Full Version: Myths, Lies and True Believers: Why Libertarians Should Be Cautious
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Here's an excellent and thought provoking article on our tendencies to believe. It's worth a read.

Quote:In all of these cases individuals, with deeply held belief systems, perpetuated malicious or false claims that either ripped into opponents or which supposedly verified their weltanschauung. This is the risk of having a firmly held belief, be it religious or political. Ideology has a tendency to shut down critical thinking.

Quote:Libertarians should remember that people tend NOT to verify something that confirms their beliefs. Since libertarians tend to have strongly-held beliefs they should be even more cautious than normal, lest they bring themselves and their beliefs into ill repute. A good rule of thumb is to check everything opponents claim and double-check the claims of allies.
(emphasis added)

And I'd like to personally add that it behooves us to be especially critical and open to questioning our own beliefs for this very reason.

- NonE
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