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Three Bogus Charges Kicked in Maine – Congrats to Scott

Posted on October 15th, 2013 by Marc Stevens

A congrats to Scott in Maine for standing up to the psychopaths instead of assuming the fetal position so he does not anger a few lawyers.  The details of what happened are here.  I’d like to point out that while going to court is not fun, there is always, whether misdemeanor or felony, a very high risk of going to jail for contempt, there is also a risk of being committed to a mental institution.  But that is part of the program, fear is the psychopaths’ tool.

Adults accept that, we don’t ask to be involved with these anti-social parasites, but when they attack it makes sense to defend ourselves.  Scott did not back down and while it took hours of his day, the prosecutor backed down saying the cop would not come to court.

Good job Scott and thank you for sending me the evidence.  The order of dismissal is posted below.

Case Dismissed Violations Bureau


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  1. Randy Says:


  2. Randy Says:

    Ooops sorry didn’t see the link. You can delete my “details” post.

  3. Jill Says:

    Congrats Scott! Hopefully the same will happen for my brother up here in Hancock County Maine.

  4. Pete Says:

    Good job, Scott!

  5. Jeff Evans Says:

    Thank you Jesus for Scott’s release from the Devil’s minions. My 21 year old son had a Judge EM Wilkes recuse himself last week. The prosecutor Jan Kennedy look like she was constipated and the public defender’s who were laughing at my son and I during the bogus calendar call sat in shock & awe when the judge jumped ship on the case. I am thankful to Mark and the rest of the gang for their humanity and true love of mankind. This isn’t for the faint at heart or butt kissers. It for those who stand up to bullies and fight back.

  6. NonE Says:

    I love it when someone like Marc busts his balls for years figuring out things and testing and refining and then writing and doing radio shows and on and on and on, and a guy like Scott has the integrity and courage and whatever else he put into it… and Scott takes all of this and actually has a small success and … wait for it! … Jesus gets the credit! I just love it when that happens. :-[

    – NonE

  7. Corporate Entity Says:

    This is good stuff and another hint for the people who don’t do research or take the time to pursue issues. If you get a ticket after 7pm…Schedule accordingly!! And as NONE above, I agree I spend hours pleasing that special lady and have to hear her call out the “Phantom in the Sky” all damn night! Never gets old though, I respond who’s your imaginary friend?

  8. SovereignDirt Says:


  9. Pete Says:

    NonE: Thank God you’re so annoying.

  10. NonE Says:

    Thank you, Pete. I try hard! 🙂 – NonE

  11. Randy Says:

    @ Pete & NonE: LOL, 😀

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