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Larry Cleveland – Kentucky Prosecutor – No Evidence Laws Apply

Posted on July 2nd, 2015 by Marc Stevens

Imagine the stress of finding out an attorney is attacking you, he wants you in prison and has indicted you.  They’re not accusing you of hurting anyone, they want you in prison for not complying with the dictates of men and women calling themselves a “legislature.”   How much more stress will there be when the attorney casually admits that proving their laws apply to you “is not a matter of evidence”?  The guy doesn’t think he has to prove his argument is true.

larry-cleveland-evidenceLarry Cleveland (pictured left) and his accomplices in Franklin county, Kentucky are doing this everyday, same as all prosecutors.  Larry refused to allow me to record him, and with good reason.  He even said he didn’t want to look bad if he could not answer a question.  Turns out he was right about that.  It’s too bad his victims can’t just walk away from him or hang up the phone.

His fellow prosecutor, Rick Sparks (pictured right) refused to speak to me about the application of Kentucky law on 1 July 2015.rick-sparks  When Rick heard the question be bailed immediately despite the fact he applies the law to peaceful people everyday.

I spoke with Larry today, 2 July 2015.  His office is attacking a friend of mine, though I didn’t mention that as I didn’t want Larry to just default to the “we don’t discuss open cases” line to avoid answering a question.

He did confirm that he operates under the common argument that if one is physically in Kentucky, then the constitution and laws apply.  I asked him what facts, if any, he relies on to support his argument.  Larry stated it, “is not a matter of evidence.”  He insisted it was “logical” though.

I stated, “Yeah, if by logical you mean circular logic.”  I asked how is it logical, it looks like a non-sequitur, there is a huge gap in your logic.  What facts connect the argument, “why does the constitution apply because I’m physically in Kentucky?”

Larry made the usual dodges, “we’re going in circles…no answer I give you will satisfy you…” and then he hung up on me.  I’m guessing that in court his police friends would have valiantly leaped to their feet ready to attack me and he would have asked the judge to hold me in contempt.

The argument: if you’re physically in Kentucky, then the laws apply to you, is a non-sequitur.  The two parts are not connected, it’s an assumption.  Yes, there are many opinions claiming this is true, but that doesn’t make it true.  There has to be facts, some logic connecting the two and there isn’t. This is why Larry, a doctorate of law, could not do it.  Nor can anyone else, even Scott Bales, the chief justice of the Arizona Supreme Court.  Larry is in fine company that way.

I did follow up with Larry and ask that he submit the question to his staff of prosecutors.  I don’t think they’ll answer and when asked in court, they can avoid it when their partners in crime, their fellow attorneys, give them a pass.

And yes, the constitution and laws applying are essential to proving jurisdiction and an element of violations they claim happened.  You cannot violate a law unless it applies in the first place.   I know prosecutors have argued that they prove the laws apply by proving it was violated, but any rational person can see that it’s still a two step process: 1.  prove the law applies, then 2. prove it was violated.  Can I prove you violated my Frank Rizzo Code if I can’t first prove it applies to you?

Below is my follow-up to Larry.  I encourage everyone to edit it appropriately and send you own fax asking Larry to prove his argument is true.  Larry is destroying people’s lives, let’s shed some light on his crimes.  If you know the stress of being attacked by a prosecutor, then you’ll understand how truly despicable such actions are when they admittedly have no evidence.  And they don’t care.



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  1. Pacabowlla Says:

    Well done Marc. It only prouves the hostil intent of government….

  2. Iam Says:

    awesome work Marc! There is no jurisdiction over living man, and all judges, and most likely all prosecutors, know it. Admiralty/maritime martial law by brute force is what they are, corporate pirates inserting their greed in between us the created and the creator of all that is. They don’t follow constitution, they are UCC color of law, and we are brought in as enemy combatants into their military private banker family sham slavery courts.

    Hey are you following the Rod Class case?

    I honor you for your tremendous, honest efforts to bring truth and real freedom and liberty back from the psychopaths!
    I AM.

