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NSP – Sept 29, 2012 – #OverwhelmTheSystem

Posted on September 26th, 2012 by Marc Stevens

Co-host: Calvin.

Show Topics: #OverwhelmTheSystem -|- content-rich media and programs with purpose that have real-world value -|- Ethics Gone Wild! or Run-away Evilfaltion: ((candidate_1 “evil-level” = x) < (candidate_2 “evil-level” = x+1) = x) * y [variable y is number of election cycles] = actual integer value of how evil your society has gotten! (math right Prof. Mac?) -|- honoring Ron Paul by making a stand for your stated principals -|- effective and less effective activism and defense strategy -|- taking baby steps when dissenting against presumptuous taxation and the Fed -|- Guerrilla Grafters, a renegade band of idealistic produce lovers who attach fruit-growing branches to public trees in Bay Area cities, are practicing civil disobedience by feeding the public in San Francisco -|- what makes a psychopath a psychopath -|- adaptive logic -|- Smartphone Malware can now steal 3D Model Of Your Location -|- how-to STOP enabling psychopaths by examining hierarchy -|- exposing the social pressure that “the system” puts on jurors -|- psychological sovereignty and analyzing perception -|- comparing inconsistent violent acts of protest (such as Joe Stack) to peaceful rallying -|- join Marc at Libertopia 2012 in San Diego and Jamison at Liberty Fest in North Carolina -|- exposing non-adversarial, victimless-crime court proceedings that lack established jurisdiction -|- prima facie opinion vs. fact -|- purging fear by clearing confusion and disinformation -|- deprogramming automatons from statist malware -|- Digital (r)Evolution -|- schizophrenic communication patterns in the form of statist double-speak and double-standards.

Caller’s Topics:

  • Bo from Austin: ego-driven psychopaths, assumed authority, upcoming #AiLL from a botched motion hearing.
  • Dallas from Texas: property tax dispute; state lawyer claims it is “contractual in nature” and advises to “just pay”, on the record [standing-by for link…]. Dropping the fear of the STATE, taking personal action, and realizing that “you can’t vote this out.”

Overwhelm the System

Calvin and I spoke again about real change, change that only comes from the people, not politicians.  If the millions of people who have been supporting Dr. Ron Paul for president, those who want to see the end of the income tax and federal reserve system, then they are the ones to bring about that change; not Dr. Paul on his own.

If you want to stop the income tax, then you need to stop complying with it and overwhelm the system.  It will not only prove the obvious to most people i.e., elections are irrelevant, but will also bring about the change you want to see.  Politicians don’t care you don’t like the income tax as long you keep complying.

What I’ve suggested is instead of rallies to support Ron Paul’s election, have rallies to support each other and overwhelm the system with mass non-compliance with the income tax.  And I’m not talking about just not filing, but encouraging the businesses to stop complying.  If you support Dr. Paul because he talked about getting rid of the income tax and you own a business, then stop withholding and sending in tax forms such as 1099’s.

If you share Dr. Paul’s principals, then put them into motion the only effective way there is: non-violent, non-cooperation.  Ten thousand people at an overwhelm the system rally will do more to get the attention of politicians than any amount of political activity will.

One rally should turn into two and so forth.  Not only will politicians see there are tens of thousands not complying, the rest of the the people will see it and we may have a bandwagon effect take over.  It will be impossible to enforce and the people will have spoken.  Real change, a move towards more freedom and no politician can stop it.

If there was a time to do this, then it is now.  Dr. Paul is not running again and his popularity will probably only diminish.  The networks are already in place, you just change the focus from the man to the principal and you take control over your own life.  If the principals mean anything, then continue sticking together to put them into action.  The politicians do not have the means to prosecute many and when they do, then it is an opportunity to challenge them on the facts proving their code applies.  Because it doesn’t and they know it and we make sure the few juries they put together also know it.

There are no facts proving the codes are applicable and anyone who thinks there are facts proving the constitution and code apply, they are welcome to call my radio show anytime and present the facts.


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  1. osbogosley Says:

    Dr. Paul is the actor Ian McKellan go to

  2. Marc Stevens Says:

    Just like Tina Fey is Sarah Palin even though there is video footage of them together? Sorry, the evidence just isn’t there.

