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Jennie Gets Traffic Ticket Kicked Out – Congrats on the Dismissal

Posted on June 5th, 2014 by Marc Stevens

Joey called in the No State Project this past week and related to us what happened when he and his wife went to defend against a bogus traffic ticket.  Congrats to Jennie for standing up to these bullies and not just paying and making it easier for the machine.

As pointed out below, even though the prosecutors told the cop the motion would never hold up in court, the cop withdrew the charges.  Because the only logical thing to do when a motion with no merit is filed is to quietly withdraw.

But there is a caveat: according to critics and internet gurus, traffic courts are not “real courts” and getting traffic tickets doesn’t count.  So take the information, as well as everything, with a healthy dose of skepticism and verify everything for yourself.


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  1. Martin Padilla Says:

    One win at the time is all we need. Congratulations Jennie!!

  2. jack Says:

    The reason that people are saying that traffic courts are not real courts is because traffic courts don’t follow Common Law, they follow Statutory Laws created by the states.

    The only courts that honor Common Law are Federally established courts. These Federal courts are established by the constitution. The state courts aren’t. Thus, nothing really works in state court.

    I heard somebody mention that a counter claim moving the whole thing to federal court is effective.

  3. Al: Beyer Says:

    I glad Jennie beat the ticket. If I may add a little tid bit: The judge presiding over the traffic ticket gets 7% of the fine he collects. I recall someone in Hawaii using that in the form of a question to the judge. “Your honor, what percentage of the fine being imposed on me this day will you receive” I understand he blew up and dismissed the case. That is from the judges manual of 15 years ago. It may be higher now.

  4. Stephen Guidetti Says:

    You do not talk about the difference between lets say South Carolina and its STATE; THE STATE OF.
    I can be physically present within South Carolina but how does that make me physically present within THE STATE; for the Constitution or the Statutes to apply; for the Constitution to apply wouldn’t I have to be physically present within South Carolina’s STATE; which is impossible except by contract since THE STATE is an abstraction??

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