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Tempe Racketeering Complaint Nov. 28 Update – Deborah Schaefer

Posted on November 28th, 2012 by Marc Stevens

As expected, no action will be taken on the complaint I filed with Tempe municipal court administrator Deborah Schaefer.  I spoke with Deborah today and she told me no action would be taken, she claimed it was because she was not a lawyer and such complaints need to be made to the judicial conduct commission.

It didn’t matter to Deborah this involved the clerks who are accomplices to the crimes the judges are committing.  When I asked her why, when she knew the context of the complaint, she would ask me to put it in writing if she could not do anything.  Deborah refused to answer, she just kept repeating I had to file a complaint with the judicial conduct commission.

She claimed I had a different “interpretation”of the law and she would not “debate” with me the meaning.  I asked her what she interpreted “thirty days” to mean and she refused to answer again accusing me of “debating”.

This is classic bureaucratic stonewalling and fools no one.  First, she blows the complaint off with the line: Put your complaint in writing.  This is a brush-off to get you out of the office or off the phone.  Second, once they have the complaint then they claim there is nothing that can be done.  Then they make up silly excuses such as we’re “debating” them when asking questions and that our “interpretation” of the law or facts is different.  Alright, I can accept that; but they will not tell you how they interpret simple sentences such as “A person shall pay all civil penalties within thirty days from entry of judgment” different from me.  Silly me, I thought when a sentence reads “within thirty days” it meant within thirty (30) days.

But, when you are threatening people with punishment if they don’t pay the day of judgment, then you need to stonewall and be dishonest, just as Deborah did today, 28 November 2012.  Deborah, when confronted with documentary evidence proving crimes being committed by the people she works with, just avoids addressing the facts and plays the state department two-step.

I asked her if she saw a problem with their policy of paying the day of judgment and the law requiring thirty days and she refused to answer, claiming she was not going to debate the meaning of the law with me.  Just a dishonest way to avoid answering a difficult question.  As I’ve said before, traffic courts are scams run by criminals.

But we don’t need Deborah to do anything about this; I plan on printing up some flyers with this information.  I’m sure the people who are going into the Tempe municipal court will agree that thirty days does not equal same day.  What will they do if hundreds of victims of these Tempe judges are confronting them on this obvious breach of their “law”?

And this is just the tip of the iceberg regarding the crimes committed by those doing business as the Tempe municipal court.  My next step is to file an updated complaint with the city council.


7 Comments For This Post

  1. dan gould Says:

    Alright Marc, Lets take a couple of hours one day and hand those flyers out for a couple of hours. I’m there.

  2. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Dan you got it goomba

  3. Panxer Says:

    Chances are if you filed with the judicial conduct board, They’d just reply with denied, or make up a statement that she was ‘conducting herself within what she deemed necessary and proper within the scope of the case’, or some such nonsense.

    The unicorn does what it wants I’m afraid. But, I say keep pounding! Keep kicking! If nothing else there’s going to be smudges all over her public record for complaints and refusing to be accountable to the ‘letter of the law’.

    A morally satisfying endeavor.

  4. TigerLily Says:

    Great article. I’ve been stonewalled like that dozens of times. Am learning great stuff from you and your network of friends on your forum. Thank you for what you do!


  5. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Lily, you’re welcome. All they have is stonewalling. I am going to be updating this tomorrow though, seems there is a “law” that allows them to charge an additional $20 if you don’t pay the same day. But, it doesn’t address why people are being ordered to pay the same day and not told they don’t have to and there are additional punishments beyond the $20.

  6. JP Says:

    You can file a complaint here can’t you?

  7. surfer349 Says:

    I’m in. keep me posted.

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