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We’re All Anarchists – Most Just Don’t Realize It Yet

Posted on May 18th, 2012 by Marc Stevens

When it comes right down to it, unless you’re just being a jerk who doesn’t want to admit the obvious, we’re all anarchists.  Because what it comes down to is each us personally does not want to be forced to pay for services.  We each want the freedom to choose, we don’t want to be slaves or thrown into a cage for no other reason than we didn’t want to pay someone’s salary.

It’s very easy to prove we’re all anarchists by just asking a few questions, get to the “first principals” and expand from there.  Forget the political platitudes; start with a basic principal we all agree on.  I usually start with:

Should a service or product be provided on a violent basis?

Pretty simple; most everyone admits no man should be forcing another man to pay for a service.  Just about everyone I have spoken with about this will always say using violence to provide services is always wrong.  Those who hesitate to answer usually have a vested interest in government, such as a lawyer.  Well, it’s not really fair to use lawyers as an example as they generally won’t give you a straight answer anyway.  But ask someone in the military or other occupation that relies on the government concept, if they personally want me or someone else using violence to get them to pay for a service they may or may not want and they will answer “No”, they don’t.

They’ll agree, as we all learn by the time we’re five years old, it’s wrong to initiate the use force against others.  So once we understand that anarchy is voluntary interaction, the absence of government, then it’s easy to admit we’re anarchists.  Once someone admits they are an anarchist, then they are by definition abolitionists, supporters of the abolition of governments, or rather the concept of governments, states, nations etc.

So in the video below, I went to a farmer’s market here in Mesa, Arizona to spend some time converting statists into anarchists; though it’s really not converting, just making people aware they already are.  Turns out farmer’s markets are not a hotbed of statism.  As you’ll see in the video, the first couple of people I spoke with were not statists.

I am going to make this a regular part of the show and encourage everyone to do the same.  If you have video, post them online and I can embed them here.  Since we’re all anarchists already, let’s work at helping the rest of society realize it. The more people who are aware they are anarchists, the less social pressure there will be to continue cooperating and supporting people who do business in violation of a principal we all believe in, at least for ourselves personally: Do no harm, or Primum non nocere..



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  1. Kel Says:

    Well it looks as though all my hillarious yet insightful comments people love so much are down the memory hole on this one. What happened, Marc? Or should I say O’Brien!

  2. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Kel, sorry, the comments did not make the transfer 🙁

  3. Jake Witmer Says:

    I think it will be better when we can fully afford to force the government to demonstrate that they are illegitimate. I’m envisioning a self-financing structure to such outreach, involving people who are fairly well-trained at standing up to police such that violence is avoided, or violence is very embarrassing and costly to the legitimacy of the police.

    I’ve thought about this quite a bit, and I’d like to think I’ve found some ways to reveal the grotesque nature of the police. During the process of an arrest, the least legitimate of police (stormtroopers arresting someone for petitioning in a public place, etc…) can be forced to embarrass themselves quite a bit. 🙂

  4. John Padilla Says:

    ok, thanks fot marc stevens and all the pioneers of freedom .. thank you all for such vital eye opening knowledge .. I have research more then I can handle or maybe not :), my gig is this .. on the corpus delecti .. that is correct .. the problem I ran into is that corpus delecti only is applied in natural law or the common law or also known as natural law .. the courts operate under all jurisdictions as they tweek operatives on the people and they are hostile to be intimidating on purpose with threats and coercion but there is one area that get my attention more then others and that is trust law or corperation law .. under corporation law the constitution is not valid … but we are all been entrapped in the corporate by laws called statutes and codes but one nagging question I have .. is this .. why the hell do all these agents take an oath if they dont obey it .. why do they even bother .. there is something in that oath that is a secret weapon we do not know about .. some one … knows and needs to share the secret of the oath of office and how to use that in lawful means ot oust those who take it .. go ahead and make my day :).

  5. Minos Says:

    Nice. I am going to get more videos for sure

  6. Al Thompson Says:

    @John Padilla

    You said: >>why the hell do all these agents take an oath if they dont obey it .. why do they even bother .. there is something in that oath that is a secret weapon we do not know about .. some one … knows and needs to share the secret of the oath of office and how to use that in lawful means ot oust those who take it .. go ahead and make my day :).<<

    I am rabidly against the oath as I believe it is the source of the problem of government and religion. Rather than write a bunch of stuff here, I'll just provide the links for you that I have put together. I believe that anyone who takes an oath is a liar or is grossly mistaken. People need to be more careful about the words that come out of their mouths.

    If you think about the past history, every political person has lied when they took the oath of office. Can you think of one President in recent history who actually honored the Constitution? How about a judge? Do they honor the Constitution? No, because the oath is a grand part of the freemason's nwo freak show. You'll find the oath in many "Christian" religions which would actually make them pagans.

  7. ScareCro Says:

    Here is a FANTASTIC video via TheAntiTerrorist talking about what anarchy is.

  8. Andrew Says:

    What is this talking about? “Violenc”e to force someone to buy… the question is ridiculous and has nothing to do with anarchy.

    OF COURSE we should all pay some tax money to get services. What is up with libertarians and anarchists? Death and taxes. Unavoidable. Get over it.

  9. Marc Stevens Says:

    What’s up with us? Maybe this is sarcasm. To start with, were not anti-social. The psychopathic way of doing business just doesn’t sit well with us.

  10. Keith B. Says:

    Yo Andrew – Watch some of Marc’s video’s for your understanding of what this is all about.. Peace … – Pro. Mobutu Packabowlla

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