if the court’s jury selection plan so authorizes, shall determine solely on the basis of information provided on the juror qualification form and other competent evidence whether a person is unqualified for, or exempt, or to be excused from jury service. The clerk shall enter such determination in the space provided on the juror qualification form and in any alphabetical list of names drawn from the master jury wheel. If a person did not appear in response to a summons, such fact shall be noted on said list.

    (b) In making such determination the chief judge of the district court, or such other district court judge as the plan may provide, or the clerk if the court’s jury selection plan so provides, shall deem any person qualified to serve on grand and petit juries in the district court unless he –

    is not a citizen of the United States eighteen years old who has resided for a period of one year within the judicial district;

    is unable to read, write, and understand the English language with a degree of proficiency sufficient to fill out satisfactorily the juror qualification form;

    is unable to speak the English language;

    is incapable, by reason of mental or physical infirmity, to render satisfactory jury service; or

    has a charge pending against him for the commission of, or has been convicted in a State or Federal court of record of, a crime punishable by imprisonment for more than one year and his civil rights have not been restored.”

    A prospective federal juror must know and understand the territorial composition of the judicial district. The first sentence in Chapter 5 District Courts expressly defines the territorial composition of “districts and divisions,” as shown by Sections 81-131. Section 88 is the District of Columbia much of which is owned by the United States of America and the jurisdiction of which is entirely in the United States of America.

    If a prospective federal juror is unable to read and understand this sentence: “Sections 81 – 131 of this chapter show the territorial composition of districts and divisions by counties as of January 1, 1945,” then that juror “is unable to read, write, and understand the English language with a degree of proficiency sufficient to fill out satisfactorily the juror qualification form,” and is disqualified.

    Every person involved in any matter involving federal grand and petit jurors must at a minimum be able to read and understand this sentence: “Sections 81 – 131 of this chapter show the territorial composition of districts and divisions by counties as of January 1, 1945.”

  57. dan gould Says:

    The jurisdiction is the gun plain and simple. Of course if this was revealed then I think the house of cards would come tumbling down. The only hope one has to escape the claws of the government parasites is to expose this fact. I say hope because as long as no one is looking the parasites have no problem in bringing the gun out and using it.

  58. NonE Says:

    “Juror” to “Judge”: Sir, is slavery allowed in this country?

    Judge: No, of course not.

    Juror: Sir, then am I to assume I am a free man?

    Judge: Certainly, this IS the U.S. of A.!

    Juror: Thank you sir. Y’all have a nice day. Goodbye.

  59. StimuL8 Says:

    When Mike makes his statement before sentencing (allocution)he can refuse to accept the courts judgement for the plaintiffs failure to prove the applicability of the statutes in question and the plaintiffs failure to provide any facts or evidence giving jurisdiction to the court to proceed in the matter. Why would he have to accept a conviction based on lies and a fraud? If I were locked up for one minute on this horse manure I would die. Because I would make them move me, dress me, and everything else, nor would I eat or drink these terrorists food or water, if I’m in fact a slave then just kill me. I didn’t defend the men and women of this land for this bull crap. Plain and simple “This courts judgement is refused for cause without dishonor and with prejudice for plaintiffs failure to state a claim on which relief can be granted.” Peace and Love to you All in the trying times of killing lying thieves pretending to be arbiters of justice.

  60. StimuL8 Says:

    Or, write it up as an affidavit.

  61. bruce sloane Says:


    Are you aware of the origins of ” refused for cause ” ..?

    It is from the UCC, and is not a valid Pleading

  62. StimuL8 Says:

    I don’t plead to anyone as I’m not a child or person of unsound mind. I’ll state it in English Refused for NO “cause of action” without dishonor (all actions in any real court are about honor and dishonor, right and wrong, intent and non intent of wrong) and with prejudice (show me the cause of action or shut up) for plaintiffs failure to state a claim on which relief can be granted. (Plaintiff showed no facts or evidence proving the applicability of the statutes against defendant, plaintiff proved no facts or evidence of damnum et injuria (Loss and Wrong) caused by defendant. Plaintiff is a fictional corporation which exists only in the delusional minds of some men. Plaintiff stated no real claim hence provided the court no jurisdiction to act on this matter. Screw the UCC. All interactions between reasonable men and women is about honor and dishonor. Like Marc says do you have any obligation to accept forced services at gunpoint? Only an irrational and psychopathic moron would say yes, correct? All life and the words used in life is perception and how YOU define it. NonE gave a good example above, with his is slavery allowed in this country? diatribe, which was beautifully executed I might add. Sorry if my grammar is messed up, I am studying to learn to write more clearly. A sworn or affirmed affidavit isn’t valid, hmm I’ll have to research that. If each and every one of us doesn’t own our lives WE ARE SLAVES period. I have used my knowledge three times in the system and it has protected me so far, never even getting to court. So, while still learning to be un ignorant I must know something, and learn more every time these criminals engage me. Even though it’s dangerous, I like fighting demons. If it comes to blows (at the criminals wearing black robes and badges hands of course) I’ll have died for a worthy cause working to help free my fellow man. I will live as NO OTHER MANS slave. Peace to All.

  63. NonE Says:

    Diatribe? I’m honored! 😉

    – NonE

  64. NonE Says:

    Stimul8 sed: If it comes to blows (at the criminals wearing black robes and badges hands of course) I’ll have died for a worthy cause working to help free my fellow man. I will live as NO OTHER MANS slave.

    May I suggest that your ego will die with you, which may be a good thing, as it’s confusing itself with reality. You don’t have a “right” to life, nor to freedom, nor to happiness. You only have the opportunity to attempt to create these as long as you manage to stay alive. Once you’ve blow your chance, well… you’ve blown it. Your choice, of course.

    – NonDiatribe

  65. Andy Says:

    @Non-blah, Stimul8 wrote nothing and “sed” nothing about rights, not even the three “rights” you enumerated. I must ask, are you trolling or trying to stir the pot?

  66. NonE Says:


    Not being a slave implies one has a right to self control. Wouldn’t you say? I’m simply pointing out that the idea of “rights” is a fabrication, not based in reality. We only have the option to try and create the things we want to have or the things we want to see. When we believe that the universe owes us something we are living in a fantasy world. Just as there are no “citizens,” there are no “rights.” If you want something you must face reality and attempt to find a way to create your vision. Claiming that you deserve it is immature and, what’s greater, ineffective.

    That’s the point I’m trying to make.

    Getting all self-righteous doesn’t create anything.

    – the Very Good NonE (neither trolling nor stirring the pot, simply stating reality as I see it)

    Zat help clarify my post?

  67. NonE Says:

    Andy and StimuL8,

    To further clarify, Andrew J. Galambos pointed out years ago that “freedom” is not something that is found in nature. Rather it is something we have the potential to create. Galambos also believed that people had a right to royalties from all of the ideas they had created, so I’m not just parroting him because of who he was. I found his point about freedom being a product that we might be able to create to be a profound idea. His belief in Intellectual Property was, on the other hand, idiocy. So it goes. Our mothers are the only ones who take care of our needs when we whine. Then they die. The world we inhabit is up to us to build, not presume to deserve.

    – the Very Good NonE

  68. Kel Says:

    Andy your comment is confusing itself with reality. You don’t have a “right” to disagree, nor to question, nor to voice your opinion. You only have the opportunity to attempt to do these things so long as “NonEntity” manages to let you. Once you’ve blown your chance, well… you’ve blown it. Your choice, of course.

  69. Andy Says:

    @NonE, “Not being a slave implies one has a right to self control. Wouldn’t you say?”

    No!. You’re the one that has a need to say that. Not being a slave is a choice. And that includes not being a slave to ego. The honorable judges (reference to judges deeming themselves honorable) face a similar problem, don’t you think, the Very Good NonE? (Simply stating reality as I see it.)

  70. NonE Says:

    Cute, Kel! 😉

    Andy, As Marc might put it, what facts do you rely on to prove these “rights” thingies?

    – the Very Good NonE

  71. NonE Says:

    Andy, Perhaps I stated that poorly. If one is captured and held against one’s will, forced to perform some function or other in order to be allowed to live, is it your position that you still are free to not be a slave by simply choosing to die instead? If that is your position, I must say that in the extreme I would have to agree with it, however in the normal context that most of us view life, I think that one is frequently NOT capable of simply choosing not to be a slave in all ways and all times. Thus the choices one makes are often more a function of strategy than pure “right and wrong” kinds of decisions. An example that comes to mind is that frequently gangs will threaten the well being of one’s family in order to gain the compliance of a party. That party still has the choice to not comply, but that choice is at the destruction of others one cares deeply about (wife, children, parents, etc.). So technically he has a choice, it’s true… but in the real world is that the argument you’re going to stand on?

    I think one can gain greater advancement towards cooperation and peaceful existence by attempting to work with others towards mutual satisfaction than through bluster and threats is the point I’m trying to suggest.

    – NonE

  72. Kel Says:

    ” Cute, Kel! ;)”

    The ladies agree.

    As for my two cents, you seem to be stuck on “rights” when no one here has brought them up, other than you.

    “Not being a slave implies one has a right to self control. Wouldn’t you say?”. No, not technically. The inverse of that would be like saying “Being a slave implies the controller has a right to control’. Or that being a slave implies an obligation to be submissive.

    It could very well just be a statement of fact. At this point in time and place, “I am no mans slave”. Meaning simply that no other man has control over you and you are exercising self control.

    All he really did was make a statement. He didn’t declare a “right” of any sort. Nor did he necessarily imply it. YOU inferred it. Now you’re asking for evidence to support a proclaimation no one ever made.

    Tomorrow when I wake up I’m going to shout “I’M AWAKE!”. Does that then imply a “right” to be awake, to you?

  73. Andy Says:

    Kel, I agree that there is the opportunity to disagree, opine etc. Furthering that thought, there’s also the power to do those. It is a persons will that they agree, disagree, opine etc., thereby grasping the opportunity by exercising power.

  74. Andy Says:

    “what facts do you rely on to prove these “rights” thingies?”

    NonE, I never made claim that rights exist one way or the other. You are asking me to backup a claim that you assert I made. I think that is something akin to a strawman.

  75. NonE Says:


    You know ladies???

    I’m hearing what you’re saying. I’ll have to sleep on it, but I think you may be more righterer than me. Damn. I’d hate to be wrong. That’s never happened to me before! 😉

    – the Very Good NonE

  76. Karl Lentz Says:

    Was Mike in tax court?

    Was he disputing a tax assessment?

    US district court, is just a building, was it venued as a “tax court” for him?

    “indicted” by what grand jury?

    indicted him , on what? and what did they hand down?

    honestly the “story” is weak…

  77. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ karl, no it was district court for failure to file and tax evasion. Yes, indicted by a grand jury. Convicted for the failure to file, jury hung on tax evasion. Sorry there are not all the details here, we’ve done several hours of radio on this already, all the details are there.

  78. StimuL8 Says:

    Kel understood the point of my statement in the context I meant it. If we have harmed nor damaged no one (in reality) then NO ONE has any right to use coercion or terrorism on us to control us, or we are in fact, slaves. It’s not rocket science, plain simple truth, of course. If you want to believe the police and black robed criminals have the right to control your life for no reason other then they declare you’re subject to them and obligated to, then that’s your reality, and what YOU’VE agreed to put up with. Marc and many other truth seeking men and women have awakened me to one of 2 facts. “Either were free living in a contrived and fraudulent illusion of slavery.” or “We’re all slaves living in an illusion of freedom.” If we as individuals have no right to live our lives in peace without terrorists (wearing badges guns and black robes) controlling our lives, then what exactly is the point of life? I don’t want to die, I love a lot of people and care for every man woman and child on this Earth, but I’ll give you an example.
    I watched this, and there are hundreds more where the police investigating themselves have absolved their criminal brother retards of any wrongdoing like this one. I told my wife that if anyone (I don’t care what costume he’s wearing) ever did this to someone I loved and got off not being held responsible for his actions. He would not see me coming when I retorted his tort on my loved one. Notice the woman at one time says, I’m getting back in my car trying to completely disengage this criminal. But noooo he can’t let it go, make the slave submit, is his motto and what he’s been trained to do in his statist retardation. If your not going to be a man and stand up for right and put down evil then your in fact supporting that evil to continue and in fact increase and prosper. I like NonEs viewpoints as he puts out thought provoking insights and helps me to think things through more thoroughly. I listen to EVERYONE, and then research and use my heart and conscience to decide what’s right and wrong truthful and lies, which we all have the capability of doing. If you don’t know right from wrong as an adult you have real problems. Marcs taught me a lot for free and my niece gave me a copy of his book AiLL because of the crap I’ve put up with from the courts and the total and utter falsehood it all is. Keep discussing on points of facts and evidence and always keep love and peace in your hearts when dealing with other men. That doesn’t mean take their shovel fulls of corn filled crap that they tell you is ice cream and you say yummmmm this is great, unless of course you like this in your lives.

    Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you’re a man, you take it.
    -Malcolm X

    Peace and Love to all of you, and keep challenging my ideas I love diversity and thought provoking discussion.

  79. Karl Lentz Says:

    Was Mike the Prosecutor?
    if No, why Not?

    Did Mike file a petition ( not a motion) challenging a tax lien? or assessment?

    If he was in a federal district court, did he claim it to be recognized as a court of record?
    If no, why not?

  80. Karl Lentz Says:

    Oops one more Question
    Did he go before the grand jury as: a defendant, or ; a prosecutor, or; both?

  81. Karl Lentz Says:

    Ooh okay Better for way for me to ask about how the court was stylized

    yes, it is a “court” fed; US; state; county…

    But, under what law did it operate [by what rules did it proceed under?]
    viz., Rules of : tax court (title 26); maritime /admiralty court; civil (title 42) ; criminal (title 18); …?

    Was it a court: of equity, or ; of law?

  82. John Says:

    What about penal codes. Who do those apply to?

  83. Karl Lentz Says:

    penal codes, apply to those who[m] are subject

  84. Karl Lentz Says:

    penal codes, apply to those who[m] are subject or to the subscriber;

    SUBSCRIBER, n. One who subscribes; one who contributes to an undertaking by subscribing, One who enters [ENTERS] his name for a paper, book, map and the like
    [the LIKE, kinda “Open-ended”, huh?]

  85. bruce sloane Says:

    Karl Lentz Says:
    September 23rd, 2012 at 10:50 am

    penal codes, apply to those who[m] are subject or to the subscriber;

    AND ..

    this is from where ..??

  86. Karl Lentz Says:

    bruce sloane Says:
    “this is from where?”


  87. Keith Says:

    More power to you Mike.

    Each time we stand up to bullies, the more powerful we become and our fear of them dissipates.

    Aussie Keith

  88. bruce sloane Says:

    C’mon, Karl ..

    Firstly, Your Link does not contain the ligo ” Penal Code ”

    Secondly, the Link is old enough to be considered ” Archaic Use ”


    It is not from a Law Dictionary in Common Use

  89. Matt Says:

    IS there evidence that penal codes apply to anyone? If applicability is the foundation of the plaintiffs claim, they would have to show evidence of that first right? And what if they say, “it applies to those within the state of ny” or something like that. Also is a cause of action present by a penal code violation where there are no physical injuries or damages?

  90. MC Says:

    I haven’t listened to last Saturday’s show yet so may have missed this but was Mike able to depose any of the govt’s witnesses before trial? I know that he had a lot thrown at him and may not have had time but it seems like anyone who gets trapped into a similar situation might want to do that.

  91. streetglider Says:

    is Mike facing any jail time if so how long?


  92. Marc Stevens Says:

    Yes, two years.

  93. streetglider Says:

    is the 2 yrs for not filing? is he in jail now?


  94. Dr. Mike Fitz Says:

    no, i am not in jail/prison. i am at home with my family. they are coming out to put an ankle bracelet tracking device on me until sentencing. i have not been to this site in a few days and had no idea how many of you had given input, and i thank you all! i cannot shake the line in the movie “Antz” where sly stallone is walking with his buddy and he realizes there are millions of ants, and only a few mean grasshoppers and he says, “i know we aren’t supposed to say this, but i think we can take them”!

    i had a public defender up until 25 days before court, and “fired” her. i had no clue what, or not what had been filed in my case. i simply decided i could fight for myself better than another BAR card member of foreign loyalty. THEN, while searching on youtube i found Marc 20 days before trial, and time to file anything was already passed. we still filed motions to dismiss, challenged jurisdiction, more, i simply did not, and still do NOT know “court proceedings”.

    even though i was denied voir dire, which was appealed, and also denied as a motion to stop the trial. members also told me to say “exception”, which i still don’t exactly know what it is/was, but did so. after being summarily ran over continuously by both prosecutor and judge, (who knows, maybe i was still not doing something “right”) i asked the judge to recuse himself, and he denied that motion as well.

    fortunately the jury saw what was happening continually from all 28 witnesses, and after 27 were not allowed to testify as to what facts they had that the codes were either applicable to me or i believed i had an obligation to file, the last witness, an IRS “expert” witness, testified his ONLY fact he brought with him was the aforementioned 27 incompetent witness testimonies the court would not allow as was beyond their scope. so there were no facts.

    they were shown checks written in the amount of hundreds of thousands of dollars, international bank accounts, wires, bellagio visits, gambling, cars, houses, more, and i knew they were conflicted internally. heck, i told them that likely half of them were democratic and believed we all owe taxes due to a political belief. but also challenged them to remember ONE time in their life, that a parent, teacher, pastor or preacher, law person, politician, ANYONE ever showed them empirical proof or facts or evidence that any codes applied to them, or anyone. i also anchored that none of them were ever going to be worried about going home and having Mexican revenue agents coming through their doors and demanding payment at gunpoint, (like i had happened to me)because they KNEW their laws are not applicable to us. SO, that said, i suggested not only in 9 days of trial should they be able to find a little itsy bitsy tiny fact, the codes are applicable, they SHOULD have them stacked up so huge we would trip over them getting in to court every day! and they did not.

    i say forget being “right”. forget perceived “differences” we all have. if we do NOT unite, we are screwed. unity is our strength. learning to look at our pasts differently is where we MUST heal ourselves too, and not bring our childhood past that polarizes us into the future and present day. besides, whatever that is “bad” that so called happened to us, is also what makes us who we are today. SO, my beautiful inside and out wife, was praying for all of you, and using me as bait. we talked about this and she wanted me to fight so that maybe if not me, who is able to stand up to the thugs, would be part of a process whereby someone else would and be part of the solution, not part of the problem. she is still frightened, but does not let that stop her/us from forging ahead.

    i was about to do a business deal with Aaron Russo, the author of “Freedom to Fascism”, right before he died. he was poisoned, went to the hospital, put on serious psychotropic drugs and heavy narcotic meds, and in a moment of clarity (and abstinence) called me and apologized about our earlier conversation as he was “not himself”. he never really came out of that state and not only was put back on meds, he died 2 weeks later.

    bottom line? we are up against a ruthless adversary, that has zero feelings, compassion, and almost complete lack of humanity. nonetheless, they are also a part of us ultimately too, and we cannot lie to ourselves and put up another us/them line that continues to polarize us all. we must rise above ourselves and go places we have never been. with Marc’s help (he has no idea i wrote this too) i will continue to fight on the ground against them in both hopes of complete dismissals and of course, precedence for us all in the future.

    any and all help is greatly appreciated and am usually on the NSP skype chat thing. (not too tech smart either) as it stands my trial is rescheduled for Nov 6th, and i am filing NOW all the items i never did/knew to do before. who knows what will or will not happen, but time will tell us quickly. my sentencing trial is Dec 3rd for the two misdemeanors of which the “judge” has ALREADY stated from the high chair he sits in that i would be doing jail time.