  3. Incubus Says:

    I do find a lot of Ed’s assertions to be baseless, but some of what he points out is compelling.

    Marc I enjoyed him as a guest the last time he was on your show. You should have him back sometime.

  4. NonE Says:

    Marc Stevens Says:
    October 5th, 2012 at 9:18 am

    Just like Tina Fey is Sarah Palin even though there is video footage of them together? Sorry, the evidence just isn’t there.

    Obviously it’s Photoshopped… Everyone knows that Tina Fey isn’t a real person! 🙂

    – the Very Good NonTina

  5. timothy Says:

    Wow Marc, the rally idea is really great…and it could work for anything in fact.drivers license, state tax, traffic thefts etc…or even rallies to put these criminals in jail(name you gov. official here). Plus in an arena, the media gatekeepers wont be able to fudge the numbers up or down to serve their purposes/agenda, like they love to do so often. Because an accurate count is much easier to actually see with your eyes in an arena forum. Where as on the street walking around with signs, it become a big debate and a guess as to how many may have been at whatever event it may be. peace to all…

  6. janice Says:

    Hey Marc….why do you suppose they are forcing people to vote in aussie? Is there a hidden contract there somewhere?

  7. janice Says:

    federal reserve is controlled by the vatican and the jesuits

  8. bruce sloane Says:

    really …??

  9. janice Says:

    ron paul calls himself a christian but he is a freemason and he likes the pope. Freemasons are controlled by the vatican and the jesuits. The pope calls for the catholicism of america under it’s authority. The vatican made a deal with reagen and recognized vatican state as a sovereign nation. Now we have an ambassador to the vatican and a vatican ambassador to the u.s. Look up “vatican concordats” Vatican controls through civil law via concordats with other countries and what they rule can never be dissolved. It is absolute. Wherever vatican and the jesuits are allowed they will bring tyranny and genocide.

  10. bruce sloane Says:

    Regan …??

    no kidding …who would have thought

  11. janice Says:

    people that don’t believe in ron paul are bigots? they have laws against bigotry don’t they?

  12. janice Says: spelled reagen wrong…and yes, really

  13. janice Says:

    bruce…look up vatican and reagen. You have to wonder why they elect “actors”

  14. bruce sloane Says:

    are You a friend of Karl’s ..??

  15. janice Says:

    don’t know karl

  16. janice Says:

    did you bother to look up reagen and the vatican? If not, don’t bother to respond

  17. Kel Says:

    Goodness gracious. Even Trolls come in three’s these days.

  18. janice Says:

    marc. recently i purchased a house. I later received a bill for a water heater that said “homeowner”
    It did not have my name on the bill. I sent it back and wrote on the envelope, “no contract” they sent another bill saying the same thing only this time it was more. When I sent that back they sent another bill with my name on it. I have no contract with these people. I sent them a notice telling them that they should send me some indication that i am obliged to pay their bill and they sent nothing in return. Ten days later I sent them another notice asking them to show me via a contract that i am obliged to pay them. I also told them that if they had their property on my property they were welcome to come and get it upon noticing me and if they did not i would consider it abandoned. They ignored that and sent me another bill in my name even though i cited them that they were not entitled to use my name without my permission. The last notice I sent them said that they were, because of their non response in contract with me because they had not disputed my claim that i was not in contract with them. I have the paper trail and they don’t. I’ve also sent them a notice that i will invoice them for administration costs with respect to all the paperwork they were sending without evidence of a contract. What do you think? I intend to sue them if they persist.

  19. janice Says:

    you have to put your kid’s in school because you contracted with the government through the birth certificate.

  20. Karl Lentz Says:

    U put Your kids in Public school
    BECAUSE you believe,
    BECAUSE someone TOLD you,
    Because someone said, You have a birth certificate
    therefore It must be the law

    No, You put your kids in school BECAUSE you are too afraid to question your servants

  21. Incubus Says:

    Karl makes a point.

    And of course, let’s not forget the coercion (aka silly gun nonsense).

    Janice, how many elements are in a contract?

  22. Karl Lentz Says:

    i had my children out of Public schools for months at a time
    no body ever questioned me about it?

    Who from the state or Gov’t would be
    the one asking U about?

    about U and Your child’s school attendance?

