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Jeffrey Wagner-Minnesota IRS Agent-Professional Liar

Posted on September 26th, 2013 by Marc Stevens

I’ve been talking about one of the criminals doing business as the IRS for a month or so.  His name is Jeffrey Wagner and he works in the Bloomington, Minnesota office.  But, unlike Jeffrey, when I accuse someone of being a criminal, I have evidence.  And if anyone thinks I’m being too harsh on Jeffrey, please keep in mind all the lives these people have destroyed, just the incredible stress of having these people invade your life.  Imagine finding out how much fun it is some criminal like Jeffrey wiped out your entire life savings and froze all your accounts.  All with the stroke of pen, not a shred of evidence.

I cover this in detail in the video, however, my proof Jeffrey is lying is simple.  Asking for evidence is not an argument, frivolous or otherwise.  Even if my position is there’s no evidence the constitution and code apply, to be wrong the evidence has to be provided.  Such illustration or demonstration shows it’s not frivolous.

I asked Jeffrey several times, even by phone, to cite the alleged frivolous argument in the IRS’s own document that was given to us.  He can’t, neither can his supervisors.   If he was honestly mistaken, then he would have admitted that and moved on to discussing the evidence the constitution and code applied.  But the use of “That’s a frivolous argument!” is nothing more than a dishonest dodge from professional thieves and liars, such as Jeffrey Wagner.  Don’t fall for this crap, call the liars on it, demand they cite it as I’ve done.

And keep track of their lies, there will be a flurry of them.  Inform them that making false statements is a felony under their sacred code.

The question isn’t going away:  What evidence do you have that four pieces of paper from 1787, no one bothered to sign as a party, apply to me in any way?

And my asking for evidence the constitution and laws apply is not that I don’t understand law, I understand what it is very well.  I ask for evidence because I don’t believe in magic.  I don’t believe that just writing my orders on a piece of paper, calling it a “law”, makes them magically apply to everyone.

Well Marc, you’re just stupid, these are not ordinary rules from ordinary people.  These rules are called “laws” and that transforms them, for no other reason known to man they apply to everyone.  You just don’t understand the magical nature of the law, evidence it applies is not necessary.

henry_david_thoreauWhat wonderful magic indeed.  I suggest we not only call them on their many lies, but also go up the chain of command file complaints on each one who, like Jeffrey, keep lying and refuse to back off.  Refuse to obey these criminals and, non-violently, make their “jobs” as difficult as possible.  We should do what we can to frustrate the process so they move on and leave us alone.



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  1. Jan Says:

    re: Inform them that making false statements is a felony under their sacred code….
    I think they reading this part of their code “Sec. 1001. Statements or entries generally, (b) Subsection (a) does not apply to a party to a judicial proceeding, or that party’s counsel, for statements, representations, writings or documents submitted by such party or counsel to a judge or magistrate in that proceeding.”, means they are allowed to lie in a court of law?..or did I read this wrong?..legalese, german, english and french wasnt my best subject.

  2. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ jan, different rules cover that.

  3. Randy Says:

    Treasury OIG is responsible for investigating all matters related to the Treasury Department with the exception of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) matters.

    Not defending them, just pointing out facts.

  4. Randy Says:

    Disregard prior post. Failed to read all the way down the page. 🙁

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