    Lyndon, since i have studied all of dean Cliffords videos, i asked at a pretrial conference where i fired my attorney if this was a “court of record” and he pointed to the lady dictating that indeed it was. we both know otherwise. so then i asked him if this was an inferior lower court? and he dismissed me and i still did not know to force or demand answers. i know better now. i know to ask who he represents? are his decision arbitrary and capricious? can i get a fair trial if there is a conflict of interest? and so on. if i invoked my own court of record as Dean suggests, and it “works” i will do so. 2 days is too long to go to jail, let alone 2 years. but nonetheless, i will not back down.

  95. indio007 Says:

    That grimy judge hoodwinked you. A “court of record” doesn’t mean the court makes a record. Courts “not of record” make records too. goto if you want more details.

    I am impressed you did so well with only 20 days to absorbed the material.
    Good job.

  96. bruce sloane Says:

    Quote Mike ” if i invoked my own court of record as Dean suggests ”

    I will offer my opinion here, do not get too tied up in investigating this …
    Never argue the Merits of the Case, either

    You see you have done well simply by asking for Facts constituting Evidence against you

    Do not stray from this approach

  97. NonE Says:

    Bruce sed: “Never argue the Merits of the Case”

    I think that needs to be underlined and put in bold. And Mike’s case seems to be an example of the truth of this.

    Kudos Bruce.

    – the Very Good NonE

  98. Dr. Mike Fitz Says:

    indio, i have read all of Bill Thorton’s stuff and i live in my “own little world” where talk is cheap and checks never lie. i checked up on Bill’s “track record” and it is not even a little bit impressive.

    i am getting ready to file now for the case that may or not be tried again. i know one thing, i cannot be hurt by starting on this immediately, and can get hurt if i don’t.

    i never brought up the fact there is no injured party nor is my friendly neighborhood prosecutor a real party in interest. lastly, i have been thinking too, that there is a USC that says something about not being to pay a “debt with a debt”? that is what they are asking me to do is it not? if so, is that a fraud of some kind or at least an operation of “color of law”?

    will file tomorrow, and if this group wishes to be notified of what is going on i will gladly share. if life is too busy and need me to wait that is fine too. time will tell all too soon.

  99. Dr. Mike Fitz Says:

    btw, i wouldn’t know a merit if it bit me in the rear, but thanks for sharing.

  100. indio007 Says:

    Well, I never said Bill Thornton stuff works. I was merely pointing you with toward his site because the information about them is avaialble there. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

    I don’t know how many examples of successes he could personally give because he doesn’t seem like the type of person that would be locking horns in court.

    Anyhow there is definitely validity to his observations of the sctructure and processes of the court. His weakness IMHO is I don’t think he knows how to remedy some psycho judge simply ignoring his stuff and then doing whatever the hell they want.

  101. Andy Says:

    The way I see it, the persecutor’s claim is just that — a claim — and remains a claim until the prosecutor proves there’s a case.

  102. bruce sloane Says:

    Mike …

    I can not find your Case on Pacer
    What is the info ..??

  103. Lyndon Says:

    @Mike: I know Dean Clifford. I have met him and had coffee with him. I think he has done some excellent work. That doesn’t mean I agree with everything he does. Dean sometimes takes on the burden of proof unnecessarily in my opinion. I know of Bill Thornton’s work, and many, many others. But Marc’s methods are the closest to my own, and Marc’s methods, when learned by heart without queue cards, are lightening rods: attacks come your way and “Marc’s method” steers the attack to ground.

    To your case: you were drawn into jurisdiction and have “apparently” consented. With Marc’s help, correct that for and on the record.

    Attacks are countered with questions (Marc will help with the procedures).
    This is how we think: a statement comes your way (=1). We question 1 into 1/2; we question 1/2 into 1/4; we question 1/4 into 1/8 and so on. What I am trying to demonstrate is we ask question of answers, and ask questions of answers of answers, and so on. We demand answers. We demand record of answers. When we demand record of answers someone MUST take responsibility somewhere. With responsibility comes liability. Question for fact, and evidence to produce fact. You simply can’t go wrong. It’s not easy, but it can be learned. I would not stray from this approach.

    Can any of the charlatans, like these commercial redemption people, put a man in tax court after only 20 days and get felonies stopped? I have NEVER seen evidence any of that. No, I would stay the course, as Bruce Sloan suggested above, and polish your skills with Marc’s approach.

  104. Dr. Mike Fitz Says:

    thanks so much everyone for the very valuable input! yes indio, i was NOT taking you to task at all, you haven’t known me so don’t know i am a bit intense, and totally results driven. period. two speeds, wide open or completely shut down, and usually stays wide open, so please, pray for my wife.

    my case is CR-10-0089, or was anyway. not sure where i am at currently, but will let you know if/when i changes. getting ready to motion for an acquittal on several points.

    you stated correctly too Lyndon, unknowingly i attended an arraignment with a public pretender and did not know i was consenting at the time, to which i have stated in court i do not consent to this. figured it cannot hurt me to be on the record. as far as i know, we have started over now too, so will go in if at all, in a whole new position.

  105. Karl Lentz Says:

    bruce sloane…

    U say my words are archaic?

    hummm, R U trying to use “legalese terms of art”

    U mock at the words I use?

    look, If U are not “man” enough to explain “it” in your own words, and “try” to speak legalese ( a Code, which u are not a party to), U will lose, 100% of the time,

    Its very simple, just say what U know , what is in your heart, to the jury, and they will determine the facts and the law, just fine…

    i am NOT going to read this Whole blog

    But did MARC, make sure this man, ( whatever this poor man’s name is)

    go before the grand jury , not ONLY as a defendant, but as a prosecutor?

    BECAUSE i did NOT hear on MARC’s show, how the man made out w/ his counter-claim, nor, if the grand jury indicted the IRS agent as well;

    ….lol, this is like pulling teeth, again i ask
    what I would REALLY LOVE to know ((( and “distrcit court” is NOT an answer, its just the VENUE, like a dance hall that can have many different types of dances going on, in a venue)

    What court was he in “in” that venue?

    again…. i ask the question was he in “tax court”, or ; criminal court? [or?]

    Marc U said “district court”
    ok, lets try it this way too…

    there are 2 district courts that i am aware of at THAT location.

    1) THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT of _______ for ______ [Administrative]


    2) the federal district court [article III]

    How was the court/COURT, captioned? IS USUALLY a realllll good indicator …

    What I do know is that MARC, U made SURE….

    ______, (he) was , MUST have been, in a court of record… and _____ (he) noticed court that he would only appear in court if a [wo]man was willing to stand and affirm their claim, that ______(he) wronged them, by a trial by jury, by the common law [which is ALWAYS of the land];

    (for the character of all federal district courts are courts of record, and all state courts are common law courts, including Louisiana),

    go ahead and LAUGH, when U learn what i have just said, u will say


    dont get it?
    think its funny?
    go ahead an laugh… while _____, sits in jail

    Look, until U realize , the “mistakes” ( I HAD to turn the show off, listening to the advise _____ (he) was given, i knew if he was charged w/ 10 counts he would get off on “9”, but he would get “1”, and would go “away” for a while;

    ‘interesting’ advice, is going to send _____(him) and many more to correctional facilities… ( but thats ok, may be he will use his time wisely and learn ‘law’ Not “LAW”…

    Ooh, my IRS experience?

    My mom was an IRS tax auditor for nearly 20 years, yes, in their Holtsville office, she taught me ALOT …

    hey , but like U said Mr. Sloane
    what the H*ll do i know?

    ; )

    what i do know?

    is how to stand in court… and “go home, the same way i walked in”…

  106. StimuL8 Says:

    Mike, If you Object to something the persecutor says or does, or anyone in the court for that matter, and the judge overrules it, you state exception to preserve the matter for appeal.
    You object to something (saying you don’t agree)
    judge overrules (saying it is correct or are you sure)
    you except (stating I’m dam sure I’m correct your challenging the judge on his overrule)
    If you haven’t studied a legal dictionary you are speaking an entirely different language from everyone in the courtroom. Like Marc says ask questions and stick to facts or presumptions you already know the answer to.
    An appearance is a voluntary submission to the jurisdiction of the court, did you voluntarily submit to the court in this matter? Blacks Law 5th
    I was arrested on a failure to appear for a 14,000 dollar debt based on a fraud. I stated from the beginning of the arrest their warrant wasn’t based on probable cause, and it was void, as an appearance is a voluntary action, and I would not submit myself to the fraud they were perpetrating. I walked out of jail 42 hours later, no court, no judge, no bs, although they tried to get me to sign an RoR which I signed under threat, making it absolutely void. Three days the court dropped it without prejudice (means they can come back again in the matter) Sent out 2 letters and they tucked their tails and ran dropping it completely. The truth is in the results right? I wish you luck as you are dealing with dangerous violent criminals and ignorant jurors, and both Sherry Jackson Peel and Larken Rose paid for the ignorant jurors. I pray that you won’t. Go with what Marc says to do as he’s been dealing with these criminals for 13 years, I only have 5 under my belt and only for myself, albeit I am helping a man here in Missouri with some issues in the courts felony drug charges which are total hogwash. Only choice I see for you now is to respectfully decline to accept the courts decision as you have already been found guilty of the facts, but did you actually do anything wrong? If you have to accept the courts decision against your will, you are a slave plain and simple. Like Marc says, do I really have to accept a service at gunpoint? Good luck with your future and finishing up with this bs.

    There is a higher court than courts of justice and that is the court of conscience. It supercedes all other courts.
    -Mahatma Gandhi

    Freedom, Love, and Peace to all of You

  107. Karl Lentz Says:

    hey Mike’s got til’ December
    So i will drop a question in here everyday if i got the chance , so here goes

    Okay did somebody tell po’ Mike….

    1). How he can tell, if he was in a federal district court of record, simply by the layout of the court,
    Youse know, by the arrangement or the placement, seating arraignment of: the parties; the officers of the court, the jury/judges, the public, and the like?

  108. bruce sloane Says:

    You are wasting Mike’s time, with inconsequential, diversionary comment

    I do not know what ” secrets ” You may have discovered, but this will not help Mike

  109. Lyndon Says:

    Getting frustrated Karl? If you don’t like this approach to handling matters why do you keep posting?

  110. Incubus Says:

    Karl is what is commonly referred to as a troll. He has no “secrets” or evidence for his nonsense. He only has too much time and nothing productive to do.

    Notice how he thinks there is a distinction between “law” and “LAW”. A law, Karl, is nothing more than an opinion backed by a gun, factually.

  111. bruce sloane Says:

    Karl …

    Let me ask You a Question …

    How do I invoke an Article lll Court ..??

    Please respond soon, I am looking to use this in a defense .. LOL

  112. Dr. Mike Fitz Says:

    Stimul8, thanks for your input and edification of what you wrote. filed a motion for judgement notwithstanding today and listed 7 points of fact in the proceedings, or lack thereof.

    i am in an article III court, will find out what judge lodge is as well. well wishes all, fitz

  113. StimuL8 Says:

    Mike, I think it can be easily shown that the logic and reasoning of Marcs way of using the facts and evidence to force the plaintiff (that doesn’t exist) to prove it’s “standing” or a “cause of action”,(basically the same things) to have any real articulable reason to bring you into the court, the logic of K.I.S.S. “keep it simple stupid”, and the power of affidavits, and knowing, and not letting them reinterpret the meanings of the words you use, are all very powerful in the whole scheme of things in their fictional violent delusional world. Oh, and of course having the balls to stand up and be a man or woman whom isn’t going to take their deceit laying down is also a necessary part of it all. If a judge or attorney for the fiction called the STATE told me they didn’t understand my affidavit (I make them simple) or it was frivolous, I’d call them on it and either question their competency to be in the position they are in or, ask if they are conspiring to deprive me of a fair hearing. I haven’t had to go into court yet in the 2x I’ve had problems, because I shut them down before we got there. I’ll post the affidavit with redacted names that my friend served on the court and DA here where we live on the forum under (Courts and Judges) that made the DA get all nervous and all of a sudden not want to talk to my him anymore on a 27 year baseless felony meth allegation and it’s almost time to file the affidavit and notice of non response to this, as he hasn’t addressed it as of yet. I only have a hard copy cause I lost access to the drive cause of some power supply issues with my comp so I’ll have to retype it, but I’ll try to have it up today. All I can say about Marc is, what can you argue about common sense and reason when he shows you all the evidence you need. But one thing I’ve noticed is a lot of people expect Marc to give them a Silver Bullet and it doesn’t work like that. You have to use your mind study the materials Marc puts out and use the net as a tool for research. (his standing cross reference is a treasure and a goldmine to those who understand its info) Listen to what everyone says but only believe what you can verify with you own research. I’ve been able to verify EVERYTHING Marc has put forth so to me he’s a trustworthy schmuck from Long Island. You said you’re in an Article III court? How did you apprise this? Did you ask? Also check on the judges oath of office. Most courts in this country are NOT Article III, read Dr. Edwin Viera Jr. for more info on that. Anyway keep us informed I’m interested in anyone fighting the fraudsters in our so called just-us system.

    Of liberty I would say that, in the whole plenitude of its extent, it is unobstructed action according to our will. But rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add “within the limits of the law,” because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual.
    -Thomas Jefferson


  114. Dr. Mike Fitz Says:

    thanks again Stim-your valued input is sincerely appreciated and heart felt treasured. ALL i do right now is some work, and all study. often from 4 a.m. to 10 pm daily. i am reading John Benson’s book taxation by misrepresentation, as well as listening to a youtube done a couple of week ago on the Bo & Rocko show. Marc is easily a saint too, and KNOW there are not any magic bullets. if anything WE are all magic bullets both individually, and especially collectively. their early childhood brainwashing begins with “separation”, both spiritually and from each other socially, and more. i listened to Tom Cryer,last night, the lawyer who was acquitted 12-0 on tax evasion converted into “willful failure to file” down in Louisiana. he trys to debunk all the myth the IRS actually puts out. i know Marc’s “methods/research/facts” work as i have lived it. your offer for help is great gesture to which i thank you. feel free to contact me anytime. just google me, i am not hard to find. 🙂 fitz

  115. Karl Lentz Says:

    How do I invoke an Article lll Court?

    clue? did u simply send a letter to head of [whatever] court?
    say “please”?

    i am wayyyyy ahead of Youse
    i already know the ANSWER, for it is ‘NO’ !

    because None of Youse were raised with any manners in how to probably present yourself to court !

    Youse are just going to “FILE ON DEMAND”

    Youse are just going to Squeeel how courts are so unfair,

    when NONE of Youse and I mean None of Youse ever simply said

    “Please” and or “But, it is my wish”…

    Nope U are all going to squeeeel I Demand !!
    lol, like U are a sovereign who was the power to enforce your orders and demands upon others

  116. StimuL8 Says:

    I used to be fairly quiet on the net lurking and learning because, I knew the so called honorable criminals (in the CIA, FBI, NSA, and all the other Alphabet criminals) monitor it fairly heavily, but when they falsely and completely and exactly like in Stalinist Russia or Martin Niemollers, Nazi Germany, absolutely without cause arrested and tried to commit Brandon Raub a brother Marine in Virginia for expressing the real and actual truth of what he saw in our country (Read A Game Called Countries) on Facebook. I almost immediately realized I needed to do something, anything, real and tangible, whatever that was, to help all the honest and peaceful people, rather than hiding in my home and cowering like all the ignorant, indoctrinated, authoritarian scared sheep. I’m not rich but I have some knowledge that works, and definitely have a set of balls the size of Toledo. I had a Judge, John Paul Damron in Pulaski, Tenneessee in a matter of my wifes brother, ask me if I wanted to spend 10 days in HIS jail, I turned around to him and said, I conditionally accept you offer of 10 days in YOUR jail upon proof YOU own the jail, proof other than violent psychotic attacks on me that you have ANY lawful jurisdiction over ME and upon payment of 1 million dollars per day in advance and a guarantee I will be treated with human compassion and kindness instead of like an animal, as you currently treat you prisoners (looking at a guy in the court for a suspended drivers license whom was shackled and chained like a violent animal from a Zoo) He just sat there with with his mouth open, apparently never having encountered an American before. I said well? My brother in law was freaking and left, I said, I guess you DON’T want me in YOUR jail, huh? As I was leaving, I turned and told the 45 or so other men and women in the court. You dam slaves need to educate yourselves and stop being these tyrannical criminals whipping toys, act like Americans, and left. I’ll check you out on the net, since you have a public profile 🙂 Like I said I wish you luck, they are a bunch of killing, lying, violent, animals but I won’t be a slave in the land where I was born. They can pound their so called laws and their violence right up you know what. I don’t play their corporate BS games anymore and if they try to force me to. It’s not hard to prove whom the psychopaths are. Freedom, Love and Peace to all whom are standing up and taking back their own lives, from this insane Nanny Fiction. I love and care for each and every one of you. No matter your beliefs on anything else.

    Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.
    -John F. Kennedy


  117. Incubus Says:

    “None of Youse were raised with any manners in how to probably present yourself in court!”.

    How should one go about to “probably present” oneself, Karl?

    The problem with that statement, aside from the obvious, is that the only people lacking manners are those who are “the court”. They do not invite you to come to “their” court out of your own free will. They threaten you. ‘You come, or we’ll come get you. Violently. And will kill you in the process, if need be.’ That is their mentality. That is the reality of how they do business.

    Sure, when you’re there it is always wise to be calm and polite. To show good manners. They are oversized children with short tempers and big guns, afterall. But “Please” or “But, it is my wish”, simply do not fly in the face of psychopaths.

    Karl, you either have something to say or you don’t. If it’s the former, then show some integrity and just be forthright. Being vague and obtuse with all this “I know something ‘Youse’ don’t know” is neither productive nor mature.

  118. Karl Lentz Says:

    DISregardless if youse perceive me to be an idiot
    DISregardless, of that..

    if U are indicted and brought forth into a tax court (viz., , THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE UNITED STATES ) u cannot use an article III court as a defense

    (this is like pulling teeth)

    When the Doc., Went before the juries (both Grand and petite)

    did he appear as:
    a Prosecutor ?
    a Defendant?

    i asked this QUESTION a Million times and STILL
    NO simply ANSWER From the Peanut Gallery !

    “Geeez us H”

    if Youse folks KNEW ANYTHING about court procedure
    Youse would stop laughing (lol) and calling me a troll and a Moron
    and INSTEAD of saying…
    “KArl, you are a moron, only the state gets to be the prosecutor ! ”

    Youse have no idea how ridiculous U sound

  119. Karl Lentz Says:

    Wow, look INCUBUS, DISREGARDLESS of the fact that youse ( the Peanut gallery) are calling me:
    a moron,
    a troll, and;
    an idiot (which by the way in legalese is 100% correct and i thank U for acknowleging me as such )

    youse want me to BE NICE and explain to U what i believe is correct and proper procedure?

    the court: is all of elements in which defines it;

    this court: is the jurisdiction, could also be considered the venue;

    and u move court, by making a present of your case to those in attendance who will judge the merits of your (gift) present to them; (yes, very civil)

    so when U say…

    The problem with that statement, aside from the obvious, is that the only people lacking manners are those who are “the court”. They do not invite you to come to “their” court out of your own free will. They threaten you. ‘You come, or we’ll come get you.

    Can the USA go into Cuba and go get whoever they want?

    Why not ?

    Does the USA not have,,,, as U put it… “short tempers and big guns”?

    Or is it not for the fact , it is because [whether Youse believe it or not], that the US Government moves in accordance to the Rule of Law?

    in the fact that, the USA lacks jurisdiction to do so..