    I did it in VA, NC, and FLA, ANd nobody made it their business to ask me, or the kids or the Mom, where have they been?

  23. janice Says:

    that depends on who makes the contract and what they require for you to meet their terms. Any contract can be made with multiple terms and you have to agree to their terms. If you want to go to what makes a legal contractt then you have to take into account that they include things in their contracts that they do not make you aware of. There is disclosure that must apply but in the end they have plausible deniability and try to prove that you did not have full disclosure.

  24. Lyndon Says:


    Incubus asked you “how many elements are in a contract?” and you replied by writing “that depends on who makes the contract…”. You have described the promises of performance and not the elements. For a valid expressed contract to exist, the elements of a contract must exist. Full disclosure is an element of an expressed contract. The issuance of birth certificate does not create a valid, lawful contract because several of the elements of a contract are omitted (such as age of consent, signatures, full disclosure, expressed consideration, identifiable parties, etc.). Being invalid does not stop some one calling himself/herself “government” to attempt to, or outright use violence to enforce whatever it is that man or woman wants the birth certificate to mean.

  25. Incubus Says:

    It’s a fruitless pursuit, Lyndon. She has trolled here before.

    The Vatican/Jesuits run everything. Just ask Janice. Ask her for what evidence she bases that on. She’ll tell you to go figure it out yourself. And if you ask again…well you’re just wasting her precious time.

    Oh and there’s all sorts of contracts we don’t see. Invisible contracts! Yes that is a contradiction in terms, but that’s okay. If you don’t get it, you’re probably too stupid anyways.

  26. Lyndon Says:

    It appears we’ve had a bad day of trolls :(. I wasted my time on that Vatican/Jesuit expert; and that “Article III” expert has been really gabbing away…

  27. bruce sloane Says:

    do not discount the Freemasons…
    they figure in here somewheres

  28. MickeyG Says:

    Territorial jurisdiction of The United States:

    (3) Any lands reserved or acquired for the use of the United
    States, and under the exclusive or concurrent jurisdiction
    thereof, or any place purchased or otherwise acquired by the
    United States by consent of the legislature of the State in which
    the same shall be, for the erection of a fort, magazine, arsenal,
    dockyard, or other needful building.

    Title 18 section 7

  29. JP Says:

    I have an idea on how to stop judges from throwing defendants into the realm of psych evals using the technique of conditional acceptances. If someone is interested I can explain this. Let me know . .

  30. NonE Says:

    bruce sloane Says:
    October 7th, 2012 at 2:34 am

    do not discount the Freemasons…
    they figure in here somewheres

    From deep in my shoe, I have this question, Bruce…

    How can one discount something that is free? Huh? I’m havin’ a hard time with this. Maybe some of our recent posters can help.

    – the Very Tied Lace 😉

  31. JP Says:

    United States is a corporation not a government. Although they pretend to be a government, you have no representation as a Citizen of that corporation. Which you consent to by filing out your voters registration card. The District of Columbia (DC) is where that corporation is filed. CHeck the SEC records and Title 28 USC if you do not believe me. Also, your vote as a citizen is only represented by 3 electoral votes out of DC. So factually, your votes have almost no effect at all. The electoral gets whatever it is financially influenced. It’s all an illusion. There is no factual evidence at all that the Constitution or its codes apply to anyone. Wake up America!!

  32. JP Says:

    Here is a direct quote from the bottom of the Constitution . . .

    “The Ratification of the Conventions of nine States, shall be sufficient for the Establishment of this Constitution between the States so ratifying the Same.

    done in Convention by the Unanimous Consent of the States present the Seventeenth Day of September of the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty seven and of the Independence of the United States of America the Twelfth. In witness whereof We have hereunto subscribed our Names.”

    That’s right folks, “in witness hereof”. How can these so called “Constitutional Scholars” miss that one? In other words, they subscribe their signatures to witness the document. That’s all. No modern contractual agreement between parties would consider that legally binding.

    Those Hamiltonian Lawyers were good, weren’t they?

  33. NonE Says:

    And who creates the conditions/rules under which a corporate entity is created and can exist?

    Sorry to [s]piss[/] rain on your parade.

