Same ol’ Lie World Tour – New South Wales, Australia

Posted on April 11th, 2014 by Marc Stevens

I spoke with Pauline Wright of the New South Wales Law Society last week.  Unfortunately, the audio file was corrupted so I just have my notes and recollection of the call.  I was advised by someone at the city council office in Sydney to speak with the law society about evidence the laws applied.

As I mention in the below video, Pauline agreed that if I’m physically in Australia, then the laws of Australia apply to me.  She mentioned it was the same in every country.

When I asked if there was any evidence to prove the constitution and laws apply to me just because I’m physically in Australia, she said it was not a matter of evidence, that it was the law.  I asked if she meant the laws apply because the law says so.  She agreed.  I pointed out that was not evidence, it was circular logic.  Again, she already said the applicability of the laws was not a matter of evidence.

She backed off a bit and stated it’s not just what the laws say, it’s what the people have said through their duly elected representatives.   So I countered with: duly elected by the people they force to pay them?  I thought it was not accurate to claim people who are forced have “duly elected” anything except choosing to avoid going to jail.

Pauline argued about democracy and the people wanting government.  I said that is just not correct, support is compulsory.  Pauline agreed, that if you don’t pay, then you suffer the consequences.  Again, I pointed out she has her facts wrong, the people did not have a choice (except to violently resist) whether there was a government, only that some of the people were given a choice regarding who would temporarily run the government.

While she did say initially there is no choice if there is government, she later claimed the people could always vote to change the constitution and abolish the government.  I thought that was rather odd and pointed out that did not address the violent nature of the present system:pay-or-get-shot.

Last, she did agree that if I did business in the same manner as “government” and forced people to pay for my services, then I’d be a robber.  Though she excused the same robbery done by people called “governments” by arguing “governments” do it through duly elected representatives.  Again, duly elected by those people they are forcing payment from?

Governments are just people.  If it’s robbery to force people to pay you, then it doesn’t matter if you let your victims think they have a choice as to who runs the gang every few years.  It’s still robbery.



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  1. indio007 Says:

    I’ll go one further.
    Governments are just people using the law regarding agent/principal within a limited liability corporation to justify their crimes.

    “I’m just an officer of . Hold them responsible for the injury.”

    There is no “them”. There are just a bunch of scribbles on paper.
    It is the epitome of the legal loophole.

    The good news is , Corporations and governments can be dissolved.
    Massachusetts and Connecticut charters were dissolved (via Writ of Scire Facias) and technically are outlaw organizations.

    The US Supreme Court has held the King of Englands colonial charters are still good , even after the revolution.
    Trustees of Dartmouth College v. Woodward, 17 U.S. 518 (1819)

  2. Douglas Kinan Says:


    There is nothing anyone can do about a court system that is completely dysfunctional. Official corruption in America is the new normal and no one can or will stop it. Official corruption pays and pays big. Official crime does pay and I can provide you or anyone else with evidence to prove it.

  3. Jonathan Rabbitt Says:

    They are all just ideas, to assuage the conscience of those engaging in the violence. Marc’s method of questioning is slowly rewriting the narrative.

    It might be kinda like proselytizing atheism to gnostics, but it’s easier to demonstrate that the high-priests of statism are lying scum.

  4. Martin Says:

    Not only does the Australian government force people to pay them, they force people to vote. Yes, voting is compulsory and you are fined if you do not show up to vote.

    How can she say the people decided, through duly elected officials, when the people were not only forced to pay them, they were forced to vote for them?

  5. NonE Says:

    Jonathan Rabbitt Sed: Marc’s method of questioning is slowly rewriting the narrative.
    I have zero faith in changing anything. What I find of value in Marc’s work is the ability for us as individuals to free ourselves of our superstitions. I’m amused by those who rail against injustice*, as if there is some rule someplace that there is supposed to be justice. The world is what the world is. Once you can get past the sense that you are entitled to a rose garden and can see the world around you as it is, it is then that you are free – you can understand your reality and decide for yourself how best to live your life in a coherent relationship with reality.

    – NonE

    * and, no, I’m not immune to this myself, sadly. 😉

  6. Andy Says:

    NonE wrote: “I have zero faith in changing anything.”

    Your mother was forever frustrated that she couldn’t get you to change your underwear. I suppose there’s some legitimacy to they saying: You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. You certainly had your mind set in stone — so to speak — wouldn’t budge on this thread with regards to OWL:

  7. Jack Says:

    Ha! “people were given a choice” I detest this kind of claim. Just who is anyone to force me to choose from their exclusive batch of “choices” that exclude the choice of freely dismissing their offerings and go my way without suffering aggressive actions by them? I see this all the time. A radio talk jock posed the question: Would you rather have a good teacher that is having his sex changed or a bad teacher that is content with his sexuality? I pointed out that the talk jock limited my choices and that I would prefer a good teacher who is content with his sexuality. No politician or bureaucrat should ever limit my choices and then use aggression to enforce his or her opinions or beliefs. Pauline Wright is sorely ignorant or she is utterly deficient in morality and ethics and incapable of reasoning and logic as regards freedom of thought. Pauline is most certainly dishonest and corrupted.

