Melbourne Australia Police – No Evidence Laws Apply

Posted on March 8th, 2014 by Marc Stevens

The Same ol’ Lie World Tour takes us to Melbourne, Australia today 7 March 2014.  I spoke with a couple of cops from the Melbourne police department.  The first cop put me on hold and got an associate, they both had trouble understanding the question.

The first cop laughed initially and said he’d never been asked the question before.  As I’ve said so many times, those forcing compliance to their “laws” never bother to ask whether there’s evidence they apply to us at all.  So much for critical thought and analysis with bureaucrats.  Unless we’re professing a belief in magic, there has to be evidence proving the law (man-made rule) applies before there can be jurisdiction over us.  No evidence means no application.

The second cop tried, but as there is no evidence, he could not provide anything.  I find it disturbing that people who apply laws to peaceful strangers everyday cannot provide any facts proving the laws apply.  What the cop does is try to deflect attention away by suggesting I speak with a solicitor, though I point out he is applying the law to others everyday and should be able to prove they apply.  He is unmoved and wants to end the call.  Before he does though, he insists that if he has to, he can provide such evidence, just not on the phone with me.  It’s easy to be so confident when you can just hand up the phone.

As part of the world tour, I will also be contacting other bureaucrats in Australia such as city council members and governors.  We’ll have admissions from the predators themselves there is no evidence their so-called “laws” apply to us.  Let’s see the excuses statist apologists will throw out in defense of these damning admissions.  They’ll use everything but presenting actual evidence.

I urge others to make there own calls and replicate my results and post them here.  If you’re unsure of what to say, please feel free to contact me and call into the show.  The more people challenging them the better.


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  1. Incubus Says:

    This sounds like a comedy routine.

  2. Keith Says:

    The responses from these Victoria Police employees to Marc’s questions is typical of Victorian coppers when we ask them questions outside the law they are taught; both in the Police Academy and what they learn informally on the job. What the cops learn from these 2 sources is considered sufficient by them to deal with the public, crime investigation and prosecution of ‘victimless crimes’ such as traffic non compliance.

    Cops here, and I suspect elsewhere, have no incentive to learn more about the law than what they are taught. Should they do so and start asking questions (especially the kind of questions Marc asked), peer pressure is likely to nip in the bud any path they begin along critical thought. If peer pressure doesn’t do this, their bosses will certainly make their life uncomfortable. I know one Victorian cop who after serving for several years, resigned in disgust.

    I have to give these 2 cops (speaking with Marc) credit in that they seemed to give their best to try to understand Marc’s questions and give responsive answers til the 2nd cop appeared to lose interest.

    The 2nd cops refusal to pass Marc to his superior (who would be a Sgt or Senior Sgt.) did show his contempt towards Marc. The worst that would have happened to him for passing Marc to his superior would be to suffer a rebuke by his superior to his face and in private. Then the matter would be forgotten unless it happened again.

    What the conversation does reveal is the inexcusable lack of knowledge of the laws and applicability of the laws these policemen rely on for their authority to force their will upon us here in Victoria.

    Being acquainted with several coppers here in Melbourne, I am very certain the conversation with Marc will be discussed amongst these 2 cops and their fellow cops and perhaps their immediate bosses and they will make fun of the subject and probably of ‘those crazy dumb yanks who don’t know a thing about Victorian Law’.

    It appeared to me the 2nd cop was unaware of the existence of the (Victorian) Constitution Act 1855 and 1975; Instead referring to the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901. Yet every statute he enforces was created under the ‘authority’ of the Victorian constitution.

    You and I who have become aware of the immorality of forcing our will upon others with force and deadly weapons should not feel smug though; because if each of our lives (including mine) had taken a different turn in past years, we may well have become the copper on the end the phone line talking with Marc.

    We are all human beings; you, me, the cops and even though I am opposed to the behaviour displayed by cops, to a small extent they have my sympathy. They have a thankless task. Who do we turn to when we have been wronged? (bashed, abused, property stolen, etc.)

