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There’s No Such Thing As An Illegal Alien

Posted on May 24th, 2004 by Marc Stevens

There is a lot of energy expended on the subject of so-called “illegal aliens.” These are men, women and children who allegedly are not in the “country” “legally.” People who think they’re “citizens” believe physical force may be used against “illegal aliens” to cage them and send them back to their “country.” This use of physical violence is called “deportation.” One of the biggest complaints about these so-called “illegals” is how much they cost “citizens” and “taxpayers” in welfare and other “social programs.” However, just as it’s a myth there’s a “country” or “nation” called the “United States,” there’s no such thing as an “illegal alien.” They’re all part of the government hoax .

To prove there’s no such thing as an “illegal alien,” one needs to examine what a “nation” or “country” is. A “nation,” such as the pretended “United States,” is supposed to be a “voluntary association of individuals.” The mere fact physical violence is used to “deport” so-called “illegals” contradicts the professed “voluntary” nature of a “nation.”

A “nation” is composed of “citizens,” and a “citizen” is supposed to be a member of a political body (“nation”) who owes a duty of allegiance in return for a duty of protection. These two “duties” are the only things separating men who are “citizens” from men who are “illegal aliens.”

Do these alleged “duties” exist and if so, exactly how were they created?

Is the “protection” offered by the “United States government” offered on a take-it-or-leave-it basis like other services? No, of course not. “Citizen” is not synonymous with customer. Customers, unlike “citizens,” have the choice to say no to a particular service or product without being threatened and killed. You accept and pay for the services provided by men and women doing business as a “state” or be murdered:

“The only idea they have ever manifested as to what is a government of consent, is this–that it is one to which everybody must consent, or be shot.” No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority – Lysander Spooner.

It’s fundamental no “duty” or obligation is created by threats of violence and violence. This is one of the fatal flaws in statist theology. Men and women calling themselves “government” violently impose themselves on victims called “citizens,” and “ordain” scriptures called “laws” that define the way “government” does business as a crime. I love the following example of this quoted in my article The Government Hoax:

racketeer. The organized use of threats, coercion, intimidation, and violence to compel the payment for actual or alleged services of arbitrary or excessive charges under the guise of membership dues, protection fees, royalties, or service rates. United States v McGlone (DC Pa) 19 F Supp 285, 286.” Ballentine’s Law Dictionary, page 1051.

This describes exactly how men and women calling themselves a “state,” “nation” and “government” operate.

Now if “duties” and obligations are not created by violence, then there’s no “duty” to protect anyone and there is no “duty” of allegiance. These are the only two things separating men who are “citizens” from men who are “illegal aliens” and neither one exists.

Because neither “duty” exists there are no “citizens” and no “nation.” It then follows there is no such thing as an “illegal alien.” The only “officially recognized” “legal” status with any existence is called “res nullius” meaning: “The property of no one.” Ballentine’s Law Dictionary, page 1105. This is why the very idea of a “free government” is ridiculous. Because human beings are not property there can be no valid “government” as “govern” means control and control implies ownership:

“The right of absolute and irresponsible dominion is the right of property, and the right of property is the right of absolute, irresponsible dominion. The two are identical; the one necessarily implying the other.” No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority – Lysander Spooner.

The “illegal” problem is classic diversion: instead of focusing on the real problem, viz., men and women violently controlling other men and women (“government,” slavery etc.), the focus is diverted to non-existent “illegal aliens.” Men and women pretending to be a “state” steal money from their victims (pretended “citizens”) and give it to other men, women and children (pretended “illegals”). Instead of refusing to be victims and not permitting their money to be stolen, the victims only complain the people stealing their money shouldn’t give it away. Focusing on the non-existent “illegals” instead of the robbery only gives the violent men and women pretending to be a “state” legitimacy.

It is tantamount to a bank being robbed and the bank manager’s only complaint is the robber buys crack with the money. “Hey, don’t buy crack! That’s stupid. You should buy more guns and soldiers so you can steal more money.”

It seems irrational to complain how stolen money is being used. When money is stolen the only relevant issue is that it was stolen, not what the anti-social parasite is doing with it.

While “illegal aliens” are not real, violent anti-social men and women pretending to be “states” are. Buying into the illusion there are “states” and “nations” only diverts attention from what these professional parasites are doing i.e., killing, stealing and lying.



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  1. Alfred Martin Says:

    They are called INVADERS.
    One of the requirements of the Federal Government administrators is to protect the States from Invasion.
    Instead, we had the feds helping in the invasion. Traitors.

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