    All Consent Revoked
    Implied Benefit Waived and Denied
    All Rights Reserved Without Prejudice UCC 1-308

  3. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Iam, not a chance, I don’t follow Rod Class, I follow the evidence. This is not admiralty/maritime law, there is no getting back to the constitution; they are criminals, always have been and always will be. I’d drop that UCC stuff.

  4. desertspeaks Says:

    Marc marc marc.. don’t you know it’s common knowledge that it applies, and you, like them, should just accept it without any evidence of applicability whatsoever!
    It’s also an insult and challenge to their alleged authority! How dare you question their allegation of jurisdiction by asking for facts, thereby making them look stupid!
    You’re just being mean to them! lol

  5. NonExclusive Says:

    A Doctorate in Law, interesting, but with even with such a degree can’t answer a simple question. Why? Is it because we humans are not Ens Legis? ( Legal Entities) and the law does not apply to us.

  6. Thad Says:

    it is not that they cannot answering any questions……they just assume it is true and everyone believes it. Well also that you have no power to make them tell you.

  7. NonExclusive Says:

    Mark, your answer reflect reality, the ucc stuff did not take us anywhere, they don’t honor that craps. Why? Because there is no evidence on none of that claims. A good friend of mine just got in deep trouble for believing in such ideology, thankfully for him he only got probation.( He mess around with the so called 1099 OID’s)
    The best thing is going back to basic: Prove me that the constitution and law applies because I am physically in Illinois.

  8. summer apple Says:

    I wrestled with the UCC stuff for over a year. I’m glad I never followed through with any of it. Luckily I found Marc Stevens on youtube. I went from believing we all had inalienable rights to questioning what in hell a right was in the first place – basically, a privilege granted by people who grant themselves authority over me. Sounds a bit like slavery to me.

  9. Iam Says:

    Marc, what jurisdiction do they claim then? Do you challenge jurisdiction on your cases explicitly?
    Article III, section 2 of the organic Constitution defines the kinds of judicial power the courts have:

    common law




  10. Iam Says:

    Marc, do you discredit the existence of the strawman too? Can you explain a UCC-1 financing statement secured party filing, where flesh and blood takes over strawman constructive trust account? How about gold fringe flag, b-certs sold on stock markets, all caps name on paperwork?

  11. Iam Says:

    really looking for truth, thx.
    What is The Uniform Commercial Code?

    The government set up a “colorable” law system to fit the “colorable” currency. It used to be called the Law Merchant or the Law of Redeemable Instruments, because it dealt with paper which was redeemable in something of substance. But, once Federal Reserve Notes became unredeemable, there needed to be a system of law which was completely “colorable” from beginning to end. This system of law was codified as the Uniform Commercial Code .This is “colorable” law, and it is used in all our countries courts. As of 1964 (the year that those of us who collect coins know is also the year the US stopped minting silver) the Uniform Commercial Code was adopted by all states, making it the supreme law of the land. Take a look in the first part of every Federal and State code books and you will find that the Uniform Commercial Code has become consistent throughout.

  12. Iam Says:

    what about the leiber code, executive order 1 in approx 1861 after ‘first’ bankruptcy, when southern states defected refusing to held as collateral for the government re-up of loan debt to creditors? how about the incorporation in 1871 on congressional record?


  13. Iam Says:

    help me comprehend this please-

  14. Andy Says:

    @ Iam, You’re in the wrong place. The “help” you want is Clint Richardson and Jan Irvin. Though they’re hucksters so you’ve been cautioned. Proceed at your own risk. Most important, you won’t find any help here with UCC, maritime/admiralty, gold fringe flag and etc.

    The killers thieves and liars that call themselves government have been holding firm to their unsupported argument that an individual’s physical location gives them jurisdiction. They have no facts, not evidence to support their argument.

  15. Paul NZ Says:

    Drop the UCC stuff please and stick to the facts.

  16. Iam Says:

    This post has become very suspicious, all gov is business since 1861 especially, all of it. all courts are banks, charges are just that, financial in nature transactions holding physical bodies as collateral, living beings who consent through trickery and deception intertwined with all of the ‘system’ by US Citizenship which is slavery papers and consent.