    – the Very Good Weather[s]man[/s]person

  34. JP Says:

    None: The same attorney type thinking that created these so-called Governments. Men and Women who want control over others by force and violence because they think they have a better idea.

  35. Marc Stevens Says:

    @JP, it would help wake people up if they were to just stop using the public/private or government/private labels. Look at what the people are doing without the public/private label.

  36. Incubus Says:

    You say they are a corporation parading as a government, but are not a government. If they were a government, what would set them apart from a corporation and how would their actions differ from what they are now?

    Sincere inquiry.

  37. StimuL8 Says:

    @JP and janice, I used conditional acceptance in the matter of the judge in Pulaksi, Tennessee if you need a real life example of it. It’s in the thread with the baby on Mike Fitzs Tax ordeal. It’s also very easy for even the simplest mind to understand. Janice if a contract is not entered into willingly, knowingly, and with full understanding of the full terms and conditions it is null/void and an utter FRAUD. Look at it like this. They came into where you were being born and tricked your mom into signing this so called contract, because they said she MUST fill it out, however “must” is legally synonymous with “may” (your mom didn’t know that) and they disclosed nothing to her about the so called selling of her childs name, into so called slavery, by the use of the “name”, the entire bs line is ludicrous on its face and really is frivolous and actually is identity theft, if this is what they really did and because a group of people were involved it’s also a factual conspiracy (doctors, nurses, registrars, Etc.) So show me the contract, can a meeting of the minds even occur with something called the STATE, which is non existent in reality. Study contracts a bit and you’ll understand what I mean, Start here.

    The full book: The Law of Contracts – By:John D. Calamari, Joseph M. Perillo is a great addition to a library and worth the effort to read.

    Thoroughly read all your contracts. I really mean thoroughly.
    -Bret Michaels

    Freedom, Love and Peace to all of you, No! I mean it!

  38. StimuL8 Says:

    Even the Republic of these United States of America is a corporation, and there is a difference between a corporation and an incorporated company, research and examine the difference between the two. They are both fictions. There are so many lies and frauds in this so called just government you have to question EVERYTHING until you understand it, and trust me they don’t want to or can’t explain it themselves. A lot of them don’t want to see the truth because they profit off the lies and extortion, at our expense. The beauty of Marcs way is it simply exposes it for what it is, an utter lie and done properly they can’t escape it except with violence, or outright sophistry. PEACE —-cannot be had by WAR!

  39. bruce sloane Says:

    StimuL8 Says:
    October 8th, 2012 at 11:13 am

    Even the Republic of these United States of America is a corporation, and there is a difference between a corporation and an incorporated company

    there is also a difference between a Municipal Corporation, formed by Charter, and your examples

  40. StimuL8 Says:

    A Municipal Corporation in the sense that it is used right now, here on this land is an incorporated company, and that’s the major part of the fraud. Ordinances are rules for a cities employees that’s all. Look at it like do you have to follow McDonalds rules if you aren’t on duty for McDonalds or don’t work for them. Nothing different. Unless they bullshave you into believing they matter, then well your pooched by your beliefs right? Not by what exists in the real world. Chartered by whom? You? It’s plain and simply a business, no contract no obligation.

    Peace!, and enlightenment to us all through study and debate.

  41. bruce sloane Says:

    sorry, no..
    it is most certainly not a business, but, depending on what we are referring to, a political subdivision of a body politic

  42. JP Says:

    Marc: I agree with you totally!

  43. Incubus Says:

    I guess to rephrase my question and expand. What makes the “United States Government” not a government? What makes it a corporation? If it were a “government”, what would be different about the way it is now?

    At what point did it stop being a government and become a corporation? Or was it always a corporation and never a government to begin with?

    Marc very eloquently defines government as “A group of killers, thieves, and liars”. I wholeheartedly agree. It seems to me this “government” is no different. It is, has always been, and so long as it “exists” will remain just that.

  44. JP Says:


    I’m not sure what a government is because it takes two parties, the governed and those that govern. Just another agreement between people. Both should completely consent for it to work. Human behavior historically has proven that 2 people can’t always agree. I saw the formation of the United States as a commercial venture (Corporatism) begin after the Act of 1871 and after the finalization of the constitution and its significant language change to legalize after the constitutional convention. The Hamiltonian’s were the authors, so I am not surprised there. I think they preferred commercialism to pretty much anything else. The spirit of those types were also authors of the UCC. Yes, contracts they think is better way to negotiate. All oligarch principles if you ask me. New World Order stuff.

