Can pigpot be given his own forum thread...
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Can pigpot be given his own forum thread...
04-22-2015, 07:42 AM
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RE: Can pigpot be given his own forum thread...
(04-21-2015 04:17 PM)gearheadmm Wrote:  I used the first amendment as an example, once again blown out of proportion.

So what your saying is there are NO rights in a Voluntary Society?
Only a fool would give up any rights.

Muddy water...
Personal income tax IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL.
But wait...
A$$2 still thinks the current situation we ARE in is what was intended by the framers. "See if you can keep it."
There are still two...
The Republic and the corporation.
The current situation is NOT the Republic.
I know... common law is totally uncompatable with a voluntary society, sarcasm.

I've not seen any evidence of political rights. There is life, liberty and property, I don't see rights to them. There is autonomy in a voluntary society, far more valuable than so-called rights.

Also, we've been through this many times, there is no evidence there is a Republic, even corporations are fictions and they require a Republic to be valid. You've never presented any evidence there was a Republic and de jure Citizens because there is no such evidence. The evidence is against you. Comply or die, pay or get shot proves beyond any doubt there are no Citizens, no body politic and no states.

Please call into the show, we can also record, if you would like to discuss this and present your proof.

If government services were valuable and the market wanted them, they wouldn't be provided on a compulsory basis.
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