    To deny the military jurisdiction courts exists with the gold fringe etc. plays your hand, you guys are in on it. Everyone following Marc Steven and most every comment I have ever been attacked by like today gives you all away.
    Attorney- to attorn, to give away, give away our true rights and gain consent for the INC, that is what Attorneys, Esquires, Lawyers are and do, bounty hunters in suits.. All attorneys work for the Crown, Inc., that is the city of London Banks, Knights templars. Now it has become very clear who you guys are, as my intuition is alive and well.

    LOOKING BACK IS VERY CLEAR NOW, this post is riddled with gov dis-info AND FOR HIRE SLAVE MASTERS TO PERPETUATE THE LIE OF USA=INC. lost all credibility.
    Keep protecting the INC in DC, for me I AM Sovereign and I DO NOT CONSENT, I AM NOT U.S. Citizen.
    Be sure and edit or not allow this declaration of truth comment.

  17. Iam Says:

    typical how you all run away from answering my q’s, just like the judges and DA’s when challenged.

  18. Iam Says:

    UCC is the facts

  19. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Iam, we’re live tomorrow, please call into the show and we can discuss it. 4-7 est call at 4est, or contact me on skype at frankrizzo3 And stop with the accusations that we’re disinfo, that’s ridiculous and has as much factual support as the arguments you posted above.

  20. desertspeaks Says:

    @ Iam, show us your dismissals! post them, link them, and they had better be independently verifiable!
    I won’t hold my breath waiting for something that doesn’t exist though!

  21. NonExclusive Says:

    I am, did you notice how stupid your arguments are they are without any factual support, meritless with no evidence to support all the nonsense beliefs you are talking about.
    Drop that bullshit Redemption Pay-triot stuff and be part of the NO STATE PROJECT.

  22. Andy Says:

    @ Marc, you, your damage control methods and NAP/anarchist
    (because anyone that initiates violence, threat of violence and coercion is trying to rule over you) have the facts and Ocamms razor in their favor. It’s the least complex explanation of how government-gangsters operate and how anarchists operate; do no harm NAP.

  23. Damon Says:

    Hello again,



    These are status’s. They write rules for these status’s called Acts, codes, rules, and regulations and often although incorrectly they call them”law”. Benefits are offered to those who have the above status’s which adds more chains to the bondage people cannot see nor understand.

    Minimum Contacts: “A doctrine referring to the minimum due process requirement for subjecting a non-resident civil defendant to a court’s personal jurisdiction. The defendant must have sufficient contacts with the forum state.” International Shoe Co. v. State of Washington, 326 US. 310, 66 c.c. 154, 90 L.Ed. 95.

    It is likely that a large majority of people have sufficient the contacts required that allows for “personal jurisdiction”.

    “No person is to be affected by the acts or words of others unless CONNECTED with them, personally or by those whom he represents or by whom he is represented.” State v. Beaudet, 54 Conn. 541 (1885).

    There is a connection with “citizenship” which then allows for “benefits” of their socialist religion. Socialism is how they have decided to care for the elderly and needy of their society. Most participate in this scheme. Jurisdiction granted.

    “Allegiance is a duty owing by citizens to their government, of which, so long as they enjoy its benefits, they can not divest themselves.” Military Government and Martial Law, William E. Birkhimer, Major, General Staff, U.S. Army, 1914, page 64).

    As long as one enjoys the “benefits” they are bound to do what is written governing the use of said benefits. Jurisdiction granted.

    The courts are military tribunals sitting in summary court martial because it military rule and has been since at least the Civil War;

    “A majority of the people of the United States have lived all of their lives under emergency rule…And, in the United States, actions taken by the Government in time of great crisis have, from at least the Civil War, in important ways, shaped the present phenomenon of a permanent state of national emergency”. Congressional Report No. 93-549, 93rd Congress, 1st Session, Emergency Statutes: Provisions of Federal Law now in Effect Delegating to the Executive Extraordinary Authority in Time of National Emergency, page 1, November 19, 1973, pursuant to Senate Res. 9, pub. By the U.S. Gov. Printing Office, Wash D.C.

    Here is a link to the above if anyone would like to read it for themselves.

    It is one page 21 under “introduction”.

    So what is “emergency rule”?

    According to the Supreme Court, “Congress has made little or no distinction between a state of national emergency and a state of war.” Brown vs. Bernstein, D.C. pa., 49 F. Supp. 728, 732.

