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Three More Traffic Tickets Kicked – No Evidence of Jurisdiction

Posted on November 13th, 2014 by Marc Stevens

It was another good week regarding bogus traffic tickets; three tickets kicked out.  These are all from the east coast, Maine, New York, and New Jersey.  Each filed a motion to dismiss based on a lack of evidence proving the constitution and code apply and there was jurisdiction and no valid cause of action.

None of the accusers were able to provide a single fact proving the constitution and code apply and none of them even tried; though in Maine they did try scaring Scott into not going to trial.

Congrats and thanks to everyone for providing the documentary proof below.

scott-dismissal-mainekamil-NY-dismissalFarmer James-Dismissed Complaint


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  1. Jake Witmer Says:

    Dear Mark,

    Please let your viewers know that Ross Ulbricht’s trial is now postponed until January 5, 2015. For those who are unfamiliar with Ulbricht, he is a voluntaryist of the highest intelligence. The FBI recently smeared his name, alleging that he had tried to hire out a series of murders on Silk Road, and that he was the libertarian idealog running the site. Well, they are no longer charging him with murder (that was just to drive away supporters), but they are charging him with administering a free market that eliminated the coercion and violence from the drug trade. A Silk Road 2.0 has already fallen, and been replaced by a Silk Road 3.0.

    We need to do everything we can to prevent the government from sending Ross Ulbricht to prison. He is a benevolent person, and a chemist. He is a part of the human future, if the human future is benevolent.

    This is the same year that etherium goes online, having secured enough funding to bring a new darkweb into existence. See:
    Encryption and decentralization mean that the police state’s only recourse is to lash out, blindly and randomly, striking fear into anyone who even associates with voluntaryist websites, free services, or even the non-mainstream implementations of bitcoin. That’s what they’re doing by prosecuting and persecuting Ross Ulbricht.

    In any event, can this please become a subject of discussion here? Even if the Ulbrichts are sending the money to a bar-licensed attorney, it makes sense for us to support them in whatever way we can. I will try to afford going to NYC to hand out jury rights pamphlets, and there are others who may suggest a proper defense based on your ideas (I’d certainly like to see it happen).

    The dinosaur of the totalitarian state is dying, but not fast enough for us to sit back and watch as its plated tail thumps Ulbricht into the ground. That’s what they intend to do to scare us all into inactivity. They don’t care if it means prolonging a new dark age, they don’t care if it means stifling radical life-extension. The enemies of voluntaryism worship death, because they offer death to the voters, and win every rigged election.

    Now, maybe it’s a good idea to try to reveal that elections are rigged. Maybe a lot of long-term things are good. But Ross Ulbricht goes to trial in a little over 1 month. His future is at stake.

    Please contribute at

    Thanks, Marc!

  2. required Says:

    I hope this means that we can feel free to post our off-topic announcements to any Ross Ulbricht article we feel might be convenient in getting our message out to the public.

    I’m inspired to start linking some of Marc’s better posts right now!

  3. Jake Witmer Says:

    You know what, I don’t think that would be the end of the world. Those who are being attacked for creating voluntary markets online should both talk with, and be defended by the people here who understand the law.

    FWIW, I am not affiliated with the effort to free Ross Ulbricht, or their website, I am just a supporter.

    He has less than a month of freedom, unless we’re successful. He goes to trial on Jan 05, 2014. Thanks for understanding!

  4. Alfredo Acosta Says:

    When you say Constitution do you mean US Constitution or the ” State of whatever” Constitution? Or both? Now I know that judges have an oath to the US Constitution. My other question is …I heard the US Constitution is suspended because of the bankruptcy in 1933 (the Reorganization Act). Is that true? Because If so, then they really have no jurisdiction, no?

  5. Alfredo Acosta Says:

    I have another question. I have a moving violation for using and electronic device while operating a vehicle. Does the same apply? I’m guessing yes.

    true story. I had 8 parking tickets about 19 years ago because of an operation and couldn’t drive.Ii went to traffic court to fight them. When the “judge” asked what i would plea, i said “i need to ask a question before i plea”. I asked that flag in the corne. Is that an admiralty flag? And the “judge flipped on me. She wouldn’t answer the question. So I said “find me somebody who would”.sat there all day. The presumption was made that I was guilty and I wound up paying a fine ($208). giving me a reason to appeal i did and I got back a refund because I said that I was found guilty without being able to defend myself. But the second “judge” said yes to my question off the record and said by telling me that he had already said too much….

  6. Harold Says:

    Marc, my case is over. It turned out better than i imagined, having stood as my own attorney with cops on the stand. 😉 thank you for your assistance. I was wondering if you would be interested in helping someone else.

  7. Harold Says:

    To send mail: you may need to include his ‘jail number’ on the envelope if you do write to him.


    Inmate’s Name 113 West Central Ave Belton, Texas 76513

    $4,500,000 is the amount of his bail. This is so wrong.

  8. ralph Says:

    The Maine citation was dismissed because the cop didn’t show,I don’t think u can count that one.
    My trial is 3-Feb-15 for speeding in n.h.
    I am feeling a bit more confident after finding this website.

  9. Kenneth Tennant Says:

    call me in scott county iowa where judges refuse to follow the law. Kenneth Tennant 563-343-5565 and go to see Greg and Priscilla (Son & Daughter’s cases of Legal Abuse)

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