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Three Guest Spots

Posted on August 25th, 2015 by Marc Stevens

I was a guest on three shows this month, sorry for being slow to post them.  And thanks to everyone for the opportunity.

The CliffRockefella and Jake Laura Show:

Seeds of Liberty Podcast:

Previous interview:

Free Your Mind Podcast.



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  1. eric Says:

    I have the state of tx request a jury trial for my 9 citations… 3 separate jury trials… never heard of that nor can I find out any info on a “traffic jury trial”… any help please

  2. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ eric, jury trials are very uncommon for traffic. Has the court set them for jury trials? If so, then you have at much better odds getting it kicked, 1/12.

  3. NonEntity Says:


  4. Andy Says:

    I read it that it only takes one of twelve jurors to vote “not guilty” to have a hung jury resulting in a mistrial.

  5. NonEntity Says:

    Damned foreigners! If they can’t spic Engrotch they should just go home. ,)

  6. Boxer Says:


    Jury trials uncommon? I thought Texas considered traffic infractions as criminal.

  7. PaulNZ Says:

    Marc, I Watched the Free Your Mind podcast and its good to witness your explanations improve over the years. I’ll recommend this one to curious friends and acquaintances from now on.

  8. Thad Says:

    Good Work Marc.

  9. Sea206Music Says:

    Hello @Eric & @Marc! Im kind of jumping in hear because I have something similar but from another angle on the jury trial thing for traffic infractions! I am in the middle of a process in Seattle in The King County District Court for civil traffic infractions. Here is the court rule regarding civil jury trials. Civil Jury LCRLJ 38
    Demand. Either the Plaintiff or the Defendant may request a jury trial in a civil case which shall be made by filing a demand with the clerk, supplying a copy to the opposing party or counsel and paying the jury fee. If a party only notes the matter for trial and does not either request a jury trial or does not pay the jury fee, the other party may request a jury trial and pay the fee within 10 days of receiving the note for trial. Failure to comply with this rule shall waive the right to a jury trial. Now I made may demand for a jury trial and I did so in the timely manner as well as the required way to give the demand to the court. They denied my demand. Now here is what the Washington State Constitution Says regarding jury trials. SECTION 21 TRIAL BY JURY. The right of trial by jury shall remain inviolate, but the legislature may provide for a jury of any number less than twelve in courts not of record, and for a verdict by nine or more jurors in civil cases in any court of record, and for waiving of the jury in civil cases where the consent of the parties interested is given thereto. Is the court in violation for anything here as I feel that they are and should be? Sorry for the lengthy comment/question! Best Of Luck To You @Eric @Marc Thank You For All Of Your Energies You Give To Help Others Increase Their Energies!

  10. Wise ONE Says:

    Love these shows! I couldn’t find an mp3 download for the The CliffRockefella and Jake Laura Show. Is there any relatively easy way to download the audio from a youtube video into an mp3 file?

  11. Wise One Says:

    Never mind! I found a way to do it.

  12. Inigo Montoya Says:


    All very good shows. I do my best to link your videos on Twitter to help spread the word. Only two people sent you videos of confronting City Councils?? I guess I was one of the two.

    I was very impressed how you got the witness to commit perjury by asking if he was forced to be there. Too bad the lawyers/judges are too dishonest to impeach the witnesses when you can so easily disqualify them. Have you brought up the fact that witness testimonies have been kept when appealing these cases?

    Keep up the great work!

  13. Mike bearden Says:

    Hi Marc
    I want to fight the govt. I just know how to get started.
    Unable to put into words through this medium. please call
    when you can for some help. Mike.

    408-601 8861 any time

    keep up the good work. thanks

  14. Mike bearden Says:

    oops I ment to say I dont know to get started

  15. NonEntity Says:

    Mike, it’s easy. First assemble an army of sufficient strength, technological sophistication, and motivation to wipe out all ussa military and other war making groups. Second, attack! Easy peasey. Next question?

  16. Jarrod Says:

    Hey Mike, stop funding them and be prepared to stand your ground on it.

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