    That’s my 2 cents worth for today.

    Aussie Keith

  3. Andrew Says:

    ok, so they are enforcing laws against citizens, and? If you’re willing to be a citizen then what’s the issue? Sounds to me marc your still not understanding the different capacities a man can be standing under.

    these poor fellows have a job to enforce laws against citizens – why beat them up over it? They are doing their job and probably perfectly. Settle any issue on the private side where men and women are v’s this nonsense.

  4. suze Says:

    Andrew: You describe the world the way that it ought to be; while Marc is setting forth the world the way that it is. IF you are “on their radar” – no matter WHAT you do they are highly likely to administrate whatever they want, however they want, whenever they want. What we are witnessing around the globe are “baby steps” toward the brutal slaughter taking place in Palestine. ISRAEL wishes to be the ONLY “STATE” – and it is only a matter of time now. Crazy? Ya think?? Do you live in the U.S.? Look up a NUTTY place called KIRYAS JOEL “within the town of Morgan in Orange County, New York” – and have a look at the TRASH MOUTH recently installed at their SUPREME COURT LEVEL, Maria Vazquez-Dole – rumor has it that she stars in a highly circulated YouTube vid wherein she is MFing some woman in a parking lot. Anyway – the WORLD has a common enemy – and if those who possess some measure of insight do not quit wasting their time slinging mud at one another, before ya know it, we shall be RUN OVER AND BACKED UP ON before we even know what hit us. For all that I know – it may already be too late. Buuuuut, since I’m not sure that it IS “too late” – I’ll take my chances and fight back at this Leviathan until the dust settles. Prophecy can be a bitch – but so can miracles. And we sure could use one of those right now!

  5. viberare Says:

    Quote “Mayor Lane wonders if you can produce evidence that the City does not have jurisdiction over you?”

    This question is fallacious posed as genuine, but really an insult.

    Because are we to accept the Mayor does not know the onus is on him to prove he does have so-called, ‘jurisdiction,’ not for Marc to prove it is not existing.

    That is the premise of Marc’s question he cannot answer.

    The Mayor uses circular reasoning knowing the impossibility of his request.

  6. Andy Says:

    @Andrew, it’s not beating a person up to ask them a simple question that may be difficult to answer if the person being asked has never given serious thought to his/her actions. Just following orders is far removed from serious thought.

    Yet you propose an in depth serious thought be given to something that is not simple but difficult (private – public) that no one to my knowledge has shown evidence of. Which still “permits” the men and women providing services at the barrel of a gun to continue.

    Where’s the evidence the alleged private side law (or whatever its called, it is THEIR law) is applicable to anyone?

  7. Andy Says:

    P.S. @Andrew, You shouldn’t be “talking” nonsense.

  8. chasx Says:

    “‘victimless crimes’ such as traffic non compliance.” This is NOT VICTIMLESS, when people get run over….

    And for this article, the laws only apply when they want to

  9. csy Says:

    check out a utube on cheif justice roberts ruling on obama care ,where he clearly states to all americans that obama care ONLY applies to an entity IF they allow the PRESUMTION that the entity is a CORPARATE ENTITY .so the first thing i will enunciate to a “police officer ” {man or woman with a gun}will be…ARE YOU UNDER THE PRESUMTION THAT I AM A CORPARATE ENTITY ? I agree that the only real law in the country is a gun ….the threat of maiming and murder

  10. doyle Says:

    i live in victoria and just hearing the reaction of an ignorant man who can’t understand a simple question is astounding. Is this the quality of man that answers the public? i got the impression that if you had of raised your voice a little he would have grabbed his tazer and tried to threaten you via the phone line. we are really living in one sick state.

  11. Martin Padilla Says:

    Andrew, if You are defending these corrupt criminals, You got no bisiness in here, We are a group that do not accept the way they do business and operate.

