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If You’ve Ever Wondered Why Government Support is Compulsory

Posted on April 11th, 2014 by Marc Stevens

If you’ve ever wondered by government support is compulsory, this edition to the Call of Shame is a great example why.   People doing business as governments are incapable or unwilling to provide their services to the market on a voluntary basis like normal people.  There are various reasons why, this call shows the callous attitude and lack of intelligence that is so common with bureaucrats.

All I want is a yes or no from this tax agent in collections: Can you confirm there is evidence of jurisdiction over Mr. X?  Should be easy when you’re claiming to be the sacred, never do wrong, government right?  What does our hero do?  He puts me on hold and when he comes back he says he has to transfer me.  The guy in the department threatening to take someone’s property can’t answer if he can confirm if there is evidence of jurisdiction.  Listen to the call and hear how he weasels out and transfers me.  I was on hold for the next hour and I hung up at five o’clock.

I guess I should have first asked: Does the FTB have jurisdiction?  Then after he insisted they did, then ask if he can confirm if there is evidence to prove it.

Once again, when going right to the people actually doing business as a “government”, they are unable to even answer whether they can confirm if there is evidence.  The level of dishonesty with these “people” knows no bounds.  They are just gangs of killers, thieves and liars, they deserve no respect and no compliance.

If anyone has any evidence to the contrary, I’d love to see it.  The call below is another objective example, a recording with a bureaucrat, where they are incapable of providing any evidence they have any jurisdiction over us.

Where’s the evidence?


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  1. Dan Gould Says:

    Marc, I am sure the first thing that guy did was looked under his desk then rummaged through his draws, then the draws of his desk.

  2. Martin Padilla Says:

    David can’t answer you Marc, because if He does He will be flipping burgers next Week. Is amazing the bull You have to go thru with these idiots like putting You on hold with “elevator music” and sending You from one Department to another Department and at the end, still no answer to Your question. I know perfectly that trick of holding You with their stupid protocol of push one for this, push two for that, etc, etc.

  3. Jonathan Rabbitt Says:

    I just looked up “jurisdiction” on Google; got the following definition:

    Middle English: from Old French jurediction, from Latin jurisdictio(n-), from jus, jur- ‘law’ + dictio ‘saying’ (from dicere ‘say’).

    There you have it: Because they say so.

  4. NonE Says:

    The MUSIC, man. The MUSIC! I’ve heard about the sophisticated methods of torture they’ve developed wherein you are broken down such that you’ll do ANYTHING to stop the torture. ANYTHING. I’d sell my own mother down the river to get that music to stop! – NonE

  5. Dan Gould Says:

    My dear thoughts are with NonE’s mother

  6. NonE Says:

    Dan Gould Sed:
    Marc, I am sure the first thing that guy did was looked under his desk then rummaged through his draws, then the draws of his desk.
    Dan, my mother wanted to know where you can buy these new desks where instead of actually building drawers for them they just draw them on. She likes the idea as that would prevent a bunch of clutter from building up in them. (It also explains why the guy couldn’t FIND anything therein!)

    – NonE

  7. KeithOB Says:

    no wonder why Marc hits the Hard bag…..

  8. staljanski Says:

    “Hello? you’ve reached collections, how can I help you with our “voluntary service” today?, huh? juris? dick who?, sorry i cannot admit nor deny, depends what you mean?, I’m just here doing my slave job, and am here to force you out of your home, steal your car, your wife, your dog, and moped, above that I have no clue as to how, where, when or why we got JurisDickTion, all I know is my boss said so, and we got this thingmabob called guns, lawhmen, Judges, and lawhYers, and they all say’s wee’s got that dang Juris Dickt sion, so when you gonna pay us our 70% cut?,Mr?, capish?”

    I’m wondering if any of them know anything?, if they have a list of words to look out for, and if any of those words come up, put the (wo)man on hold till quitting time. Or they have a list of 10 basic answers to all questions? time, ask them if they know what that word means?..I bet they’ll stutter, and hum and , ” ummm, well, ahhh ya its a big word, but I’m sure wee’s got that.!?,yup I’m sure wee’s do!?.”

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