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Tyranny Spotlight: Cheril Hardy Tarrant County Judge

Posted on February 12th, 2018 by Marc Stevens

Cheril S. Hardy has gotten a lot of attention on the No State Project recently because she put Bao in jail and forced a psychological evaluation on him for asking a question.  Yes, asking a question.

I found more information about this petty tyrant than the previous lawyer in the spotlight, Steven W. Myhre.   Ms. Hardy graduated Southern Methodist University 1983, but there is no record of her in the yearbook.  I lucked out as someone posted a history of Cheril recently.  I have a screencap if the file is deleted.  Using that information I was able to find that she was born in Texas in 1950, her full name is Cheril Ruth Stevenson.

It looks like she worked as a probate lawyer before becoming a judge in 1996, I have a screencap below as proof.  Unfortunately as judge she is running again opposed and will be elected again this November.

All Bao did was try to defend himself against charges of violating the code of the government of State of Texas.  What prompted the incarceration was when Bao, who had been asking for evidence of jurisdiction, asked Cheril if jurisdiction is an element of the charge.

Bao is not accused of any violent, destructive type of behavior, nor is there any evidence or suggestion he is a danger/threat to himself and others.  The man asked a question and Cheril, instead of answering so Bao could be informed (necessary to defending yourself), Cheril imprisoned him without bail and forced him into a psychological examination.

At no point did Cheril even attempt to hold the prosecution to their burden of proof on jurisdiction, she just assumed it for them.  She also held their claim as irrefutably true; that’s unfair and a due process violation.  It’s proof the game is rigged as she is so biased in favor of the prosecution a fair trial is not possible.  How could it be when asking a question is enough for Cheril to imprison you with the added bonus of a psych eval?

Cheril had no evidence of jurisdiction, no evidence even suggesting Bao was psychologically unsound; she imprisoned Bao as a punishment for daring to challenge the prosecution’s claims and the proceedings against him.  Cheril is a criminal whose actions clearly demonstrate that she has psychological issues such as anti-social behavior.

If anyone in this situation in the Tarrant County Court is needing psychological evaluation, it is Cheril Hardy.  She has a callous disregard for others, does not tolerate challenges and has no problem falsely imprisoning peaceful people.  That is not a surprise since a judge is a position of irresponsible power over others.

Pictures I found of Cheril S. Hardy:











8 Comments For This Post

  1. Boxer Says:

    Her hypocrisy is beyond reprehensible:

    “It helps to have a jail cell and big bailiffs beside me.”

    “Her advice to new attorneys is ‘to ask questions…’”

  2. Jason A Jensen Says:

    This is 100% illegal – they can only force a psychiatric evaluation if you are a danger to yourself, others, or you cannot care for yourself to the point you can are likely to suffer harm.

    This woman is a criminal.

  3. JackW Says:

    Well, as Christians know, there are Satan’s minions and Cheril Hardy is just another one that is easily recognized. Jehovah God gave us free will, i.e. freedom to choose. And even though we know that these scoundrel judges have no factual evidence that the constitution and law apply, yet, even in the constitution freedom of speech is recognized. So, these scurrilous, pompous bureaucrats violate their own oaths of office to abide by the very constitution of which they pledged to uphold. In short these judges have perjured themselves; they have forsworn their oats and should be confined to “the Big House.” Oh, but before confinement she should be given a psych eval, too.

  4. JackW Says:

    You know Cheril Hardy is not a Christian because she denies Jehovah God’s gift of free will, freedom to choose, freedom to speak.

  5. Boxer Says:


    Please, one religion at a time. We’re still dealing with the statist one.

  6. Andy Says:

    Boxer, LOL. This is Marc’s house/website and he allows individuals to say whatever they like, albeit, not in all rooms of his house/website. This is not the room for religious beliefs to be discussed. There’s a room/forum in Marc’s house/website to discuss such things.

  7. JackW Says:

    @Andy and Boxer, thanks for the heads-up. I was not aware of the “other house.” That said, it is plain that Cheril Hardy is immoral, unethical; she has forsworn her oath (not oat)of office.

  8. JackW Says:

    @Jason A. Jensen, I agree of course but then there is the as Thomas Sowell observed: The question is not what is best but who shall decide what is best. The criminality is that bureaucrats have usurped freedom to choose, free will, with which we were born. Cheril Hardy is at the very minimum a sociopath and perhaps a psychopath; she is mentally ill or she is thoroughly, wickedly, evilly corrupted. She should be terminated an confined to the boobyhatch farm for the balance of her filthy life.

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