  12. doyle Says:

    it appears andrew is copping s-hi- just because he understands what a citizen is in a democracy. before you give more ask yourself if you know what a citizen is. may pay to listen to a canadian who is a political prisoner at this very minute, dean clifford,because he knows and can explain what a citizen is. andrew speaks truth in his comment. keep your mind open and keep learning, everything has a twist to keep us in confusion.

  13. Andy Says:

    “andrew speaks truth in his comment”

    Evidence please. Andrew provided none. Perhaps you can show evidence.

  14. Martin Padilla Says:

    To stop being a CITIZEN, I have to camcel all the contracts and STOP ENJOYING all the benefits of the so called Post Facto Government, meanwhile I am SUBJECT to their PRESUMPTION

  15. NonE Says:

    CAMcel, CAMcel! Run for your lives! 😉 Uh. Wait. You don’t have to STOP or CAMcel your citzenship as you have never been a citizen! If those who claim to be thugs of the government continue to claim that they have no duty to protect you, then by the terms defining contractual relationships, no such relationship (citizen and state) can exist, even if you wanted to be a citizen you couldn’t do it. No CAMcelling required. (Bonus question: does CAMcelling have 2 “L”s or just one?)

    – NonCamcelabous

  16. Andrew Says:

    @Martin, Are you sure?

    Most in this forum appear to want to “fight” the state in some capacity or another. Why would the creator want to fight anything? Just make it so. Does a creator not have the authority over the created to resolve any issue you can think of?

    In other words, how can a legal fiction have authority over man – the creator?

    A very simple working example is demonstrated by karl lentz in a number of postings.

    Alternatively, for those who believe it’s better to keep arguing about jurisdiction v’s privately resolving the matter, then by default are you not demonstrating you lack the authority to “make it so”?

    I suspect most here are also looking for the “silver bullet” approach – there is no silver bullet, your authority and abilty to hold it will define the outcome.

  17. Kel Says:

    It’s high time they CAMcel that damn Survivor show you keep ranting about.

  18. NonE Says:

    Kel, A CURSE on you and all of the DNA related to you! Blaspheeming THE SHOW! May you burn in … someplace or other! – NonCAMcellationz 😉

  19. Martin Padilla Says:

    As long I have a DOMICILE, ZIP CODE, and all of their I.D.’s, I am liable to their CODE, STATUTE and PRESUMPTION. I have a friend who got the guts to CAMCEL but they never DID CAMCEL His CONTRACTS, They (Government) just ignore His Affidavits, letters and Request. So Why bother to “CAMCEL” anything with these CRIMINALS They do not know HONOR such Requests

  20. doyle Says: Some may have time to watch something of an educational value. You could even watch others this guy has done and learn more. i like this guy.

  21. Martin Padilla Says:

    Wow!!! Thanks Doyle, I really enjoy that video.

  22. Andy Says:

    Breaking the Invisible Chains — the title of the video — is a misnomer because the invisible chains are the enemy outpost in people’s head; their belief that there are States. There are no States. The mass belief in them
    (States) is the most dangerous and destructive superstition. There are no States, just gangs of killers, thieves and liars. THEIR paperwork is part of their public relations scheme proclaiming legitimacy and necessity.

  23. Arvid Says:

    Andrew, am I a citizen just because I born and raised in a certain location? I haven’t sworn any oaths as such….

  24. Andrew Says:

    I can see most on this forum are not able to comprehend when a contract takes place to create joinder as a legal entity (person/citizen). Your actions alone will do it, as there is an underlying presumption from the public entities that they are dealing with a public trust (person/citizen).

    Karl lentz describes some unbelievably simple steps to rebut the presumptions and to take control of jurisdiction in Notices with 2 or 3 sentences.

