Senior Deputy Secretary of State Cannot Prove Laws of State Apply

Posted on July 11th, 2014 by Marc Stevens

David Scanlon is a senior deputy secretary of state in New Hampshire and he’s the latest in our Same ol’ Lie World Tour.  One objective for doing this type of journalism/activism, is to destroy the false perception of legitimacy, to expose those called “government” as the gang of criminals they are.  They force us to pay them, that is all the evidence I need to prove beyond any doubt these men and woman are criminals.

David agrees that the operating presumption is: If one is physically in New Hampshire, then the constitution and laws of the state apply to you.   So, having agreement, I ask if he has any evidence to prove this is true.  Unlike the prosecutors I speak with, David was honest enough to answer:

“No, I don’t have any facts.”

He insists the presumption is true despite admitting he has no proof.  So I ask again, and he says he doesn’t have an answer and suggests I ask in court.  Yeah, I need to have a psychopath scream contempt and put me in jail because I’m calling their bluff.

The fact he can’t prove the laws apply doesn’t seem to bother him at all.  With governments it’s about dominance, not fairness and cooperation.  They don’t care if they can prove their “laws” apply because there are men and women with guns who will use as much aggressive force as necessary to get compliance.  Jurisdiction is a willingness to kill you.  If it wasn’t, then they would show some concern they can’t prove their laws apply.

This is another example where the people called government cannot prove their laws apply to us.  It also shows that we are morally justified in using defensive force against them when they use aggression against us.  There are no governments or states, just men and women forcing us to pay them and comply with their orders.

If you disagree and think there is evidence, please feel free to call into one of the live broadcasts and ambush me with your facts.



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  1. Jack Worthington Says:

    And the tragedy is that men and women were sent to their deaths at the demand of politicians, presidents, like Lincoln, Wilson, FDR, Truman, Kennedy, Eisenhower, and Johnson under the fallacious claim that America was in danger. The tragedy is that Lincoln, Wilson and FDR deceived Americans and provoked wars. Every time one is called to jury duty he should as the simple question: What factual evidence do you, judge, have that your laws or codes apply to me just because I am physically present in this geographical location?

  2. NonExclusive Says:

    All they have is presumption and force, nothing else, oh well a bunch of psychopaths too to enforce their extortion. There is no goverment, there is no state only a bunch of idiots and imbeciles with uniform like a Halloween party. – NonE-man-in-black

  3. Jack Worthington Says:

    Well, I don’t throw too many stones at police as there have been a few times when I was glad they were present.

    Now, on another issue, “standing,” I am mystified at how we can be forced or voluntarily go into court when as Lysander Spooner explains in No Treason, No. 6, The Constitution of No Authority, we have no contract with the government(s) and therefore seem to be in the position of not being able to claim damages. What think you?

  4. Paul Says:

    “No, I don’t have any facts.”

    What amazes me is that the “fact” that they don’t HAVE any facts never seems to induce one measly SYNAPSE in their brains to begin the questioning process inside themselves as to why they CONTINUE TO OPERATE as if you never asked the question!! NEVER!! They just hang up the phone and go about their bureaucratic business and move on to the next victim. I would love to see you figure out a way to move their thinking into that realm if possible. Great COS, Marc!

  5. NonQuixotE2i Says:

    Should this be a surprise, really? Seeing as this is precisely how religion(s) work? NeoCrusades, neoInquisition, neoParishes, Religion American Style (ironically, “nothing new under the sun”). No facts or evidence required when it comes to applicability (and/or contradictory nature) of The Law (The Word) –as The Believers merely claim it/have been taught it. How often does the Socratic Method deconvert religious disciples? And especially on the spot? If the method is used on the core matter for the first time (in a lifetime)? And in the midst of a religious Service/gathering? [see e.g. NSP 2014-08-02 approx. @34min mark]

  6. NonE Says:

    NonQuixotE2i Says:
    —- Great name! 🙂

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