    It is called Rule of Law…

    and When U do not know how to invoke your jurisdiction to the man in the robe, U have the balls to say, to me and EVERYONE else, U decide to squeeel to
    by saying “The man in the black robe , he, he, HE IS NOT BEING NICE to me”

    how did U put it,
    Ooh, yes…

    Karl, you either have something to say or you don’t. If it’s the former…
    and that i am not “mature”. in that i need to Grow Up?

    look , U want me to just spell it all out in one little comment box, to make U “happy”?
    okay here it is…. ‘just, be a man.’

    NOW do U know how to invoke ‘that’phrase in ANY courtroom setting?

    it truly is THAT simple,

    So U want me to grow Up?

    lol, i know how to move court with THAT simple phrase

    to me Youse are like a child(ren),

    Ooh and i did not teach ANY of my children by the ROTE method,
    i taught them all by way of ‘critical thinking’

    U have been reared up to expecting others to give U an answer the first time U ask, oh what U DEMAND for me to act mature?

    Do u really want to be a parrot and just repeat what i say?
    or do u want to believe U learned it all on your own, and feel proud of yourself?

    So when i “teach” you … Youse will come back to me and say….

    “Karl, U didnt teach me a Da*mn thing, i figured it out all on my own”
    (Just like the [typical] ungrateful U.S.A. kids say to their Mommys and daddys or 99.99% of them)

    and i will just smile and say “Thats right, U sure did, I never helped Youse with anything”


  120. Karl Lentz Says:

    Incubus, is it?
    is that your
    fist name ?
    middle name?
    family name?
    how may i address U , Sir?

    For Mister Incubus, (Sloan, Lyndon, etc…)

    “i” (Karl), do Not know any of Youse, do i?

    But YET, right out of the box
    U seem to use my name ‘Karl’, with a casual demeanor and or a sense of familiarity,

    for i do not recall , Youse, asking how i prefer to be addressed….. “May i refer to you as ‘Karl’, or Sir, when i am responding to your comments?”

    But what i do recall Youse saying, after i posted my Very FIRST ! comment here on the MARCSTEVENS.NET website.. Was….

    “Karl, U are an idiot, moron, nin-cumpoop, jerk-off; troll, dead-beat, loser”

    and U wonder why i say…
    “Youse all lack any and all forms of manner in which u will move a court in your favor”

    WHY did i say…All of YOUSE,

    for did ANYONE stand up AND Defend ME (Karl), and tell “Mister” Incubus; Sloan; Lyndon, to not call ‘Karl’ “inflammatory names”, it is neither necessary nor proper within the setting of THIS venue

    NOPE not a One of Youse !

  121. Karl Lentz Says:

    Mister Incubus,
    Incubus of the family Incubus…you say..

    “the only people lacking manners are those who are “the court”. They do not invite you to come to “their” court out of your own free will.”

    Do u not have the will, or simply lack of knowledge in how “their” court is also, “your” court, any time u wish it to be?”

    When U get invited to to be a part(y) of someone elses party, is it not proper to invite them to be of a part[y] to your party?

    THEN U GO ON SQUEELING >>> hysterically !

    Mister Incubus…

    “They threaten you. ‘You come, or we’ll come get you. Violently. And will kill you in the process, if need be.’ That is their mentality. That is the reality of how they do business.

    Sure, when you’re there it is always wise to be calm and polite. To show good manners. They are oversized children with short tempers and big guns, afterall. But “Please” or “But, it is my wish”, simply do not fly in the face of psychopaths.”
    ( U should have your own radio show )

    Do U react like THAT everyTime someone invites U (summons) to appear in their Venue [home, place of business, place of worship] are u paranoid ?

    Do U not know how to simply “answer” them in a calm rational manner,
    in which if they do NOT accept your offer,
    U can send Your offer to their “Boss”
    by way of an interlocutory appeal (or interim appeal),
    and UNTIL all the rules have been established for the court,
    the proceedings are to be held in abeyance ?

    or DO u just walk in the day of the summons is dated, for u to be there and THINK u are going to establish the Rules of the (dance, party) Court?

    Why do people wait UNTIL the Last Minute, to set the Rules of court in which they will appear?

    who in there right mind would waits until a few days or weeks before a trial?

    I am sure MARC has told U folk this seven times seventy…

    lol, yes i know Matthew 18:22

    by hey like Sloan; Incube; Lyndon say
    Karl, what the HeII do U know

    what i do know is how to stand in court,
    and go home 100% of the time,
    the SAME way i walked in

  122. Karl Lentz Says:

    (this is like pulling teeth)

    When the Doc., Went before the juries (both Grand and petite)

    did he appear as:
    a Prosecutor ?
    a Defendant?

    i asked this QUESTION a Million times and STILL
    NO simple ANSWER From anyone on this forum?

    i am sure the Doc, must know how he stood

  123. Karl Lentz Says:

    for OMG if SOMEONE failed to info the Doc to prosectue, OMG!

  124. Dr. Mike Fitz Says:

    seriously great input Stim, thanks! i can only imagine the look on that magistrates face too. good that you won’t “perish” for lack of knowledge. backed by a set of nads to boot. well wishes, fitz

  125. Dr. Mike Fitz Says:

    did not appear before any grand jury. when the trial began, and after jury selection, trial commenced, i was the defendant. our motion to dismiss for failure to prosecute was denied, by both the court, and appeals court. if you have any experience that resolves issues like mine that i can verify please, do tell. thanks, fitz

  126. Andy Says:

    StimuL8, You da man! That’s the most “awsomeest” thing I’ve read in awhile.

  127. Incubus Says:

    Dude…you present yourself as “Karl”. Is it really so disrespectful to address you as such? Is there another name you would prefer? ( “Disregardless” is not a word. Atleast not a proper word. It’s a double negative. I assume you’re using it to be…ironic?)

    You have been volatile since the you began your rant. Don’t act act so innocent. Any disrespect you have garnered has only been reciprocal to what you’ve given.. And when you fabricate insults nobody ever used, well that goes to show your lack of character.

    Not only have you fabricated insults but you have also fabricated arguments. You seem to think people have made statements or assertions that no one, I repeat no one, has made. Its borderline delusional.

    When I or anyone else ask a question and expect a responsive answer, I don’t think that is a sign of laziness. I haven’t commanded you to be mature. I made the mistake of assuming you would show some integrity and just be forthright. My bad.

    Their “invitations” are not invitations at all. They’re threats. They’re ultimatums. They may dress them up. But there is always a gun beneath the table. That is not paranoia. That is facing reality.

    But I cannot overlook your hang up on this “family name” nonsense. And I had my suspicions before that you were of the freeman/strawman camp. All doubt has been removed. I hate to burst you’re bubble, but you will find no quarter here for such irrationality. You’re caught up in a delusion. But around here, we prefer reality. Empircal data. Evidence.” Just the facts ma’am.”

    And I can tell you have nothing of substance to offer. If you do, you won’t. You’re too arrogant. You can keep your so called “knowledge” to yourself. Nobody wants your misguided nonsense. Nobody wants your condescending attitude. I for one am done with you.

    I would however suggest you take your own advice and “be a man”.

  128. Andy Says:

    Karl notwithstanding, save for the salient point that he is intent on pulling this very valuable topic into the trash bin, Dr. Mike Fitz continues with bulldog tenacity to trounce the fraudsters at their own “game” and StimuL8 tells tale of his extreme civil disobedience.

  129. NonE Says:

    Incubus Says:
    October 3rd, 2012 at 8:11 pm

    Dude…you present yourself as “Karl”.

    Don’t feed the trolls. It causes them to multiply.

    – NonE

  130. Incubus Says:

    You’re right. Like Mogwai in water.

  131. StimuL8 Says:

    Sorry I didn’t post that today, figures I promise something and things go so I can’t do it, I promise it won’t take me as long as the new book from Marc….. Sorry Marc I couldn’t resist lolol, I really do love ya guy.
    From now on I’ll wait till I just post.
    The problem with my brother in law there in Pulaski was I wrote him this beautiful 6 page affidavit tearing these criminals a great big wide hole in their asses….. But I couldn’t get him over the mindset that the judge was his God so it ended up being a total waste of my and his time, very disappointing for me. You got to have the balls to stand up to these criminals or everything Marc and everyone teaches you on here means absolutely zip, nada, zero. Doe no good if you think you are owned. The funny thing about my butt raping Damron in Pulaski was my son was in the court after I left and said he said, don’t listen to that idiot. Yeah, I’m an idiot, but I did walk out of his Godly space without him doing crap. The truth is in the results. I can see why some guys shoot these criminals off the bench. Or crash their planes into their offices. They get tired of being legally raped over and over and over and it gets to a point of screw it I got nothing to lose.
    Peace out all, I’m worn out from my fusion powered grandson today…
    Need a Wild Turkey 101 and some easy slow Jazz, and It’ll be all right. 🙂

  132. Karl Lentz Says:

    the Doc is going to Jail correct?

    WE , we can agree on that?

    We can agree, someone Suggested to him to use the strawman, the freeman, the No State, the FRCP, Methods, and None of these approaches Worked in court, am i correct, so far?

    I tried to be nice and polite and do this one step at a time

    Can we All agree, that THIS BLOG is the DOC’s Blog?

    i dont want to hear ANYHING ABOUT
    how mean and Violent and Horrible the state is, or
    silly statements like how they force u by the end of a gun nonsense,
    no more squealing give me liberty or give me death non-sense,
    I am sure MARC has TONS of Fun – Fun Blogs for U men to go screeam “FREEEEDOM!!!” on, and pat each other on the behind, saying what good men u all are

    This Blog NEEDs to be reserved for “Dr. Mike, for he doesn’t have much time…

    Because I can guarantee U all STILL file Your tax forms,

    Ooh and if ANY INTERESTING Bloggers, JUMPs in, to correct me on my “term or terms of art” i use , [ viz., “say” cf. “speak”] i have penned a law dictionary, based upon Coke, Littleton, Blackstone, KJV, Tomlins…


    i KNOW this form of government, we have is the BEST on the Planet,

    we are so lucky to have so many choices
    all of our remedies are HERE in law;

    I am here to help the DOC,
    no disrespect, but there is NO STORY here,

    So if someone know what happed great SPEAK Up, if not then… maybe the Doc can have a chance to explain what happened

    Doctor Mike, came home one day and had a letter in his mailbox from the IRS…
    did a U.S. Marshal serve him?

    Did Doc, did he, get a bill and its particulars, from the IRS in the mail?

    How did Doc, act after it was delivered, WHAT did he do?

    Did he attempt to; set-off , discharge, dispute, or settle the bill?

    Did he fail to answer w/in 72 hours, and just ignore it?
    if he did answer, in what manner?

    did he agree to the particulars
    did he deny their particulars

    Was he liened, and/or levied, and/or accounts froze, w/in approx 14 days after he received the letter, bill, notice?

    this is a gooood start for ,any more SILLY comments such as if …

    ‘KArl if U have the Secret tell us all RIGHT NOW !
    See Karl wont tell us so he must be a Troll

    will be ignored

  133. Kel Says:

    Ohhhhh, I get it now. You’re a statist.

    And a troll!

    Which is redundant, I know.

    None of those methods worked in court? Clearly they did. They’re evidentiary based questions. The prosecution had no facts. Mike gracefully demonstrated that.

    “…silly statemnets like how they force u by the end of a gun nonsense…”. Reality is nonsense? Boy what a topsy turvy world you live in! :S

  134. NonE Says:

    Kel Says:
    October 6th, 2012 at 8:04 am

    Ohhhhh, I get it now. You’re a statist.

    And a troll!

    the Very Non-Eprime is a Very Slow Learner about feeding dem trolls, huh? 🙁

  135. Karl Lentz Says:

    See: here it goes from the Peanut gallery
    AGAIN !
    More ad hominem attacks
    You call me a statist
    WONDERFUL. i am often called A LOT worse, by better Men

    Ooh ,Now define it?
    What is: “state”

    You all get a Big chuckle, when Marc says to ask a Cop
    when he is on the stand to define “state”
    So go ahead BRAVE MEN and, define state, and/or a statist

    The best (ridiculous) answer i have EVER heard from U folks is….
    there is “no state”

    This “there is no state”, MUST be , Has to be, a troll phrase
    when there is no doubt a state, and always will be

    Do u squeal out “there is no state”, like to shock and awe?

    like me saying to a cop,

    “obviously , i am not “here”, i am , or i was over there to you, as a matter of fact , how can i be sure ANY of us are here at all, and where is “here “, …just to screw with his head?


    i know, u squeal out “there is no state”, like as comedic relief..

    Like i saw it on an Abbott & Costello routine, kinda like who is on first? whats on second? i dont know, third base – “STATE, Tag Your it?”

    Is this REALLY Your method to move court?
    as the Jester?

    Good and IF Your Methods WORKED, are U going to go to MIKE’s sentencing and Tell the judge
    you want to go to jail for Mike,
    Since in YOUR mind it worked OUT just Swell for Mike
    and NONE of “THIS” is Real,,,’

  136. bruce sloane Says:

    a favour, please Karl

    Post something directly of use to Mike
    take Your arguments to the Forum


  137. Kel Says:

    Well everyone else was doin’ it!…

    …I’ll stop.

    (Never get to have any fun around here 🙁 )

  138. Karl Lentz Says:

    I Posted A HUGE amount of QUESTIONS for MIKE

    i can NOT give HIM an ANSWER Until SOMEONE answers the QUESTIONS i posted…


    Doctor Mike, came home one day and had a letter in his mailbox from the IRS…
    did a U.S. Marshal serve him?

    Did Doc, did he, get a bill and its particulars, from the IRS in the mail?

    How did Doc, act after it was delivered, WHAT did he do?

    Did he attempt to; set-off , discharge, dispute, or settle the bill?

    Did he fail to answer w/in 72 hours, and just ignore it?
    if he did answer, in what manner?

    did he agree to the particulars
    did he deny their particulars

    Was he liened, and/or levied, and/or accounts froze, w/in approx 14 days after he received the letter, bill, notice?

    this is a gooood start for , SOMEONE to START to give me Some ANSWERs to these QUESTIONS so I can SUGGEST to MIKE…. how to

    “pay for”… what HE ,,, HE,,,, HE DID!!

    NOT what shoud he do NOW, for I have NO IDEA WHAT HE DID, to get to where he is in the FIRST place…

    lol, LETS PRENTEND I am a civil administrative tribunal hearing officer…. I NEED to know How we got here since i am IN MEDIAS RE !!!

  139. Karl Lentz Says:

    Well i was on hold for over an hour
    trying to be the foil or, the Devil’s Advocate

    and all i kept hearing was something about ANTZ,
    and about how psychos the court system is,
    and some Ron Paul , love fest, non-sense

    i guess the ONLY calls that get thru, are from those
    who will not challenge the Host or his Guests…

    …too bad it would’a been FUN,
    to have him try to answer/respond, to my statements
    Not go Off into a diatribe… about antz, or ron paul or pyscho court staff, and evil cops

  140. Karl Lentz Says:

    bruce sloane Says:
    October 6th, 2012 at 11:36 am
    a favour, please Karl

    Post something directly of use to Mike
    take Your arguments to the Forum

    Mr. Sloane, i would love to BUT to Post on the Forum
    one must FIRST be approved by the administrator of the Forum
    lol, maybe i should squeeallll that it must be a conspiracy against my right to free-speech….

  141. Karl Lentz Says:

    Bruce Sloane
    “where might You find an Article lll Judge ..???”

    Before i make a suggestion to u…

    Where , how, or what have you tried to find one, to date?

  142. Karl Lentz Says:

    did the Doc’s Case,
    or does he prefer to be called Mike
    did his case START in 2010?
    according to PACER it did..

  143. bruce sloane Says:

    Karl Lentz Says:
    October 6th, 2012 at 4:11 pm

    Well i was on hold for over an hour
    trying to be the foil or, the Devil’s Advocate

    next time try calling into a LIVE Show

  144. Karl Lentz Says:

    LOL, well a live show woulda helped
    but i see nowhere on this website it was NOT to be live today,
    and when U call in on a OFF-DAY
    wouldnt U think it would be courteous to have the Answering machine say… “Today is a rebroadcast”…
    “Todays show is a Rebroadcast”

  145. Karl Lentz Says:

    Well i am glad U online
    Mr. Sloane
    for u asked?
    “where might You find an Article lll Judge ..???”

    Before i make a suggestion to u…

    Where , how, or what have you tried to find said Judge, to date?

  146. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ karl, it was posted under upcoming events. Sorry you have not gotten on, if you have called, you know calls are not screened. I’ll be live next week, but probably can’t take calls. I’m happy to schedule your call in advance though for the show on the 20th.

  147. bruce sloane Says:

    I’d like some time on the 20th, too

    Town of Pittsford, NY NSP Traffic Study .. Courts on the 25th

  148. Karl Lentz Says:

    YES please do MARC
    i think WE would have ALOT of fun , me playing devils advocate
    lol, i an the type that can make Hitler, look like a saint

  149. Karl Lentz Says:

    I know I will probably make U lose Your cookies,
    So, just laugh ALOT when I try to put U on the spot
    its good for me and U to go around and see what happens

  150. Karl Lentz Says:

    Mr. Sloane traffic courtis the easiest to blow thru
    but AGAIN before i suggeest what to do

    when U go to court, ANY court, its a 2-step dance
    firstly, i ask how would u address the “facts”

  151. Karl Lentz Says:

    schedule a call in advance sounds great,
    lol, like today when i was on hold
    some cattle busted thru the fence,
    and i was yelling yah, yah, yah…
    with the cellphone in my front shirt pocket
    so if U DID answer my call, while U were on the AIR
    whilst i was yelling yaah- yaah,
    U woulda thought i was crazy

    Not that youse dont already think i am crazy already

  152. bruce sloane Says:


  153. NonE Says:

    bruce sloane Says:
    October 6th, 2012 at 6:41 pm


    is that a verb? 😉

  154. bruce sloane Says:

    that is an Instruction

  155. Lyndon Says:

    The bantling is not going to call your show because he/she/they is/are full of imposture. The scattered postings, the deliberate mispellings, the abreviations, and general inarticulate gibberish are posted to conceal the lack of substantial, meaningful, and factual points or counter-points to any of our assertions from this site. Banter of that kind, like that from a child, is stopped by simply not giving any heed.

  156. Karl Lentz Says:

    lyndon if U are refering to me as one who wont call
    iwas on HOLD for an Hour TODAY
    I have been on his show BEFORe for about 40 mins!

  157. Andy Says:

    Karl @ October 6th, 2012 at 6:08 pm wrote: “me playing devils advocate
    lol, i an the type that can make Hitler, look like a saint”

    Hitler wasn’t a saint. There’s nothing special about using words to deceive people. Certainly not something to boast about, IMO.

  158. StimuL8 Says:

    Definitely keep us apprised as to what’s happening, as I hate it when people don’t follow up. Like I’m still mad about what these criminals were doing to Mary in Michigan. Wonder if that lady is in a cage for the heinous crime of nothing. I can’t believe her boyfriend or was it brother didn’t get arrested for protecting his loved one. You have the brass to beat this crap and I’m rooting for you. Remember, if you don’t bend your back, no one can ride you. Freedom and Peace to you brother.

    “Pro Libertate”

  159. Dr. Mike Fitz Says:

    hey there Stim, thanks much for checking in. we were scheduled for trail at the end of this month, the 31st. needing more time for motions, discovery, depositions, and such i was granted an extension until Jan 8th. SO, here come the discovery requests. you can always email directly too. thanks again for thinking of me. there is more to tell i won’t on this site.

