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Joseph Teti Proven Liar – IRS, American Terrorist Organization

Posted on April 2nd, 2015 by Marc Stevens

Proving IRS agents are dishonest is just too easy, and Joseph Teti is no exception.  If an IRS agent is communicating, then they are lying.

Joseph Teti is an appeals manager for the IRS.  IRS appeals lie everyday claiming they are “independent” of the IRS, the organization they work for.  When you start with a lie you can be sure there are plenty more to come.  Ask them, the IRS will tell you they are “independent” of the IRS.  I’ve asked them to explain how they can be independent when they work for the IRS.  Would you be shocked I’ve never been given an explanation?

Joseph takes the usual dishonest tactic of calling a question of fact a “frivolous argument.”  But Tedi has no shame, certainly no credibility and honesty because he doesn’t care that he also cites an IRS document insisting my question of fact is listed as a frivolous argument.  Apparently Teti is so used to lying with impunity he can cite a document he knows does support his position.  And he knows I will confront him on his lie, he doesn’t care.  He doesn’t have to.

I read the citation for him and he digs his heels in, it doesn’t matter I just proved he’s lying.  He tells me to put my question in writing, which I did, and he lies again saying he would respond.

As you see in the video, his form letter only provides legal arguments, not questions of fact.  When I called to ask him for clarification, he refused to discuss the matter.  He even tells me to file a complaint against him.  It’s easy to be so glib about complaints when you work for a terrorist organization.

Joseph Teti won’t be held accountable for his dishonesty because he is following the MO of the US government, a terrorist cartel.  When confronted with a question of fact, you lie saying it’s an argument.  If you are an apologist or particularly arrogant bureaucrat, you can just smugly claim, “It doesn’t have to be proven.”

The two most effective tools we have against this terrorist organization are 1. Mass non-compliance; and 2. Self-defensive force.  Until enough people refuse to comply and are willing, when appropriate, to defend themselves with force against an IRS attack, people like Joseph Teti will continue to terrorize us with impunity.

And for those who think countering the IRS’s actions with self-defensive force is wrong, even morally wrong, then answer this question:

If I did things like the government, and I forced people to give me money, would you consider me a criminal?

Self-defense is always morally justified, even against organized criminals calling themselves “government.”  And those who disagree, if you drop your double-standard, then even you will agree it’s morally justified to use armed force against agents who are attacking you, even when under the excuse of “taxation.”


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  1. Russ Coenen Says:

    Today, or tomorrow, definitely by Monday, you should get a m.o. from me for a template. Hope to hear from you ASAP, with the news that it has been received. Many thanks, Marc………..

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