Worst part of our church is statism
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Worst part of our church is statism
04-18-2012, 08:21 AM
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Worst part of our church is statism
Lots of great stuff about Church, the Bible, and some of the people who go to our church.

The worst part of our church is the statism. Always preaching Romans 13, which claims to demand total subservience to the state because it is endorsed by God. Taxes are always deemed to be good and just because Jesus once said, "give into Caesar that which is Caesar's." Rarely are there discussions of all the Biblical anti-tyrant revolts (Think of Moses disobeying the Egyptian state), and never are the "flock" told that they have a moral duty to oppose evil, even if it wears a brown uniform or black robe.

Of course, little attention is paid to the anarchist section of the bible, "The Book of Judges" which states repeatedly, "In those days there was no King in Israel and men did what was right in their own eyes."

The church happily fills out a tax return every year, and registers as a 501-3C non-profit corporation, even though the First Amendment to the US Constitution clearly states that Congress can't make any laws regarding establishments of religion. Even though they are supposedly "Tax Exempt," they spend a lot of money for book keeping for the purpose of filing tax forms.

I've attended over a couple hundred sermons, and I've never heard any mention of the legalized-counterfeiting system called Fractional Reserve Lending/The Federal Reserve. Does legalized counterfeiting and loaning money into existence constitute usury which is forbidden by God? We'll ever find out at the Assembly of God, that's for sure!

The preacher has an American flag flying up front, and often leads the congregation in prayer for our "brave troops," who are selflessly "serving." and "protecting freedom."

The only time he criticizes other religions are the...(drum roll, please!)...EVIL MUSLIMS! I've never understood this hatred of Muslims, who at least acknowledge Jesus as a Prophet in the Koran.

My conclusion is that the preacher and church leadership are either a bunch of completely brainwashed Fox-News watching wanna-be Neo-Cons, or that the "Alex Jones" conspiracy theories about certain preachers being secret, state-funded misinformation agents are true. There is often a common thread linking the weekly message to the latest mainstream propaganda.

Lots of great messages in the Bible, such as forgiveness, self-improvement, etc. Lots of great people go to church, too. I've learned a lot there over the years, especially historical references that I would not have explored otherwise. Also, a lot of the people I've met online who are committed to peace and freedom are from a Christian background. If the battle for freedom is ever won, many of your allies will have been Christians who opposed the statist teachings of the church leaders.
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