  160. Karl Lentz Says:

    Dr. Mike Fitz: send me an email
    this non sense i hear on the Radio
    lol, makes me whinch, as i haer more and more non sense

    my email is

    when u write me i will give u my phone number
    and get U some answers in a few hours,
    or if U want to U can come to me, and i can meet up with U at W&L law university just up the road from my home

    what have U to lose, the udge already ssid U will see some Jail time…. so…

  161. PatriotOne Says:




    btw the- district court of the United States – is the ONLY court the IRS mught maintain STANDING. the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT is NOT a place for the IRS.

    I hope the Dr. does NOT comunicate with your “GMAIL” fraud, I hope the Dr. is not tricked.


    This forum is supposed to be liken’d to people sitting around a table discussing the next move-defense fending off the attackers…

    If you and I was at this table and you kept spewing crap like you are I would push my fist through your throat from the aggrivation you’ve caused, and if you lived to take me to court I would explain to the JUDGE how I appologized to you two weeks before.

    BECAUSE; a Man that cannot read nor write but can speak cannot be compelled to answer with words on paper when oral testimony is His sole method for communication (My fist through your throat notwithstanding).

  162. Tom D. Says:

    Hey take it easy on em patriot.

    Karl just revealed to everyone he has downs syndrome so cut the poor guy some slack.

    He doesn’t KNOW ANY BETTER ya know? He’s “special”!

  163. Karl Lentz Says:

    approx a month or so a go
    i asked a simple question
    to HELP mike,
    now mikes time is running short


    “Did mike file a petition?”>
    if the answer is YES,>
    if the answer is “NO”,>

  164. Karl Lentz Says:

    there U go, “PatriotOne”

    tell me since U know EVRYTING Mike said…


    i asked a MONTH ago, so why dont U tell me PatriotONE

    DID he or Did he Not File a PETITIOn?

    U screaming at me TELLING me I better tell Him WHAT to file or U will put Your FIST down my throat

    Did He file a Petition, YET? PAtriotONe?
    Do U have ABSOLUTLEY ZERO idea what a “petition” is, tell me PATRIOT w/o Googling …what is a Petition ?

  165. Karl Lentz Says:

    the IRS is like any other person,
    it has the capacity to sue and be sued

    See… U are getting caught up on word games…US, this USA, that…

    law is simple

    whatever court you, as a man of this land,
    wish to move your case,
    against any person, in who[m] is a ca[u]se of your harm
    they will broughtforth to answer your complaint any time , day or night for court is always “open” 24/7/365 at your beck and call
    and the person who has harmed you, will have to answer, your claim in whatever court u wish,
    u as a man will not be denied this right to settle a controversy between u and any person

    when i give U these Men to whom i refernce from
    and U see the Men i am using and
    YOU DIDNT even knew these Men existed ,
    these 3 MEN in which the law of the land comes from,
    i read there books, and their beliefs,,,lol and YOU Never even heard of their NAMES

    start with Littleton>
    after him read COKE>
    then proceed to Blackstone>…
    lol and NOT THE MAGICIAN
    (and Tomlins is kinda; fun to read tooo)

    once U understand these MEN, come back and Yell at me for being a Moron, and tell me why U should Put Your fist down my throat

    ooh and for the “man” calling me a retard…

    i am SURE he can cite all 4 of these MEN for us, on the radio on Saturday, seeing how i am retarted he should be able to wipe the floor agaisnt a DOWNS Moron like me , Correct?

    lol what is sooo funny KNOW of YOU CAN even tell me WHAT CENTURY these Men Were Borne in
    YEt U want ME to tell U all the ANSWERs to ALL of Your “legal” questions in a TINY little BLOB BOX…
    When U do not even know WHAT U ARE ASKING…
    You dont even know the QUESTION, U are asking me….

    lol, thank U MEN, i needed a laugh….

  166. Karl Lentz Says:

    if U do not know the History of law whatever i “tell” u to file will be for naught, because the men in black robes will challenge U on it and U will get slaughted, i am sure marc musta said something similar to this on his show, to USE the “magic law bullets”
    you have to know how to build the gun and how to cast the bullets
    then “shooting magic court bullets is Fun and EASY…

  167. Karl Lentz Says:

    See Patriotone, while U were having fun “living”
    i spent YEARS in basements of LAw librarys studying,
    so to be fair u and i , we do NOT even speak the same language, “anymore”

    i dont get mad when U threaten me with violence,
    i pity U because,
    i know U must be really scared,
    so when i say this is the best of times in recorded History,
    and i have the BEST government in the BEST land,
    and U only say i am a MORON TROLL,

    well that is becuase u do Not know what i know,
    and i feel for U….

    good luck friend…

  168. Karl Lentz Says:

    PatriotOne Says: Karl, ,,I would push my fist through your throat from the aggrivation you’ve caused
    This forum is supposed to discussing the next move-defense fending off the attackers…


    why would i want “friends” like U
    and two,
    “fending off the attackers?
    Dude look in the mirror, u are your own worst enemy..

    you deal with Govt agents what 20 – 30 minutes a year?
    and the rest of the Year, it is all on YOU?

  169. Lyndon Says:

    Karl: I don’t know exactly what Mike has filed. There are many kinds of petitions. Most petitions are requests. A request acknowledges authority of the other party calling itself a court. I don’t think Mike would want to confer any more authority with a petition. In Mike’s matter we already know that no authority to enforce, no applicablility of law, has been established. Mike, unknowingly at the time, conferred authority to the court. To my knowledge, (I may be wrong) Mike is currently trying to clarify his standing. Mike may yet demand proof of claim of damages once his standing has been restored.

    Now if you mean petitio (as a form of suit) I doubt very much Mike has taken that route.

  170. free Says:

    You people with the exception of Karl thoroughly disgust me.
    Check out the real truth and then eat crow!

    So now what do you have to say for yourselves? The dept of Alabama in question is under federal probation you thugs are looking out for your own interests which is money. Karl only wanted his child returned who was kidnapped by the government.

  171. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ free, don’t lump everyone into that free, those comments with Karl didn’t involve everyone and I defended him and have emailed him about being a scheduled guest this upcoming show.

  172. Lyndon Says:

    free: Choose selectively to whom you direct your emotions. I have only criticized Karl on his method of communicating.

  173. Dr. Mike Fitz Says:

    Lyndon, your wisdom has almost made you a “mind reader”, as everything you said was true, and then there is a tad more as of course i am not disclosing my strategy here. but you are correct for sure. great either presumption, or likely deduction, and again, i do appreciate when you comment on here as i know you know what is what and also what you are speaking of and i learn from it. thank you!

    again, if anyone wishes to chat, do a google search and look me up in sandpoint, idaho. send me an email an i will call. thanks, fitz

  174. Incubus Says:

    Karl, a word of advice.

    You clearly have something you want to say. However, you might reconsider the way in which you say it. People here aren’t mind readers (except Lyndon, 😉 ), but they are willing to listen and learn.

    Sometimes it’s best for both parties if you make the effort to meet them at their map of the world. Whatever your intent may be, the way in which you communicate makes you seem like you’re less interested in helping Mike (or anyone) and more interested in berating people.

    Another poster here by the name of ‘free’ made the comment (more like demand) that we should all show you respect. Well here’s my thought on that: Services will be rendered upon payment.

    In otherwords, it’s a matter of give and take.

  175. Karl Lentz Says:

    Wow THANKS Free, so U did Notice in my Suit i did not ask the COURT For a “dime” ?
    the court nor the State could FIGURE out why, i did not ask for a single penny
    I said to the COURT, i do not have any PROOF of what the State did, for i have no access to the court case file, yes i might need MONEY, but g0d has to this date provided me all i need…

    i told them in 2006, if they would JUST admit their wrongs i will NOT ask for a dime, BUT
    if they Fail to admit Wrong and HANG a FALSE claim (millstone)a bout my NEck , i will sue them for every PENNY is within the State’s control

    but THANK U FREE, i know my 2006 Suit, was ‘scambled eggs”, becaue i ,nor my wife or FAMILY were ALLOWED to KNOW the NATURE in which the STATE was moving their CASE..
    (if U dont know what that means??? they WOULD Not supply us With ONE Peice of Paperwork, to TELL us WHY they Took the Baby, nor why they WOULD NOT return him, nor why we were not permitted to VISIT him for 5 years!!!

    again i know my 2006 Suit, was ‘scambled eggs”,becuae ALL i could go on was PRESUMPTIONs

    BUT i forced them in Ala Court of Appeals (mandamus) in 2009 to Bring the charging, accusatory or contract forth, lol, yes FUNNY, COULD U IMAGINE WAITING 8 years to KNOW what U are going Into COURT FOR !

    again i know my 2006 Suit, was ‘scambled eggs”,becuae ALL i could go on was PRESUMPTIONs
    BUT the contract the State produced in 2009, was signed BEfore WE met them , it did NOT have my name the mothers name nor the babys name upon it

    Now i seek COMPENSATION for the evidence is prima facia, showing KIDNAPPING by the use of a forged instrument to STEAL A NEWBORN from his Hospital crib?

    again i know my 2006 Suit, was ‘scambled eggs”,
    but my 2012 suit, oh my sweet jesu$ , it is a (State) killer…

    they SHould have settled…

  176. Karl Lentz Says:

    LYndon , i apologize for the communication breakdown
    BUT i am Now converse, on the level of a Judge
    so when U folks Use certain words, it makes me cringe,
    Youse are hurting yourselves

    example remember like on “I love lucy show”
    Ricky was always given a hardtime because his mis-use of the English langauge, well that is how i feel when i hear U folks speaking legalese, on the Radio, and i know if U say THAT to a judge he is going to slaughter Youse…

    look, i had 9 judges deny me, my wife, our attorney access to my newborns case file,

    BUT i did NOT know USE their WORDs! BUT

    NOW i can slaughter, them BUT back then I TRIED to speak legalese and GOT clobbered !

    So i canNOT convince U alllll of the Words U rely Upon are Up-side down, and i TRY to explain no,no,no, , i get deemed a TROLL

    because School taught “us” NOT the terms of art of the Administrative courts, and

    honestly ‘MASTERNG’ a law Dictionary, will ONLY get U into DEEPER trouble

  177. Karl Lentz Says:

    LYNDON, u believe there are divers and sundry styles of petitions?

    i(man) need only one style (form),

    so until SOMEONE can tell me the ANSWER to this question i been asking for MANY weeks, because Mike, U, me, the IRS, Santa, Jesu$ can only file ONE petition, per ca[u]se…

    did he or>
    did he NOT>
    file a petition?

  178. Lyndon Says:

    Mike: Thank you. Your comments are well received. Yes, keep your moves and motives close to your chest. Keep your private affairs private. You are building a record now to settle and/or claim later. Contrary to what some accept, anyone may be held accountable/obligated/liable for wrongs they are responsible for. Looking forward to your progress.

  179. Lyndon Says:

    I indeed accept that there are divers (french for multiple, many) and sundry (apart, separate OE?) petitions. A petition may originate from “petit- motion” or petit mise en movement: hence, “moving” the court. Littleton, whom you cited earlier, wrote in French for the English Crown. While all petitions are requests to move, the reasons for the requests vary.

    Did Mike attempt to move the court? It is said that he did. Did Mike use the word “petition”? I have no knowledge that he did.

    From my experience, one’s knowledge and skill are only as effective as the knowledge and willingness of he or she on the bench to understand what is being done before them. Isn’t that why “Puffy” on Angela’s show told you how to his experience “some things work in some areas while other thing work in other areas?”

  180. Karl Lentz Says:

    “Puffy” on Angela’s show told you how to his experience “some things work in some areas while other thing work in other areas?”

    i am not sure who Puffy is, ?
    law is simple ,
    we live in a common law land
    it works throughout this land
    there is no other way but one in this land

    it is the Attorneys that convice Good men like U to turn away from the One true way of this land.

    Sir i hope this help? maybe?

    Again Mike Petition procedure is CRITICAL
    MIKE does not move the court if he is NOT the petitioner

  181. Karl Lentz Says:

    Mr. Lyndon:
    i think THINK i told U i wrote a law dictionary/encyclopdia?
    lol, maybe folks forget that lil’ fact during the TROLL bashing Days?

    ‘divers and sundry’
    now divers, is = diverse and
    sundry, (yes like a sundry store) = Odds and ends…

    ‘divers and sundry’, to my knowledge first appeared in the ‘Book of Dome’ (pronounced DOOM!)

    [it is also found in KJV bible]:
    “God, who at sundry times, and in divers manners, spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets. Heb 1.”

    and was used often by the Crown
    here is How Henry VIII’s court used it, for example…

    “For remedy hereof, it is ordained and enacted that no manner of person, of what estate, degree, or condition soever, shall take any several farms more than one, whereof the yearly value shall not exceed the sum of ten marks; and if any several leases afore this time have been made to any person or persons of divers and sundry farmholds, whereof the yearly value shall exceed that sum, then the said person or persons shall choose one farmhold at his pleasure, and the remnant of his leases shall be utterly void.”

    lol, again i am NOT trying to show ANYONE up !

    Honestly, i look like a Hells Angel Biker,
    In FACT, i ran a strip-club as the manager of Scarletts in Daytona Beach for the Outlaws MCC, back in the 1990s

    i am NOT tryig to put on airs, if U saw me in the Street U would say, i look like well , a big biker,,,

    I HAD to LEARN the law from Page #1… yes bible…Plato…Cicero (Cicero rocks!)…and so on and so forth, JUST to bring my Child home, to his mother and family, this took me 6 years!!!

    See You and Your wife “popped out a kid at the hospital and 3 days later U went HOME, back to the 9 o 5….

    well for me, g0d had ANother path for me to follow, and i thank g0d Everyday for him believing in me that i could Pull this Off…

  182. Lyndon Says:

    The law of the land may be Common Law but the results one achieves or fails to achieve are dependant on who is on the bench. Not all judges,justices, magistrates, etc. may know what to do or what one is doing. It is that simple. That’s not to say one doesn’t have recourse with a higher court. One may holler and yelp about the law of the land but the law is what the bench on the day thinks it is or says it is. Mike’s “case” is an example of this when no proof of applicability was made yet the prosecutor and judge insisted laws were applicable.

    As for your definitions, you may use words any way you choose to. Define words in any manner you like. But when a word is commonly defined in many dictionaries, of various specialties, the common definition stands as the truest notwithstanding others. I wrote the same definition for divers as you did but you did not recognize it. Divers is a French word Anglicized to diverse. No secret meaning there. And sundry is commonly defined as apart, seperate, or several. Both divers and sundry are closely defined.

    I recall a trial where the judge did not know the difference between a contract being “executed” and “performed”. It didn’t matter I won anyway.
    In suits and liens, and sometimes affidavits, I define my key words.

  183. Karl Lentz Says:

    i was not NOT correcting U, PLEASE i DO NOT CORRECT ANYBODY…!!
    Rememebr when i was being TROLLED? i agreed with sloane; NonE; incubus, they had the RIGHT to believe i was a TROLL

    i am NOT ANYTHING U have encountered before

    becuase i BELIEVE EVERYBODY is Correct!, for the TRICk is to convince SOMEONE other THEn YOURself U are correct! (law= a meeting of the minds)

    You said…I wrote the same definition for divers as you did but you did not recognize it. Divers is a French word Anglicized to diverse. No secret meaning there. And sundry is commonly defined as apart, seperate, or several. Both divers and sundry are closely defined.

    huh, Okay here i go again

    i dont CARE if ‘divers’ comes from Martians, Jupitorians, or Yes even from the Irish..!

    U can BELieve what a WORD means by ANY source U wish (as can i)
    the WHOLE TRICk with law is To CONVINCE a JURY (others)of what U “meant”, when u said what u said..

  184. Karl Lentz Says:

    Lyndon Says:
    October 23rd, 2012 at 8:30 pm
    The law of the land may be Common Law but the results one achieves or fails to achieve are dependant on who is on the bench. Not all judges,justices, magistrates, etc. may know what to do or what one is doing. It is that simple.

    i ask a Million times, on this BLOG?

    DID U forget what i said on TALKSHOE?

    in Common LAW
    (1) who sits on the bench
    (2) where is the Bench located
    (3) where does the Judges sit
    (4) where do the court staff viz., bailiff,magistrate, court reporter sit..

    and no disrespect but “Common Law” in MY LEARNING is NOT “common law”, see just a simple belief in the way U spell and U are BEYOND a great grammarian, THATBEINGSAID… U spelt “Common Law” not “common law”, makes me CRINGE, for a nice man like U, becuase a JUDGE will JUMP U like a TIGER if U dared to Write it in the manner in which U DID, in a pleading to him

  185. Karl Lentz Says:

    Common Law is English Law
    common law is american law

    now if U want to jump me as pyscho, i am JUST trying to tell U , U will get SLAMMED in court, ok?
    when U do, U will BLAME the Judge for being Pyscho, becuase U failed to First tell him U have No CLUE what U are doing in his court

    But again, i am SURE, here comes the TROLL Bashing comments!

  186. Karl Lentz Says:

    Mr LYNDon: you said…”I recall a trial where the judge did not know the difference between a contract being “executed” and “performed”. It didn’t matter I won anyway.”
    Honestly when i go to court i couldnt care less if the man in a black robe is sleeping,

    my whole ca[u]se is already on the record, and i am not SMART enough to OPEN my mouth in open court

    SEE ! okay folks, I Wrote a LAW dictionary/encyclopedia
    and i would never open my MOUTH and novate/vocate in open court to a man in a black rope, in his court,or the states court,
    it would be suicide!

    my court is already on the record, in the written form,
    and ONLY verified before a jury ! where the Man in the black rope is sitting in the Back of the court and Hopefully SLEEPING!

  187. Karl Lentz Says:

    Mike’s “case” is an example of this when no proof of applicability was made yet the prosecutor and judge insisted laws were applicable.

    Mike’s “case” is an example that no one on this BLOG other then me, understands the importance of MIKEs petition, again
    did he,or >
    did he not >
    petition a court?>

    (see the next syntax line i would type “RUN”
    BUT i cannot RUN to help YET, becuase every procedure (program) needs to move one step at a time, and Youse all want me to tell him what to file NEXt, when i need to KNOW what he filed FIRSt

  188. Karl Lentz Says:

    Lyndon Says:
    The law of the land may be Common Law but the results one achieves or fails to achieve are dependant on who is on the bench. Not all judges,justices, magistrates, etc. may know what to do or what one is doing. It is that simple. That’s not to say one doesn’t have recourse with a higher court.

    LYNDON pleaseeeeeee, what is the highest court of the land?

  189. Lyndon Says:

    Karl: I’m not “American”. Unlike you, I am in a Common Law jurisdiction. I am also in my own jurisdiction when acting on my own behalf. But I do not always act on my own behalf, in the case I mentioned above I was procured.

  190. Karl Lentz Says:

    Ooh! geez louise, Lyndon wow how can i be so dumb, i am presuming U know the foundation of EVERY law of the land, is premised upon the KJV bible, please be honest with me, Because i am talking to all here on this BLOG like they all know i am refering back to square one, the bible,,,

    lol, i could not FIGURE out for the life of me, Why U were NOT on the same PAGE with me i presumed that we “we” all know the bible, is duhhhhh how could i be so stupid!, dumb!, i keep forgetting this isnt that kind of country any longer,

    i SEE now Why NOTHING i am saying makes much sense !

    and Believe me if i met Jesu$ i would say… “hey buddy, you are a real nice man, but this communist stuff your preaching aint gonna work”

    But i wouldnt mind sitting down with JC, and haveing a BBQ, and going fishing with him, BUT Only if he lightened up on the preaching….;)

  191. Karl Lentz Says:

    Again U can say U are not American, or U can say i am, it is all relative,

    lol JSUT for laughs, what BORDERS America?

