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Video of Mary’s Assault by Michigan Police

Posted on June 20th, 2012 by Marc Stevens

This is the video Mary spoke about on the show.  This is in the lobby of the Hudsonville, Michigan court.

Mary and her brother were walking out and Mary is followed by four men.

I’ll let you decide from the video what happened.

Mary is having a preliminary hearing tomorrow (June 21, 2012) regarding the felony charges made against her by the cops in the video.  I’ll provide details as I get them.


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  1. Alex Knight Says:

    Unfortunately, this video isn’t real close up and as such, doesn’t reveal much detail. I hope that doesn’t hurt Mary’s case.

  2. dan gould Says:

    Here is where the video can be viewed now.

  3. joebanana Says:

    Thanks Dan

  4. eye2i Says:

    For the FAP, b/w & time impaired, the video of the attack is only like the first 7-8 mins. (as far as I can tell) the remainder is the NoStateProject broadcast that Mary called into. Also, the guy who shows up about half way in, in the necktie, I’m sure he’s a media rep, right? right-right.
    Barbarians. Just doin’ their “job”. Protecting & Serving The Mobocrazy.
    [@ALex: agreed]

  5. Lyndon Says:

    The video shows a woman walking out of a building while being followed by a gang of armed men, most of which are about a foot taller than her and weigh perhaps 80-100 pounds more than her. The woman appears to be conversing with the gang of armed men. It appears leaving the building is not good enough for the gang of armed men as they physically attack the unarmed woman and force her to the floor inside the vestibule of the building. Are the armed men in fear of their lives? Are the armed men attacking the woman to save her from harm? What words could the unarmed woman possibly have said, while leaving the buiiding, that seem to enrage the gang of armed men?

    In attempting to leave, the woman has right. We all have a inherent right to walk away from violence. Those that initiate aggression on a fleeing and evading party are almost deemed to be guilty of a harm. Mary needs to sue and lien “the Court”, the security group (if one exists), and all of the attackers. There are statutory and common law methods. Make them pay personally for the harm they have committed.

  6. Brian Says:

    So what happened during the preliminary trial?

  7. john padilla Says:

    hum .. typical pigs who are low life scum pieces of shit agents who hide behind the mask of a corporation who need to be shown their place by those who really know what they are and what they represent .. pigs are pigs are pigs.

  8. john padilla Says:

    learning how to fight the pig system of security frauds and stocks and bonds and learning about commercial law and admiralty law and equity law and how all those fictions create the illusion of their false dominion over the straw-man and the live flesh human being – learning about it is the first step, getting educated on how to turn the tables on those maggot dogs is another – and that is what they are .. maggot dogs and enemies of the the people – yes and that includes most of all Judges who know what is going on but pretend they dont. judges are not stupid – they allow this kind of abuse because they are in concert with allowing the pigs abuse of powers against the republic for control and conquest but just remember you all – they the scum pigs and all their guns make up .000001% of the population and that goes for their little pop guns to .. the illusion of control is nothing more then a fiction once the republic wakes up to the reality but they do not want you to know this so the Judges make sure that gets and stays hidden and concealed from the people of the republic … just as they mastered the manipulation of documents we must learn to take them back not through violence but through education of what they are really doing is all in fraud but if you dont identify the fraud you can or even know it exist.

  9. Bucky Says:

    This corrupt system would not exist if not for the police and military. No police – no military – no state.

    I watched a youtube video last night about a jury who refused to convict people for possession of marijuana. That is what standing together against these bitches can do for us. There are more of us. We are powerful if we just choose to stand together and quit convicting one another for stupid shit.

    Here is a link if you want to watch it:

    Watching those cops assault that woman made me so fricking angry. It was like watching a bunch of rabid dogs attack a kitten. There is No excuse for this kind of violence. NONE!

  10. NonE Says:

    Bucky sed: “That is what standing together against these bitches can do for us. There are more of us.”

    Sadly I find that not to be the case. It seems that almost everyone I speak with believes that government is wonderful and important and necessary and that independent actors are evil and conniving and need to be controlled lest they lay waste to the wonderful world that law has created. Makes me want to vomit. Also makes me feel that such people deserve whatever will befall them.

    – NonE (wanting to give everyone the benefit of the doubt but tired of getting it up the end with no Vaseline.)

  11. Jeff Evans Says:

    Don’t let these demons get to you folks. There is no need for profanity! That is what they want. If Mary gets support she can sue these hitmen for injury and damages. we need to attack them back in that way. Marc can you follow up with how to sue the city for false arrest once someone’s case gets dismissed with prejudice!

  12. Paul Says:

    Is there a follow-up to this case? This is very interesting, she seems to be very knowledgeable and willing to fight, I’m very interested in learning what happened with this case. Did she appeal? Judicial complaint?

  13. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Paul, yes, Mary was on the show last month, she had a lawyer and was convicted. We’re working on post conviction and appeal.

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