  45. Gryphyn3 Says:

    The USA and every single other country that started as a british colony is a corporation. Government is not a thing. It has always been a political idea. The US government as a corporation was created on the day you think the declaration of independence was signed. Or, if you choose to believe the propaganda, when the United States gained it’s independence from Great Britain.

  46. NonE Says:

    Not to get impertinent with things like facts and all, but where does the “authority” for creating a “corporation” come frum? 😉

    Seems to me it’s all just people. Some are respectful, some have guns, some have funny costumes, some believe in magic… others don’t.

    Seems to me.

    – the Very Good NonE

  47. Incubus Says:

    “Government is not a thing.” Correct. And neither is a corporation. They are both ideas, nothing more. The people who occupy them now will not occupy them a hundred years from now. They will only exist so long as there are people who continue to congregate as those things.

    As I believe None was alluding to (sort of), which was kind of my point from the start, is that if we look at things factually we find that this thing, whatever you wish to call it-“government”/”corporation”- has not changed fundamentally since its inception. It is and has always been “a gang of killers, thieves and liars”.

    JP you mentioned that government is allegedly suppose to be two parties consisting of those who govern and those who are governed and that this is suppose to be based on a consent, as in “Government by consent of the governed”. It of course is not. It has never been.

    Its popular these days for people to wave this banner declaring “The US is not a government! It’s a corporation!”, as though those words have any meaning. They don’t. I think it’s meant to get some sort of emotional response out of state sycophants.

    Nobody has yet to show me (and I don’t just mean around here) why the US “government” is really a “corporation”, what the fundamental distinction is they’re trying to make between the two, and how changing the labels changes the facts.

    It is nothing more than a shock and awe statement.

    Government= A group of violent individuals with a monopoly on force. “US Corporation”= A group of violent individuals with a monopoly on force.

    Am I missing anything?

  48. NonE Says:

    Incubus Says:
    October 9th, 2012 at 6:01 pm

    Am I missing anything?

    Yup. Here are a whole mess of extra “d”s I have sitting around that I don’t need. You can use them in the future to put on your “suppose[d]”s. It appears yours have all fallen off. 😉

    – the Very Non Corporation

  49. NonE Says:

    Oops, forgot the enclosure! “dddddddddddddddddddddddd”


  50. Incubus Says:

    Funny guy, eh?

    You harboring fugitive d’s? Sure seem to have an abundance.

    I won’t hesitate to turn you in to the authorities.

  51. NonE Says:

    Incubus Says:
    October 10th, 2012 at 2:27 pm

    I won’t hesitate to turn you in to the authorities.

    Jest goez to show ya, no good deed goes unpunnished!

    – the Very Good Deed

    P.S. Here, I gotz some extra Zs too… “ZzZzZzZzZzZzZz”

  52. JP Says:

    incubus: I agree its all delusional crap if you ask me. People just like to hide behind their inventions so that they think they can be free of the repercussions of their ridiculous behaviors.

    You can’t vote out stupid!

  53. Incubus Says:

    “… no good deed goes unpunnished.”

    Was that meant to be ironic or are you running an N farm?

    An illegal N farm!

  54. Phil Says:

    Do contracts exist?

    If they do can people come together and join in a contract for a common purpose?

    Could this common purpose be called a Co-operation of individuals?

    Would the terms and conditions of such a contract regulate the behavior of said individuals, when acting in Co-operation towards said common purpose?

    Would this control of behavior constitute a sense of governing?

    Would the meeting of the minds and acceptance of said common goal equal Government (control of the mind)?

  55. Andy Says:

    Phil, essentially everyone is self-governing (control of their mind).

  56. Andy Says:

    To clarify, essentially everyone is self-government (control of their own mind).

  57. NonE Says:

    Incubus Says:
    October 12th, 2012 at 6:36 pm

    “… no good deed goes unpunnished.”

    Was that meant to be ironic or are you running an N farm?

    An illegal N farm!

    N deed!