    U know what is to our north, south, east and west?
    U know like “We need to protect america’s Borders”

    What would U say borders America?

  192. Karl Lentz Says:

    Lyndon Says:… But I do not always act on my own behalf, in the case I mentioned above I was procured,

    lol, LYNDON did U say U were procured to make me Laugh?
    lol, again i am presuming U are a male are You Female?

    see i just know procure from dictionaries…

    See this is a PERFECT WORD, U believe it means One thing, (i am NOT exactly sure why u said U were procured, BUT

    i or a Judge or the State, might think U just called Yourself a Whore..


    Webster’s 1828 Dictionary
    PROCU’RE, v.i. To pimp.

    Merriam Webster’s

    Meaning “to obtain (women) for sexual gratification” is attested from c.1600. To scare up “procure, obtain” is first recorded 1846, Amer.Eng., from notion of “rousing game (birds) from cover” ] 2. Arrange for sexual partners for others [Syn.: pander, pimp] to get possession of :
    3. To get to procure women and make available for promiscuous sexual intercourse

    lol, That was a perfect example, now PLEASE tell me Honestly what did U mean when U said U were procured?
    i will ADD your defintion to the Dict/encyl i am writing, (if the definition U give me makes any sense)

  193. Karl Lentz Says:

    See Why i say to keep it to one sylablle words, as often as U can, and NO big FANCY $2.00 words, keep it SIMPLE Folks !

  194. Karl Lentz Says:

    Lyndon Says:
    Karl: I’m not “American”. Unlike you,
    lol, U say i am “American”….
    it that my?

    (1) nature?;
    (2) character?
    (3) reputation?

    if there is a forth term PLEASE let me Know…

  195. Karl Lentz Says:

    Mr. Sloan, Incu, NonE, MArc, Lyndon,
    i posted on the FORUM about Appeals, so, i hope, its helpful and Lyndon, my Pic is there tooo
    The Appeal process is from 1st hand knowledge,
    Ooh if i MISSED a step or an option in the Appeals process please comment, but
    Please, Save the “We hate this troll, so much…” comments, until U get into the FORUM, ok?

  196. Free Says:


    Don’t hold your breath waiting to get on Marc’s show traffic tickets, etc takes precedent over child kidnapping which is run by CIA & CPS see Ted Gunderson video Satanism & Child Human trafficking. Go figure! There are hundreds of cases contact Alex Jones and get the word out Karl there are kidnapped children all over depending on you. This contest over skipping out on traffic tickets is absurd we are talking children’s lives, a matter of life or death but your fearless leader Aka Marc has difficulty penciling you into the show. Gag me!

  197. Free Says:

    Yoy have no respect for Karl despite your lewd comments he remains polite also some people who are less fortunate are barred from receiving an education that most of you were blessed with how dare you people be so self-serving!

  198. Incubus Says:

    “..despite your lewd comments he remains polite…”

    Polite? Boy you’re funnier than I thought, Free!

    Let’s be frank though, there’s enough lewd to go around.

  199. Andy Says:

    Free said: “This contest over skipping out on traffic tickets is absurd… “

    That you think you have any credibility is delusional.

    28 witness for a team of lawyers for the federal prosecutors and still no conviction for tax evasion. The most feared agency – the IRS – and the might of federal prosecutors. That is not a defeat of traffic tickets. It’s more like David slew Goliath.

  200. Marc Stevens Says:

    Please take the bickering and personal attacks to the forum if you feel the need to engage in such discussions. These comments should be about the article. This is a general suggestion.

  201. Karl Lentz Says:

    Did Mike file a Petition, yes or no?

  202. Lyndon Says:

    “Karl” asked: “Did Mike file a Petition, yes or no?”

    It has been posted here that this is a private matter. Why should you be informed of what manner this man has and is negotiating a private matter?

  203. Karl Lentz Says:

    Lyndon Says: yOU MUST be JOKING!
    “Karl” asked: “Did Mike file a Petition, yes or no?”

    It has been posted here that this is a private matter. Why should you be informed of what manner this man has and is negotiating a private matter?

    First his CASE is on PACER !!!
    if he CHOOSE to KEEP the MATTER PRIVATE he SETTLES BEFORE wasting PUBLIC Resources!

    Once it comes into a PUBLIC VENUE, “his” PROBLEM, Now becomes a CONtroversy HE choosE BY FREEWILL to bring forth for PUBLIC scrutiny…

    and Obviously U have Absolutely NO idea WHAt a PETITION, is , Do U?

    DO ANY OF U?

    please SOMEone TELL me What U think In less then 20 words or less and NO $2.00 FANCY words REQUIRED

  204. Karl Lentz Says:

    Lyndon Says: “Karl” asked: “Did Mike file a Petition, yes or no?” this is a private matter?
    HAS he BEEN found Guilty by a JURY of just Men, Like U and me?
    and You say it is PRivate?

    Lyndon, i more then no if he filed a petition which he OBVIOUSLY DID NOT
    but i want to hear from him, U , or marc,

    When his case first started in 2010, YES it is on PACER
    did he or did he not file a Petition, because,
    EVERY single one of U who do NOT know wha a Petition is is DOOMED to follow his PAth, so go AHEAD, Mr.Lyndon be smug and Qute

    Once You are Convicted by a JURY , not a man in a Black Boogieman ROBE, found Guilty of a crime, NOTHING is Private!

  205. Lyndon Says:

    “Karl” asked: “Did Mike file a Petition, yes or no?”

    “Karl” answered: “…. i more then no if he filed a petition which he OBVIOUSLY DID NOT…”

    IF “Karl” knows the answer to his own question, then why has “Karl” repeatedly ask that same question?

    As Mike has not communicated directly with “Karl”, why is “Karl” fixated on a man’s private matters?

    Is “Karl” seeking attention?

    Is “Karl” on petulant parade?

  206. Andy Says:

    Lyndon, I’ll put it like this, it’s like politicians and bureaucrats.
    There’s knock at the door or, turn on the TV news or read a newspaper: What does a person see, hear and read? A politician or bureaucrat proclaiming they are here to help and act in your best interest.

  207. Incubus Says:

    Good eye, Lyndon. I’ve noticed also that Karl has stated several times that he has written a Law Dictionary/Encyclopedia, then turned around and made the comment “when I’m done writing a Law Dictionary”. First it was past tense, then it was yet to come. Unless of course he is working on the 2nd edition.

    So Karl which is it? You’ve written and published one, or you are in the process?

  208. Karl Lentz Says:

    Incubus Says: I’ve noticed also that Karl has stated several times that he has written a Law Dictionary/Encyclopedia, MALCOLM X , too wrote a Dictionary, did U know THAT? he was my hero when i was growing UP, he told others, that he was taught to STUDY “Their” Words, and YOU will know what U are up against…

  209. Karl Lentz Says:

    Incubus Says: GOOD EYE LYNDON! I’ve noticed also that Karl has stated several times that he has written a Law Dictionary/Encyclopedia,

    U “MEN” tell me WHERE to put a FEW of my PAGES of my FAKE TROLL dict/encyc i wrote ANYWHERE on the FORUM u ‘men” WISH FOR ME TOOO…

    Oohh and when i POST it
    wherever U WISH me too
    U know i am going to Wish/demand for u to Show me YOUR dict/encyc, U wrote, for U would tell someone to perform w/o fair and just compensation, or all of you men crooks and theives, who would NOT repay in kind?

    Of course i was taught to write a dict/encyc !

    becuase what MORON would go to COURT without writing a dictionary and KNOW Exactly what the HEll , “YOU” are saying…?

  210. Andy Says:

    CaN’t U tElL fRoM tHe WqY i WrItE tHaT iT’s ObViOuS i’M cOmPeTeNt To RiGhT a DiCtIoNaRy?

  211. Karl Lentz Says:

    because the courtroom: protocol, decorum, language , attitude , demenanor, rhetoric, manners, “speil”, jive, non-sense, fantasmagorical silly sh*t gutter tripe, i “see” (and hear) displayed in these BLOGS, is a suicide solution, AT BEST !

    was that a concise,
    are “we” having yet another communication breakdown?

  212. Karl Lentz Says:

    because the courtroom: protocol, decorum, language , attitude , demenanor, rhetoric, manners, “speil”, jive, non-sense, fantasmagorical silly sh*t gutter tripe, i “see” (and hear) displayed in these BLOGS, is a COURTROOM suicide solution, AT BEST !

    was that a concise, Declaration
    are “we” STILL having yet, another communication breakdown?

  213. JP Says:

    Karl – What the hell are you saying?? Can you speak english please?

  214. Karl Lentz Says:

    JP Says: Karl – What the hell are you saying?? Can you speak english please? INSTEAD of Telling me i am WRONG, everytime i give an ANSWER, why dont U just STOP, take a Step BACk, let it sink in AND if my ANSWER makes ZERO sense to U, then be worried, OK?

    BUT Just BECASUE my answer is NOT what U have EVER HEard BEfore,

    DONT do The knee jerk and say, I better Attack Karls Beliefs, becuase what he is saying is like NOTHING i heard before, and KARL is TRYING to get me out of my COMFORT ZONE, and HE is NOT going tooo, “sooo attack , Karl !

    I know U men who attack me, is out of YOUR fears and Beliefs , not Mine…

    BEleieve it or NOT, U “MEN” have helped me “a little”, get PAST my Brain FART i was having TRYING to wrap up my $351 mil+ lawsuit, it is ALWAYS those LAST few WORDs, (accoutrements)that makes the SUIT, just right,,,, it is ALWAYS the toughest part of the whole process, is writing a conclusion to Wrap it all up, we think , we will be able to print it out on SUNDAY,

    but like i said, once i reach a settlement i can ALMOST guarentee, i wont ever have the desire to Post here again, i will be off in Hawaii somewhere…

    so ask while i still care, if it is Your Wish to…

  215. JP Says:

    Karl – I still don’t understand what your saying . . . You talk in metaphors . .

  216. Al Thompson Says:


    I think you have PDD (personality deficit disorder) and I think you may want to have it looked at by a proctologist. This disorder may be caused by a cranial-rectal inversion. The symptoms are called assfacia which means that one doesn’t know his rear end from his mouth and his bowels don’t know which way to move. This can be extremely uncomfortable for the patient, and even worse for the people who have to listen to the poppycock.

  217. JP Says:

    @Al I totally agree with you. . . You’re great . . .

  218. Karl Lentz Says:

    JP Says: Karl – I still don’t understand what your saying . . . You talk in metaphors . .

    Just ask me a QUESTION,
    if U think my ANSWER is 180 degrees off, GREAT !

    That MEANs U are doing it EXACTLY the WAY U were TAUGHT To and TRAINED to by “the Powers that BE” !

  219. JP Says:

    This room is getting very smelly, I’m out of here . . . No more posts. . .

  220. Karl Lentz Says:

    Al Thompson: @Karl, I think you have PDD (pers deficit disorder)ANY BRAVEMEN in here Who can SAY, like I can that I have NO IRS return on FILE since 1987 !
    i seen when i was a KID, the BS, they were PULLING, and i KNOW as SOOn as U BRAVEMEN, found OUT, U STOPPED being a CLOWN for THEM tooo , RIGHT?

    or are ALLLLL U BRAVE .BRAVE Radical Patriots, BEING good little slaves and Doing what U are ORDERED to do?

    U soooo SCARED?

  221. Al Thompson Says:

    I thought we had to have an IQ at least slightly above the average plant to make posts on this site.

  222. Karl Lentz Says:

    JP and AL, have U MEN FILED Your IRS returns ?
    come ON time to Show us YOUR not afraid, dont be SHY be PROUD, and Say I DONT FILE a Dam* Thing!

  223. Karl Lentz Says:

    You MEN MUST be lawyers or Govt plants, becuase all the ADVISE u give is Going to GET Men who are TRYING TO be Patriots a one-way tix to Federal Prison

  224. Incubus Says:

    I think I have to echo Al’s sentiments. Since the day you began posting here you have been nothing but rash. Your thought process and beliefs may differ from others (which is okay), but you seem to have made no effort in finding a middle ground for communicating.

    It seems to me you’re more interested talking about how much smarter you think you are than everyone else, and what a “big biker dude” and real “man” you are. You clearly don’t know the first thing about manhood. I would venture to guess you have little to no experience in that department. Growing a mullet and wearing sleeveless shirts does not suffice.

    You would rather talk down to people and condescend them than actually have a rational and fruitful discussion. Apparently your self esteem has suffered to many blows in life because your ego is working in overdrive to compensate for the damage. I’ll grant you that people have been quick to jump down your throat based on your writing style and overall approach. Regardless, everyone has tried to understand where you’re coming from and indulge you in a civilized manner. You have used every attempt as an opportunity to slander and rant.

    As far as I am concerned you have been afforded far to many chances to break bread, make amends, and have a meaningful exchange with other people, including myself.

    I see you as an individual whose mind is divided and restless. I would wish you peace, but I don’t think you would want it even if you found it. So go ahead and be consumed by your bitterness and hatred. At the very least take your passive aggressive tendencies elsewhere.

    You’ve contradicted yourself, accused falsely and insulted others, dodged questions, made demands that you yourself have refused to fulfill and disrespected not only the posters here but Marc as well.

    Do yourself a favor and grow up, grow a pair, and find something productive to do with your life. Or enjoy the fate you’ve laid out for yourself. You’re self destructive so embrace your damnation.

  225. Karl Lentz Says:

    This LAWSUIT i am writing now is a killer, all of the other ones ARE Gibberish, BECAUSE they are STYLIZED in the SAME manner as an ATTORNEY would form them…
    The TRICK is , is to MAKE it so the ATTORNEYS CANNOT LAWFULLY ANSWER and U win on A Nilih Decit !!!,

    AND DONOT EVER a take a DEFAULT judgement in YOUR FAVOR
    IF, a clerk TRIES to give U a Default Judgement tell her HELL NO,
    Tell her U want it Nil[ih] Dicit or by; Non Sum Informatus !
    it “kinda” means defauly but just TIGHTER….

    Because i can get 99% no make that 100% of the DEFAULT judgments, tendered to a court by an attorney, OVERTURNED in less then 3 sentences

  226. Karl Lentz Says:

    This LAWSUIT i am writing now is a killer, all of the other ones I WROTE ARE Gibberish, BECAUSE they are STYLIZED in the SAME manner as an ATTORNEY would form them…
    THAT was my FAULT because i TRIED to BEAT them at their OWN Game with THEIR own WORDS
    I got CLOBBERED !

    The TRICK is , is to MAKE it so the ATTORNEYS CANNOT LAWFULLY ANSWER and U win on A Nilih Decit !!!,

  227. Karl Lentz Says:

    So INCUBUS, WHICH MEANS a Creature that Rapes Women whilst they are sleeping and VUNERABLE, Holy Je$uS , how ANY MAN would want to be Compared to A MAD DOG RAPIST, is BEyond me,
    Why Dont U ask me a question, about anything pertaining to LAW or ARE U AFRAID, ?

  228. Karl Lentz Says:

    So INCUBUS, WHICH INCUBUS MEANS: a Creature that Rapes Women whilst they are sleeping , defensless and VUNERABLE!!! Holy Je$uS , how ANY MAN would want to be Compared to A MAD DOG RAPIST, is BEyond me,

  229. Karl Lentz Says:

    WELL i guess THAT is the LAST time We are Going to see the NAME INCUBUS on THIS BLOG !

  230. Karl Lentz Says:

    So good Ahead INCUBUS, post SOMETHING anything NOW, that EVERYONE Now knows WHAT an INCUBUS truly is,
    And YES from a MAN who calls HIMSELF an INCUBUS,
    i SHOULD Really take YOUR Opinion of me to HEART ! Ooh please….

    i wasnt rude to U on day ONE,
    When All i asked was, what “style” of court did MIKE appear in?

    EVEN AFTER U posted this FIRST Statement,
    i wasnt rude to U,
    Yes SIR, u were the ONE who FIRED the FIRST Shot across my Bow…
    When U said…
    Incubus Says:
    October 2nd, 2012 at 10:58 am
    Karl is what is commonly referred to as a troll. He has no “secrets” or evidence for his nonsense. He only has too much time and nothing productive to do.

    Notice how he thinks there is a distinction between “law” and “LAW”. A law, Karl, is nothing more than an opinion backed by a gun, factually.

    but EVRY Single TIME i SEE that name “INCUBUS”,
    i say to myself, This MAN Cant be SERIOUS?
    he is Proud to be a Rapist of helpless women?
    or he JUST doesnt have a CLUE of ANY of the WORDs he USE WHN he communicates WITh others?

    I am SURE 100’s of other BLOGGERS have TOLD u they TOO are “disturbed” that a Man calls himself an INCUBUS?

    lol, no, no way, doNOT try to Convince me That U did NOT know the NAME YOU wanted The WORLD to Recognize U BY?

    Ooh i know , i know,
    THE Govt Made U take that NAME by the END of A GUN, and U HAVE to USE it Or else, Some Psycho in A black Robe will throw U in a cage?

  231. Lyndon Says:

    Posted by “Karl”: “…SEE ! okay folks, I Wrote a LAW dictionary/encyclopedia…”

    People that write dictionaries are commonly known as lexicographers (more on why later). Lexicographers are VERY attentitive to etymology (the origins and history of words). Most people purporting to be lexicographers know and comprehend why etymology is essential. Most users of dictionaries would not trust just any idle layman purporting to be a lexicographer who could care less about etymology.

    A posting by “Karl” is evidence “Karl” is such an idle layman who could care less about etymology:

    “…i dont CARE if ‘divers’ comes from Martians, Jupitorians, or Yes even from the Irish..!”

    In another post, authored in the name “Karl”, we have further evidence of no regard nor observance for etymology: “…U can BELieve what a WORD means by ANY source U wish (as can i)…”

    Do “Karl’s” statements convince you that “Karl” is a worthy lexicographer?

    Is “Karl”, who openly practices pedantry, on petulant parade?

    Is “Karl” seeking attention?

  232. Tom D. Says:

    Pedantry or pedastry lyndon? I think karl is guilty of both.

  233. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Karl, I’m updating the forum. Please stop posting comments here about this, and don’t keep the CAPS lock on that way, it makes it difficult to read your posts.

    @ Everyone, please take this to the forum, it’ll be back soon.

  234. Lyndon Says:

    What do we call one who threatens to spam?

    We all have knowledge that Marc has specifically asked us to keep our comments video/audio specific (within good reason).

    Below is evidence of a post, authored to the name of “Karl”, whereby outrageous spamming has been threatened:

    “… U “MEN” tell me WHERE to put a FEW of my PAGES of my FAKE TROLL dict/encyc i wrote ANYWHERE on the FORUM u ‘men” WISH FOR ME TOOO…

    Has anyone here requested “Karl” post “…THOUSANDS OF CHAT BOXES…”?

    What is done with someone who threatens to spam?

  235. Karl Lentz Says:

    i wrote my Dictionary/Encyclopedia for Sally or John Q Public who NEEDs to KNOW the Words CPS is using Against THEM, to GET thier BABIES BACK Home!

    so tell me U know-it-alls, r U telling me Dictionary and ENCYClopdias Has to BE written in a WAY that ONLY U Men approve of?

    there are 100’s of LAW dictionaries OUT there BUT tell me HOW many John Q PUBLIC, Knows How to read it or What it means?

    So, i GUESS i should ONLY write on a PhD LEVEl so i can get a “Gold Star” and a smiley Face on my Paper, and approval from Men like U?

    Again another USE less Ad hominem attack,
    my dictionary is NOT for a MAN who knows it all like obviously do, why dont U ask me a question? iinstead of Just attacking my speeealing?