    Here is a link to the above case

    This is why one will see military flags flown in all court rooms amongst other places. Why, because military flags indicate military rule;

    “…the Flag is trimmed on three sides with golden yellow fringe, 2 ½ inches wide. The [military] flag of the United States is authorized for indoor display for…each military installation….each military courtroom. ” United States Army Regulations, AR 840-10, Chapter 2, October 1, 1979.

    This is in part why they use a name that sounds like your name but is spelled different, because “you” are an alien enemy under emergency rule;

    “An alien enemy cannot maintain an action during war, in his own name.” See ‘alien’ in Wharton’s Pa. Dig., Sec. 20.94. Cited in Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd Edition, 1989, published by Clarendon Press.

    So they use a fictitious name for a reason;

    Fictio: “In Roman law, a fiction; an assumption or supposition of the law. Such was properly a term of pleading, and signified a false averment on the part of the plaintiff which the defendant was not allowed to traverse [challenge]…The object of the fiction was to give the court jurisdiction.” Black’s Law Dictionary, 6th edition, page 623.

    This fictitious name is a;

    Nom De Guerre: “War name. A pseudonym.” Webster’s New World Dictionary, Third College Edition, 1988, Page 920.

    Anyways no one has to believe me (even though I have just provided overwhelming evidence from the horses own mouth), however, if people will not learn to take care of each other without forcing their neighbor, they will remain in their bondage in their service to Pharaoh who needs to fund his standing army. This is why the Amish pay no tribute. They do not take the benefits and care for each other. Free will offerings (tithe/donations) are NOT TAXABLE and are SUPPOSED to be used for the welfare of the people. But what everyone sees is a bunch of counterfeit “churches” out there not doing what they are supposed to be doing for the benefit of the people.

    I apologize for the length. It fires me up a bit,
    in His Peace,

  24. Damon Says:

    I was just looking at other posts here,

    I would advise highly against trying to use UCC redemption. Commerce is their department. They create the office which people “walk” into by agreements which are acquired tacitly by use of benefits. Using private copyrighted “law” like the UCC which a bunch of lawyers have written and critiqued over time is FATAL and will land one where they would belong. To appeal to their “law” for PROTECTION is a benefit. One cannot complain after this appeal to their law for they have voluntarily submitted to their jurisdiction. Jurisdiction granted.

    iam is correct about them being military courtrooms however.

  25. desertspeaks Says:

    The case of USA V Stephen Blackburn.. mr blackburn ATTMEPTED TO UTILIZE various UCC arguments and EVEN U.C.C. § 1-308 SADLY IT DIDN’T WORK OUT FOR HIM,.. case NOT dismissed! OOOPS!

  26. Reeodd Says:


    Start with a cage containing five monkeys. Inside the cage, hang a banana on a string
    and place a set of stairs under it. Before long, one of the monkeys will go to the stairs
    and start to climb towards the banana. As soon as he touches the stairs, all of the monkeys are sprayed with cold water.

    After a while, another monkey makes an attempt with the same results, than all the monkeys are sprayed with cold water. Pretty soon, none of the monkeys will try to
    climb the stairs. Now, put away the cold water. Remove one monkey from the cage
    and replace it with a new one. The new monkey sees the banana and wants to climb
    the stairs. To his surprise and horror, all of the other monkeys attack him. After another attempt and attack, he knows if he tries to climb the stairs, he will be assaulted.

    Next, remove another of the original monkeys and replace it with a new one. The newcomer goes to the stairs and is attacked. The previous newcomer takes part in the
    punishment with enthusiasm! Likewise, replace a third original monkey with a new one, then a fourth, and then the fifth. Every time the newest monkey takes to the stairs, he is attacked. Most of the monkeys that are beating him have no idea why they were not permitted to climb the stairs or why they are participating in the beating of the newest monkey.

    After replacing all the original monkeys, none of the remaining monkeys have ever
    been sprayed with cold water. Nevertheless, no monkey ever again approaches the stairs to try for the banana. Why not?