  58. Karl Lentz Says:

    HEy i just heard on the radio
    is it Marc, who will award $5,000.oo
    to ANYONE, who can show Facts of a state and citizens?

    lol, WOW, what an easy 5 grand…

    Hey but WHO is The Judge?

  59. Karl Lentz Says:

    “Government is not a thing.” Correct. And neither is a corporation. They are both ideas, nothing more. ???

    are u saying i as a husband am not anything more then an idea?
    a corporation is an artificial person that is created by governmental action

    So does not EVERY man and woman who obtain and maintain a gov’t Marriage license not “real”, but just an idea?

  60. Karl Lentz Says:

    Mr. Incubus countinues…
    The people who occupy them now will not occupy them a hundred years from now. They will only exist so long as there are people who continue to congregate as those things..

    So U are saying, in a 100 years, my great-great grand children cannot inherent my and my wifes property, because we are just ideas in law?
    for i as husband and my woman as my wife are very much corporations, in which i pray the gov’t will be around to Protect the claims of my grand children

  61. indio007 Says:

    Well what are facts?
    The State or citizen does not fit ANY of these legal definitions.

    A fact is something fixed, unchangeable. Huber v. Guggenheim (U. S.) 89 Fed. 598, 601.

    A fact is an effect produced or achieved. Gates v. Haw, 50 N. E. 299, 150 ind. 370.

    Facts are occurrences and events; evidence, the means by which the happening or the character of such events are shown. There are two kinds of facts—evidentiary facts and inferential facts.
    Woodfill v. Patton, 76 ind. 575, 579, 40 Am. Rep. 269.

    The word “facts,” as used in Code, § 142, providing that the complaint must contain a plain and concise statement of the facts constituting a cause of action, means the things done; realities, not suppositions; actions; deeds—all of which definitions call for the truth. Lackey v. Vanderbilt (N. Y.) 10 How. Prac. 155, 161.

  62. Karl Lentz Says:

    Mr. Incubus countinues…

    Nobody has yet to show me (and I don’t just mean around here) why the US “government” is really a “corporation”, what the fundamental distinction is they’re trying to make between the two, and how changing the labels changes the facts.

    the term U.S. USA, U.S.of A. ,,,AND THE LIKE is/are exxxtremly fungible, just like ANY other Person

    1856 Bouvier’s Law Dictionary,for a corporation is… an aggregate corporation is an ideal body, created by law, composed of individuals united under a common name, the members of which succeed each other, so that the body continues the same, notwithstanding the changes of the individuals who compose it, and which for certain purposes is considered as a natural person.
    Browne’s Civ. Law, 99; Civ. Code of Lo. art. 418; 2 Kent’s Com. 215. Mr. Kyd, (Corpor. vol. 1, p. 13,)

    hence my great-great grand kid comment above-hereinmentioned

    loook folks,
    i Know for a FACT, that the form of gov’t,
    that rules the land, where i stand,
    is the best w/in recorded history bar none

    youse just do not hat youse have , YET ; )

    ooh thats right Mr. incubus , sloane and None, 1856 Bouvier is Obs? quaint? moot? lacks authority? standing/ outlawed? repealed? of no force of operation…?

    “Ooh again, who is putting up the $5,000 “5 Grand”, i will claim THAT with EASE !

    childs play….

  63. Karl Lentz Says:

    BRAVO INDIO007, i commend u on your efforts…

    but U are trying wayyyyy tooo hard,

    indio007 Says:
    October 13th, 2012 at 7:16 pm
    Well what are facts?…

    the facts are ALL that U have just stated
    AND they are NONE of what you just stated

    lol, yes i do sound like a fortune Kookie, sometimes Don’t i?

    g0d bless u for trying Sir
    keep moving forward….

  64. indio007 Says:

    Trying too hard? That took 1 minute to dig up. You should bump Bouviers and Try Statutory and Judicial Words and Phrase instead.
    Here’s an index of links to it on Google Books…

    Anyhow the State isn’t an event, an effect, an action, a deed or an occurance.

    Neither are citizens.

    Citizenship is a status.
    The State is a body politic.
    When there was a King it was considered one of several capacities of the King . It was described like this in Calvin’s Case.