  8. Jack Says:

    Sadly, government is “organized crime” in the open and only a tiny minority recognize it while the rest turn a blind eye (there are none so blind as those who will not see).

  9. n e v i l l e Says:

    The purpose of government is to serve and protect property:

    The so called ‘police’ know damb well they are nothing more than criminals and as long as they think they have a good job an income and their ability to make a living is secure they are happy to hold the fraud together and steel our property, nothing short of disgusting weak treasonous, foolish, cowards all of them pretending their actions are honourable and knowing damb well they are all living a lie and who should all them wake up one morning and walk away from what they know is a disgraceful job. Nothing more then front end foot soldiers working for the banks and advertising with the most spectacular, grotesque ignorance the blue and white / red and white checkers that are in such poor taste the emblems and logos of the ‘Freemasons’ and their headquarters ‘The City of London Corporation’. The ‘police’ today are mercenary pirates simply committing piracy on Australian soil and working for the banks and the myth they are revenue raising couldn’t be further from the truth as every cent goes straight off sure to the IMF and BIS, The Banks of International Settlements. What a laugh and worse these so called ‘police’ will shoot you dead for not paying a $20 fine and so remember the job of the police is to enforce the will of the government to serve and protect property? But those good men and woman who refuse to have their sweat equity stolen and succumb to slavery will have guns pointed at them and killed when the only crime that has been committed is the one inflicted by police proving there is no government but we know this already.

    The police are simply government mafia stooges all of them psychotically locked into a surreal loyal society inside their police family and when the lone brave policeman who has had enough and is sick to the stomach he is branded a whistle blower and the propaganda then goes about its job brainwashing us all in our delightful plasma word handed to us by the banks. The whole fucking game is really quite sick, give them a stupid clown suit that somehow today has turned into a militia military uniform some fancy badges and a fucking gun and they are in fucking delusional heaven and the ‘them’ and ‘us’ thing (police as a family) is today propagated and promoted to make as bigger a gap as is possible between them and us, oh and of course the evil whistleblower screaming out the truth and run out of town of course by his own mafia family.

    No wonder these lunatics are murdering us for their own delusional justified reasons that are brainwashed into them by the corporations that own them (or is it just the money?) and use our mostly ignorant, cruel brothers and sisters who most do not know the scam as the front end foot soldiers to steel our property from us under the guise of laws that are only Acts, Codes, Bills, Legislations and Rules of a ‘private for profit corporation’ These facts kept as secrete as possible from the ignorant, innocent, naïve, good hearted ‘law abiding?’ men and woman so that corporations can make millions of dollars every moment pretending while we think they are upholding the “LAW” and nothing could be further from the truth when we know the role of real de-jure, sovereign government is quite simple, it is to ‘serve and protect property’ proving there is actually no government that we know is just a corporation fraudulently sounding like government enslaving us at the end of a gun and forcing us to vote for them at the end of a gun.

    The so called police are criminal mercenary pirates committing piracy on Australian, New Zealand, English, American and Canadian soil every day, they are ‘City of London Corporation’ employed ignorant lunatics and simply the front end foot soldiers for the BANKS that run all western puppet governments since 1933, serca 1929 for Australia. “One would think a clew like this would make them all do some research but they are all employed for their utter predictable dumbness!

    Never Consent, Never Fear them, Never go to their criminal Kangaroo Courts and remember when you get a fraudulent summons it will not even be addressed to your LEGAL FICTION but capitus deminutio media ‘A THING’ a construct of your legal fiction and it will be “YOU” who is summonsed? Who the fuck is “YOU”? “YOU” YOU is not you.

    What a scam, what a joke!

    Go to ‘Blacks Law’ dictionary “Driver” is cunning legalese for one who participates in ‘commerce’ under their sneaky Statutes and Acts what a psychotic joke. Here in Queensland, Australia the so called ‘police’ FORCE ‘your PERSON’ to provide your drivers license and then FORCE ‘you’ to claim a name that does not belong to you ‘capitus deminutio media’ which is not even your LEGAL FICTION your first middle and last name in all CAPS. They then write your last name first in all CAPS: KLARIC Neville Mladen followed by lower case first and middle names and so when the police do this, change your name in this way and then violently using persuasion, force, fear and threat in the process of making you claim this new fraudulent construct of your LEGAL FICTION and family name then like clockwork again they are forcing you to violate ‘Queensland Criminal Code Act 1899, Section 514 ‘Personage’ and making you commit a crime!


