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More Judicial Dishonesty

Posted on November 25th, 2014 by Marc Stevens

Here is more dishonesty, an obvious double-standard, from the criminal cartels known as the court system.  You can see such perverse double-standards everywhere in legal land.



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  1. LC in Texas Says:

    No one is above the Law – anyone can be corrupted! Does common law give anyone absolute immunity?

  2. Jack Worthington Says:

    This is just more proof that we need private courts which are beyond political control.

  3. RAD Says:

    Constitutional “law” and statutory legislative law is all a bunch of medieval made up religious bullshit. I would suggest reading “Leviathan” and “The social contract” where it basically says that the state is a god and the gvt is its priests and it doesn’t appear to be in a metaphorical sense.

    In fact, in Leviathan, Hobbes even describes the reification process, how the state is an abstraction, but the gvt can “personify” the abstraction.
    “I am the state!”

    This is the stuff the founding fathers who art in heaven, hallowed be their names were reading when they created the constitution religion, the philosophy it is based around. Then they put one of the biggest political lies into the constitution and made it part of the religious doctrine:
    Separation of church and state is part of the religious/scriptural rhetoric of the constitution religion and it is one of the biggest deceptions the cult has pulled off! With this doctrine, and with its inculcation through the public indoctrination system they have brainwashed most of the population into their religion while simultaneously convincing them that the religion they have been brainwashed into accepting isn’t even a religion.

  4. RAD Says:

    “Judicial immunity” is what is called “judicial fiat”. Which judges supposedly aren’t supposed to engage in, but they of course sometimes do. Supposedly, their job is to “interpret” the law, but in reality they tend to make it up as they go.

  5. RAD Says:

    “Jack Worthington Says:
    November 25th, 2014 at 11:35 pm

    This is just more proof that we need private courts which are beyond political control.”

    How about a judicial system based on blockchain technology? It could have a coin, like bitcoin, associated with it and people would gain capitol in the form of the coin by serving as jurors, advocates, judges/referees and verdicts could be settled in the coin. So jurors wouldn’t have to be threatened to be there, they would be there by choice. The system could have a protocol to weed out “troll jurors” acting in bad faith similar to what DPR had to weed out scammers on silk road. People could opt-in instead of being coerced. If the system didn’t serve the needs of those who contract with it, if it didn’t legitimately protect them they could opt out (yet forfeit its protective benefits). Accountability coin. Or something like that. Justice coin maybe.

  6. Jack Worthington Says:

    Well, the constitution, if one accepts it, does not specifically state that it “separates church and state,” it merely says that the state is restricted by the constitution so as to prevent the state from making a state religion to the exclusion of other. However, Lysander Spooner’s No Treason No 6, The Constitution of No Authority, clearly argues that there is no contract to allow politicians to dictate to anyone how he lives his life as to do otherwise would evidence stinkin’, naggar slavery, which is anathema to freedom and the whole revolution and its costs in lives and money.

  7. Susan Says:

    Is it true that court denizens make money from convictions and imprisonment beyond their normally extravagant salary, pension and benefits? I am suspecting this is the case and may explain their mental illness.

    Would it be helpful to offer to file a form 1040 on behalf of both the prosecutor and judge to let the IRS know of their off the books cash flow? (In addition to the unsigned plea) The Judge might lose its enthusiasm for your particular case.

  8. robin Says:

    i would say the constitution says it the supreme law of the land..that tells me that other agencies may create laws that this was some sort to f safe guard.. that lets u know they are aware that they can make conflicting laws…but here is the key… it doesn’t apply to u… McDonald’s policies don’t mean anything to me either… case law has well established the “the people” in the Constitution is referring to the people of the government of and its agents and not free sovereign men… if McDonald’s started putting natural laws into their policies would we be confused and call them government? so why would this strange corporation have that hold on us… it no longer grips me… in CANADA or the USA…they are both just corporation that fooled uS into their “oooofficialness”…i can think of one more institution that has pulled the wool over the Americans eyes and that is the Federal Reserve…oh yeah and the IRS…..
    E pluribus unum ….One from many

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