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Stalked by Mesa Police

Posted on August 9th, 2014 by Marc Stevens

I was stalked by Mesa police 7 Aug. 2014.  I broke my rule about confronting Mesa politicians because it’s too dangerous, too close to home as I’ve had Mesa police threaten my life before.  But, I figured I’m just walking into the lobby with a camera to ask questions, what could happen?

When all  you have is a hammer, everything will start looking like a nail.  I asked my usual questions and the officer agreed that if I’m physically in Arizona, then the laws of the “state” apply to me.  Problem for me was this was a cop and they don’t like to be questioned and they really don’t like when they can’t prove their laws apply to us.  He accused me of arguing and debating and when I told him not to falsely accuse me of that, he opened the steel door and told me to wait right there, he was going to get the people who would answer my questions.

I figured he was getting someone to arrest me for contempt of cop so I asked what the guy’s name was from Carla who worked behind the glass partition.  She looked nervous and said she was not sure of his name, though he was standing right in front of her.  She told me to stay where I was and they would be right out.  I didn’t wait for them, I walked out.

Sure enough as the video shows, they sent someone to follow me.  Later I was told that I was considered a “threat to officer safety” because of my questions.  Yes, asking for evidence their argument is based is a threat to their safety.  They thought I was a “sovereign citizen” and could be a threat to them.  I’m neither a sovereign nor a citizen.

The scary part of this is not the fact they had to use intimidation, but the fact they admittedly cannot prove their laws apply to us and it doesn’t bother them a bit.  They don’t miss a beat.  These people couldn’t care less they can’t prove their laws apply to us, they just keep kicking in our doors, stopping us on the street and imprisoning us anyway.


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  1. LC in Texas Says:

    I know exactly how you feel. We went to the local Sheriff to report a theft and was told that he could not take the report because the DA told him not to. Then we were accused of threatening him (we did not, but he could not answer a question asked of him) so he called his deputies and told them to escort us out of the building.

  2. citta Says:

    you should think about live stream uploads .. then the whole world can watch live and they cannot delete your film/ audio.

  3. Matthew Says:

    Next time you want to bait the cops, just use a donut on a fishing pole –×350.jpg

  4. Jack Worthington Says:

    Like Martin Luther, the questions that you, Marc, have posed, should be written in large print and then parchment copies should be nailed (well don’t deface, maybe scotch taped) to the doors of every government enforcement throne, such as courthouses, police stations, municipal corporation building doors, and to the doors of the DMV, Fish & Wildlife Oh, hey, every door of every business could stand to have these questions attached as well.

  5. Jon Peckham Says:

    What I don’t understand is why you would go up to the 900lb gorilla and poke him in the eye?

  6. Jake Witmer Says:

    Yep the police are not there to serve and to protect anyone but themselves. In the area I’m currently at I’ve handed out 4000 Jury Rights cards informing people of their right to a random jury trial. I found out that a local police officer has taken it upon himself to try to get me arrested and have charges filed with the city attorney. Of course I have a First Amendment right to speak to the general public on theft-financed public property and on any property that was confiscated using “eminent domain” (such as the local Walmart parking lot), but the police are all too stupid to understand their oaths to uphold the Constitution.

    Very perversely if you call their watch commanders and inform the watch commander of current case law and precedent and title 18 section 245 of the US criminal code they are then less likely to arrest you. What this means is that we have a system that is perversely incentivized to hire idiots because only idiots will preserve the sociopathic system. Virtually all of the pressures placed on our current political system are unbelievably and totally and completely perverse.

    Of course the US system wasn’t designed this way. The US system was initially designed with benevolent economic pressures and incentives. But it wasn’t designed well enough and the many natural perverse incentives toward sociopathic dominance and obedience (to any authority, including false authority) eventually destroyed any benevolent incentives and with them, the benevolence of the system.

    If we want America to be the home of individual freedom we need to restore proper jury trials, proper elections, and the United States gun culture.

