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Call of Shame -Tax Predators – Violence, Cruelty, Dishonesty and Hostility

Posted on June 10th, 2014 by Marc Stevens

Here’s another example of the circular reasoning those acting as “government” rely on.  No evidence, no witnesses and of course, no rational basis at all.  Just like the previous Call of Shame, just a logical fallacy backed by threats of violence.

In the second call to the predators called the IRS, the agent in an effort to look legitimate, answers she can confirm there is evidence proving the constitution and code apply.  I don’t get this answer very often, I immediately write it down and ask my follow up: “So what facts do you rely on then to prove that the constitution applies?”  She now realizes she spoke too soon, she doesn’t have any specific facts so she does what comes naturally to criminals: she gets upset and hangs up the phone.  Had this been in person she would have called security on us and we’d be beaten for our insolence.  They insist there is evidence, but when asked they snap: “I’m going to get into any of that.”

That is evidence of bad faith and a lack of credibility.  We were speaking with a criminal with a badge and using a false name.

This call is also a good demonstration of effective questioning as I wrote about in Government: Indicted.  You get their vague arguments/opinions and get more specific because we already know there is no evidence their codes apply.  At the least, as here, we have evidence of bad faith.  And this was only the first agent we got to question.

The call shows I only had to ask three questions to prove bad faith and raise a very strong presumption the agent had no facts.  Had she been honest, she would have happily provided the facts she claimed to have, or admitted she spoke too soon.  Asking questions is effective IF you don’t maintain sacred cows such as one of the worst: the applicability of the law.  If we approach it with an open mind and just ask for the evidence, we’ll get to the truth.  Here, most already know the obvious; there are no governments, citizens and states, just gangs of men and women forcing us to pay them.  If you know anyone still clinging to the false concept of government, let them hear these calls.

These predators have to be stopped.  The worship and reverence for these parasites is sick and completely unwarranted.  If anyone thinks these people are a legitimate organization, that there is evidence these “laws” apply and they do have jurisdiction over us, then call them yourself and ask for the evidence.

I know they are a scary bunch, they terrorize the people with impunity because most people let them.  There can be no social change until people not only see “governments” for what they are (just men and women) but stop complying with them.  They terrorize us because enough people still let them do it without so much as a simple challenge to their arguments.

And anyone can see their arguments have no rational basis, no facts, no competent witnesses.  It’s as easy as just asking them a few questions.


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  1. Incubus Says:

    Couple notes on the article.

    “I’m going to get into any of that.” I assume there was supposed to be a not in there.

    “We were speaking with a criminal with a badge and using a false name.” I’m not a hundred percent postive, but I think this may be an example of a dangling particple [insert joke here]. I’m not a seasoned enough Grammar Nazi to be sure (NonE, now is your chance to put or shut up), but the way the sentence reads is that you were using a false name, not the alleged criminal. Perhaps rephrase it as “We were speaking with a criminal who wears a badge and uses a false name.” Just a suggestion.

  2. NonE Says:

    Yep, Marc was using a false name, and he was just owning up to it. (Even if by mistake! :p )

    – G.N. (Grammar Notsee)

  3. NonE Says:

    “Couple notes”??? I was all alone when I read that. Was that okay, or do I need to get a girlfriend/spouse/mate/other-person before I read it again??? I don’t want to break any official authorized rulez or nuthin’!

    – G.N.

  4. Incubus Says:

    In that case wouldn’t it read “Couple’s notes” ? Regardless, if you can find a woman who isn’t blind, and will date you on a consensual basis without money involved, then by golly I’ll change my name to Susy Q or whatever you want it to be.

    You failed to put up and yet you still won’t shut up. There’s just no winning with you is there?

  5. Martin Padilla Says:

    That’s typical on him Incubus, so don’t waste your time.

  6. NonE Says:

    Incubus Sed: There’s just no winning with you is there?
    You’re a slow learner, but I can sense a hint of potential! 😉

    I think “couple notes” might properly be notes pertaining to couples, whereas “couple’s notes” would be the notes that a couple have taken. Leastwize that’s the way it looks from here, Suzy Q!

    – NonMoneyInvolved

  7. NonE Says:

    Martin Padilla Sed:
    That’s typical on him Incubus, so don’t waste your time.

    Indeed, Incubus, that is so typical of Martin, and Al too, come to think of it. I wouldn’t waste any time on any of them! At least with ME you get your money’s worth, aye?!

    – NonSpendable

    P.S. How do you typical on someone? Are excretory functions involved?

  8. penny esry Says:

    eye witness to feds indict 19 on drug charges posted in columbia daily tribune 02/06/2015. contact me if you are interested in how they went to wrong house in clark, mo./randolf county

  9. penny esry Says:

    eye witness to arrests in clark, mo

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