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Tyranny in New Hampshire – No Evidence? No Problem, We Got Prisons

Posted on June 28th, 2017 by Marc Stevens

Bill from New Hampshire gives us an update on the attacks he is suffering through by people calling themselves
“government.”  Men and women who force us to pay them who admittedly cannot prove their special rules apply to those physically in New Hampshire.

People such as Ray Persinger, Maria Dalterio, David Wentworth are the real criminals here, not Bill.  Bill is not accused of any harm, but those who are attacking him have caused substantial, irreparable harm. And they admit they have no evidence, claiming they are special, they don’t need evidence to support their claims.

Because having a prison system means never having to have evidence/logic to support your claims.  [I don’t have picts of everyone involved, what I have are in the video.]



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