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What a Shock – Another Lying Federal Magistrate

Posted on May 16th, 2014 by Marc Stevens

What a shock, a federal magistrate lying on behalf of those collecting his salary and pension.  This is another example of the institutional deceit of the predators called government.  This is a blatant, undeniable example of a lawyer lying for another lawyer.

It shows there is really no limit to their lies.  If you think there is another rational explanation for what I am presenting, then please provide it.  I can only see a false statement by a lawyer.

The following is from a recommendation of a federal magistrate regarding a motion to dismiss an IRS petition to enforce summons.  We challenge the IRS on evidence proving the constitution and code apply and the IRS agent, Jeff Wagner, professional liar, evades the question by calling it a “frivolous argument”.   Instead of providing evidence, they escalate the situation by filing in court so one of their associates will threaten to harm two peaceful people whose only “offense” is asking for evidence.

The challenge is primarily factual.  The lawyer uses only three sentences out of ten pages to address this.   You can read what he wrote below, notice what is in quotes as that is proof he did read the motion:


Now let’s look at the relevant part of the motion:


See that?  We clearly laid out the facts.  Does the magistrate acknowledge them?  No, he claims there are no facts.  The docs tell a very clear story, the magistrate deliberately left out the facts, he lied writing there were no facts presented.  These facts are proven by the audio recordings submitted.

But the magistrate, like his partner in crime, the US attorney, is not contesting the veracity of the statement of facts, he is lying by claiming they are not even there.  This is only one example, as I wrote in Adventures in Legal Land, I’ve seen where IRS counsel and tax court judges have claimed entire statements of fact are not in the petition.  Deceit and aggression are how they do business.

If you think the courts and governments in general are about truth and justice, you are very ignorant.  Spend a little time with them and you will certainly change your mind.

I will certainly report what the judge does with this recommendation.  If he also ignores the facts, we’ll have more evidence of the institutional dishonesty of these predators most refer to as “government”.

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2 Comments For This Post

  1. LC in Texas Says:

    I am sure that I am not alone in my contempt of the judicial system and distrust of public officials. They have taken my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness and the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of many of my peers. You read everyday where someone commits suicide and/or wipes out their own family, instead of focusing on those that are the blame for this country’s problems and problems they are going through.

  2. Martin Padilla Says:

    Welcome to Legal Land World, where black is white and white is black, because a “judge” or government “lawyer” say so. These predators are the scum of the earth, they are pure evil, they are the real criminals, something have to be done a judicial complaint or at least expose this fraud to the world to wake up the consciousness of the human race and stop this criminal actions and system.

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