  7. RAD Says:

    Ah yes the mythical “golden age” of the “republic” when it was just open subjugation of indians/africans by europeans and freedom rang out all over the land for those rich white men.

  8. RAD Says:

    Yes those benevolent economic pressures that led to slavery, taxation, war, and all sorts of abuse have sadly been perverted over the years. Oh to harken back to yesteryear when politicians were the “good guys” and raping slaves was just a fringe benefit…

  9. Andy Says:

    Statism: Ideas so good they are violently imposed on people

  10. Alex R. Knight III Says:

    Note here how this (and the name IS apropos)Johnson refers to “our rule of law” and “our society”:

  11. Astrid Zigmans Says:

    Hello I just came across your site, weird thing don’t know if a sign but. For the passed 2 1/2 years I have worked on freeing Chad M. Stevens a young man at the time 23 yrs now he is 27 with a turmeric brain injury. Is missing 25% of his brain Deaf in left ear and when in stress has a tendency to pronounce words as persons that are totally deaf. walks with a slight drag on right side do to the fact he has not regained full strength to that side of his body & is easily unbalanced.A titanium jaw. But the BIG problem is he can remember events to a point but has trouble placing them in chronological order along with becoming unmistakably confused. and all of this information is in the neurological report by Dr. Watson that the Legal Defenders requested him to do. Let me be perfectly CLEAR on this everything I am telling you I HAVE DOCUMENTED PROOF AND EVIDENCE OF WHAT I SPEECH with all that said here what’s going. FACT: On 3-8-2013 was a clod & rainy afternoon in a smoke shop located Mesa AZ. Chad and the shop owner (Dave) Mr.Adbou were the only people in the store when an

  12. Astrid Zigmans Says:

    an UNIDENTIFIED MALE in a white hoodie black jeans and white high top with 2 black stripes on the side is seen walking into the smoke shop 2 minutes later is seen walking out the only witness to this was the security camera outside the shop .After 4 minutes then and only then you view people from the beauty shop next door come out and peer onto the front entrance door of the smoke shop to investigate on the glassbanning and yelling for help they were hearing.Then you see 3 more people come out of the nail shop that sit’s on the other side of the Beauty shop. At that very same moment from the opposite way a woman (in pink pants) walks up to the smoke shop and wants to go in. But the lady from the beauty shop tell’s the woman he’s (Dave) is not in there and that they heard loud banging and someone yelling for help coming from inside the smoke shop. The woman in pink pants wrote out a witness statement in witch she stated, she said that Dave is some times in the back and the buzzer will sound when you walk in and he will come out from the back . Now the Camera catches the woman in pink pants walk into the smoke shop and the front door shuts behind her a few seconds later she exits the building. Chad walks out the smoke shop with a box filled with cartons of cigarettes. just then Police arrived seen him with the box and told him to drop the box and put his hands up. Chad said I didn’t do anything wrong.I’m sorry I came across this site quite late and I’m starting to nod off. But there is so much more to this injustice nightmare about this young man with a TBI (and forgot to mention earlier he also suffers from PTSD) who now sits in prison for 35 yeas before he is up for parole for crime he DID NOT commit . Count 1 Murder in the 1st Degree Count 2 Armed Robbery Count 3 Theft with Unlawful Entry. I will continue with this later today if any one is interested and would like to start taking about this before I take my findings to the MC-County Prosecutor and the Detective from the Mesa police Department Prosecuted and failed to do their jobs and that is (APART FROM SECURING A CONVICTION FOR THE STATE OR COUNTY on the top of the list the number one above all things that he MUST DO is TO ASSURE THAT JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED HE FAILED to do just that very important one thing.The miscarriage of justice and pure RAILROADING by Arizona’s judicial system to this young man with TBI & PTSD. they don’t have the DNA evidence not finger prints no witness , motive or confession not even the money he was to have taken off the bloody counter top. The ( MCC Prosecutor)DID NOT HAVE A CASE .And this one (this case) is about to come back and BITE THEM IN THE ASS.

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