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William Strait’s Evidence the Laws Apply? None, Just More Opinions

Posted on November 26th, 2013 by Marc Stevens

William C. Strait is a prosecutor, a professional litigator and labors under the common generalization that political laws apply to everyone.  He directed a Prior Lake, Minnesota police officer named Josh Rozga to file a complaint against John for allegedly violating the laws of the “state” of Minnesota.

I spoke with Josh on 22 Oct. 2013.  I asked him, “What evidence do you rely on proving the constitution and laws of the state of Minnesota apply to John and there is any jurisdiction over him?”  Josh replied with, “that’s out of my realm of purview.”  Despite writing the complaint and filing it with a court, he was only doing what he was directed by the prosecutor to do.  That prosecutor turned out to be William C. Strait.

John and I contacted Bill a few times and faxed him a few questions, one was to schedule a phone conference, the others were about evidence and witnesses the constitution and laws applied to John.  As you can see in the letter in the video below, William refused to speak with us and had no evidence to provide, only more opinions.  If he had evidence, then he would have provided it; good faith and the rules of discovery require it.

It’s quite an irony that he would tell us we can’t make up our own rules.  I guess that’s a privilege reserved for psychopaths with mercenaries (cops) at their disposal.  But the claim that there is jurisdiction when one is accused of violating the rules (laws) is so illogical it should not require any demonstration.  But I still do so in the video

I urge those who doubt this to make their own calls; I provided the link to Williams’ office.  Call and ask William or one of the other prosecutors for the evidence proving the laws of the “state” apply to everyone in Minnesota.  Call any prosecutor or “law” maker for evidence their laws apply just because you are physically in the same area as them e.g., Washington, Alberta, London, Dublin etc.  If you do, then you’ll get verification there is no such evidence.

That’s because, as I wrote in Government: Indicted, laws are just an excuse to kill us.  There is no evidence political laws apply.  They are opinions backed by a gun.



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  1. joebanana Says:

    “They are opinions backed by a gun”. Or, they are threats on your wellbeing. A crime requires a victim, someone harmed by another, in most cases there is no victim before a court hearing, only after.

  2. Kurt Says:

    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his job depends on not understanding it.” – Upton Sinclair

    Might makes right.

  3. Jack Worthington Says:

    If one is duped or deceived by virtue that he is compelled to attend government schools and is not apprised of the fact that the “laws” do not apply to him, then he is damaged by the the conspiracy of government agents/bureaucrats wherein he thinks he is required to pay for license plates and driver license when in fact as a free man or woman he cannot be so enslaved an a financial cost imposed for such fallaciou actions on the part of government employees.

  4. donna chapman Says:

    You can’t make up your own rules. Well actually we can. My kids have to be home by 6. Is that a rule I made up? Yes. So yes I can make a rule.

    I can murder someone too. Doesn’t mean I would…but I could.

    Use their stupidity against them

  5. NonE Says:

    donna chapman Sez:
    You can’t make up your own rules. Well actually we can. — The funny thing, donna, is that if we can’t, then who CAN?! Which points out the whole main fallacy and that is the idea of AUTHORITY. Larken Rose really nailed it. That’s what it all comes down to in the end. Marc’s asking for evidence is just another way of pointing out the fallacy of the claim of authority. He wants them to show from whence that authority derives. They CAN’T, at least not without admitting that it comes (hat tip to Mao) from the barrel of a gun. – NonE

  6. timothy Says:

    This guy had me laughing big time. Can you be more of a hypocrite. Q: “You can’t make up your own rules”. Meanwhile he want’s to do exactly that to simply steal your property….ahh the sweet smell of a pile of gov.

  7. Cody James Says:

    The code applies because it is statutory

    Statutes apply because are the expressed will of the legislature

    The expressed will of the legislature applies because “The People” of the state granted legislative powers to the state.

    The people granted such a power through the Constitution

    The people got that power through unification.

  8. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ cody, do you have any evidence the people have unified in such a way?

  9. NonE Says:

    Cody James Sed:The people got that power through unification. —–

    And does said “unification” mean 100% of the people agreed, which would simply be called voluntary agreement, not “power,” or are you suggesting mob rule where 51% of the people feel justified in subjugating the other 49% or some fraction thereof?

    – NonE

  10. Kurt Says:

    @ Cody, so the Socratic questioning would be something like, “What if I can find one person in Minnesota that says, ‘Hell no I don’t grant ANY power to any of those clowns called legislators!’, wouldn’t that negate your claim? If not, why not? Does this person not count? What if I can find 10 people that agree? Can they be taxed against their will?

  11. NonE Says:

    Kurt, we don’t like your kind around here. We have cages for people like you! 😉 – NonE

  12. NonE Says:

    Hmm. It appears that poor Cody is being ganged up on. Looks like democracy in action, huh? 😉

  13. Kurt Says:

    NonE – then they came for me and there was no one left to speak up.

  14. Jack Worthington Says:

    @cody, @Kurt, Cody you really need to study this issue in far more detail and you might just get “outside the box” that government schools, the MSM and the politicians and there minions of bureaucrats have created.

    When the colonists won independence, did each colony then have a meeting of all the inhabitants and decide what their rules would be and then dictate to anyone who disagreed to go along must depart the borders of the colony? No! Why? It would have been a denial of freedom of choice, the very thing they had just fought to achieve and thus would be duplicitous. The same applies today. One can renounce “citizenship” and thereby deprive the State of jurisdiction. But beyond that the current States lack the factual evidence that the “laws,” statutes and codes apply to anyone. See the No State Project on the web wherein MarcStevens have posed the question repeatedly across not just the US but in other countries and as yet no politico, attorney, bureaucrat has been able to come up with the evidence, i.e. say in the form of an affidavit sworn to by a firsthand witness. Not even Redsquid defender of the IRS and tax code has produced such evidence.

    States cannot deport one if he asserts his right not to be coerced and challanges a State to prove it has factual evidence that the “codes” or “laws” or statutes apply.

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