    Finally, most here seem to be looking for the “silver bullet” process/content to resolve a situation, there is no such thing, it depends on your actions alone. It’s dependant on your ability to conduct yourself as a creditor v’s someone that’s simply out to “disrupt the system”.

    @Arvid – You have a citizen and are not one unless you agree to contract with another entity as such. It’s simply an account (public trust) setup with the same name as the wo/man.

  25. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Andrew, we’re not looking for any silver bullet, just pointing out there is no evidence and showing their bad faith to get them to drop their attack.

  26. Martin Padilla Says:

    Marc, You already break the record!!! So far none of those criminals has not been able to answer You that “simple” question. I can’nt hardly wait to use it on my court date next month.

  27. Andrew Says:

    @marc, if there’s no contract, then there’s no need for courts for enforcement – they would be redundant – straight to jail/lien on property without recourse, no hearing and no opportunity to cure.

    However, you do have recourse, you do get opportunity to settle either inside the court system or directly with the plantiff. It’s called offer and acceptance – something one would do to finalise a contract, would you not?

    Really not sure why it’s so difficult to understand. Man created the state and the state created the person – a commercial entity. You seem stuck at the bottom – being a person that the state has jurisdiction over. Comprehending the layers of jurisdiction and capacities a man/creditor can operate within is key to navigate the sea of commerce.

    I suggest that folks at least take a look at Karl Lentz on youtube, educate yourself on the different jurisdictions that exist and the words that are used to have you acquiesce to the state’s jurisdiction.

  28. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ andrew, that’s a non-sequitur, if there’s no contract there’s no need for courts. What does murder, rape and real crimes have to do with a contract? There is no contract, the argument the people created a commercial entity has no merit, there is no evidence to support that, the evidence is against it. You pay or get shot, no contract. I have looked at Karl’s work and confronted him on the show about the evidence, after about 7 times he finally admitted there was no evidence. When people are threatening you, there is no contract.

  29. Incubus Says:


    I suggest you take a good hard look at Karl Lentz and ask yourself if you can verify his claims. He sure can’t. Several of us here have taken Karl to task and each time he avoids procuring evidence.

    Karl is a conman. And not even a slick one. Or an idiot. Hard to say.

  30. Martin Padilla Says:

    Thanks Marc, that Pay-triot ideology is full of unfilled blanks, their theories are based on imaginary laws, We have to research the law and find those loopholes like the way you create that catch 22 with the Police, the Judge and the Prosecutor, conflict of interest, the cop can not testify, and the judge working for the same adversary.

  31. doyle Says:

    to incubus i at this point cant agree with you and believe that karl is a con man. i have just started to listen to some of his recordings, there are a lot i’m finding, and i must say he makes a lot of sense in what i have heard so far. his concept of 2nd dimension and 3rd dimension being used by ‘authority’ is fascinating and very simple. i will certainly listen to more of what he has to say with an open mind. cheers

  32. NonE Says:

    Doyle, I’m confused by your last post. You say:

    “i … believe that karl is a con man. … and i must say he makes a lot of sense in what i have heard so far.”

    Does that make sense to you? What am I missing here?

    – NonE

  33. doyle Says:

    nonE, i was saying i dont agree with incubus saying karl is a con man in his post. i should have said’ i at this point cant agree with your belief that karl is a con man’ hey i am upside down on the bottom of the world you know. i have been trying for months to get my council to give me proof of claim, firstly over a parking ticket and secondly over an interest charge for late payment of yearly ‘rates’. I went straight to the ceo. but he doesnt reply, so i sent him a ‘terms and conditions’ contract. He accepted it by having sent this interest charge. I was going down the commercial lien path until i came across karl. Now i am going to use some of his approaches in getting this ‘man’ to prove he has jurisdiction to place this charge. i have a lot to comprehend but karl makes sense to me.

  34. Incubus Says:

    Well if you’re successful (or not) in your approach let us know and what you did.

    I still think Karl is a conman but I’m always open to being proven wrong.

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