Case Dismissed: What I learned
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Case Dismissed: What I learned
04-09-2015, 06:20 AM (This post was last modified: 04-09-2015 06:35 AM by Accident.)
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Case Dismissed: What I learned
See: 82 in a 75mph zone thread on For details on what happened.

I learned that in order to win:

1. I had to accept that the prosecutor was truly my enemy. He is an immoral, uneducated scumbag that is attacking me and trying to steal money from me. He is arrogant and condescending. He deserves no respect from me and will receive none. I'm not concerned with humiliating him or mocking him in public or in front of the judge, which was one of my goals. He believes that the judge will have his back and that he doesn't have to have any facts or evidence of anything other than the ticket and the testimony of the government agent that issued it. Most importantly, he is a LIER! Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie or at best disingenuous. He is lazy. Consider the tick. You don't worry about hurting his feelings, you just pluck off the dirty bastard that is sucking your life's blood. He is a parasite, just like David Akin and his system.

2. Never, ever, stop bringing up the elements of the case and jurisdiction. Per Marc Stevens: "Objection, we are not ready to proceed, the prosecutor, David Akin, (refer to them by name) is definitely not ready, he has no facts proving the code is applicable, he cannot prove jurisdiction." **Using the persecutors name is a very important psychological tactic. It demonstrates that you are not afraid and that he is not an authority figure over you. Use his name as often as possible.** In my case, I said this or some form of this at least 10 times in 20 minutes. Seems like I said it 100 times. It was my go to remark. I always look for a magic bullet and this is it.

3. The magic word is, yep, you guessed it, OBJECTION. Accepting that all of #1 is true, makes it easy to object. In my case, David Akin demonstrated that all of those statements are true. Example: He answered the jurisdiction objection with "This is a Pre-trial Discovery hearing". Me "Objection. Jurisdiction can be challenged at any time and he knows that". He then told the judge to make me be be quiet. "Objection. He's telling you how to run the court now?" Judge stood silent.

4. Don't be afraid to rattle the prosecutor every chance you get. Remember the FACTS in #1? I heckled him when the judge took a recess to look up some law about what the prosecutor has to provide the defendant at Pre-Trial. He didn't provide me with anything. I moved to dismiss, judge moved on. I missed an objection. It's almost laughable how many opportunities they give you to use the magic word.

5. Tell yourself a number of things before you go in.
a. I have nothing better to do all day long. Helps you relax. Don't feel rushed. Use your notes and read from them. The more relaxed and confident you are, the more stressed they will become.
b. This is going to be a fantastic and fun learning experience.
c. It's they that are attacking me. I am a peaceful, loving person. I will defend myself.
d. No matter what they say, guilty/Not guilty, its a win for me. I will be stronger for having fought and others will see that I did not lay down for their lies.

6. Ask a ton of questions. Use the MS Criminal script. THEY want to talk about MY arguments and evidence. (another misdirection based on a lie). David Akin asked me what arguments I had. "I don't have any arguments or evidence. The burden of proof is on David Akin and he hasn't presented anything to the court" (remember to use the turds name)

I was standing up for freedom and the future of my son. I will never stop fighting these crooks.

Many thanx to MS, to this forum and to all who have contributed to my awakening.


"I have facts that prove I have jurisdiction, but they are a matter of National Security"
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