    “It is true, that the King hath two capacities in him: one a natural body, being descended of the blood royal of the Realm; and this body is of the creation of Almighty God, and is subject to death, infirmity, and such like; the other is a politic, body or capacity, so called, because it is framed by the policy of man (and in 21 Edw. 4. 39. b. is called a mystical body;) and in this capacity the King is esteemed to be immortal, invisible, not subject to death, infirmity, infancy, nonage, &c. Vide Pl. Com. in the case of The Lord Barkley, 238. and in the case of The Duchy 213. 6 Edw. 3. 291. and 26 Ass pl. 54. Now seeing the King hath but one person, and several capacities, and one politique capacitie for the Realm of England, and another for the Realm of Scotland; it is necessary to be considered, to which capacity ligeance is due. And it was resolved, that it was due to the natural person of the King (which is ever accompanied with the politique capacity, and the politique capacity as it were appropriated to the natural capacity) and it is not due to the politique capacity only, that is, to his crown or kingdom distinct from his natural capacity, and that for divers reasons. First, every subject (as it hath been affirmed by those that argued against the Plaintiff) is presumed by Law to be sworn to the King, which is to his natural person; and likewise the King is sworn to his subjects (as it appeareth in Bracton, lib. 3. de actionibus, cap. 9. fol. 107.) which oath he taketh in his natural |[10 b] person: for the politique capacity is invisible and immortal; nay, the politique body hath no soul, for it is framed by the policy of man.”

    Now is a “body politic” a fact?

    From one of the most important cases ever decided

    February 2, 1819

    “A corporation is defined by Mr. Justice Blackstone (2 Bl. Com. 37) to be a franchise. It is, says he, ‘a franchise for a number of persons, to be incorporated and exist as a body politic, with a power to maintain perpetual succession, and to do corporate acts, and each individual of such corporation is also said to have a franchise or freedom.’ This franchise, like other franchises, is an incorporeal hereditament,”

    Without body not of a material nature the opposite of corporeal Black Law

    The state is a political corporate body, can act only through agents, and can only command by laws. In a suit brought by a taxpayer, who has duly tendered bills of credit authorized by the law of the state in payment of his taxes, against the person who, under cover of office as tax collector, has acted In the enforcement of a void law passed by the Legislature of a state, is an action against the collector personally as a wrongdoer, and not against the state, within the meaning of the eleventh amendment to the federal Constitution; and such a defendant, so sued, who seeks to substitute the state In his place, must produce a valid law of the state which constitutes bis commission as its agent and a warrant for his act. Poindexter v. Greenhow, 114 U. S. 270, 306, 5 Sup. Ct . 903, 29 L. Ed. 185, 193.

    Now is the STATE or Citizens a “fact”?

  65. Karl Lentz Says:

    Now is the STATE or Citizens a “fact”?


    U have the 5 grand ready for me?


    U trying to trick me into giving U the answer so U can claim the 5 Grand?

  66. Karl Lentz Says:

    and Yes U are trying WAY tooo hard

    remember E=MC²

    U are trying to convince someone of something then NEVER Use Citations of SOME one ELSES Opinions

    keep it simple and just tell us WHAT YOU Know, not when someone ELSES opinion is, ANY moron can Google Citations

  67. Karl Lentz Says:

    Again All U gave me was opinions
    and a
    legalese Dictionary

    where their society gets to reDIFINE “THIER’ terms of art , at will

    NEVER USe THEIR Books and THINK U are going to beat them at Their GAme

    lol , they wrote the Book of Rules (THEIR RULES) for FOOOLS to think they can learn it to win!

    lol, hint U pich up a Blacks law book, U will only hurt Yourself with it (1) its heavy and (2) it has nothing to do with U, man.

  68. Karl Lentz Says:

    U pich up = U pick up

  69. Karl Lentz Says:

    i told U Anytime U want to give me an email address

    i will send a few pages to U of the dictionary i wrote…

    lol , it takes 2 seconds to make up a phony email address Use it one time and never use it again,

    Ooh and JUST remember to send me a few pages of the dictionary YOU Wrote

    so go ahead and just keep trying to TELL me a definition of a term of art…

    it makes me laugh, and laughter is good for my endorphins to flow… ; )

    look u have to rememeber these Opinions are coming from Attorneys… and

    “75 to 90 percent of American trial lawyers are incompetent, dishonest, or both.” –The Late Warren Berger, Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court

    So U are TELLING me U are Quoting the 10% who were HONEST and Competent?

    lol, i would rather play Craps in Vegas ,
    if those are the Odds U are giving me, to win with Your Method

  70. Karl Lentz Says:

    Look i aint dumping on U kiddo
    its GREAT U are referencing these folks

    NOW put it all TOGETHER and
    GIVE me, Give US, Give the WORLD , something Original !