  236. Karl Lentz Says:

    ENCYCLOPEDIA, a. Embracing the whole circle of learning.
    DICTIONARY, n. [L., a word, or a speaking.] A book containing the words of a language arranged in alphabetical order, with explanations of their meanings;

  237. Karl Lentz Says:

    Lyndon? who died and made U in charge of the 卐 Grammar Police?

    i entreated U Men innumerable times, where do U want me to place a PORTION of my Encyc/Dict?
    Then U Show me, and ALL of us on this BLOG, just how in All of YOUR Years on this Planet,
    U are leaving Behind a Book, or a Source of Reference, for others to use as a Source to do ANYTHING,

    Oh THATS right, if ANy of our future Offspring, need use of YOUR wisdom, they can Just GOOGLE “”, in the Year 2044, to see how Men like LYNDON, used Ad Hominum Attacks,

    I am SURE future Generations will cherish and honor, Your Masterful use of langauge in 2012, Show us Your WORK!

  238. Karl Lentz Says:

    Fine YEs les Stay Video/Audio specific
    Mikes Case started in 2010 (according to PACER) did he do a PETition PRIOR to going to court last month?
    If Yes, what did it BASICally say, because if he did, i can actually Go LOok at it ON PACER
    if no,
    Why did he NOT

    and PRIVACY non-sense is A JOKE
    it is On PACER
    his name, how much money, where he went on trips, the money IRS claims, where he lives et ceteras….

    And since he was attainted on Two counts, what do U mean it is Private?
    How can a man be attainted on the Private-side? when to be Attainted REQUIRES a PUBLIC Forum?

  239. Karl Lentz Says:

    If Mike was convicted i can see some wiggle room for privacy but since he was attainted on Two counts, what do U mean it is Private?
    To be attainted by a jury, he TOLD the World to come judge him

    Again , How can a man be attainted on the Private-side? when to be Attainted REQUIRES a PUBLIC Forum of the land?

    i can ALMOST guarentee i know EXACTLy what Mike like 99% of others who intercourse w/ the IRS did erroniouly to his peril,

    BUT he might BE that 1%, who did not FALL into THE “trap”

    so why should i go on if he did it correctly from the begining?
    if he did it correctly i can JUMP to step-two

  240. Dr. Mike Fitz Says:

    for attrition sakes let’s presume i did step 1 correctly. what is step 2 Karl?

  241. Free Says:


    I am more credible than most people posting on this comment section most of you felt that Karl was lying about his case I brought indisputable evidence aka actual court documents from his court case for you all to review. But it is not here or there. I have to laugh at most of comments here it’s like who’s on first? What’s at second? So where’s all your documentation and factual evidence?

  242. Free Says:

    So Kel what do you now have to say for yourself? You said Karl was making up a story lets here how credible you are after you review his court documents like Alex Jones would say unfortunately most Americans are mentally lazy.

  243. Free Says:

    If your child was kidnapped and you suffered several years of separation from that child and then people accused you of lying and made fun of your ability to communicate I think most people would adopt an attitude toward their attackers.

  244. Karl Lentz Says:

    Dr. Mike Fitz Says:
    for attrition sakes let’s presume i did step 1 correctly. what is step 2 Karl?

    I would say, GREAT!
    U did step one (my interpretation of Step 1)

    I would say Now you (we) are ready after 6 months [as per FTCA], for Step 2,
    hen i would need to know did…?
    they offer to settle, or
    did the feds dishonour Your (my) petition?

    when u say to youself ….WHAT @#$%%$ Karl? !!!

    U did not do “my” step “one”,STEP 1 COrrectly, which ONLY only gives the feds one of two options

    NOW u see why “my” step “2” sounds like NOTHING like what happened to u after YOUR petition (step one)?
    (thats if u did a petition…)

    these are “my” steps
    i am sure marc likes his steps
    everyone just does steps , they are comfortable with

    So are my step-by-steps correct?
    but i am sure no one has presnted it u in the manner in whic i move court

    So please ease your mind and Stop, trying to guess “MY” Step 2 . 3. 4…17…

    my steps are tooo simple, and attorneys MAKE U THINK way tooo hard

  245. Andy Says:

    @ Mike, the impression I get is you stood like a rock. Cool, calm and collected; despite being a newbie you had the confidence to not let the tag-team lawyers through you off your game plan. It’s inspiring.

    You deserve tons of credit for standing up against the most feared agency – the IRS – and “winning”. I know you give much credit to Marc and I would too if I were in your shoes. The IRS and U.S. government are the worst kind of bullies – killers, thieves and liars whose most powerful weapon is instilling fear and intimidation in the masses.

    Fear and intimidation disrupts a person. This can be seen especially in a court room situation when the government’s authority is challenged; expose their illegitimacy and the judge has a tantrum, threatening contempt.

    They’re sore losers. Their cunning knows no bounds.

    To disrupt is their goal.

    I dismiss Karl out of hand for not posting a link to his website with his successful methods, articles of clear explanation, audio recordings of IRS agents, videos, motion templates, scripts and the books he has written – inviting people to his website.

    I have in my mind what I think is probably Marc’s larger goal. That is, put his “adventures in legal land” business out of business by eliminating government – men and women doing “business” at the barrel of a gun — so he can use his time and energy for more fruitful experiences.

    I look forward with anticipation to reading any court transcripts you can get posted to the forum.

    Kudos to you Mike,

  246. Dr. Mike Fitz Says:

    thank you for your kind words and encouragement. your summary of everything you just said was like you were there the whole way. while i have been around all manner of people interpreting what they think the law is or is not, legal vs. lawful, all manner of “patriot mythology”, i am not even at the “newbie” stage of this environment. yes, it is EASY and correct for me to give Marc credit as gave me an idea and i stuck to it. everyday in court i was getting slaughtered, or so it felt like, and yes, my exterior was nothing worse for the wear. Marc told me everything was going great as such and so i simply trusted him. i fired my public defender a few weeks before trial. i had zero working knowledge of procedures, rules, more. i knew in my gut i would lose for sure using an attorney and declaring myself incompetent. i even said this to the presiding official and he said i would not be considered such, so i knew i was in for a ride as the lies already started. yes, i had courage without knowledge, and was not afraid to pull the trigger, but Marc not only gave me the gun, but loaded with bullets to defend myself. too bad the jury must have felt they needed to punish me for something, as Karl said, they saw results and the prosecutors smear campaign for 6 days. they did not see any facts though. there still aren’t any. i am asking in discovery and getting flack and lies in response.

    you are correct about their goals. i sent in motions questions on 8 points of jurisdiction. 3 were answered with misdirection, and 5 were ignored completely. i have asked for sanctions from the court and nothing has come of that.

    I cannot say what Marc’s long or even short term goal/plan is as we haven’t spoke of such, and even if we did, is not mine to share. i can say his heart is as huge as any man’s i have ever met. he lives what believes, which is quite honorable. i wish him to weary not in his well doing.

    i can say this though, if there truly was an “us and them” (i do not think there is, there IS only us, humanity) then i believe if there were two sides, it ONLY makes sense to stand united. maybe our great grand parents let this happen “on their watch”, so what, it is our watch now and what about our children’s future? or what about THE children’s future?

    yes, they are cunning, some say evil, strong, more guns, but we are so very many. they have in place tools to divide and conquer. i gave up TV in 1987 so as to NOT be influenced by their propaganda and slants. we know they lie if their lips are moving. instead of being angry we can be confident knowing truth which is supposed to make us free. we may have to fight for that freedom, i do not know. but i know, we at least have to stand up for it.

    i fired my attorney and prayed. i was doing research still as after 2 years of research from a guy in michigan who talks about lord coke, blackstone, telling our “servants” about their fiduciary duty, and more crap that NONE of it worked when applied, there was still hope. i then found a youtube of Marc’s and my inner voice was speaking quite loudly to me. i had found “it”. i watched every single vid he had twice and read his book before i contacted him. his approach was simple, and true. the fact he had already walked the mythology walk was a comfort to me. his results speak louder than any ideology. of course it is my wish to continue being a husband and dad who loves his family actively, not passively at all. i also hope to win for this group and more too. we can stand against this company that is a so called “government”. i would venture that most our answers lie within ourselves, up to everyone to wake up now. there is NO impending crisis coming in the future, it is already here now and has been for quite some time. again, thanks to everyone who sends support and well wishes, it is not taken for granted nor lightly.

  247. NonE Says:


    I have to say I agree with Andy. The Marc and Mike show should go on the road. The two of you seem to be on the same wavelength. It’s inspiring the way you were able to not give in to fear but to face into the wind and keep a clear course, trusting that Marc was giving you good information, and that he was there and did not fail you. It’s kinda magic, in my eyes.

    Good on the both of you, as they say downunder. A very good performance. And sometime before we die Marc may have his new book out which I think is going to be well worth the wait.

    – the Very Good NonE

  248. Dr. Mike Fitz Says:

    hey None,
    THANKS MATE! (sorry, i couldn’t help myself) i am so excited for Marc’s new book to as he has shared some of it with me and WOW, he is peeling the layer off this onion to some great stuff. more keys to personal freedom that will seriously help mankind for sure. at least for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear. it was simple for me to trust Marc. he is trustworthy. 🙂

    the no fear thing is simple for me too. all of our fears are usually imagining a future event or something that has MUCH more pain than pleasure associated with it. that is it. maybe i have an overload of faith, who knows.

    now that i am experiencing it, i can say from first hand knowledge, these people are wrong, they lie, use violence, and coercion with deceit and who knows, maybe they are still ignorant of their own misgivings. i personally think they had seriously bad childhoods and are still living their own nightmares and taking it all out on us. then i can look at them as a children in adult bodies with massive pain. i bet i am not far off if in fact completely bang on.

    as always, i am sincerely grateful for your kind words and input.

  249. Dr. Mike Fitz Says:

    oh yes, i am a TOTAL newbie when it comes to court, procedures, statutes, codes, definitions, more. i have studied law, maxims, latin, history, magna carta, more for 3 years now. but knowledge of court is now a little past “dumb” as a fencepost with my knowledge base. not too much though. i know in life by standing up to most bully’s or punching them in the nose, means problem solved. this may not work with this bunch.

    however, if there is a remedy to hold everyone accountable i will seek it. why not? since we ARE all created equal, i will do everything possible for myself, my family, and in hopes of course others may use tools of merit that work and will set others free.

  250. bruce sloane Says:

    You need to study Process, Mike

  251. Dr. Mike Fitz Says:

    is there anything more specific Bruce? i am working with some of the guys in a role play which helps a ton, but would like to be easier on them too, so would love a suggestion of a great tool. thanks

  252. Dr. Mike Fitz Says:

    btw, i am working constantly on items that would show there should not even be a case, let alone a trial. so far, there is not one fact proving two elements of an alleged crime. the presiding official allowed jurisdiction, despite lack of facts or evidence or any alleged crime. i have been denied cross-examination of 27 of 28 witnesses. 27 of 28 witnesses were declared incompetent to testify factually to applicability to the alleged crime, the 28th witnesses only facts he brought, ON RECORD, were the previous 27 testimonies. he worked on my case for 3 years to wait to come to court, see 27 incompetent witnesses, and use those non-facts as his only facts the codes were applicable to me and that i believed i had to file a return. he said yes to this statement on record. i even clarified as much. they are making money on me with bonds and more that is not disclosed. that is info i am seeking as well to “find the truth”. i am about to get the appearance bond on this case and my C.U.S.I.P. number telling me what the court and maybe the judge and prosecutor is making off this ordeal. quite the conflict of interest and prevention of a fair trial.

  253. Karl Lentz Says:

    Dr. Mike Fitz Says:
    for attrition sakes let’s presume i did step 1 correctly. what is step 2 Karl?

    I would say, GREAT!
    U did step one (my interpretation of Step 1)

    I would say Now you (we) are ready after 6 months [as per FTCA], for Step 2,
    Then i would need to know? did…?
    Did they offer to settle?,
    did the feds dishonour Your (my) present[ment]?

    when u say to youself ….WHAT @#$%%$ Karl? !!!

    U did not do “my” step “one”,

    my step 1 is attack …

    YOUR step one was to answer…

    How ABOUT THAT, is that a little bit CLOSER to what happened on DAY #1?

  254. Karl Lentz Says:

    sorry so late on the radio show, but storm getting ready to Hit, VA, but i am on NOW last Half hour, i have no idea how far down in the Q

  255. Karl Lentz Says:

    if marc is reading this i am the 540 area code

  256. bruce sloane Says:

    the goal in studying Process is to have a grasp of where to go next..

    what are the expectations of a Pre-Trial conference …

    when to file a Motion, what kinds of Motions are applicable, i.e. Motion for Reconsideration…

    what may constitute a denial of Due Process, ..

    what are the Grounds for an Appeal, how should it be formatted,… ” Rules of Court ”

    acquire a Practice Book, for example NY Civil Practice

    when the Forum boots back up, see my post on ” Appeals”

  257. bruce sloane Says:

    And …

    always produce a Record, that has the goal of preparing, or providing the basis for Appeal

    the best way to win a Case, is to constantly view it as the basis for a successful Appeal

  258. bruce sloane Says:

    one other point I should make, is that the IRS , in my limited experience, NEVER follows their own Rules and Procedures

    perhaps setting a basis for notice of intent to sue followed by the actual filing of a suit under 26 U.S.C. § 7433.

    26 U.S.C. § 7433(a) provides:

    If, in connection with any collection of Federal tax with respect to a taxpayer, any officer or employee of the Internal Revenue Service recklessly or intentionally, or by reason of negligence, disregards any provision of this title, or any regulation promulgated under this title, such taxpayer[1] may bring a civil action for damages against the United States in a district court of the United States.

    Case Law

    1) Mrs. Shaw received a refund of all the money collected, and the remaining tax liability was abated. Shaw v. U.S., Fifth Circuit.

    2) After filing one of these suits, the government dismissed the criminal action against the 7433 plaintiff. Fishburn v. Brown, Sixth Circuit, 1997.

    3) After filing one of these suits, the IRS returned a seized Cadillac. Washington v. U.S., Ninth Circuit, 1992.

    4) After filing one of these suits, the plaintiff’s tax liability “was resolved in the plaintiff’s favor in tax court. Templeman v. U.S., First Circuit, 1994.

    5) After filing one of these suits, an injunction restricting state court filings was vacated. Templeman v. U.S., First Circuit, 1994.

    6) After filing one of these suits, improperly levied funds were returned. Raymond v. U.S., Sixth Circuit, 1993.

    7) After filing one of these suits, the government conceded that an assessment was erroneous and released its liens. Miller v. U.S. (N.D. Cal. 1992).

    8) The government provided the forms during the litigation that they had previously refused to. Ball v. U.S., No. 94-2125 (7th Cir. 1995).

    It Is Possible to Win Damages off a Section 7433 Suit:

    Let’s not forget the 5th Circuit case Gandy Nursery v. U.S. where $388,500 in damages were awarded and $317,738.50 in costs and attorney’s fees; plus, post-judgment interest on the $16,800.

    other Reading for You :

  259. Dr. Mike Fitz Says:

    oh man, this is great stuff, THANKS! i am not sure what “forum” you speak of? but you have given me lots of good homework to study on, as i said, i know all the guys helping me would appreciate it if i had more knowledge. again, very grateful for the help/input.

  260. Karl Lentz Says:

    i believe Mr. Sloan is refering to the marc’s FORum, but it has been shut down for a few days
    When U read his, U might enjoy mine, because it is 180 degrees opposite of his

  261. NonE Says:

    Mike and Bruce,

    You two make a great pair. Except that occasionally Bruce accidentally inserts a capitalized first letter of a sentence. But he makes up for it by never using a question mark to denote a question.

    The forum issue, Mike, that Bruce refers to is a VERY long post he made in the forum here on Marc’s site (which is currently not functional but Marc should be getting it fixed sometime before “THE BOOK” is published). Bruce said he might do some formating an put it up over at the Wiki, which would be nice, but maybe he doesn’t have a copy on his computer.

    BRUCE. I wanted to mention that you said something that seemed, to my little mind, as though it might be VERY useful and should be pasted on the refrigerator door, or maybe the bathroom mirror:

    “The best way to win a Case, is to constantly view it as the basis for a successful Appeal.” (With slight modifications to capitalization so that my head doesn’t blow up.)

    It appears to me that this is a great state of mind to attempt to maintain during the process of a trial. (Speaking totally hypothetically. Whatchu think, Mike? You have the experience that I don’t.)

    – the Very gOOd nONe 😉

    P.S. I have, in addition to the extra “d”s laying around, a few extra perfectly functioning “shift” keys available for a nominal fee, should anyone be in need of one or two. All of the extra “z”s I had have been spoken for.

  262. Karl Lentz Says:

    Mr Sloanes Post of Appeals, is text book A-1 perfect

    BUt my understanding of the Appellate process came out of the horse’s mouth,

    Honestly he is the ONLY witness i reuested for my Federal lawsuit against the State..

    this is how i wrote “him” into my suit…

    “…I will call him, as a witness, if need be, for his EXPERT Opinion, testament, as to the condition of the ‘JU-2001-51832’ court case file, for his beliefs are irrefutable for Hon. John Wilkerson is and/or has been:

    1.He The Clerk of the court for the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals since 1975;
    2.He is a deacon in the First Baptist Church, Montgomery;
    3.He is a member of the Kiwanis Club of Montgomery;
    4.He began teaching law at Jones Law Institute in 1974;
    5.He is a past president of the National Conference of Appellate Court Clerks.”

    NOW if U find my beliefs are CRAZY, ok, [i just paraphased mine from Mr. Wilkerson]

    because HONESTLY Mr. Sloan’s looks: A+ , Smiley face; gold Star ,,,all the way fantastic, BUT does it work?

    BUt MAYbe Your beliefs will fall somewhere in the middle, then GREAT !

    if U want me to POST here, what Mr. Wilkerson described to me HERE on YOUR Blog, i will, if U cannot find it on marc’s forum (under “LAW”)….

    Ooh i did ask marc SIX questions on his show TODAY, ABOUt Your petition, (Your Prayer to the Court)…

    But marc had to run lol, dont believe me, listen to his after show Podcast, where i was trying to ram in as much as i could, becuase…Petition also has another meaning other than a prayer to a superior…

  263. Karl Lentz Says:

    See my opinion of the Appeals Process, is like the Rodny Dangerfield Movie…
    yes Mr. Sloan is text book CLASSIC, and should be on Wikipedia NO DOUBT!

    mine is like how Rodny Dnagerfield, EXPLAINED to the STUDENTS in Economics class 101, to the Snotty Professor, BECAUSE, RODNey (Like me) had real life and death, real world situations, where Book FACTS, Rules, LAws, Regulations, are TURNED on their HEAD…Sounds Great in THEORY, BUt it is NOT how their Courts Really work

    So yes did RODNEY Sound Crazy to Economic Professor?, U BETcha,
    do i sound crazy to U MEN who went to university, whilst i went to Diesel, School, ,,, lol, damn str8 i do 😉

  264. Karl Lentz Says:

    lol, on a radioshow i did prior to marcs, i actually gave out my home phone # LIVE ON-AIR, for those people have treated me with Nothing but kindness and respect, lol their show actually “went into overdrive” for a half hour so i could finish up with what i had to say..

    I think other than marc, No one here has my phone # BUT if Mr.FREE wants it i will be glad to assist him,
    ( See Folks its Nice to be Important, BUT it is More important to be Nice)

  265. Karl Lentz Says:

    Want a Totally opposite point of view?
    NonE Says: Mike and Bruce, You two make a great pair.
    BRUCE. I wanted to mention that you said something that seemed, to my little mind, as though it might be VERY useful and should be pasted on the refrigerator door, or maybe the bathroom mirror:

    “The best way to win a Case, is to constantly view it as the basis for a successful Appeal.” (With slight modifications to capitalization so that my head doesn’t blow up.)

