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Nick Cort New Hampshire AG – No Evidence Laws Apply

Posted on August 8th, 2014 by Marc Stevens

This is the second senior deputy attorney general in New Hampshire who I’ve confronted who could not provide a single fact proving the laws of the “state” of New Hampshire apply just because one is physically in New Hampshire.


New Hampshire Senior Deputy Attorney General Nicholas P. Cort

Cort uses the typical dodges; he claims I’m asking for a legal opinion and also claims my question for evidence is “meaningless”.  Cort also believes the constitution and laws apply because they say so.  Though he claims the “history” of how they came about is also proof they are valid and apply.  When asked if the “history” was the fact everyone is forced to pay, he disagreed.

If someone puts forth an argument such as: if X, then Y, and you ask: What evidence proves if X, then Y is true, that is not a “meaningless question”.  Claiming it’s “meaningless” is a dodge to avoid having to admit you have no evidence to support your argument.

And for the few critics who, like the bureaucrats, will dodge the question by asking:

What evidence do you have that the constitution and laws DON’T apply to you?

The main issue with this garbage is simple logic: I don’t bear the burden, the one making the argument does:

semper necessitas probandi incumbit ei qui agit…the necessity of proof always lies with the person who lays charges.

Even if I took the burden upon myself, I have many calls like this one to politicians who admittedly have no evidence their laws apply.  All they have is aggression and “because we said so.”  So even looking at this from a “legal” perspective, there is a presumption there are no facts until the politicians present them:

But the maxim applies, quod non apparet non est. The fact not appearing is presumed not to exist.” The Clara, 102 US 200.

I don’t consider “pay or go to jail” and aggression as evidence a written instrument applies to me.  But if you do, then I would suggest not having children as the world has more than enough crazy as it is.



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  1. Gaylan Says:

    Not sure how one would put this in the form of a question to a bureaucrat other than bluntly asking . .

    “Isn’t it true the necessity of proof always lies with the person who lays charges”?

    “Isn’t it also true the “STATE” is a fictitious plaintiff”?

    And . . “isn’t it true a FICTITIOUS PLAINTIFF is a person appearing as a claimant with no right to do so”?

    “so in light of the lack of a preponderance of evidence what are the facts you are relying on to allege that your constitution and its laws apply to me”?

  2. NonE Says:

    Gaylan Sed:

    And . . “isn’t it true a FICTITIOUS PLAINTIFF is a person appearing as a claimant with no right to do so”?

    How do you know this is true? If a fictitious person can appear then it seems to me that ANYTHING is possible!

    – NonEvidentiary

  3. RAD Says:

    How can a judge even pretend to be neutral on this issue if they have taken a religious oath to support their scriptures(constitution/”laws”)?

  4. P.G.AMERICA Says:

    Instead of calling on the phone where this has no bearing or record, Why not ask these questions of these people in an Administrative Court and have it on record..cause if it isn’t on record, it didn’t happen..just a suggestion.
    One would consider, since admittedly Mr Cort agreed that the laws and constitution applies and supports it’s history, Then use U.S.Constitution Article 1 Section 9 Clause 8 where it talks about title of nobility, I’m sure your state constitution has a similar article to support the U.S. model. On record in court. There is nothing that they can do once it is admitted into evidence in Administrative Court. And take it all the way to the top. and seek retribution.
    Eventually Hitlers Generals came to their senses.With the Elders of Zion and the wrong people were targeted. then it was dismissed as hoax. Even our president at the time said it fit with what was going on then the next day was classified as a hoax here in the U.S. The British is here and they took over over a hundred years ago.
    “It is up to us, as Americans, to Keep that Bell of Freedom Ringing.”

  5. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ P.G. america, we do, look up the videos and calls of shame, such as Ian’s hearing.

  6. Nelson Donnell Says:

    It’s easy to understand why psychopaths defend people like New Hampshire Senior Deputy Attorney General Nicholas P. Cort and other government employees, agents, assignees and politicians who don’t want to give an honest answer to Marc’s questions.

    Instead, they want to obfuscate the issue and not admit that their government operations and salaries are funded from the monies and compliance that the liars, killers and thieves clubs can extort from people and the liar’s, killers and thieves clubs are willing to cage or kill those people who resist or question the clubs supposed authority.

    Birds of a feather do seem to stick together, and these dirty birds wouldn’t recognize a “cleans hands doctrine” if they fell over it. That’s the nature of their protection racket.

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  8. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ martese, or since you enjoyed the material you can help promote it. 🙂

  9. Boxer Says:


    What you really need is a series of glamour shots to go with your website to make it more appealing aesthetically. Since the material is just okay, maybe a photo of you jumping out of a plane would help drive interest and really demonstrate your enthusiasm for these types of subjects as well. /sarc

  10. Peter Daley Says:

    Hi All. Trying to find some way in to get the Dortch Families Story out to the masses. They where interviewed on Red Ice Radio this month. All need to hear how these poor innocent people have been treated by the so-called authorities. Marc, it would be great if you could pick this story up & help this Family spread their horror story. Thank you for all you do Brother.

  11. Miriam Gold Says:

    I have known Mr. Cort through the legal system for many years. I can only guess that the comments above are, sadly, from people who do not know him pesonally. He is one of the most ethical and honest men I know. He also is thoroughly professional and researches everything completely. If there is one person who “has facts to support his argument,” it is Mr. Cort.
    M. Gold, PhD, MSW

  12. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Miriam, I don’t get that from my call with him though. He may be a nice guy, he couldn’t provide evidence. Are you claiming Cort did provide the evidence to support his argument?

  13. Andy Says:

    Marc, I’m going to hazard a guess that it’s a testimonial; not to be questioned nor supported by fact as an argument would be.

    A sort of sideways kinship to: My esteemed colleague … my honorable colleague … a trusted colleague of mine … a colleague and good friend that sits across the aisle.

    Let’s just say… I know a guy, who knows a guy… who knows another guy.

    Sorry about that last bit — I haz a Clint moment. 😉

  14. Nelson Donnell Says:

    Shouldn’t this have read that: “High-level judges and attorneys have admitted that they can’t cite evidence to prove the laws apply.”?

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