    Something We cannot GOOOGLE and find on our own


    You have not put it online YET..

    Just tell us what U know, what U feel, man.

  71. Andy Says:

    Karl, after you’ve won the $5,000 from Marc you could make a hundred times that selling the information to men and women pretending to be government. I’m sure they would be very interested in the evidence you have that there are states and citizens.

  72. NonE Says:

    N dee Oh!

    Are you making any connection between the sustenance you provide and the growth of the troll? (Maybe Monsanto should start studying THAT!)

    – the Very Great N farmer

  73. Murph Says:

    I use to think that the banks are the agencies in charge and that the U.S. was incorporated in order to borrow money since a government cannot. I would think that the difference between a Republic form of government and its organic constitution and the corporations charter is the ability to alter the wording and add amendments to the latter. I realize that in order for something to be organic it must remain unchanged.

  74. Andy_NH Says:

    Rod Class receives 4th ruling that their statutes DO NOT APPLY!

  75. NonE Says:

    @ Murph, I still have some extra ‘d’s I could share with you if you need some. Just let me know! (Warning: they’re goin’ fast!) 😉

    – the Very Lowly Vermin NonE

  76. Murph Says:

    I agree with Marc and what he is doing. He turned me on to Lysander Spooner. I have represented myself in court and am well aware of the fraud being perpetrated but there is alot of information on the subject and disinformation.

    @NonE Is that your legal opinion or just a regular ass one? 😉

  77. Murph Says:

    @ NonE, After posting my comment I realized that I agree with you about the supposed <–nature of the state but that goes without saying. The legal fictions are inherent to a supposed <– political body that only exists on paper and in the minds. There is absolutely no way to prove a fiction as a fact unless there exists an unchallenged presumption in a supposed <– court of law.

  78. NonE Says:

    @ Murph… LOL! Just my regular ass opinion. 😉

    – the Very Grammer (NonKelsey) and Spelling NazI

  79. K Rice Says:


  80. NonE Says:

    AMP UP THE VOLUME, AMP UP THE VOLUME! (cough, cough…)

    – the Very Vacant Unoccupied

  81. Cindy Macdonald Says:

    What about using their laws against them? It seems Marc suggests going to easy way all the time. The IRS has a form to correct falsely filed W-2s and 100-Rs that companies and corporations file illegally and mandatorily all the time. The form is 4852. You fill it out showing all the federal tax withheld, all the state and city tax withheld, all the FICA and medicare/medicaid tax withheld. You do not send the W-2s and 1099-Rs in because this replaces those “information” returns. You list $00.00 on line 7 because wages and income are legally defined in the Tax law and the tax code to be compensation received from one or more of the following sources:

    Federal government employment
    The performance of the functions of a federal public office
    being engages in a federally licensed business

    Amendment 16 brought no new taxing power to the government. The income from whatever source is defined is only by these three categories above because working for the federal government is a privilege and can be measured by dollars it produces. Although many of us have paid taxes to the IRS like we are federal employees, and the corrupt IRS has not corrected our misunderstandings (that is exactly what they want us to think) we do not owe taxes unless we work directly for the Federal government. Unless you can get your employer to stop withholding, the only way to get your “earnings” back is to file a correction form 4852. The scam is cracked. This will be the biggest stimulus to the economy ever! All the non-government workers of America getting their hard earned monies back because they are “earnings” not “income” or “wages”.

    And you file 1040 to receive all the withholdings back in a “refund” from the IRS. People have received their entire withholdings back, even FICA and Medicare/Medicaid because they are taxes again on Federal Employees, political appointees, elected federal officials or people who have a contract with or operate a Federally licensed company or corporation.

  82. rica Says:

    Does anyone know where I can find a blank “4852 Form” to fill out?

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