    TRY STICKING / pasting “this” 180 Degree ‘rule of law of this land” which is both Protected AND secured by the US Const.
    into Your Brain OR Your refrigerator door, or maybe the bathroom mirror, or toilet bowl:

    “…no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in any Court of the United States…”

    as in, When man is in his court, the verdict returned cannot ever be reviewd nor reheard by any other Court, as in: its over, done, move on…U gave it Your Best shot, so ….NEXT time settle out of Court

  266. Dr. Mike Fitz Says:

    karl, fyi, i do not even read ANYTHING you write past your first response. i pray for you continually and also know the Creator made you perfectly so i have no problem with you for who are you are as you are, but also then choose to ignore ALL that you respond to as it is obvious you do not care about anyone. that said, i deeply care about you and any issues with you and will continue to pray for you always…..i have likely very few grains of sand in my own hourglass of my life and wish to dedicate all of those to my wife, kids, and my life goals…..that you are likely not in….so even if you are a part of me of whom i honor, i can also ignore as you have your own issues to tend to……
    best wishes

  267. Karl Lentz Says:

    I am the REAL Karl Lentz. The person who has been parading around as me is an imposter! Not the first might I add. I have had COINTEL on my arse for quite ahwile now.

  268. Karl Lentz Says:

    Mike, Ask Marc, Do U have his Phone number?
    i talked to him for ooh, 30- 50 mins

    Did U listen to the Show?, and the AFTER SHOW?
    where i gave MARC 5-6 questions?
    JUST ABOUT lil ol’ YOU!

    one thing i Know for Sure is i am helping some Man or Woman Named “FREE”,

    Oh and that MAGNET QUOTE, i so generously prESENTED TO hounor or dishounor, is from the law of this land, Where Sloan got his Quippy “Appeal” quote i have no Idea!

    But mine is from
    the bill of rights: Article seven; [ no its Not THE 7TH AMENDMENT…The amendments didnt START until #11, but i am SURE Everyone Know THAT, FACT]

    “In Suits at common law where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in any Court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law”

    So if U want to USE Quippy Catch-Phrases , that LOOK good on a Kitchen Magnet, U just go right ahead…

    if U want to use the law of this land,,,,,,let me know,
    becuase SIR that has been at is ALL i have been Doing since 2001,
    as in …
    Example whilst U been to Vegas and…
    i have had NO easters; christmas; newyear day; birthdays; i dont know who
    won the world series, that 69 camaro and harley of mine in my pics i posted i havent drove in years, i have no TV, BECAUSE all i do is study law…

    So, if U dont want my help, okey-dokey, BUT at least i helped ONE blogger named FREE, so my Good deed for the day has been DONE!

  269. Karl Lentz Says:

    I see they have tried to censor ME, but censored I shall not BE!. I AM the REAL Karl Lentz and this doppleganger has made a mockery of MY NAME! Begone wretched demon for I cast ye out in the name of MY LORD! You shall no longer impersonate ME!

  270. Marc Stevens Says:

    These types of posts make be reconsider my stance on censorship.

  271. Karl Lentz Says:

    Fitz: karl,fyi, i do not even read ANYTHING you write, as you do not care about anyone i gave MARC 6 questions JUST to HELP U!

    Did U listen to the AFTER SHOW?

    Sir, What have U EVER done for me?
    and U say i am the one who doesnt care about ANYONE?
    dude,look in the mirror… ingracious?

  272. Dr. Mike Fitz Says:


    i have no problem stating i don’t understand ANYTHING you say. i can tell you are NOT trying to get to know me, understand what my values are, learn how much i love my wife and kids, and so much more, maybe you can learn from me how why and how your life is exactly what YOU have drawn to you……i care not and will not engage in your strife….i will pray for your soul….if you care to speak as a WHOLE man, then i will be happy to speak….you and i are connected at some point, if you wish to speak close to that connection, then we shall speak, if not, bless you in your ventures,.,.

  273. Karl Lentz Says:

    its ok MIKE u know more about Doctoring (i hope then i do), if i JUMPED into your doctor WORLD, of COURSE i would be left in the Dust, by YOUR terms of art, verbage..

    i have been offered jobs in law firms, and
    to preside as a civil administrative tribunal hearing officer,[ vague term? oh ok, its called a Judge, ]

    to be counsultant in law for a State Government Agency

    i have been offered to be a Deacon, in my wife’s church

    Sir, i have turned numerous such offers Down,
    for g0d has another path for me , (i believe)

    Heck i was invited to VA’s Governors mansion for dinner, just so he could talk to “me”, because “someone” told him in a church one Sunday, of my nature, character, and reputation

    lol, but U know i had to graciously decline his invite, BECAUSE i, at that time believed i did NOT have something of equal or greater in Value, to present to him, but now looking back, i might NOT have had a MONETARY gift to offer Gov. Kane, but he might have had some geniune moral questions he wanted me to help him with
    and when OR if i do get the chance to meet him, when i am done with my lawsuit
    i will apologize to him for not accepting his invite, and ask him may i be of his service (even though he is No Longer the Gov of the commonwealth)

  274. Karl Lentz Says:

    Dr: Karl, i care not and will not engage in your strife. SIR,i am the happiest man in the World, as far as i can imagine, for g0d has allowed me to see the answers to all of my questions i have searched for…

    lol, its true, my answer seem trite and why my answer are so concise, , yes, lol, they sound like they can fit on a fortune Kookie…’

    but law, Sir, is where U will find the truth, and where hopefully if u just relax U will find it too,

    g0d directed U towards, law too, like i was “governed” (turned) for reasons only known to g0d, but one thing is for sure, just rememebr g0d NEVERs hands U more than he believes U can handle, he is a merciful g0d, he has plans for U young man..

  275. Karl Lentz Says:

    censorship? marc U bash Judges all the time correct? well the 9th Judge i encountered STill refused to make the State Produce the contract on why my Then 7 year-old was kept from his family?
    So , do U THINK i shoulda jumped Up and Down in FAmilycourt an Screamed , U pyhsco PATH?

    No , i kept my Kool, the judge realized any other “MAN” woulda went NUTS after beig dragggged into 30 TRials and NOT been GIVEN the REASON why he was standing there ?

    i Begged to the JUDGE after, 7 years AFTER my son was stolen “why’?
    on PAGE 535 of the Court case file…. YES 535 pages INTO the case i was ORDERING the court to “show cause” why !

    this “what U would call PYSCHO, said in Court karl come here, to the bench, he said son, let me enter a FINAL judgment, karl Your time in this court is OVER, here is my BUSINESS card, When “WE” are done here TODAY, i will meet You in the Hallway, and i will teach U how to FILE and WRITE an APPEAL”

    his name is William OWINGS, i can email U a PDF of his business CARD

    on my cell phone OUT in the Court Hall he ASKED me for My Cell PHONE!
    he Called The ALABAMA SUPREME COURT for me
    He got in touch with THE HEAD CLERK OF THE COURT there (since 1975)
    HE explained to THE Clerk, of my problem
    and THE Clerk said, he knew how to GET a copy of the Contract, and 6 months later he EMAILED me a COPY of the contract, which Made it the happiest Day of my life

    So marc, even THOUGH i didnt get what i wanted on DEC 15th 2008,
    my FAITH in the law was restored

    So if some Judge did U wrong, think of the 9 judges who would not make the STATE tell me and my wife IF we were charged with a Crime or if had signed him away

  276. Karl Lentz Says:

    marc is it not true U bash Judges all the time? Have U EVER heard a story like mine that when a JUDGE realized what the State was doing, and that he himself had got himself into a criminal conspiracy (ooh he knows he is Criminally-civilly liable)

    That DURING the Trial, in Open COURT he Told for me to Wait for him outside of the Courtroom to work with me on filing an APPEAL,
    NOW, he did his becuase of my Demeanor in court,,,
    and then he asked to Borrow my cell phone to Call the Supreme court of Alabama for me !

    ok not Only in Mike’s Case,
    BUT in ANY Case U have EVER heard of,
    Did the Judge AFTER he RULES against the man,
    SIT outside with the man, in FRONT of DOZENS of state employees and Attornys
    teach a man how to go after his (the Judges) own RULING!?

  277. Karl Lentz Says:

    So dont anyone tell me that i havent been blessed, and to censor me for THAT?

  278. Karl Lentz Says:

    marc , who is this ‘FREE’ he or she has BACK Checked Everything i posted and SAID , wow it all true , what karl says,,, so has this ‘FREE’ been posting awhile, cause whne ‘FREE’ said s/he was going to try to Shut U down in Buffalo, U did not say U would censor ‘FREE’, does what i say not seem real too U?

    Judge Williams Owings, Tracy Hayes, is his secretary
    35 Court Square East, Centerville, AL 35042
    Phone: (205) 926-3103 fax 205 -926- 3130

  279. Karl Lentz Says:

    If you need to censor anybody then censor this CLOWN that keeps trying to steal MY IDENTITY! I will not be MOCKED by some young internet wanna be! I AM Karl Lentz. Karl Rudolph Lentz! My life and my experiences will not be hijacked by someone looking for 15 minutes of fame! I have been relentlessly hounded by FBI, CIA and other government operatives who have tried to smear MY NAME! I strike fear in the hearts of men especially those who try to steal MY IDENTITY ONLINE! So whoever YOU are trying to post as ME, YOU need to STOP now or feel the wrath of MY LORD who does not take kindly to those who represent FALSELY! His name is JESUS maybe you have heard of him?? I’ve cast out demons BEFORE with HIS name and I will do it again if I HAVE TO!

  280. Karl Lentz Says:

    Hey U know what folks?
    U do not appreciate my help?
    ‘FREE’ my email is

  281. Karl Lentz Says:

    marc a Posting “two” posts above me is NOT mine 🙂
    BUT, this post is truley mine
    U know my email and cell#
    email me and i will confirm THIS POST

    How to Prove this one is “me” notewell, in above crazy RANT the man who is FAKING my NAME is Using Uppercase “I” for i always refer to myself as “i” ( as in i have not been [de]capitated [Roman Law: Capitus minmumus , i have all rights]

    i have achieved all i can here, 🙂

    there is no need to be on here any longer, but thank U 🙂

    marc as soon as U get the forum up if u would be so kind, DELETE my posts 😉
    Folks my Login Name on the forum is kldirectv and my password is password

    so PLEASE feel FREE ripping my posting down, for me

    Ooh and all of my posts are ALL under “law” which is 3/4 way down on the FORUM and they start on Page #3

    i will check in a few days and i will remove alllll that i posted on Your forum 🙂
    if somebody didnt already get their jollys out of doing it for me 🙂

    marc PLEASE Censure me ,
    for if i had the ADMIN ability i would Yank every single comment off here RIGHT NOW,
    For these Men are correct ! they dont deserve me…

    and Please take my CALL off of YOUR SHOW clips,
    lol, Yes This is my wish 🙂

    so PLEASE , no hard feelings, PLEASE for ME remove all !
    ALL ! ALL ! of my comments 😉
    All but this one 🙂

    U men have no idea , what a HUGE help U were to me 🙂

    no seroiusly, Youse made me reinforce my beliefs in men (talmud)
    BECAUSE honestly i didnt want Joe 6 pack, to read my “NEW” Suit on PACER,
    lol, my first TWO suits on PACER are a TOTAL Waste of time to cut-copy-and -paste, BECAUSE they Are Exactly the way Attorneys Do theirs!

    for my new suit , i believe is all ANY man would ever need, to do to beat the State

    for my new suit all U would have to do is to break down my suit word for word and Anyone could beat the State too 100% of the time, and Honestly , i dont trust men to use THAT knowledge honorably

    So NOw there is NO doubt in my mind i will ask the Head Judge to seal my case, so my years of research does NOT get out to just anybody;

    and now g0d is showing me i am not gaining anything of value, by being on here any longer and it is time for me to move on 🙂

    lol, when youse men, “hear” of a crazy dollar amount lawsuit in Alabama, smile and say… “wow, he was serious, or ; he really did it, or; hey i knew THAT GUY!

    Ooh and Doc. ask marc for my phone #, tell him i said it was ok…
    keep it with U, ok?
    and when U beleieve u have Nothing left to lose, U may call me 🙂
    And i well help show U where to go next

    Please dont email me ANYBODY; Except for Mr. or Miss ‘FREE’,

    thank U all, now go back and go back to reaffirming your own beliefs

    and if i was truely a TROLL , how long would it take me to change my Screen Name to
    Doc. Fritz,
    like this “human” (not a man) above me just did?
    lol, but is it Really worth my time, playing with other people Id’s …, uhmmm, nahh, i doubt it

    marc Can U start to remove my comments? all but this one 🙂

    BYE, “men” (Ooh “men”: as defined in the Talmud)


    “Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem”

  282. Karl Lentz Says:

    hEY marc , did u JUST SAY U “thought about censoring “me”, i actually THOUGHT twice before i Posted SOMETHING, what i REALLY thought, lol i am NOT going to second guess myself, Yup U the MAN , with the Badge do it start CENSoRING…

  283. Karl Lentz Says:

    MarcStevens Says: These types of posts make be reconsider my stance on censorship, Do it! Be The Judge! the Psycho in Black Robe ! How DARE u feel u can control others “my” THOUGHTS, just another Bully, NOW i rememebr why i left Long Island…

    Go ahead, do it, taste it, i am sure it is the same PLEASURE socio-paths get into, power trippin’? threatening others, who caused no harm, loss, injury nor breached a contract?

    See, Since U can think it, marc, U can DO it, JUST as Human as they Are

    U KNOW U have the POWER, to do it, do it !

    Cause Once U start doing it, U will know how it FEELS to have the Power to Control Others,

    yes, U actully PUT it in words, that U would DO it, so DO IT!
    “Tuff guy”
    Show us You the MAN !

    !!! Barabbas; Barabbas; Barabbas !!!

    Show them ALL U can SQUASH Karl, thoughts, Opinions, beliefs, do IT!
    Squash Free Speech
    Show them what U are, the MAN with the CENSORE BUTTON on Your Left hip

    Ooh, believe me all the liitle s***ups will all kiss your butt for doing IT

    AND from now on When U scream, Your speil , rememeber ME,

    Remember the FIRST TIME U hit that CENSOR BUTTON! ooh the sweet sweet POWER, DO IT!

    Go ahead all of U …tell him Sloane,
    Tell him Mike,
    tell him Lydon, Incubus, tell him DO IT

    !!! Barabbas; Barabbas; Barabbas !!!

    See marc U let the THOUGHT cross YOUR mind, to CENSURE a NON offensive POST,
    U THINK U could intimidate , control, steer, manipulate GOVERN, someone elses thoughts who doesnt 100% Go along with the Crowd, … this is NOT a FREE Blogsite,

    NOT when SOMEONE has the POWER to be the MAN, the JUDGE, when NO profanity was spouted, no ones Feelings were hurt

    BUT someone (me?) POSTed a Comment “the MAN didnt like”…

    mirror time , hurts?

    !!! Barabbas; Barabbas; Barabbas !!!

    DO it , let Your FIRST CENSOR be me!
    be the Thing U scream U hate the Most, go for it, join the other-side.. DO it..
    DO it..

    See now That U did it
    Doesnt that feel oooh so goood !

    hey, maybe one day we can meet up on someones show together
    i do alot of the same show U do..

    that will be fun
    and we can take about free Speech
    and the terror of saying something someone doesnt like
    and the power men want to have
    like U do
    over other thoughts of another man’s

  284. bruce sloane Says:

    For Mike …( the Capitalization was for NoNe )

    Go here …

  285. Karl Lentz Says:

    As a MAN of GOD allow me to apologize for this beast who has possessed MY NAME and MY IDENTITY for its own wicked desires. The Lord spoke to me and has revealed it is a demon, sent from the enemy to attack my life, but God has a plan and I have prayed to Him and with Him and through Him I am casting out this demon in my life who has followed me all over. It has bared FALSE WITNESS before in MY NAME but MY NAME is written in His BOOK, MY NAME is held by the HOLY ONE… this DEMON that has lashed out at you is trying to tear down my good NAME. As you can see I have spoken over this demon with His Word and it is residing in the name of JESUS. It is leaving now in His name. And it is lashing out to the very last second as they always do. I have cast out hundreds of DEMONS in my life time!

  286. Dr. Mike Fitz Says:


    if i can help you, please let me know, i would be glad to. right now every second of my life is truly at a “premium”, or at least it feels that way to me. maybe i cannot help you either, but that would not stop me from trying to.

    i would also encourage you with all your wisdom and knowledge to help others. there are many who live each day seeking to help others and in doing so, by giving away their support, love, strength, and experience end up keeping it for themselves.

    i believe people do not care how much you know, until they first know how much you care. if you have not lived this, maybe try an “experiment” on someone local to you to see what happens? break out with random acts of kindness for no apparent reason. you may be surprised.

    in the end, it is likely we all “know” what is what with ourselves, and even how to overcome any/all challenges. knowing what to do and doing what we know to do are two very separate things. all fat people know how to get thinner. all broke people know how to make more money and start saving. all hate/anger/fear people know how to love and forgive, it is doing what we know that truly counts. walking the walk, shows that difference.

    who knows too, maybe your mission in life is to challenge others to “go to their own next level”? i do not know, but i do trust creation/creator that all is purposefully well, whether i can see it or not. i would encourage you to “go to your own next level”, whatever that is. when you do, it is my hopes you will find peace, joy, success, and most of all, love.

    i see in life all the time, we can ONLY give away that which we truly own. if i own anger or pain, that is only what i could share with you. if i have no money, i cannot give you any, as i have none. if i have love, of course i can share it with you, as i own it first within myself. best wishes on your discoveries and journeys.

  287. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Karl & Karl, this is getting out of hand, I don’t censor. However, now there are 2 Karls posting. I’m asking you to be patient and keep these posts to the forum, it’ll be back soon.

  288. NonE Says:

    “Censor” is not equal to “ban-for-being-obnoxious-twit.” (Damn, I’d better not say that too loudly or I’ll be out on my ASS!)

    – the Very quiet un-noticable guy everyone loves (shh…)”

  289. Karl Lentz Says:

    There may be “2” Karls but only one is real. ME. I AM Karl Rudolph Lentz. I have been followed around by CIA operatives in person and on the internet for YEARS. I have had 16 assassination attempts on my life in the past 10 years alone! YOU want to know about ME? Ask! I am an OPEN BOOK I will asnwer ANYTHING!. Let me tell you a bit about MYSELF. My government NAME is Karl Rudolph Lentz but my celestial name is Moonbeam Star Child. I am a MAN OF GOD. I have translated the Bible into 37 different languages by MYSELF! I speak over 50 different languages. I have written NINE different LAW books and am working on my TENTH as we SPEAK! I am in the process of having my penis REMOVED and surgically implanted in my RECTUM. PERMANENTLY! I will have my posterior SOWED SHUT and I have trained myself to defacate from MY MOUTH! SO is that enough to start with or do YOU want to know more about ME? I AM an OPEN BOOK. ASK AWAY! My LIFE is lived FOR THE LORD BECAUSE OF THE LORD, I have NOTHING to HIDE, MY LIFE IS ON DISPLAY for YOU to LEARN!

  290. Al Thompson Says:


    >> I am in the process of having my penis REMOVED and surgically implanted in my RECTUM. PERMANENTLY! I will have my posterior SOWED SHUT and I have trained myself to defacate from MY MOUTH! SO is that enough to start with or do YOU want to know more about ME?<<

    Thank you so much for making me much less intelligent for having read your garbage that you post here. With the above statement, maybe you should be running for president. You would be perfectly qualified. I don't know what you are doing to get yourself in such a mental state, but I suggest that you stop doing it. And for those who read this crap, this is a perfect example of a demonic-spiritual trainwreck.