  27. summer apple Says:

    Iam, the main reason I didn’t file a financing statement and send out a notice of understanding and all the rest is because I didn’t fully and completely comprehend how it all worked. It was very confusing and I didn’t like using THEIR system to get THEIR FRNs. I don’t want any part of that life. I don’t want to ask them for anything. I want them to leave me alone.

    Isn’t that you want? To be left alone?

  28. NonExclusive Says:

    Iam, don’t expect to “paid”anything with your financial statement-security agreement, they ignore any claims that you make based on such ridiculous approach.
    All of that Redemption literature is based on assumptions and they do not honor nothing because there is no proof or evidence all of their beliefs. If you are already too deep involved it will be a matter of time to get in deep trouble. Believe me they will make an example out of you.

  29. NonExclusive Says:

    Marc, I remember one day in one of your shows you have David. One of those Redemption guys and you kind of kicking out of the way easily when first he claim he can “paid/discharge” a traffic ticket, and you told him “and if they don’t honor that claim and issue an order for your arrest what you will do ” after the commercials he was gone, I think he was very pist off.

  30. Inigo Montoya Says:

    Government is not a business. Government is organized crime.

    If Government were just a business, what real business forces you to buy their products at the prices they set?

    What business forcibly prevents me from doing business with a more efficient competitor?

    What business demands that disputes be settled by only their subsidiaries (courts) and by their employees?

    If someone “walks into” my shop, can I force them to buy something from me, or lock them up until they do, or if I just get angry at them for asking questions?

    What kind of a business chases people down in the street with guns to extract payments when they are just minding their own business, not harming anyone or anything?

    What kind of business can spring 800,000 pages of rules and regulations on me and tell me I already agreed to the “contract” I never read because of where I live or where I was born? Or just because they say so?

    What kind of business injects itself into disputes between people they don’t know while claiming to “represent” both of them at the same time?

    What kind of business claims to represent me at the same time they are attacking me?

    Government has operated the same basic way for 8,000 years. Incorporation doesn’t change a thing.

  31. summer apple Says:

    Inigo, Damn.. that whole post needs to copied, distributed, laminated, and posted all over the place.

  32. desertspeaks Says:

    Sometimes, you just gotta love the law of unintended consequences!

    Supreme Ct says corporate entities cannot be used to evade Constitution. => It makes some regulations null & void.

    “But wait – shouldn’t it also apply to “Corp. US”…? Seems to me it definitely should. 🙂 In which case the Court has set a precedent that would make any unConstitutional statutes and regulations passed in roughly the past one hundred years “void ab initio”.

  33. Inigo Montoya Says:

    @Summer Apple,

    I’ve been ranting all Independence Day on Twitter. I guess I’m on a roll! 🙂
    I also wasted a couple of months on the whole UCC/ALL CAPs thing and realized it was a dead end before I came across Marc’s simple, elegant logic.

    Maybe the above rant is useful for those countering the UCC/Admiralty/Redemption nonsense. Feel free…

  34. RAD Says:

    The government is half extortion mafia half religious cult.

  35. NonExclusive Says:

    Inigo, yes indeed you are in the roll. Exactly for People like you that I enjoy this website, you are coherent and very well informed. Keep up publishing your opinions that are very informative and lively.

  36. Matt Says:


    No, UCC is just opinions… zero facts.

  37. Mike Says:

    what facts do you have that the UCC applies because I’m standing on the earth?

  38. Inigo Montoya Says:

    @Desert Speaks

    As Marc showed so well in his book, ‘Government: Indicted’, the ‘law’ is schizophrenic, at times completely contradicting itself in the same ruling!

    There is also something called the ‘Clearfield Doctrine’ which states that when an entity uses ‘private commercial paper’ (FRNs) then it has lost all special status, i.e. as a government and must be treated the same as all other corporations. I believe an extension is that if the entity transacts non-government business, such as operating golf courses, airports, utilities, etc., then the same applies. As such, ‘jurisdiction’ really only applies to property owned by the ‘government’. Cops cannot operate outside their own parking lots.

    Supreme Court Annotated Statute, Clearfield Trust Co. v. United States 318 U.S. 363-371 1942

    But, again, good luck trying to get a black robed pirate to take judicial notice and give up jurisdiction.

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