from the "it won't hurt if it's true" department
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from the "it won't hurt if it's true" department
03-11-2012, 07:31 PM
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RE: from the "it won't hurt if it's true" department
(03-11-2012 07:10 PM)eye2i2hear Wrote:  <snip>
Are you sure it doesn't fit? A '26 engine needed to be 'cranked' in order to run; so does a '12 engine. Earlier Windows (Ford) version (engine) needs a program (starter) to run it's help file, later versions use another program (different starter) to run it's help file. (and even to the basic degree, cars are fundamentally the same type of machine... but you sure won't get your Ford key, much less it's starter, to start your Honda)

All computers are universal calculating machines. Some are just faster or slower than others with more or less storage. The algorithms that they run can be run by any other computer (with sufficient memory). Your computer can in fact run a algorithm via it's machine cycle that emulates the behavior of some completely different machine cycle. and you could feed data into that emulated cycle to do the same, and ad infinitum. (or at least until you ran out of memory)

The operating system is not a machine, it is a giant complex algorithm, a method defined for manipulated symbolic data. There is no reason you can't put a switch in that says "if this help file is the old format then render it with the old program, else open it with the new renderer. Which was actually included in several versions of windows. Now they are purposely killing off the old format, because the new format didn't provide sufficient advantages to convince developers that they should adopt it.

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