  291. NonE Says:

    Al Thompson Says:
    October 29th, 2012 at 9:12 am

    …And for those who read this crap…


    Haven’t been listening to your own advice lately, huh Al? 😉

    I’m kinda thinkin’ that anyone who IS reading that crap is deserving of whatever he/she gets.

    The solution, as always, is Don’t Feed the Troll.

    – the Very NonTrainwreck

  292. Karl Lentz Says:

    Al, I assure you there are no demons when I’m around. I have exorcised over A THOUSAND demons in my life time with the WORD OF GOD. Not just people but animals also! I have seen the enemy manifest himself in creatures most people think are only mythical. Ogres, minotaurs, imps, nymphs, you name it. I have SLAYED DRAGONS with my WHISPER! I am only trying to set the record straight on this doppleganger who has attempted to steal MY IDENTITY. This is not the first time I have had government operatives trying to smear my name. I have sacrificed much to keep myself and my family safe, you would not believe some of the things I’ve done just to keep “THEM” off my scent!

  293. Dr. Mike Fitz Says:

    Bruce, THANKS so much for the input!! that bulletin is either completely fascinating, or brutal. Quite the read. i will start to research the other items you shared. also, what or where is this “forum” everyone speaks of? thanks, fitz

  294. NonE Says:

    Dr. Mike Fitz Says:
    October 29th, 2012 at 3:13 pm
    …also, what or where is this “forum” everyone speaks of? thanks, fitz


    Mike, As I said earlier, the forum is “down” at the moment. Some forum update gremlins are afoot and Marc is valiantly trying to slay them. WHEN he does so the forum will be found by the Button/Link-thingie at the top of this page. If you look at the VERY top of the page you should see these options:
    NSP Blog
    AiLL Wiki

    NOTE that the forth option is “Forum.” You will have to do a sign-up and Marc will have to grant you access, after that you are free to post at will in the forum.

    Please also note the WIKI, which is at a different site and which is currently functional.

    – the Very Good NonE

  295. bruce sloane Says:

    I’d like to make this clear, Mike ..

    I do not send you off to “Argue “, because .. once You start, You will lose, but to understand the basis for the Prosecution …

    I would give some thought, however, to the 7431/33 prospect for Suit

  296. Dr. Mike Fitz Says:

    cool, Bruce, NonE-THANK YOU! thanks also for the reminder not to argue. i would like to think thus far i have stayed “in honor”. yes, i have asked and will ask pointed questions. what i seek besides “instructions” on how to move within this system i am in, but also remedy. i cannot shake the feeling that something is not being done somewhere. if i have a priest in a robe presiding, then maybe addressing the correct ecclesiastic court is needed to forgive my “sin” of allowing a presumption over my “estate”. who knows, there are a lot of items to chase down, but time is limited. i am confident Marc’s foundation of simplicity will work no matter what. the element of a crime is not addressed, thus there is not a crime. period. i have addressed much on discovery, and it is truly like they cannot or do not hear me…..thanks for the directions to find the forum. sucks being dumb on the computer..

    i am liking the civil damages under 26 USC 7433.

  297. Dr. Mike Fitz Says:

    btw Bruce, we were already piecing together that suit you mentioned and thanks much for the authority it’s under. i know i am being taken from my home, forced to go to court, participate in a procedure against my consent. and if i did at the arraignment, i want to UNconsent then. but i will seek damages in self defense for oh so very much. not afraid on this item at all.

  298. bruce sloane Says:

    Hey, Mike ..

    I see you just registered to my Forum .. Welcome ..!!!

  299. Dr. Mike Fitz Says:

    hey Bruce, thanks so much! the SJ club is yours? good ole google sent me there in a search. the name surely grabbed a hold of me obviously.

  300. bruce sloane Says:

    It’s like the NSP …
    it really doesn’t ” belong ” to anyone

    this is the fourth incarnation of the Forum

  301. Lyndon Says:

    bruce sloan/mike fitz: are you refering to the Sui Juris Forum site?

  302. Dr. Mike Fitz Says:

    i was yes

  303. Lyndon Says:

    Mike: Thanks. BTW Mike, confirm, confirm, confirm, the private names of those that have drawn you. A common law lien on a private title (man’s/woman/s name) is also a lethal paper weapon … but your hands may be full at the moment?

  304. Dr. Mike Fitz Says:

    Lyndon, THANKS for the help! i do not know what “drawn” means? while i do understand the terms you are using, i am completely unaware how to structure anything from common law and use the legal land equivalent, if there is even one to use.

  305. bruce sloane Says:

    Careful on those Leins …

    Filing false liens or encumbrances against government officials carries a potential penalty of 10 years per count.
    Each count has a potential $250,000 fine.

    conspiracy to impede and injure officers of the United States from discharging the lawful duties of their offices, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 372,

    corruptly endeavoring to obstruct or impede the due administration of the internal revenue laws, in violation of 26 U.S.C. § 7212(a)

    read this Opinion

    UNITED STATES of America, Plaintiff-Appellee,
    Howard M. BOOS, Defendant-Appellant.
    UNITED STATES of America, Plaintiff-Appellee,
    Wayne R. GUNWALL, Defendant-Appellant.

    Nos. 97-6329, 97-6330.

    United States Court of Appeals, Tenth Circuit.

    Jan. 14, 1999.

  306. Dr. Mike Fitz Says:

    on that note. Rod Class gets FOURTH Administrative Ruling “Gov’t Offices are Vacant”- All Gov’t Officials are “Private Contractors”. apparently there are court case rulings to verify this. that said. lori hendrickson is listed as a US attorney. the plaintiff is the USA. where is the connection? how can a US attorney be representative of the USA? does there not have to be a firm client/agent relationship or contract to prove thus? so is she now “guilty” of those trespasses and more?

  307. Lyndon Says:

    Bruce: I agree. Be careful. An un-remedied harm must exist first. No time to explain right now. Am VERY busy this evening. Later on this.

  308. Dr. Mike Fitz Says:

    thanks Lyndon.

  309. Dr. Mike Fitz Says:

    i found out last friday nov 2nd the judge “stepped down” off my case. so far no reason has been given, as it is my understanding a clear reason needs to be put on the record.

    i have been diligently trying to pursue his secretary for a trial date in december for a motions hearing. she finally got back with me on the 3rd day letting me know he was gone and gave me the new secretary’s info. hhhmmmmm….

  310. NonE Says:


    Let’s see. As I recall you went through 28 of their witnesses. I wonder how many judges you can run through before they give up?

    – NonE

  311. Dr. Mike Fitz Says:

    NonE, you are too funny, i am of course curious about the first ‘judge” who stepped down, and why, as there is no reason “on the record” as to why….but i am getting ready to ask so very many questions…..searching for “who they are”, relative to their “oaths”, where are they, who has them, what is the “STANDING” of us all, and more….facts, what are the facts is all i am sticking to…

  312. NonE Says:

    Dr. Mike Fitz Says:
    November 5th, 2012 at 8:43 pm

    NonE, you are too funny <—— OXYMORON!

    (versus normal morons – don't get me started!)

  313. Dr. Mike Fitz Says:

    LOl NonE, i enjoy all the bright humor you can shine a light on. i always enjoy a good chuckle, even if it is my expense.

  314. Incubus Says:

    “LOl NonE, i enjoy all the bright humor you can shine a light on.”

    This is a prime example of what prolonged stress can do to a person. They get loopy and say all sorts of silly things!

  315. streetglider Says:

    has anyone heard from the DOC? didn’t he have court yesterday?

  316. Calvin Says:

    He’s in proceeding right now, day/round 2. Lets hope he keeps his objections strong and keeps focus on the issues. From what I’ve heard, it has been quite the “outcome-based proceeding.”

  317. NonE Says:

    Calvin Says: “…it has been quite the “outcome-based proceeding.”
    Sorry Calvin, but that’s bouncing off my comprehension receptors. What do you mean by that phrase?

    – NonE

  318. Otto Says:

    Looks like it is going to be hung jury #2 for Mike! It would be nice to get an acquittal but this is the next best thing. Keep in mind he is going against the unlimited resources of the United States persecutors, 3 of them, paralegals, judge, IRS all trying to convict him. This is great news!

  319. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ otto, well the jury came back hung a few more times today and each time the judge ordered them back to make a decision. They convicted. Mike was taken into custody as a flight risk. He never missed a court date and already had an ankle bracelet since Sept. Some flight risk.

  320. Otto Says:

    Bastards, lying cheating bastards. Where did America go?

  321. Lyndon Says:

    The verdict is not a surprise considering the “jury” faced pressure to convict from the acting CEO. Nevertheless, very saddening to hear this. I hope he can overcome the shock and somehow connect with those on the outside.
    Contrary to what most believe, or would have one believe, all is not lost. The convictions can be undone.

  322. NonE Says:

    Otto Says:
    January 11th, 2013 at 7:13 pm

    Bastards, lying cheating bastards. Where did America go?
    Just ask an Indian.

    – NonE

  323. Andy Says:

    With the little info that has been reported thus far, it seems the jurors were faced with, either we convict Mike or all of us jurors will be injured (IRS audits, and/or something else.).

    Mike a flight risk!? I call BS. They don’t want him on the outside where he can further expose their frauds to the light of day. I sure hope there will be an audio recording of the proceedings made available for download.

  324. Karl Lentz Says:

    i just finished up with another talkshow, and heard Mike is gone, ready to listen yet? Done bashing me? Does Mike want out? Done with the “not applicable Non-sense?”

  325. Karl Lentz Says:

    if Marc wants to call me during his show # is 540-245-0318, i wont discuss anything off-Air, and it is ALL Still about being a man, and yes it sounds like i talk in circles, or riddles, “fine”… But There is No Shortcuts in teaching Mike, nor anyone else, what is means to be a man standing and moving his court

  326. Andy Says:

    ^^ SPAM ALERT!

  327. Karl Lentz Says:

    Listen A**holes, my Mom for nearly Thirty-Years prepared the COMPLAINTS for the IRS,

    U weekend Warriors/Traffic Tix Slayers, have ZERO Clue in how EASY it is to Deal with the Gov’t, they are NOT Pyschos, it Just You are ALL either Overkilling it or Too lazy, when it is so simple inthat it is staring right at U the Whole time, it is all on YOU,and how YOU move, YOUR court !

    hint… U pack Your court with NON sense, well….

  328. Karl Lentz Says:

    tell marc to call me, but ONLY on-Air, and i will show him how MIKE MADE the Code applicable to his PERSON!

  329. Karl Lentz Says:

    i call marc, “U, marc, on air dozens of times…
    and U just YELL over me, U want to TEACH “me”, on How U are right….
    BUT Mike shows, U MIGHT need to learn jussst alittle bit more, maybe?
    just may be?
    U will like another opinion other than Yours?

    And YES hey, i explained to U state Off-air where is my 5 Grand for proving that there exists at least three different forms of STATE; State, and; state?

  330. Karl Lentz Says:

    You Folks Call marc, on-Air, and Tell him U want to hear Karl Lentz’ beliefs… Mike JUST made some BAD choices INCLUDING being the PROSECUTOR!

    ooh i guess i must be a psychopath because i put here my home phone number and my email address

  331. Karl Lentz Says:

    HINT: in law (law) there are no synonyms …
    See, this is What i was Hoping to do for Mike for the PAST 3 or 4 Months,

    i TRIED to give him One HINT a Day, and Have him learn what the HINT meant,

    BUT no U all believe in Bombarding those who dont know law, with snappy catch phrases, or saying…
    “Just tell us the Whole Story in ONE – SHOT, and if U dont U (Karl Lentz) MUST be a TROLL”

  332. Karl Lentz Says:

    You are factually inaccurate
    Congress Creates Public Law, not federal law

  333. Karl Lentz Says:

    You are factually inaccurate, marc, there are NOT 535 of mankind (u call them men and women or Psychopaths or by their will )acting in Congress, they are not standing in Congress as a man, they are all REPRESENTATIVES of [wo]man

  334. Karl Lentz Says:

    HINT: imagine a Pyramid, Facts are at the bottom of it.
    Stop screaming about how “they” are so important

    See i Tried tossing out HINTS when i had the time or care to toss them out

  335. Calvin Says:

    Hey Karl, call-in to the show if Marc is SO wrong. What is the point in flooding the post with responses to Marc’s live broadcast? It would take less energy to actually call up and elaborate…

    Is this how you’d appreciate others to critique you? :/ Kinda cowardly…

  336. Bruce Sloane Says:

    Karl …
    You over, and over state you have the ” Key ”

    Why do not You explain ala Bill Thornton, exactly how Mike would have “invoked his own Court ”


  337. Karl Lentz Says:

    When he i call him on Air he screams me Down!
    Hey, U call him On-Air, U tell him Karl is listening and U tell him Karl will call IF U dont shout Over him (Karl)

  338. Karl Lentz Says:

    Off-Air, he is polite and respectful to me, i know its a shtick on-air personna , but still, when i call, i want to help others, i am not worried about ratings

  339. Karl Lentz Says:

    i spent x-mas eve until 1:40AM TEACHING Mr Thorton and his GROUP in the U.K. the Last Few Steps , of the common law process that they are missing,

    lol, After 2 straight hours of me talking, i had to look at my phone and make sure my call didnt drop-off,
    becuase for the first hour of the Skype there was ALOT of witty banter amongst the other participants, BUT Once i started talking, they all Went silent, and said it was amazing what i was saying..

  340. Lyndon Says:

    Karl wrote:

    “…tell marc to call me, but ONLY on-Air, and i will show him how MIKE MADE the Code applicable to his PERSON!”

    This time Karl, you are 100% correct! Anyone maligning Karl today had better read very carefully to what Karl has written above. Karl, you have clowned around in the past but not today. I could not agree with you more. This is not “freeman stuff”. Mike gave jurisdiction away as a quarterback would if he closed his eyes and tossed the ball to the other side! Anyone who doesn’t believe this go and read Mike’s original indictment and see for yourselves how much was actually disclosed that went unrebutted.

  341. Karl Lentz Says:

    Do U know Dean Clifford? well on his show i explained to him two “things” that he was NOT doing, and i luv on his show he says to me… “lovely, lovely”, i can but the link to him saying THAT to me

  342. Karl Lentz Says:

    Ooh Billy (thorton)is OKAY, he just went thru some rough personal domestic (not medical or criminal) issues as of late, so he is not ill, and he is Back , feeling better, and trying to get back in the swing of things,

  343. Lyndon Says:

    Karl: I know Dean Clifford well.

  344. Karl Lentz Says:

    Lyndon is close BUT is Not “unrebutted”, it is… ” As that neither word, nor answer, has yet to comeforth from [wo]man doing business as (_____)to either the Mike court, nor; to the [federal tax] court, my claim stands true;

  345. Karl Lentz Says:

    Do U know Dean Clifford? well on his show i explained to him two “things” that he was NOT doing, and i luv being on his show, for he Always says to me… “lovely, lovely”,
    i can Put up here the link to the show with him saying THAT to me

  346. Andy Says:

    You two, Lyndon and Karl, act as though you don’t think both lawyers, Lori Hendrickson, the prosecutor, and the judge, Larry Burns, are psychopaths. They are dishonest and don’t care one whit about Mike or what their sacred code 602 says. They only care about their psychopathy not be exposed to the jurors and people in the gallery.

    Lori Hendrickson presented NO EVIDENCE that the code was applicable to Mike. Larry Burns said jurisdiction, which an element of the crime, was assumed. Thus Mike was not presumed innocent of every element of the crime. If the PERSON that you two claim is Mike’s PERSON, not the state’s property/creation, if that gave the court jurisdiction Lori Hendrickson would have put forth that evidence.

    That said, you two clowns carry on with your delusions.

  347. Karl Lentz Says:

    g0d bless, U ANDY, but i no longer have the time nor patience to start with someone like U (albeit U may be a nice man) from Square “One”… but g0d bless U Sir (or Ma’am)

  348. Lyndon Says:

    Mike does not think I act to amuse myself. Like Karl, I have not the inclination to explain WHY that tax court had jurisdiction to those who are unreceptive. With that said, I do not think the bench acted honourably. The “ignorance is no excuse” hymn is worn out.

  349. Puzzled Says:

    Hi, Mike, just saw you were retried and convicted on the two felony counts. So what’s the next step for you?

  350. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ puzzled, Mike is in jail.

  351. Bruce Sloane Says:

    If you have nothing to share, Karl …

    Why do you Post …???

  352. Andy Says:

    Lyndon, tell it to the two psychopaths Lori Hendrickson and Larry Burns so they can present it as evidence rather than assume the code is applicable. I’m sure they’d appreciate it. Since you feel unappreciated here, you could just leave.

  353. Karl Lentz Says:

    Lets make this simple Andy: Say Al Gore and his Buddies, create the WORLDWIDE TAX REVENUE Service, (the WTR) and TOLD youse all to “File the WTR 1050 EZ form or ELSE”,

    “Men’ like You and MIKE would run out and fill-out Allllllll of their forms BECAUSE You believe in the “or Else”,

    a man does not submit,

    until you learn what it means to be a man, there is nothing i, can do,

    i, was TRYING to teach MIKE, how to be a man, One-Step at a time, and YOUse so Wisemen, THOUGHT i, was clowning around

    i, know i, teach children through riddles and questions, (critical reasoning) so when they GET it they believe they Mastered it allllll on their own;

    All you MEN want me to teach you through the ROTE method, the way marc does it, in administrative law it will work, BUT in contract or common law, it wont work

    and MARC’s friend still owes me the 5 Grand, that he said he would PAY to anyone who can show proof of a STATE; State, or state, which i can do in 15 minutes OR less

  354. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Karl – Please take this to the forum. Start a thread there it is more appropriate there. And you did not present facts proving there is a state. You also wrote I yelled over you on air. No, I had to keep asking you for the facts until you finally admitted you had none, it was your theory.

  355. Lyndon Says:


    A few questions:
    1) What “state” are you seeking facts for to prove its existence?
    2) what facts are you seeking as proof?
    3) If this topic is already started in the forum, under what heading?

  356. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Lyndon, 1.

    1. The common understanding of states and citizen such as the state of Arizona of the united states.

    2. Facts would be what goes to prove there are citizens and body politics, that’s a good start.

    3. Just start a thread called proof for states.

  357. Karl Lentz Says:

    what, Youse, don’t understand is i have SLAYED DRAGONS with my WHISPERS!
    i have gift wrapped conundrums in paradoxes
    and force fed them TELEPATHICALLY to a magicians nephew!,

    i have manifested nymphs to battle imps brought on by the enemy, satan!

    i have ding dong ditched CHERIBUM in parallel
    dimensions from a distance with a pole made of DREAMS!.

    so youse had best understand this can NOT be TAUGHT but only LEARNED through experience! When youse are men, THEN YOU’LL KNOW!

  358. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Karl – If you’re trying to discredit yourself it’s working.

  359. Lyndon Says:


    1)Is the state you seek proof of a “nation state”?
    2)Are you seeking proof of the government of the state or “the state”?

  360. more info Says:

    Hola! Fortuitous My boyfriend has seen with the page Hung Jury in Mike's Tax Evasion Prosecution | I like the page! Unfortunately now for a sinful babe. Look at this site surely in the afternoon.

  361. Paulo Says:

    Wait, where is the victory there? Besides being convicted for misdemeanors (and possibly going to jail), he still will have to pay the back taxes, PLUS fine, PLUS interest.

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