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Matt’s Ticket Kicked – Lack of Evidence Proving Jurisdiction

Posted on June 3rd, 2015 by Marc Stevens

As reported on on the 31 May 2015 No State Project, below is the documentary proof of the dismissal.  This was a traffic ticket in Straffordshire, England.  Gary helped Matt by filing an application to dismiss, discovery request and speaking on Matt’s behalf in court.  The application is based on the prosecution’s lack of evidence proving jurisdiction.

Rather than continue being pressed for evidence to support their arguments, the prosecutor withdrew; from Gary:

So we get called in to a smiling very friendly court, before they had a chance to say a word, I informed them of Matt’s difficulties and as a result I would be speaking for him (Didn’t wait for their permission).  I then informed the court that discovery is required and has not be given, therefore we require a case management hearing before a district judge as we allege a breach of process by the prosecution.

Boom that was it; the prosecutor stood up and said she was not offering any evidence and was withdrawing the complaint on behalf of the crown

In my opinion it was the Motion to dismiss that did the job. They will be posting the dismissal notice to Matt so once he receives it I will send you a copy.


The main issue is always the same: what evidence/witnesses do you rely on to support your argument the laws of the government apply to me just because I’m physically in England?  We just ask them to support their argument and they withdraw.  Why withdraw when it’s so easy to prove the laws apply to everyone physically in England?

Because it’s a lie, there is no evidence the laws apply to anyone.  There are no governments, states, citizens etc., there are just people forcing us to pay them.  They are criminals and we need to continue exposing them for the criminals they really are.

Congrats to Matt and Gary for standing up to the predators and thanks for sending me the proof.



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  1. Paul Nz Says:

    Thanks for the feedback guys. The procedures for the crown differ from north America so any feedback from these courts is priceless. I hope that maybe one day with the help of you guys, Vin, Fabrice, Helen and Bradley can consolidate this type of info together with marc and marc can do a ‘crown special’ segment. The judge and CPS will fully exploit this lack of knowledge about case management hearings, applications to dismiss (from marcs experience) how and when to ask for disclosure, going about dismissal for not showing up and more. Knowing some of these inner workings helps them take you more seriously. If only I’d known more of this in 2012 !

  2. RAD Says:

    The deity of the England Government religion: “The Crown”, the imaginary magical talking hat that sues people in court.

  3. Colin Says:

    Nice work, Great Result.

    My view is that the state, country, continent is irrelevant if it’s legal system includes the Crown Bar, it’s all simply and collectively the Crown territory legal construct, even the names England, America, Australia are only man made legal constructs.

    From that point of view we don’t live “in” England at all! We simply exist on a piece of ground which “they” (a bunch of people) created a legal construct (a bit of paper) and called it England.

    So the question becomes:

    “What evidence do you rely on to support your argument that any of your rules, acts, statutes apply to me just because I physically exist upon land known by a legal construct name England?

    I’m using the word upon the land, rather than in the land, because if you “in” something, legaly your IN A CONTRACT (look up “in” Black dictionary) and if youre “in” the land, your probably dead too. lol

  4. jim witt Says:

    Great info, going thru the same jurisdiction here on Fresno, California. Good point about the difference between “in” and “on”. Just got 6pages from the District Court trying to discredit marcs work. Sometimes a bit much to grasp, but the more I listen and read, especially at marc Stevens dot net the more it becomes part of my thinking. Sometimes the tension these predators cause is a bit much. Its all a learning experience. Begins to put things in perspective. After reading, then printing out Lysander Spooners “No Treason, The Constitution of No Authority, it showed me who these people really are. Listening to the calls of shame just proves the point. The truth is not in them. Seems it’s not justice but “just us”. As Marc so aptly put the IRS is an American terrorist organization. Started down this road some 43 years ago. Lot’s of arguments relating to the constitutionality of the IRS and the 16th Amdt. Was it properly ratified or not? Since then I discovered that it didn’t apply to me. Some tried the all caps name gambit, another one was the free man on the land. They don’t care. they just want control. Reading the comments on the various cases and taking notes or just printing the page then reading over again. Makes for better info than the daily paper. But it sure puts things in perspective what lame stream media is putting out.

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