    These fucking ignorant, criminal so called police that are nothing but lunatics are committing crimes every day and that’s just one example and they couldn’t give a fucking shit. Very fucking funny! Well done pigs. Oh and I forgot, they are also impersonating government officials and that is a 14 year prison sentence as they are all employed by ‘private’ for profit corporations.

    It appears that all people of Australia have assumed that the UNITED STATES subdivision corporate governing entity calling itself: COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, ABN 122 104 616 has become the “Assumed” Government of Australia, but such a government holds authority through fraud and deceit and police intimidation, and blackmail, being serious violations of the Criminal Code Acts and Crimes Act 1914, rendering the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA as a criminal person and all Australian people that have entered into such a foreign state under a false name, could be charged for: Personage: Section 514: (A and B) Criminal Code Act 1899.

    We good men and woman are making a difference to stop all wars that are nothing but banking wars and the private judicial ‘Bar Associations’ steeling from your secrete Cestui Qui Vie Trust, secret bond created from your ‘Birth Certificate’ cunningly swapping Right and Wrong to Creditor and Debtor” after trading ‘YOU’ on the ‘New York Stock Exchange’ another private company “Yes” The fake puppet Australian de-fact government is just a ‘Federal Reserve Bank of America’ slave trading agency and more of us are waking up to their scam to fight them and their disgusting fraud and the ‘police’ whose only job is to deliver the body (product) to the court raping our secrete trust accounts and turning people into criminals for breaking Statutes and Acts that belong only to employees of their private CORPORATIONS! Very fucking funny! And to all Australian so called criminals of victimless crimes where no Corpus Dilecti was produced but you were put in a cage and beaten and tortured ending up with broken wrists from their dirty handcuff games and all the while did you notice the police were not content to have the so called criminal in bars and captured “No” because they’re not interested in you, they didn’t want your legs or your arms or your body? They just wanted your NAME because only with the NAME can they make money through your secret Sestui Qui vie trust through deceit and theft.

    We are all of us sick to death of ignorant ‘police’ propagating crime against us all by “FRAUD” with illegal adhesion contracts where there is never any full disclosure or two wet ink signatures on the same page but for their own stupidity that is salt on our wounds while attacking and killing us, real men and woman of the world who all of us rebut that we are dead! Pathetic, walking CORPORATIONS & CITIZENS on their dirty, filthy little, SHIP. Bravo to all real men and woman and do not be scared of the filth that are the criminal ‘police’ and politicians masquerading as de-jure government and if you have a son like me then start to lead by example and free our children from slavery and fight them.

    Do not ever talk to the police! Do yourself a favour and learn what your rights are that they do not want you to know. Never answer a question the police ask you. Ask them what probable cause they have to arrest you and when they “LIE” and say you are not under arrest then ask them are you are free to leave? When they tell you that you are not free to leave then tell these fucking criminal fucks who have just lied, arrested you and detained you of your freedom and who will kill you if you let them to read you the fuck your rights and if they do not wish to do this then maybe you can start by receipting it to them yourself

    “You have the right to remain silent and anything you do or say may be held against you in a court of law” Never talk to the police! When you talk to them you are contracting with them. They are speaking legalese and you are speaking English another fraudulent crime in itself but unfortunately right now you don’t understand any of this. You are not an employee of their criminal CORPORATION so stop contracting with them and talking to them and let them fucking well arrest you and tell them you are not surety to a CORPORATE FICTION and that you are a man, a flesh-living man and you rebut that you are DEAD or indeed a legal fiction.

    And stop being afraid to identify yourself

    If anyone out there needs any help don’t hesitate to contact me


    n e v I l l e

  10. Paul Hein Says:

    The argument that people must obey their elected officials ignores the fact that MY elected officials are, perhaps, one percent of all the “representative” officials in my state. But the 99% that I did not, and could not, vote for have as much effect on my person and property as those that do “represent” me (and I didn’t vote for them, either). And I doubt that any elected officials received votes from a majority of the people over whom he exercises his rule.

  11. Kurt Says:

    I can see why many people believe there are a tiny minority (Bilderberg) controlling everything. When the “logic” is basically the same, no matter which bureaucrat you talk to, it sure looks like it’s a central program, dictated from somewhere on high. Maybe it is, I don’t know. Or maybe it’s a very virulent mental virus, who’s genes have done particularly well.

  12. Jack Says:

    I was once told that I don’t have the “clean gene.” I suspect Kurt is correct. It is clear that a great number of commie/socialist, mental defectives running Amerika and I am certain they all have a genetic defect which drives them to destroy others in the name of progress, i.e. these people possess an evil dichotomy DNA.

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